Again, what Jewish people with half a brain vote Democrat in 2016?!


Simple post, this link first to show the reason for it:

The ending says it all, you the reader figure it out:

“One of the most famous of what Joseph Telushkin calls the self-hating Jew was Rosa Luxemburg, an early Communist and Marxist philosopher, murdered by German authorities. When she was asked to denounce pogroms, she declined. “Why do you come to me with your special Jewish sorrows? I cannot find a place in my heart for the ghetto. I feel at home in the entire world wherever there are clouds and birds and human tears.”

Both Lenin and Trotsky mourned her death, and Lenin called her “an eagle.” But her anguished father told her that “an eagle soars so high he loses sight of the earth below. I shall not burden you any more with my letters.” Her father knew best.”

It is beyond incongruent and irrational for Jewish people to support a party that not only bends over to take it up the rectum for the Black Lies Matter group, but, these idiot Jews just as well should put a gun in the Democrats’ hand, make sure it is loaded and the safety is off, then hold the shooter’s hand against such moronic Jew’s skull to make sure the bullet doesn’t get wasted!

Again, you are Jewish and vote Democrat in 2016, you are beyond a moron and a traitor to any Jewish causes, you redefine hypocrisy.  And pretty hideously I must add!

May you die quickly so we can sit the shortest shiva house ever visited…

Addendum Sunday Noon:  While that last sentence is harsh and rude, yes, I will say advocating for death is somewhat poor taste, but, I also have learned that those who just reflexively repeat the same mistakes ad nauseum really don’t change, have no interest to consider other view points, and just continue to disrupt.  So, at the end of the day, if they won’t show an effort to work with the people, or can’t be marginalized and ostracized effectively, then let’s hope nature does it’s pruning effectively.

Do with this as you wish…

So over half of college students are crazy, well, what about the shrinks…



First the post that prompts this reply:

Harvard Psychiatry Professor: Over Half Of America’s College Students Are MENTALLY ILL

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” Beresin told CBS Boston on Thursday. “If you add them all up, 50 percent doesn’t seem that high.”

So, if one is not completely typical and average, then, I guess I have colleagues who label this mental illness.  Well, I couldn’t get the computer to copy further comments in the article, but, it quotes the cost of a year of education at MIT to be $62,000.

Now that is crazy to pay that for an undergraduate eduation!

After 20 plus years in psychiatry, I can say over half my colleagues have a mental illness, much of it either narcissism, antisocial behaviors, or just plain arrogant and clueless behaviors that put patients at risk!

But, that then infers some projection going on here by these colleagues, hmm?

You know what pisses me off the most, this lame, inane, and just inappropriate patriarchal behaviors by so many psychiatrists, while much of it by those over 60 years old, I see it more and more in the younger ones too.

Great way to start or maintain an alleged alliance, “you do what I tell you because I am the doctor and I know better!”

Yeah, all those revelations that are continuing to come out about various psychotropic meds, that really reinforces my idiot colleagues know better.

What, better how to keep people sick and keep coming back for more care?  Especially those every 2-3 week follow ups for months when it is standard of care that meds take at least 4 or more weeks to impact, even with dosage changes for meds already in place?

I will say this, the college students who shriek out about microaggressions, safe spaces, and white privilege run amok, well, that isn’t just crazy, that is dumb.

Have no drugs to improve dumb!

Image result for image of students protesting microaggression

Screwed-Day August 23rd



VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP IS LIKE:  fairly much like dealing with the “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, except instead of clothes, it is just a bunch of empty words and platitudes, and even then, he shouts out at his clueless and complicit audience, “pay no attention to the idiot in front of the curtains!”  How can one trust a man who trumps (you have to use the word here!) an agenda one day that rallies his troops, and then completely reverses course a few weeks or at most a couple of months later, and even then says the latter with the conviction of a man at the fork of a road where one end has an inferno, and the other a bunch of wild animals crouching menacingly?

(In case you are drawing a blank with the above reference, here it is: )

Really, you have to wonder what all these hypocrite Repugnocants are thinking with hoisting this man on their mantle of conservatism and right wing principles, when the loudest proponents are just idiots!  Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, really, these are the loud speakers for this guy?!  I was wondering what picture I was going to use for this post, and then, how ironic true life comes to be, eh?

So many choices, and then this one said it all!!!

Another Smorgasbord post…


, ,

First, while I don’t comment at 1boringoldman’s site anymore, I still read there and when there is a post I find of value, well, here it is:


In there per Dr Nardo was this:

“And so the authors suggest the solution is for psychiatrists to no longer see patients or tosee them even less, but rather direct treatment from afar by working through a Clinical Coordinator AKA Collaborative Care or literally afar through a computer screen AKATelepsychiatry. Who wants to spend a career doing either? What patient wants to be treated that way? And the authors’ Conflicts of Interest are telling. Their suggestions are exactly what industry wants from psychiatrists [prescribe meds more rationally than the Primary Care docs do, but don’t get involved with talking to or even meeting with the patients because that runs up costs]. So it looks to me as if they’re using the declining number data to justify directing the specialty even further into exactly what Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and Blue Cross Blue Shield want it to be.”

My take on this is simple:  There are less psychiatrists practicing for several reasons, but the primary one is there is no independence and autonomy in psychiatry.  I have been noting this for what, the near 4 years of this blog?

And, the APA does NOTHING to try to dispel this problem.  So, the reason why I ended my commenting at 1boringoldman was that point in his post almost three weeks ago about a letter he and others signed, some of those others being entrenched members of the APA.  Oh, what post am I referring to?

a time for change…

Note the authors’ credentials in the end.  Also, be sure to read the comments section for mine and others take…

Second:  Ronald Pies had his semi-annual random chance moment of being correct, as he wrote a column in the APA August 5 Newsletter (and I still don’t know why I get it as NOT a member, but it does have a random benefit, like now) entitled “The Slippery Slope to euthanizing psychiatric patients”.

Hope it is worth the read, it is scary how people are now trying to claim that being depressed is worthy of agreeing to a terminal solution to resolvable problems.  I think his ending says it perfectly:

“It is one thing to argue that mentally competent adults with demonstrably terminal illnesses ought to be at liberty to end their own lives. It is another to argue that physicians ought to be willing participants in that process. And it is truly a bridge too far to argue that physicians ought to “assist” vulnerable, mentally unstable youth in taking their own lives.”

Third:  I just offer this as a simple observation, while it is tragic that mental health patients have been cruelly incarcerated for rather minimal criminal offenses, it is now equally if not greater in offense that criminals are being forced on mental health care, especially in hospital units, and these cretins then prey on the real patients, and staff!

I will say this until the day I die:


And as Alan Frances wrote at the end of the chapter in the DSM4-TR Case Studies Manual about Antisocial Personality disorder almost 20 years ago now:  if that sounds pessimistic, it was meant to be!  Exclamation point my addition.

Last, one political point, sorry to add it here, but it is about health care in some form:  this debate about Hillary Clinton’s health, it is legitimate, it is of value, and, if she has at least cognitive problems, well, do we want a combination of Reagan and Nixon in the White House for at least 4 years!?

Add Organic Personality Disorder to her already antisocial traits, and that could be incredibly dangerous for someone in the level of power that is President.

Enjoy the meal…

Screwed-Day Comparison August 16




living a real life “boy who cried wolf” scenario, except it’s a female who lies so pervasively and disruptively, when she tries to finally claim she did something honestly to try to protect the community, no one cares to hear her.  And then the consequences for the public finally ignoring her after all those years of lies winds up destroying the people.

Imagine her telling the country there is an impending ISIS attack with a nuclear weapon, while she is yet again being investigated for continuing to use her position as President to personally profit, and then there is a real detonation of a bomb, in New York, or maybe Los Angeles.

Just a silly scenario, hmm….

Fables really hurt when they are applicable, eh?!

Every Tuesday until November 8 2016, I will give you yet another Screwed-day comparison to ponder, and then maybe one will hit home?  Next week, hopefully a good one to think about a President Trump…

You want to know when your politicians will care about you, the public?



Think the rioting in Milwaukee last night, which certainly mirrored what happened in Baltimore last year, will be effectively and decisively dealt with by local, state, and federal politicians?  No, it won’t, because the Democrats who run these cities and states by in large answer to their antisocial constituencies, BLM being the maim, er, main spokespeople of late.  So, when will your “leaders” and “representatives” finally take a stand and squelch this Bullshit masquerading as alleged outrage for unfair treatment of people who are harmed while committing crimes, what, over 90% of the time these shootings occur?

Watch this and then wonder if it happened in D.C., or some other major city that housed most of the state politicians there:

Oh yes, just a scene from a movie, but, what if real bad guys went after politicians and major capital cities of Democrat states?  You would see these cretin politicians scream for support and retaliatory actions faster than one could take a dump in one’s pants!

But, when it’s just the general public,  well, you think the Democrats give a damn about the public, what with Shrillary their leader of behaviors and choices??

Remember, Hillary has no interest in pursuing the Fraternal Order of Police’s endorsement, so, you think she cares about what happens to the police???

Think long and hard what your “leaders” and “representatives” really care about, as there is no tolerance for rioting and violence to people and property.

Take it from me, after almost a year and a half since the rioting in Baltimore, do you think any local or state leader involved in Baltimore as their constituency has done jack shit to set limits to make sure there will not be a repeat in this town?  And now with Milwaukee the latest city to literally burn, when will the general public finally rise and take a stand?

Pictures are a thousand words, and so is interpretation.

Unfortunately, I would hazard to bet Obama would love this to be considered.

Just remember this date, January 20, 2017, and wonder what that has to do with things I have postulated in the past couple of years….

This election will permanently divide this country.



This may be the simplest post I have written in a long time.  It comes down to a truism that defies time and progress:  we are who we associate with.  Thus, this country now has a sizeable percentage of voters who are beyond zealot in passion to vote for either Hillary Clinton, who is a crook, or Donald Trump, who is a crank, simply because of party agenda.

“Concern for the public, who gives a stinking concern…”

So, I guess the only group I can possibly appeal to who reads this blog is this:  what are you going to say and do to those who just spout reflexively “vote for Clinton/Trump because you have to so this country can be safe”.

I have my reply already in place to anyone who would utter such a hideous, ignorant statement to me.  “Why don’t you have a colostomy done to make it easier to handle the shit you spew, and free up a toilet so someone else who has to spend too much time on the can thinking how to vote won’t feel pressured!?”

It has become this disgusting an election cycle.  People who wantonly support Clinton or Trump have to be the most pathetic, clueless, and disruptive bunch of citizens to walk among us.  And there is no third choice, because who in their right mind wants and is qualified to be President of the U.S.?

Running for President has to be Sign #1 of someone who is either crazy, dangerous, or just pathetically incompetent to understand the demands.

Oh, by the way, brush up on the difference between “leading” and “ruling”…

Can I shame people into the truth?



For the next 12 Screwed-days, er, Tuesdays, I hope to provide analogies to what voting for Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton really will amount to at the end of the day.  Yeah, I know, how many people read here in the first place to have an impact, probably not many, but, maybe those who read here and identify with the posts, perhaps you the readers can share my comparisons and spread the wealth?

Anyway, let’s get to it, for a preview, just to show I am an equal opportunity dissenter of the ongoing Republocrat agenda to screw America, hence why I am calling the posts “SCREWED-DAY COMPARISONS”, here are my opening analogies for both flawed and disruptive candidates, call it my baker’s dozen of offerings:

VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON IS LIKE:  dismissing the neighbor alcoholic as just a dumb drunk and continuing to put up with him/her, who then kills your friend’s family in a drunk driving accident.  

VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP IS LIKE:  telling a friend to invest his/her end of year 5 figure bonus in this new technology company you heard was great, who’s CEO ends up using the company’s start up funds for drugs and prostitutes and wipes out the company, thus financially crippling hundreds of people like the friend who made the investment. 


For me, this will be fun and painful simultaneously.  Because when you make a problem personal, which this election surely will be, it is both fascinating and outrageous to watch people have their moment of realization and clarity how hilarious and hideous this election for President really has become.

Hope to catch ya next Screwed-day…

A cathartic post.



As I am not working for any outpatient services for the next 3 months at least, it is time to indict the system that is Community Mental Health Clinics (CMHCs), and that they are irrevocably dysfunctional.

There are multiple reasons for this, but overall it has come to a combination of 4 major elements, those being (1)pervasive failed leadership on various levels in the country, then (2)the lingering effect of the economic crisis that was 2007-08, followed by (3)the passage and then disastrous effects from Obamacare, and finally (4)the ongoing expectation and demand of technology in the various facets across society.  The Quad-fecta that led to the current chaos, discord, and lack of patience and realistic expectation for reasonable and fair care interventions.

Having been doing temp work for most of the past 6 years, I think I am a fair purveyor of opinion on this matter, and will break it down into three parts, in no particular order of who is to blame, as all play equally lame and inappropriate roles to the deterioration of CMHC efforts to help the public.

First, the role of the patients:

**more than 50% of patients are drug seeking these days, as primary interventions for treatment if not solely the only intervention.  And not just for controlled or abusable meds, nope, this is about expecting a pill to fix an ill. “Therapy, I don’t need no stinkin’ therapy”.  Better living thru chemistry, folks, and, it ain’t working out too well, is it?

**I really believe I see almost half the patients coming into CMHCs have Axis 2/ personality disorder stuff comorbidly at hand, and that is not going to respond to primary medication interventions.  Mood lability is not always a primary mood disorder, and yet, do colleagues really problem solve this well?

**Polypharmacy of three or more psychotropic meds is prescribed in almost 2/3s of patients, who want it more than one could believe!  And, this shotgun approach to treatment, while not solely the patients fault, is really both fascinating and repugnant to watch, with patients ready and willing to take even more pills until proven otherwise.

**Too many patients are on multiple controlled substance prescriptions, at least 10% are on benzodiazepines like Xanax or Klonopin along with stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin, and what is worse, they often come in on opiates and then complain of symptoms most likely due to opiate intoxication or withdraw and then demand the benzos or stimulants that are only for these side effect issues.

**with the growing number of disability claims, workman compensation, and Family Medical Leave requests, it is beyond annoying and inappropriate for these patients to think they can come in the first visit and expect to be declared unable to work, have permanent disability, and my favorite, have PTSD from their jobs if actively employed.  Are you kidding me?!  And do these people realize that not working for extended periods, if not ever again, is not going to be at least somewhat detrimental??  I can’t medicate structure and productivity…

**Finally, the high dosages and the growing number of multiple antipsychotic prescriptions for alleged psychotic, but equally for these “treatment resistant mood disordered patients”, well, where is the literature for this plan, but, why are the patients so willing to be experimented like this?  And the use of these meds for insomnia alone, just not defensible as a treatment intervention…


Alright, we’ve covered the patients’ role to the growing chaos and discord in CMHCs, now, let’s look at the role of the clinical staff, mostly the therapists, who equally collude into this BS:

**First, my favorite from therapists, staff will schedule patients with whatever doctor has a free slot in his/her schedule for a patient, because, hey, all doctors do the same thing.  NOT!  My running joke is send a patient into a room to be assessed by three different psychiatrists and the patient will walk out with 4 different opinions!  Hey, wake up call, docs favor different meds, diagnose from the hip often, and worst, don’t pay attention to when they can follow up with the patient, so this reinforces other psychiatrists have to see some other colleagues’ patients.

**Favorite 1A with therapists, they send patients to see a doctor for an urgent visit, often without telling the doctor first why the patient needs seen sooner, think we can medicate psychosocial issues creating these urgent needs/crises, and then the best part, sets up therapy follow up like it is routine.  Think about this for a moment, we have to see the patient urgently for a med change, and the therapist is going to follow up in what, 3 or 4 weeks, sometimes even later?!  And tell the patient a med change is going to fix their problems!?

**Believe it or not, there are some staff, not therapists most of the time, who have the gall to write up Rxs for the doctor to just sign off on and take responsibility for the Rx, without reviewing it at times???

**these next two are about physician colleagues, first the Non psychiatrists who play psychiatrist with complete disregard to standards of care for mental health care prescribing, who dump their screw ups on us in CMHCs with polypharmacy regimens that you wouldn’t even see a first year Psychiatry resident be clueless to offer.  These PCPs/Family Docs/Nursing Practitioners/GYNs/other somatic providers have the gall to say in one breath, “we can write psych meds, but, you the psychiatrist, have no right to prescribe somatic medications, EVER!”  Oh, and you gotta love the Benzo Rxs, stimulant quantities, and multiple Rxs for antidepressants, or antipsychotics, and one of my most recent disasters, Lithium without lab monitoring for over a year.  Thank you for this?  NO!!!

**the other thing that is just obscene is the growing number of Methadone or Suboxone providers who are not only tolerating, but encouraging the use of Benzos, even Xanax mind you, with these patients on prescribed opiate meds often for opiate addiction treatment!!!  Umm, for readers who don’t know, it is contraindicated to give Benzos to addicts, especially the ones on Methadone, until proven otherwise, the agenda is to get high with the Xanax!!!


Well, cathartic or not, writing this post is exhausting, so I will address the third part to this tomorrow, Aug 7, per what administration and outside influences of insurance and Big Pharma are doing to CMHCs as well.  Have a nice Saturday night, or hope your weekend was nice as you read here on or after August 8…


to finish up,

Outside influences from non clinical care entities, well, what is there to be said, other than these folks are about money, PR, and control.  Not always in that order, but, what are administrators, Insurers, and Big Pharma really after at the end of the day?  And why do clinicians allow it!?

**Why do doctors agree, in CMHCs mind you, not private practice settings where docs have more control, and desire as well, to agree to see 30 or more patients A DAY???  Do physicians forget that studies have shown when you see more than 20 patients a day that malpractice risks rise logarithmically?  I guess not, because not only do colleagues agree to this, but, encourage it?  And maybe more a physician factor than administration, why do docs ask patients to come back in 2 weeks time after a med trial is started?  What is that message?!  But, at the end of the day, CMHC administrators really demand that doctors see too many patients a day.  And yes, I get the no show rate is still at least 15% or more, but, maybe some of those no shows are because patients don’t see the need to come back SO SOON!?

**I am now being asked to do evals in less than 45 minutes time.  UN-ACCEPT-ABLE!!!  You cannot assess a patient in 30 minutes and do a responsible write up and move on to the next patient.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either clueless, complicit in this herd mentality treatment process, or, I guess likes being sued!  And think about it for a moment, how can a doctor assessing for mental health problems really get an effective sense of the patient while doing a full bio-psycho-social review and simultaneously absorb a mental status evaluation.  NO ONE is that good to assess a person in 30 minutes, unless he/she as the clinician admits that rule outs are the primary diagnosis, not a set diagnosis in stone.

**More and more I am seeing CMHCs ask docs to write Rxs for patients between appts, and not for those who have legitimate reasons to be out of meds not due to the patient’s fault.  I worked at a place that had me write Rxs for 30 or more patients A WEEK, asking for a month’s supply more often than not, because these patients either no showed, were given a supply of meds for a way less time period than they could be scheduled next, or just patients trying to get controlled subs and admin staff too lazy to realize this was inappropriate.  And even if not the active prescribers’ fault for the cause, if you don’t document that you are just supplying meds until a realistic appt time can be kept, well, good luck defending that if the patient has a negative outcome.

**With the influx of more and more refugees, immigrants even with legal admission to this country, much less the illegal ones, the translation barrier with those who will NOT make an effort to learn even rudimentary English is becoming absurd.  Do any of you know that we have to use these phone translation services more and more, and think about this for a moment again, the patients who are psychotic and paranoid, you think they are comfortable talking to a person who is not in the room?  Who is telling the clinician what the patient is allegedly saying??  And why language barriers only add to confusion and distrust to further the usual non compliance causing the treatment issues in the first place more often than not???

**On to insurers, readers here know of my absolute disgust and anger with this growing authorization process denying the initial request for meds, often simply about cost, has nothing to do with medications not indicated for the diagnosis at hand.  But, do you know that more and more they ask for clinical information and are acting as a Respondant Superior (again the definition if interested:  )role, which incurs on the insurer a clinical responsibility if claiming their clinical assessment trumps the treating clinician’s judgment.  So, if the treating doctor is stupid enough to just reflexively agree to what the insurer demands, and again the patient course goes south, who do you think is culpable?  I make sure once this demand for clinical information is demanded, I write those words “Respondant Superior role” in my paperwork back to the insurer, which so far seems to freak them out and just authorize my Rx request.  How much longer that works, well, I guess the courts will have a role in that, eh?  Which has happened in two states, California and Texas as I last read.  Oh, and I forgot, insurers also are now even more boldly are denying diagnostic impressions too…

**Finally, this is both administration and drug companies collusion at full throttle, what is this BS with drug lunches for entire clinics, front office staff included, just to further hound and harass doctors who aren’t interested in having reciprocity (again a definition:  the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.) used against them from all angles?  I have learned to just sign off on them, but don’t attend the lunches, and yet, didn’t the FDA or other bureaucratic mandates eliminate this process as just bribery and manipulation??  We can’t get pens anymore, but, $100 or more of food every couple of weeks is fine???  And back to the point at the beginning of this part, why are non clinicians involved in the actual rep talks???


I am sure there are other things I have missed, but this list of pervasive poor judgment calls by so many in the process is more than a start.  I just don’t get why so many colleagues just go along with all of this.  I know burn out well, one reason why I am not participating in any CMHC assignments for now, but, I watch the docs who are in these clinics for years, and just worry why they can’t be more proactive and do the right things!  Advocacy and demand for standards of care can’t be just dismissed or passively ignored!!  Patients not only deserve better, but, so does the profession as a whole!!!

Well, this post was cathartic, but, also a bit of a downer.  I had to write it though, as I had to document what I am seeing in my travels, and even if just my opinion, to not speak out in some form, then I am just as culpable as the rest above!!!

Thank you for reading, hope people will opine in any fashion.

Yeah, it’s like praying to an empty sky at times…

Wow, just wait long enough…


Last week, I wrote about how Mad In America’s narrative resembles the faux narrative of Black Lives Matter, and how the most outspoken leaders of BLM have no real interest to promote the improvement of Black American Lives, but just the antisocial, anarchistic needs of characterologically impaired cretins.  I then dubbed MIA really as Psych Li(v)es Matter, PLM, as these folks at MIA have no interest to really help psychiatric patients, but just mercilessly bash psychiatry, and mental health care as well in general.

Then today, to see what was in the “In the News” section at MIA, what do I find in the main post section?

Just incredible to read this post.

Mr Hall’s last paragraph just shows how out of touch the usual writers at MIA/PLM really are, and why this site can never be taken seriously as an advocate for mentally ill, mentally disordered, or psychologically impaired people.

“Let’s endorse the Movement for Black Lives call for comprehensive policy changes that will defend and promote the lives of Black people in the US. Not just because we support our Black community members affected by mental health issues, but because we know that the mental health reforms we seek can literally never succeed without the success of the demands for Black lives. We will never get real mental health change without real social change. Talk to your Boards of Directors, put it on your agenda, post about it, tweet about it, raise it at your meetings. An endorsement and adding your organization’s name to the growing list of people working for real change, will be a clear statement: recovery, the peer movement, and mental health reforms all depend on dealing with real social issues that are so deeply connected.”

BLM is a fraud, and to genuinely claim that BLM’s efforts should be embraced and mirrored for mental health care issues, what, is MIA now going to go on a crusade highlighting the shootings of mentally ill people as the primary cause of bigotry and discrimination of the mentally ill?

Oh, did MIA forget, there aren’t mentally ill people in the first place!!!

Really, one cannot write crap like this post at MIA any more ridiculously!!!

And don’t forget the thread and the usual suspects!!!

Next week, how Hillary Clinton is not lying, the public has been hoodwinked by a sinister pervasive element of Republican agents who are out to destroy Hillary.

Hmm, bordering on delusional and persecutory?  Well, we know the narrative on the use of antipsychotics in any form, for any condition, for any dosage by the MIA rhetoric…


addendum Aug 7 4PM:  you have to read the thread where comments start as dated today.

This comment stated the obvious:

I think before anyone endorses anything they should take care to examine what they are endorsing.

There is a comprehensive manifesto online that should be read.

As for Mad Lives Matter. Yes, indeed. Then we can have LGBT Lives Matter. Hispanic Lives Matter. Learning Disabled Lives Matter. Revolutionary Communist Lives Matter. NeoFascist Lives Matter. Romany Gypsy LIves Matter. Cops Lives Matter. And so on and so forth. Until finally we start seeing sense again and run on with the assumption that All Lives Matter.

If you read the Black LIves manifesto you’ll appreciate that it is exclusivist. And it has a slightly unnerving subtext that wishes to replace so-called White Privilege (whatever that is) with Black Privilege.

The movement betrays many of the aspirations of Martin Luther King, who I believe would have agreed with me that All Lives Matter.

But… there is the bandwagon… whatcha gonna do?

then the backlash, and you have to love what this PhD wrote as a pathetic, rather ignorant and dishonest reply:

what you are saying here RR is the same as what sexist men said during the heyday of feminism wheobjecting to women saying that women need human rights. Of course everyone needs right. and of course, everyone matters. But in a hegemonic society, it is always assumed that white lives matters–hence the phrase “black lives matters

This is what is MIA’s basic readership.  A bunch of clueless, reckless, and rather prejudiced and biased lot of losers.  Yeah, they can all attack me to the end of time, because their Censor in Charge, Emmeline Mead, won’t let me write a comment without at least days of moderation delay, and then try to come to my email and debate things to make me comply with her poor judgment.

“We are judged by those we associate with”, eh!?!?

This MIA post hopefully will be the beginning of the downfall of any remaining legitimacy that MIA/PLM had in mental health care debates.  And I look forward to it, because being dishonest, disingenuous, and deceitful is not the basis of running a blog that is supposed to be in the public’s best interest.

We can dream, hmm…


addendum Aug 7 5PM:

If Robert Whitaker, who runs MIA, had any semblance of responsibility and integrity, he would pull this post above NOW as this truth to BLM is now getting traction in at least the arenas of responsible media coverage:

in there, “On Monday, Black Lives Matter joined with dozens of radical civil-rights groups to issue an official “platform,” and the document is nothing less than an extraordinary grab bag of anti-American and fundamentally Marxist demands. It declares, for example, that “America is an empire that uses war to expand territory and power,” and then advocates vast cuts in the military budget and the immediate end to all American military engagements. Inexplicably, it also attacks Israel, calling it an “apartheid state” and declaring it guilty of “genocide” against Palestinians. According to BLM, it’s important for black Americans to tie themselves to “liberation movements around the world.”

Then Mr French finishes with this, “Black Lives Matter has now fully outed itself. It’s not reasonable. It’s not rational. It might even be racist. It’s part of our national racial problem, not part of the solution. But don’t expect its media enablers to care. They helped make Black Lives Matter in part because Black Lives Matter helps them feel good about themselves. When there’s virtue to signal, the truth — and justice — are of little consequence.”

Wow, associate with antisemites and radical anti American rhetoric.

But, it’s why MIA still bobs in the septic tank of shit stained blogs…

And you know what readers, it’s how the filth and retch of the BLMs and PLMs maintain their traction in the dialogue, because they depend on ignorance, desperation, and sheer hate to drive their narratives!


Addendum Aug 8 6PM:  Just when you thought a thread couldn’t ooze lower than the slime of the cretins of antipsychiatry, the editors allowed this scum bag “OLDHEAD” to print this in the thread, which I put in my email to the MIA biased censor Emmeline Mead:

“You give me grief about my comments, and I read this flagrant hostile insulting comment from your regular I hereby dub “Fuck-head” hereafter:

From Will Hall’s August 3rd post

I’ll make this clear. I do not object to black rights or to fighting racism.

Nor does it matter one flying fuck what you approve of or object to regarding fighting racism. It’s not your struggle, and in fact you are on the other side, whether you know it or not.”


I’d say it’s shameful you allow this, but, shame infers one has the capacity to see something in the wrong and have some humility and integrity to correct it.  Not with “Fuck-head”, nope, you let that cretin run wild, and once again why your site is pathetic!

And Whitaker’s silence in all this is complicity until proven otherwise.

Oh, this email will be an addendum at my post about this shameful post by Hall in the first place!!!

Joel Hassman, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist”

It’s just hideous what passes as a blog these days.  Hey, you are accountable for what your commenters write, and remember that, readers!!!


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