More Personality Disordered Society BS



Sorry, this to me is as characterological as it gets:

So far to now, my opinion and feelings on those who want to kneel while the National Anthem is being performed, well, I just wonder why these losers stay in this country, but, their right to protest, so I ignore these losers.

But, when you accept the offer to sing the National Anthem at some public event, you don’t disparage the song in any way, unless you want to be booed or otherwise heckled, and rightly so.  Where were the fans watching this BS attempt by this loser woman?!  I would have booed her, or just started to shout out “play ball”, and maybe encourage other people who might not want to start a challenge but would join one!

Again, why Personality Disordered people are taking hold of this society.  People are pathetically tolerant, moronically clueless, or just complicit with the Personality Disordered agenda.

And frankly, if you are embarrassed or outraged by the U.S. National Anthem, while you can protest what you dislike about this country, why not move elsewhere?  Oh, and then if you dislike your new country’s Anthem, try insulting it in front of those citizens, and see how tolerant and accepting they are of your disrespect.

I’m sure we’ll be reading about your arrest or hanging in the news…

Notice how the fans handled that moment!

A lot has changed in 7 years?  Hmm, corresponds to what Americans have tolerated from our alleged leader in the White House!!!

Choice, ain’t it a bitch?!?!


This post is a bit of a rant, but I will try to make it short.  Frankly, I think one of life’s great opportunities is to have a choice.  People can simplify that statement down to nuts and bolts of “live or die”, “run or hide”, or some other basic life need, but, living in this country, we have access to choice.  And I think people really minimize or just blow off the beauty, as well as the wonder, of pursuing it.

The point here is people have the choice to decide what to do with their lives in various aspects, and the one here tonight is people have the choice to accept or reject health care options.  Having now worked in a state inpatient unit for the past 6 weeks, and listened to several patients who have been hospitalized for years, and think they can manipulate or bruskly persuade me to do their bidding with their care needs, I am at a point of almost equally bluntly retorting to them “well, you can refuse your care plan interventions, and then pretty much eliminate the progress you have made to work towards future discharge plans”.  It is that simple.

Over at Shrink Rap, they want to endlessly debate the value and appropriateness of involuntary committment, but, not seeing many if any muzzle prints to the foreheads of these patients who have been placed into state hospitals that alludes their choices were forced on them.  Nope, most of these patients made their choices to not be in care, stay in care, or work with their health care providers and make shared changes in interventions possibly not working to keep these patients as stable as possible.

These people who are now inpatient residents for months to years, often at the enforcement by court proceedings, made their choices, and yes, most of them were not only poor, but costly.  And now I have to listen day in and out to them telling me either they want to continue to make poor choices and be thanked and supported for them, or even worse, make no choices at all and then just languish in minimally standard living quarters and bitch about it endlessly, or worst, try to use intimidation if not frank violence to accomplish minimal gains.

You know what, I don’t have a drug that improves insight and judgment, and I don’t have a magical answer or simple formula to spontaneously empower people to see the proverbial light.

When a person makes a bad or ill informed choice, and didn’t have a weapon to their body or be forced into a dependent situation with a very dysfunctional person in control, well, that is why life has consequences.  And most of the consequences are not life or death outcomes, but, they will have pain, disruption, and discomfort in psychosocioeconomic ways.  It is what it is living in a civilized society that America is at the end of the day.

So, this isn’t a rocket science appraisal.  If a person is impaired per mood, thought or cognition, if not a combination of those psychological components, and choose to not participate in health care interventions, then one will likely suffer psychosocioeconomic consequences.  And most likely have only him or herself to blame, depending on the etiology of the struggle.

So, folks want to minimize enforced care as an issue?  Make better f—-g choices, and if you don’t see or know there is a choice to be had, seek out someone who has fairly good insight and coping skills to provide a healthy perspective to formulate and act on a good choice.

Are we really this stupid as a culture these days to not know this?!?!  Frankly, I think we are, just by watching this shit show of a Presidential election.  Choose between a male or female serial liar and sexual predator, wow, and you wonder why terrorists stay home and not invade this country to attack us directly…

And I am done…

Really, don’t vote for President…



I will admit that telling people to not vote at all is a mistake, as the rest of this election process is crucial, but, not for our President, that opportunity is beyond lost.

But, here is why I think there is more to gain by NOT VOTING for a Presidential candidate.  Try to follow the math, and then decide if it makes sense:

Assumption 1:  there are about 1/2 the population who are legitimate registered voters, so if this is true, about 320 Million live here, that means about 160 Million are voters.

Assumption 2:  about 30% of people don’t vote fairly much every election for a multitude of reasons:  apathy, indifference, sheer inability per work demands, or don’t even know they can vote.  SO, if true, that means our number of viable voters is now to about 110 Million, give or take a couple million just to round things out.

Assumption 3:  35-40% of voters are Democrats, and I honestly believe that 85% of this group will vote Democrat even if their representatives pull off masks and reveal themselves to be spawns of hell, so that means from that 110 Million figure about 36 Million will vote for Clinton hell or high water.

Assumption 4:  30-33% of voters are Republicans, and while they also are more often going to vote (R) irregardless, I don’t think it as high as their Democrap counterparts, so I see about 70% voting for their candidate irregardless if a jerk, quirk, or simple a squirt.  That adds up to about 24 million per the 110 Million number above.

Assumption 5:  the remainder of voters are about 33 million, per the total Democrat being about 42 mil and Republicans about 35 mil total each, adds up to 110 Million number out there to be at their precincts.  If these folks really are independent or 3rd party committed, and then see the folly of voting for either Johnson or Stein (see John Oliver’s last show on HBO who laid out how these two are idiots at the end of the day), the assumption here is about a 1/3 will vote and split it evenly between Democrat/Republican/either of other choices to equal about 4 million each, as 1/3 of 33 million is close to 12 million total.

So, if these above assumptions have merit, then the math shows Clinton gets here 36 million from her deadhead, er, diehard supporters along with the 4 million independents who are ready to give up their independence, =40 million.  Trump gets his 24 million cult followers and the other 4 million clueless wanderers, =28 million, and the independents who are hopelessly and naively optimistic that their vote counts give the Johnson/Stein/ Mickey Mouse crowd about 4 million total.

So my point?!  Clinton wins this election with 40 million votes, out of the 72 million total cast is going to be about 55% of the total, BUT, 40 million votes out of an electorate size of about 160 million is only 25% of the country that counts in saying they can support a candidate is NOT a mandate, which she will hideously screech in her acceptance speech, as well as her legion of doom followers across various outlets will echo.

A win is a win?  No!  This antisocial cretin will get away with this attitude if the country allows it, but, again, we can marginalize ignorance, selfishness, and downright illegality.  So, when she tries to push her antisocial agenda hidden as political cause, we can unite and tell her and her cretin followers, “NO, you have no mandate, and you certainly don’t have our approval to be screwed!”  The Washington D.C. Mall having a million or so people protesting the various shit she will try to shove down our throats will lead likely to two outcomes:

She can order American Military to fire on her own people, which won’t keep her in office much longer once such a heinous show of brutality was done, or, she could slink back into her White House confines and try to manipulate with her minions who would as a whole be freaked out the country is not happy.  And then she might be further marginalized by her shrinking supporters, who realize standing in front of an antisocial loser gains nothing of real substance at the end of the day.

Who knows, maybe pervasive marginalizing might lead to further ostracizing as a next weapon to further minimize her damage to this country?

Just a thought.  Now I get why Carlin said there is more to gain by not voting than to vote and put incompetent, selfish, and ignorant people in office to screw things up.

Besides, all this duress and defiance against her might enhance that coming neurological event I hope she has.  The next question is, will a President Kaine be an acceptable substitute?  That one I leave to readers to ponder.

Hope the hypothesis was worth the read…

Image result for image of President Hillary Clinton as an emperor

Good luck November 8th, not that luck will help!…


Addendum Fri October 21:

Like I said, it is a personality disordered electorate that supports these overtly personality disordered candidates.  This link reveals the Trump ilk:

Remember just this one thing if nothing else resonates in you:  these two ooze like an arterial cut it is either their way, or no way, and they have many MILLIONS who not only agree to that, but are more than ready to practice that!

“Online hate has become so common that it’s almost a point of perverse pride among some pundits. If you don’t get hateful messages, you must not matter. If you let the hate bother you, then you must be weak. Indeed, in a world where “feeding” the trolls only makes them stronger, admitting that they’ve hurt you at all represents a victory for the worst of the worst. They relish your pain, and you don’t want them to relish anything.”

And one wonders why French did not run for President.  Gee, with over 50 Million Americans supporting these two slimeballs, who else can you attract to neutralize such hate and disdain for anything else not genuflecting to zealot agenda…

And that is why I call them Republocrats, same cloth, just different color…

this really refutes my allegation that the Democrats are a party of evil…



yeah, just one story, but, for every one incident caught, it is the tip of an iceberg of 90% below the surface just waiting to be exposed.

“Donald Trump is wrong (and strategically stupid) to say that the electoral process is “rigged.” But the media is extremely biased against him, and lefties who wring their hands about the damage his comments are doing to public perceptions of our system’s integrity are caught up in one-sided hysteria.  The Project Veritas clip proves that leftists are actively fomenting violent upheaval at Trump events, with the direct knowledge and blessing of the DNC and Clinton campaign. So spare me the thumb-sucking think pieces about the “unique” threat Trump poses to our otherwise-pristine system. I’ll leave you with our discussion of the “rigged” storyline from last night’s On The Record, during which I reference other high-profile examples of Democrats sowing doubts about the legitimacy of electoral outcomes — via Right Sightings:”

Again, those who shriek the loudest either the other guy is outrageous, or, is quick to minimize or deflect allegations that have traction, well, I guess people make their choices based on reasoning and experience, eh?

Oh, so some could say I am shrieking about calling Democrats evil, and yet, they rally beyond enthusiastically behind a woman who is outwardly a criminal.

Cue my line, “I could never respect a man who’s hero was a criminal”…

Think about the person who does…


Addendum 2 hours later:

Also from, and a three part link, but, it asks the correct question, why do people on the Left say with such compulsion and assertion they are only helping those who can’t help themselves, only to wind up causing harm?

In the third part, Sowell puts it in perspective:

“What is also remarkable is the extent to which the left’s preservation of their own self-flattering vision is defended at virtually all costs — with both facts and thoughts to the contrary being dismissed, rather than answered, using such words and phrases as “stereotypes,” “blaming the victim” or “racism.”

People with a different vision of the world are not answered but characterized — as people needing to have their consciousness raised or as people who “just don’t get it.”

Hmm, Sowell uses different terms than I do, like, deflection, minimization, and throughout the 3 parts, overt projection.  What HEALTHY person claims to be doing something, or supporting a cause more peripherally, and then the evidence shows it is instead causing harm than help, and continues to proceed doing the same thing anyway?  Sure, you could call that insanity, or, you could also call it cold hearted calculation.

Comes back to my point in my Sunday post about opiates, are people not changing their ways because the agenda is covertly to kill people, because in the end that is easy and convenient at least, if not popular?

Sometimes nefarious isn’t so profound and complicated, just deflected as a purpose that unfortunately went wrong.  Remember, the Latin word for “left” is “sinister”, was that coincidence, or, prophetic?

And yes, I know that is a slap in the face to left handed people, I don’t infer that those who are lefties in side of body preference are evil people inherently.

But, how many people who are passionate about Left causes are in fact left handed people?  A painful and provocative study, but what if it did show a preference…

You just have to read it…


, ,

Today’s Washington Post, it really just has to be read, and to tie it in with my prior post again criticizing the failed message from Mad In America, it isn’t just psychiatrists who are doing a disservice to society, in general and not absolutely mind you, but those physicians who just sell, sell, sell drugs as the cure all.

So, is Mad In America going to now go after PCPs, oncologists, and fairly much every other specialty who writes for meds with even a shred of side effect profile risk next?

Hypocrisy, it is both hilarious and hideous simultaneously.

But, we are also a culture of popular, easy, and convenient.

One could say that death fits that agenda too these days, hmm?…

Think about it, before it’s too late.

Let’s finish with an effort for a sick laugh, in the article it is noted how the drug Movantik came to fruition, and here’s the laugh:  Abusing opiates can make one so full of shit, so now you need a drug to free you of your shit so you can abuse more shit!

Opiates, the shit storm that is America today!

Image result for image of people shitting

Another example of why Mad In America is such a sham…


, ,

I’ll elaborate further over the weekend on this one, but, this Bonnie Burstow, who is a regular post writer at MIA, really, is there endless depths to the abyss of no shame to these antipsychiatry charaterological hack jobs?

Is it just me, or aren’t scholarships named after people of fame who have died, or someone at an institution who is beyond an Emeritus level of accomplishment?  I guess this University of Toronto must really think she is larger than life to name a scholarship after herself, “The Dr. Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry”, I mean, wow, I’m surprised the post doesn’t have fireworks going off around the edges of it!

Here’s the link, for what really is intended to be a laugh on my part, but, this is what defines the MIA antipsychiatry movement, and how brown it really is, eh?

A near 50 paragraph ramble, that one commenter tried to diplomatically call her on, but, you know what characterological folks do when someone has the gall to bring reality into their jaded perspectives, eh?!  (unfortunately, there was a comment about the length of her post and the commenter was calling her on it, but, as usual, the censoring of any dissent or fair negativity has typically made it gone today, how surprising!)

Anyway, I am about to leave work, but I had to write about this in some form before my drive, as I read that yesterday and just said to myself, “isn’t the projection, deflection, and denial these folks practice day in and out just pathetic!?”

Makes you wonder if the Democrats will come out with some program or honor program of “The Bill Clinton shameless sexual escapade wannabe awards”

and start off with Trump as their first winner???

more to follow per this MIA post, if interested…


Addendum Oct 15 12 Noon:

Per Francesca’s comment here from the morning, she ends with this:

“…That’s unacceptable [alternatives to care needs] and the reason why antipsychiatry will never be taken seriously, nor should it. There’s a curious absence of genuine discussion at MIA. They have there what’s known as a ‘ circlejerk.’”

And that is my point, in general mind you and not directed to Francesca, the antipsychiatry crowd is moreso populated with folks who are most likely charaterologically impaired, and their lack of benefiting from treatment interventions relates to the possible personality disorder that is often not so much treatment resistant, but not easily impacted just with meds alone.

My point to this evolving post is people like Dr Burstow are just vapid speakers or leaders for a “cause” that is not really intending to help the public, but just promote their narrative and agenda, which is plain hate and wanting unwarranted vindication for the whole profession, and not the specific providers who might have legitimately mistreated, if not just failed at having the best impact options.

More to this, I have to run errands for my family…


Addendum 2PM:  Actually, reading the above addendum earlier, I would rather correct myself here than just erase what I wrote in “…wanting unwarranted vindication for the whole profession,…”.  I was close, but, it is about Dr Burstow and her choir being VINDICTIVE, as maybe a Freudian slip on my part as I would be the one wanting VINDICATION.  But not for the losers that are my “colleagues” who do give some VALIDATION to the antipsychiatry crowds’ endless rants and ravings for punishment and expulsion.

That said, getting back to Dr Burstow’s post, she writes this:

“Examples of what can realistically be done at this point—and to varying degrees some of us have been doing this for decades—is to rigorously integrate an antipsychiatry analysis into our classes, involve students in our antipsychiatry research, and mount conferences in which antipsychiatry is highlighted—e.g., the historical PsychOut conference (see Via such routes, very real reframing happens.  Some students (both ones new to antipsychiatry and old hands at it) go on to conduct their own research into some aspect of psychiatry, thereby contributing to this growing area of scholarship. At the same time, academia puts the stamp of credibility on such “knowledge”, in essence, legitimates it in the public eye.

What the hell is going on at universities these days that is considered education, when it is just cultivating a cult following of very impaired and characterological agendas to spew hate and control?!?!

Is it me, or maybe my poor choice in analogy, but, seems to resemble the mentality that spawns the rise of hideous, pathetic reasoning that we have witnessed in Nazism, ISIS, the various forms of socialism, and other extremist agendas that just want to indoctrinate, not educate!  And as it relates to a recent post of mine, these folks like Dr Burstow use these immature, dysfunctional defenses like projection, denial, deflection, and minimization of the dissenters who naively try to engage these antipsychiatry zealots and be willing to listen and consider concerns about psychiatric inappropriateness, that does exist in some places.

But, isn’t that what I try to educate to anyone who does not know the beast of Personality Disorder, fueled by a foundation of rigidity and inflexibility, thus why moderation and negotiation are seen as only a threat and to be intolerated.

One more part to her post to relate why it is both sad and frightening people like her are not only allowed to teach, but given an opportunity to be seen as possibly “esteemed” educators and be given an alleged honor to have a scholarship named after her:

“Which brings me to the question of direct opposition—a problem that leads many privately highly critical colleagues to “soft peddle” their message. Of course there is opposition, just as there has always been opposition to anything which challenges accepted orthodoxies and runs counter to vested interests. And indeed, I have commonly encountered over-the-top opposition myself as well as more subtle obstruction. More generally, inevitably in every single university in which I have taught, because I am uncompromisingly antipsychiatry and known to be so, at some point or other, there have been efforts to derail both me and my agenda. What is significant here, however, is that none of it ever came from students. Moreover, the opposition has been monumentally unsuccessful. Indeed, if anything, it has but added to my credibility and detracted from the credibility of those out to silence my analysis. The point is that academic freedom is a principle that universities hold dear. And strange though this may seem, it offers very real protection.”

Wow, isn’t that a frightening way of saying basically “I am bigger than life and my narrative trumps anyone who does not genuflect completely”???

Please read the whole 50 paragraph post, which I view equally as a rant as much as selling alleged validity to her scholarship.  But, just remember this, and I hope to write further tomorrow, this is a woman who is a frequent writer at MIA, or as I have come to see them as PSYCH LIES MATTER folk, or the acronym PLM.

And Robert Whitaker tolerates, if not encourages this type of writing, so he is complicit at the end of the day.  We are judged to fair degree by who we associate with, especially if with regularity.

Enjoy your Saturday afternoon, if not your weekend if you read here much later, I hope you have better things to do than sit in front a screen much of the day, as I hope to get out after finishing this sentence…


Addendum Sunday Oct 16 9AM:  last one, and will try to keep it short and to the point to minimize the accusation I am ranting.  Well, maybe I am..

Imagine the gall of people asking for donations to causes that ask for exterminating, ostracizing, and belittling people who are as a group providing a legitimate service or benefit for the community as a whole.

Yes, we get it, you antipsychiatry “victims”, you most likely were mistreated, mismanaged, and perhaps even harmed for some time, maybe irrevocably, by physicians who disregarded their oath of serving the public, who were and perhaps still are the pathetic cretins that their States have not caught up with and revoked their licenses.

But, you antipsychiatry folk, as a general group, NOT ALL OF YOU, are jerks, because these zealots just rail about how everyone who is a psychiatrist who don’t kiss this zealot narrative agenda’s feet are scum of the earth.  Every thread at MIA per a post that just blatantly advocates for ruin of psychiatry shows the characterological bent many there have for psychiatrists.  And it deserves the spotlight I shine in these occasional posts here to remind readers, the narrative and agenda of MIA is no better or less threatening than that of Black Lives Matter (who MIA wants to align with!), Xenophobes across this country, and even the general missive statement of ISIS.  If you are not with them, then not only are you against them, you must be passionately, if not cruelly, dismissed and derided.

And realize additionally, not only do the MIA folk want psychiatry erased from the country, they offer NOTHING as alternative treatment options for those who do have legitimate mental health problems.  Sorry MIA supporters, there are real and disruptive psychological struggles out there, your pathological denial, minimization, and sheer ugly and nasty rationalizations that basically conclude  “that’s just the way it is”, that is abandonment and malfeasance back at ya, liars!

So, to wrap up this post, Bonnie Burstow doesn’t deserve recognition, respect, or even donations for a cause that outwardly wants the termination of my profession.  And the University of Toronto perhaps equally deserves some marginalization if not downright ostracizing for supporting such fringe behavior.

But, all these precious snowflakes being cultivated to be our equivalent to an ISIS movement within the borders of America, albeit Toronto is a Canadian city but with much American influence across the town, well, to those reading who think that to be an extreme analogy, the extremists and zealots count on people to continue to minimize and rationalize there is no real harm or danger to what is being preached.

Think about the term “cultivate”, hmm, seems to have that word “cult” in there, so is that applicable, or not?

Good luck 3 weeks from Tuesday, just realize this, irregardless of what party takes the White House next January, we will have a serial liar and sexual predator leading this country.  Think about it!!!  And then read at MIA who is happy with whomever wins.  Just reinforces my opinion that it takes a personality disordered electorate to gleefully support a personality disordered candidate!

Image result for image of people supporting antipsychiatry


addendum Tue Oct 17:  sorry, but this email from the new “editor” at MIA needs shared, along with my rebuttal, and then per “S–t”head comment in the thread of this pathetic post of Dr Burstow’s, go to the link at the bottom to read someone else being critical of a scholarship for discrimination and hate:

first the emails:

Hello Joel Hassman, MD,

My name is Hana and I am the new Community Manager for Mad In America. I am emailing you to let you know that I had to moderate your recent comment. According to our Posting Guidelines discussing Moderation is considered off-topic and is generally not permitted. If you would like to edit out your references to moderation in your comment it can be approved and posted on the site. 
[what I wrote as a comment:]

To AA and other interested readers:

Of course I wrote about this post, because I have to see what MIA continues to promote; I know this comment will be a two minute waste of time because Ms Mead will strike it from the record. Spin my post at my blog however you folks want, including Dr Burstow, and maybe some will step back and wonder what is going on here. It is a free country, thank you for the hopeful opportunity to comment, I know I do thank and acknowledge commenters at my blog.

Joel Hassman, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

Here is a link to our Posting Guidelines for your reference. 
If you have any questions about this moderation please feel free to email me.
Thank you,
Community Manager
My reply:

While I hesitantly say thank you for at least bringing this to my attention, it only reinforces what I was saying to your predecessor, Ms Mead, that you selectively moderate people because you have an agenda/ narrative that needs to be maintained.

So I will not edit my comment at your convenience, if the comment is not acceptable nor meets appropriate quality then you will not print it.

You should know that at my blog, can’t medicate, I bring attention with some regularity to this censoring that your site does to readers / commenters who are trying to provide responsible and appropriate dissent to what your site is claiming as valid criticism of Psychiatry.

But, you allow people like Old head, AA, and others who are blatantly rude, vindictive, and absolutely vicious at times to have a comment printed immediately, to perhaps be removed days to weeks later, shows the inconsistency and disconnect you try to bring to my attention as I need to cooperate with your efforts to moderate.

So, good luck with being the replacement of Ms Mead, I’m sure the usual suspects who were out to just demean and deride people who are trying to be responsibly critical will bring profound validity and acceptance to the general debate your blog offers!

If you don’t read the sarcasm in that last sentence, I’m obviously telling you that it is…

Thank you and good luck.


Joel Hassman MD

And this new post about Burstow’s scholarship:

Leave ya with this in it:

“Called the Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry, it is being praised by Scientology. As a graduate with two degrees from the U of T, I’m offended as are many others.

What next, a scholarship to study anti-evolution or anti-vaccination?”


Am I the only one to say it?


Barack Obama played Congress, and only the Demon-crap part of it, to his fullest manipulation, to convince these f—–g idiots to pass Obamacare to just screw a sizeable portion of the country.  Cue this recent link:

He knew there was no real benefit to force Americans to have to carry health insurance.  Mandates are always losers at the end of the day, I have known this for decades.  People have the right to make choices, even poor ones, and when government claims to know better, well, that is a cue they have none! As no clue to get a cue!

So, as more people delay health care decisions because they can’t afford it, much less pay for the insurance coverage in the first place, well, to those of you on the receiving end of that appraisal, if you voted for that crap show in the White House once if not twice, good for you!

Barack Obama will turn out to be the largest stool specimen in the waste container that is American politics the size of a hotel septic tank.  And he has less than a hundred days left to f— up America even further, but, count on it, he will try!

And guess what, most of these morons of American citizens who are being screwed now will just screw themselves further by voting for Clinton next month.  It is nothing less than both astounding and shameful how idiocy is such a large part of the electorate…

Yes, Georgey C, it isn’t the politicians who suck, but, too much of the American public who live among us………..

obamacare lies

Addendum 1PM Friday:

Denial isn’t so painful when it is acknowledged, or, if one is still alive to realize the mistake, eh………………

Projection as a defense mechanism: learn it, identify it, and then reject it!

Politicians as a whole are more likely to use this immature and pathological defense mechanism, but, I think the Democrats are going full force in applying it to confuse and manipulate an uninformed and naive public.

I don’t have the time to go into all the recent examples I see moreso from the Clinton attack dogs, but, all I ask is readers is learn the definition, then step back and when you read or hear of either campaign making absurd, ludicrous, and pervasive claims that instinctively either aren’t so accurate, much less realistically applicable, but even moreso seem to try to avoid the charge being made against the accuser, then maybe, just maybe you are seeing Projection at work!

As usual I turn to my source of Wikipedia:

And in the end, when people use Projection, they are impaired folks, count on it.  The usual suspects often are characterologically impaired, and when used by the Antisocial, well, just watch out where their agenda is going!

Look folks, I have no interest in seeing Trump or Clinton be our next President, but, just remember, Hillary Clinton will be a very dangerous person to be in charge, not that I see much hope with Trump who is cretin 1A in the process.

God, it is nothing less than frightening to watch her talk.  Sorry, if there is a real God who cares about the human race, nature will do something to remove her from a reality as a leader.  Not advocating for violence, just some profound morbidity or mortality event that is biological in cause.  At this point I would even shudder but accept Biden as an alternative…

I know in my heart we are watching an antisocial at work for the Democrat Party, and as I have said repeatedly, it will impact on our relations with people in this country for years to come, even if she loses, or dies before or after the election.

Hey, it is what it is in my opinion…

What a long year this has turned out to be for me.

Mark this weekend as the official end of any redeeming character of America



Just curious, any readers here recall what is happening on the East Coast since Thursday afternoon?  Does the name Hurricane Matthew ring any bells??  Do any of you know how many people live on the East Coast below Maryland, and not just on the coast line itself, but within 100 miles of the shore line?

Well, maybe readers here with regularity do know those numbers and issues, but, I bet over 50% of the public is more concerned about the word “pussy”, how only Donald Trump is a terrible man, and how Hillary Clinton should not only be revered, but pitied if she really does have medical problems that cause her struggles.

And so, this weekend shows irrevocably that this country is lost, that people are more concerned about winning and not caring, focused on sliming anyone who dares to defy their agenda, and not giving a shit if that agenda can cause harm to a quantifiable percentage of people.  And as I have said repeatedly before and now again, while the Republican Party is pathetic and a near polarized opposite of their alleged opponents, I think the Democrats are an evil group of people, and after November 8, I honestly do not think people can look at their neighbors, their colleagues at work, perhaps even their social circles the same.  Well, I guess some can have no concerns or misgivings if they all share the same agenda, which is not a healthy, responsible, and appropriate one, eh?

I just want to end with this:  irregardless of who is elected President in 30 days, can you all live with what this election cycle has wrought?  And even moreso, can you wonder why we have not had a serious terrorist attack by Radical terrorists, forget just being Islamist for a second, in the past 15 years since 9/11?  I think Osama bin Laden saw his dream to fruition.

Attack America, and then let America attack itself.  He allowed the Bush et al idiots create an unsubstantiated war in Iraq, then allow a Muslim sympathizer (at least, if not a covert Islamic mole) become President and further the divide and conquer agenda, and now even though dead, whether in a hell or Islamic heaven, bin Laden has to be laughing really hard with what we deem leadership material now.

Hence what I have deemed the Personality Disordered Society.  Now up to our shoulders in it, and to return to the Hurricane Matthew point, we are about to go under, except the proverbial flood waters aren’t liquid, but the esoteric filth of pervasive poor judgment and incompetent if not incoherent goal setting.  And that adjective fits for me, “esoteric”, because only a few of us really see it for what it is.

A logarithmic growth of rigid, inflexible people who basically are selfish, self serving, and have no regard for the needs of the community, much less the country.

You think if we heard a politician of substance say “ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country”, the howls of ridicule and scorn would drown out the howls of Hurricane force winds…

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The irony of this earlier image of Hurricane Matthew, it will become an iconic image of what really played out for America.  Destruction and misery, and not just on the East Coast of this country, count on it!!!


addendum 1 hour later:  Oh, any readers want to try to take me on and claim I am out of line in calling Democrats evil, well, let the following link show for the record that the FBI is now just a corrupt extension of Obama/Clinton/et al (I can’t link the site post as seems to control their links, but this is the article):

“Justice: The FBI once was known as incorruptible, a legendary enforcer of American law that fought traitors, spies, organized crime and government corruption with equal fervor and fearlessness. Recent revelations about the FBI’s moves during its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s rogue email server suggest that that FBI no longer exists.

Of particular relevance are the so-called side agreements signed by the FBI with high-level Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson as part of the investigation. It’s important to note that both of these aides were in the thick of things in Hillaryland, and surely knew much about Clinton’s likely illegal use of a private server and her exposure of U.S. secrets.

Those side deals essentially tied the hands of the bureau in its investigation. And that was the FBI Director James Comey’s intent all along — to keep from having to do what it knew should be done, and that is indict Hillary Clinton for repeated “careless” violations of national security law, and for subsequently lying about them to the FBI and Congress.

A letter from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., to Attorney General Loretta Lynch was summed up as follows by Andrew C. McCarthy, a former U.S. attorney and now a columnist for the National Review: “Pursuant to these side agreements, it was stipulated that (a) the FBI would not scrutinize any documents dated after January 31, 2015 (i.e., about five weeks before the most disturbing actions suggestive of obstruction of justice occurred); and (b) the FBI — in an investigation critically involving destruction of documents — would destroy the computers after conducting its search.”

Let that sink in for just a moment. This sounds not like an investigation but a carefully choreographed cover-up.

If so, this will surely do long-term and perhaps irreversible damage to the FBI’s reputation for evenhandedness. Worse, it looks a lot like the FBI is now being directed by Democratic politicians outside the bureau — a frightening prospect in a nation that is built on the idea of equal application of the law to all citizens. If the director of the FBI can be suborned by political leftists, what does that say about the rest of our government?

For those who say forget it, this is old news — it isn’t. Just this week, the Washington Examiner reports, a new bunch of emails have been handed over showing high levels of complicity between Hillary Clinton’s State Department office and the Clinton Family Foundation.

“The trove of roughly 200 pages of records made public Wednesday was just the latest and most convincing indication that, rather than operate as an independent organization, the Clinton Foundation leaned heavily on the State Department (while Hillary was secretary of state) to expand its global reach,” the Examiner wrote.

So the FBI’s cover-up, far from being a trifling favor paid to a political patron, turns out to be part of a much bigger cover-up of the numerous corrupt linkages between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. If so, this is criminality on a massive scale, dwarfing even Watergate.

We hope Congress will continue to delve into these troubling issues of justice, regardless of who wins the presidency in November. Regrettably, should Clinton win the presidency and given how the FBI has behaved, there likely will be a sudden halt to investigations of the email scandal as Hillary’s political foes in Congress duck and cover.”

Go to  

to read the piece to see it is legit.

That second to last paragraph, criminality on a massive scale dwarfing even Watergate, that is the shot across the bow I am talking about, people who support Hillary Clinton without reserve or hesitation, they are scum!  And the sizeable part of that Personality Disordered Group among us…


addendum 6:30PM:  Not that I am going to watch that shit show called a Town Hall debate tonight, I’d rather be debating can Aaron Rogers return to form as a great quarterback or is he wrapping up his career, but, if I was at that Town Hall and could ask a question, it would be simple:

I’d turn to the camera and just say “This is the best you can give us, Republicans and Democrats, and you want us as independent voters to accept your crap as leaders for America!?”  Yeah, I’d be thrown out in the next second, but, I think about 40% of the people watching said shit show would be cheering in their homes!!!

And that is why I am not watching it, because I don’t want to hear what I know will be over 90% of these Republocrat hack job plants just being dumb ass douche bags and dildos playing up to partisan agendas.

Question to Trump:  “why should I trust you to be in the White House and use your title as President to prey on women, we already dealt with that 20 years ago with your opponent’s husband sexual predatory behavior?!”

Question to Hillary:  “why should we give any thought to your current claims these ongoing leaked emails from outside sources about your activities at the State Department are false when you either erased them originally, or would not previously release transcripts of your speeches to Wall Street, so, doesn’t the adage ‘the person who cries wolf endlessly gets ignored in the end’ fit you?!”

Yeah, like you are going to hear either of those questions in any semblance!!!  I have a better, more educational alternative:  why don’t you take a crap in your toilet and then stare at it for 20 or so minutes, and then think if it reflects what you ate in the last 24 hours.  That would be more informative and educational!!!

this image will shock and provoke, happy days…

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Time to inhale, all you partisan hacks…


Wow, it is breathtaking, all this hypocrisy from both the zealot Left and Right, who stand behind both these deeply flawed characterological freak shows of Presidential candidates!

Look at the simple issue of this unearthed audio segment of Trump being rude and crude, are we, who are not immersed in the shit-show of partisan agendas, really that surprised he has no regard for women, even if 11 years ago, really, the guy left two marriages for less than respectful reasons?  And you think he is married to his current wife strictly for undying love and appreciating her complete beauty, not just her looks?!

Here’s where it gets not just absurd, but pathetic and disgusting.  First, for the Right to be so allegedly outraged and calling for him to back out as the Republican candidate, now, in mid October, after most of these faux outraged jerks were behind him the last 2 plus months since the convention, how hideous!  They think that Mike Pence’s performance in the Vice Presidential debate is a cry for substitution??  Hey, Pence supported this buffoon by accepting the offer to be VP, so Pence is no choir boy, no sir ree bob!

But, the Left, who continue to not only embrace their antisocial, medically compromised zealot for power that is Shrillary, but also ignore that Bill comes with her, wow, what the hell is denial in their world?!  They think Donald Trump is disgusting???  Bill Clinton is a sexual predator, and continues to be one, don’t think less for one milli-second.  You really think he will not return to the White House and resume his antics??  Besides, are the Left thinking this through, after watching the lame performance of Kaine, he is one pronounced seizure or stroke away by Hillary from being President.

So, Trump wants to grab at p—y, so does Bill Clinton, and probably at least a third of these entrenched scum bag incumbent men in D.C. have the same behaviors.  The point to this post is easy and direct:  Men in power, influence, and other elements of leadership are likely to be demeaning and minimizing of women, until proven otherwise.  It is the beast of being in control, and this has not changed that much in the what, last 1000 years of civilized societies putting people in positions of control of societies and cultures!?

Power not only corrupts, but demeans and belittles.  And again, about almost half of the electorate at the end of the day don’t give a genuine crap about having pathological narcissists or antisocials continuing the mistakes that such flagrant characterological impairment will cause for the public.

Little more than 4 weeks left, and while the Carolina coastline gets hammered, people want to get all excited about the word “pussy”.  Betcha people on the South East coast don’t give a damn about this matter right now.  They want to live and survive, keep their homes and belongings, which is what life should be about.

SO, what is the big story?  Focus on two old guys who can’t stop thinking about their dicks and other women’s genitalia??  Or, perhaps the actual tragedy that is a persistent Hurricane Matthew destroying American towns.  You figure it out…

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