Am I really a jerk at others’ blogs?


I am baffled, I have been a bit brusk on issues at others’ mental health blog sites, but, I always read what I type before submitting and never really think I have been over the top per inappropriateness.  And yet, first Dr Nardo at 1boringoldman found it necessary to moderate me alone, thus I stopped commenting there over a month or so ago.  Now, it seems Dinah Miller at Shrink Rap has found it necessary to delete my comments, after she has allowed this rude woman Tracey to repetitively insult me and her comment posts stay there for days without moderation.

Sorry, when I am blatantly insulted and the comment stays in place, I have a right to not only rebut it, but, call the loser on being allowed to write such tripe and it stays in place, giving the illusion at best the blog author tolerates such personal attack.  So, I guess I have to end my participation at Shrink Rap as well.  In the end, no real loss, how a blog who promotes being active for 10 years yet not posting new posts for weeks on end shows how little the authors value their site.

But, I am a realist, and now being moderated or just plain censored really makes me wonder.  Am I really that rude, or, have people become so thin skinned and so vain that their sites’ narrative cannot be challenged or allow dissenting opinion be printed?

I honestly don’t think I am outwardly rude, but, I am direct and accept I can be viewed as terse at times.  But, isn’t that the point of blogs, to encourage dialogue, and if a bit hard in rebuttal, it is the author’s right to decide what is tolerated?  But, when someone says the narrative is not so absolute or applicable, shouldn’t that raise debate and discussion, if respectful and defensible?!  Oh well, less sites to read, maybe karma is trying to tell me to find other ways to be busy and inquisitive, eh?

Feel free to opine, thus far in my near 4 years of this blog, I think I have not printed about 3-5 comments forwarded, but, always have noted the attempts of rude commenters to try to be inappropriate, as their efforts to at least write something should be noted for other readers to know what is at hand.

Blogging is an outlet, and hopefully is of some value, even to those who do not agree with the content I offer.  My mistake has been getting too involved with politics these past 3 years, but, when I see flagrant personality disordered “leaders” continue to screw up the country, it should be highlighted.

Anyway, don’t look forward to reading me at Shrink Rap anymore.  Dr Miller and her two Cronies who do little there anyway, they can have their faux choir to give them hits and alleged validation they are doing a service for mental health discussions.

And to my few but consistent readers and commenters, thanks for reading and offering your points of view and occasional links.  Appreciated and enjoyed!

Joel Hassman, MD

The best thing that can happen Monday night…



Is that first Trump loses it and has a blow out of fairly major proportions, and then later, Clinton collapses from all the stress of being on stage for 90 or more minutes.

Then what are we left with?  A narcissist unhinged, and an antisocial who is sicker than just her character!  Thus, goes back to my earlier post, should these things play out, is what do you do with the entrenched supporters of both of these charlatans?!

Oh, and this week we see that Gary Johnson is not up to the task of being President, and Stein, she is just a transgender Ralph Nader.

So, I think Mickey and Minnie are looking better and better each week, dontcha think!?  We are doomed folks, and frankly, the stress of following this sick election process has to be making the rest of the world just cringe and step back…

Personality Disordered society, people, this is the best we’ve got?…….

Image result for image of Trump and Clinton attacking each other

Personality Disordered Lunacy run amok



Just amazing how pervasive personality issues are creating havoc, just on the inpatient units I have worked in the past 2 months show how out of touch the staff are, thinking medications are going to control aggression, impulsivity, and frank disregard for boundaries going on these psych units.  And the consequences of all this polypharmacy, just all I can say is WOW, maybe when these state hospitals run the risk of being sued, maybe then some people will step back and say “maybe this is why we have prisons and graveyards?!”

The politics of this country shows repeatedly that people in public office are just risks to the public until proven otherwise.  Narcissism and antisocial behaviors are the last things that the public should tolerate, but, we have more of those traits in the constituency anyway, so the people vote for the representation they deserve.

Finally, the Internet and all these social networks do nothing to promote honest and true communication and boundaries.  It really is a truism that the pervasiveness of technology only allows those who are inappropriate and without regard to decency and integrity will run the world by the end of this decade.  Facebook and this pathetic term “friends”, again, WOW, how much further can a term and concept be dumbed down!?

I end simply with this, getting back to psychiatry, as long as doctors think that treatment is punitive and paternalistic, just keep thinking and acting that way with patients, and when more psychiatrists get assaulted and disregarded, well, when the support staff start resigning in large numbers, see how well that goes, colleagues!  I work with so many idiots with “MD” after their names, it’s a wonder what it stands for!

Mentally Deficient, or maybe, Massive Dumbass?!  A tip for those who run afoul of the law and then think you can malinger a mental illness as an out, just remember this, most states now keep you in mental health systems much longer than the charges originally would demand, especially for those that are petty ones like trespassing or disorderly conduct.

Plus you won’t have to take 3, 4, 5 psychotropics that some dumbass psychiatrist will most likely overdiagnose you to allegedly HAVE to take.  Clinical Review Panels and Conditional Release, these are terms that are substitutes for Parole and Probation!!!

The more things change, the more they stay the same, some hospitals seem to resemble those of the 1940s once again…

Image result for image of psychiatric hospitals in the 1940s

Last Screwed-day Comparison, for Saturday Sept 17…



VOTING FOR EITHER DONALD TRUMP OR HILLARY CLINTON IS LIKE:  choosing to be either stabbed or shot.  Really, Trump is the guy who would just look you in the face and gun you down, Clinton the one to smile at you and then once you turn your back, whack in the back comes the blade!  How did we get here, please remind me again…

Can’t wait to see who baits Trump to regress next, Reid is trying his worst, er, best to goad Trump into stupid tirades.  Clinton, I have to wonder if and when she collapses in the public eye outwardly.  Again though, I think her medical problems just make her personality flaws much worse, Organic Personality Disorder can be almost frightening to deal with, I have had some experiences with this.

Anyway, the new assignment has made working the blog a bit more a struggle, but I will hope to be in a routine by the end of next week so I can post more than just over the weekends, for anyone who reads here with regularity.

I think I am done with the Presidential shit, I really cannot read about these two anymore.  And Gary Johnson, he is not an alternative, and Stein of the Green Party, what a freak show she is turning out to be!

This might be the first time in my voting life I won’t vote this November…

Please, stop romancing addiction!!!


, ,

Image result for image of couple passed out in car & Sept 2016

Yes, I would hope most of folks have seen this pathetic, unacceptable shot, I understand it has had, what, billions of hits?!  Yeah, an exaggeration on my part, but, let’s get one thing straight, that I hope most of you who AREN’T addicts know full well.  Being a parent and an active addict are incongruent behaviors or actions, PERIOD!  Chose one, and then make sure if the child is going to be sacrificed, make sure he/she goes to a responsible, caring adult, preferably a biological relative.

Second point:  why is it an Epipen costs so much more money than a dose of Naloxone?  Think about that, our government is pushing for a drug to bail out addicts more than the absolute need for a medication to prevent anaphylatic shock from an unintended exposure to an allergen one is horrendously reactive that could cause death.  And, I have heard opiate addicts almost say with glee that they are now safer knowing there are people who can bail them out if the addict overdoses.  WTF is that?!?!

Last point, while not as overtly offensive, Sports Illustrated has a story in this week’s issue about “Ballad of the Bad News Bees”, how all these baseball players from the 1980s who had outrageous drug issues, mostly cocaine, seemed to have a ball, literally and figuratively, playing in some minor to the real Minor leagues of baseball.  Wow, let’s glorify the bailout of people who were appropriate marginalized and shunned from the Major Leagues!!!

I can’t access the article on the Net as too new to link without paying for it, and I get the magazine, so I hope those interested will either hunt it down in a couple of weeks and take the time to read it.

The point here:  addiction is devastating to the community in many ways, there is no light-hearted way to frame it without enabling or being codependent, and at the end of the day, recovery is an expectation, NOT an option.  Yes, it is not an easy process, but, you see and read the crap going on in the media and by our government, and you have to wonder, what the hell is the agenda?

Maybe, just maybe, relates to the last post here per that link of dumbing down and rationalizing inappropriate and irresponsible behaviors and concepts can literally kill people!  So, who ya gonna believe, enablers and codependents, if not the addicts themselves, or, their victims?!

Again, think about it.  But don’t take too long……

Wow, sums it up for me!



Yes, WOW, this is a great opinion piece:

You have to read it all, there is no one paragraph or couple of sentences to give it the “umph” it has, to me at least!

I will duplicate the end paragraph, but again to read it all to understand how the author comes to this conclusion:

“Once the system becomes self-sustaining as young Americans are no longer taught what made their nation successful, become obsessed with their feelings, come to believe that character doesn’t matter and buy into the destructive notions they see and hear every day on the big screen, on radio and in the papers, the disease that afflicts America will become so far advanced that it may never be cured. “

Democrats, they are inherently the party of evil and despair, and they do it so insidiously and pervasively.  Again, you claim to be a believer of the needs and benefits of society as a whole, and are a diehard Democrat partisan supporter, you are either the most clueless person in your community, or, the most complicit bastard in it!

And believing in Hillary Clinton continuously shows the profound ignorance and/or plain quest for power and control you’ll ever meet in these Demon-crap supporters!

Your call…

So Hillary Clinton is a woman?



This pathetic push to make any dissent against her strictly an issue of sexism is just another example of the depths that desperation and lack of honest conviction will take the sinking ship that carries all the pathetic apologists, defenders, and zealot supporters for her.

Let’s look at what 2+ generations since feminism have traversed to try to achieve “equality” with men, shall we?

1.   Binge Drinking.  Wow, now there’s an accomplishment, women now can almost drink as much as men, and then pass out and be taken advantage of, isn’t that special?!  Oh, and women now get as much if not worse medical consequences from alcohol abuse/ dependence.  Again, only took what, 40 years to find that mark?

Oh, there’s more in that link, but I just want to start with substance abuse…

2.  Premature death.  Women are now dying at younger ages, again due to drugs and alcohol, as well as suicide as a third factor, probably overall with the substance abuse.  But, women used to live at least 5-7 years longer than men, and what has happened?  I guess all those male traits do have some dark side, like, 6 feet down dark?

3.  Perpetrators of physical violence.  This one isn’t a shocker either, women are now more likely to be the initiators of domestic violence, and I’ll let this paragraph from the below link note it succinctly:

“Research showing that women are often aggressors in domestic violence has been causing controversy for almost 40 years, ever since the 1975National Family Violence Survey by sociologists Murray Straus and Richard Gelles of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire found that women were just as likely as men to report hitting a spouse and men were just as likely as women to report getting hit. The researchers initially assumed that, at least in cases of mutual violence, the women were defending themselves or retaliating. But when subsequent surveys asked who struck first, it turned out that women were as likely as men to initiate violence—a finding confirmed by more than 200 studies of intimate violence. In a 2010 review essay in the journal Partner Abuse, Straus concludes that women’s motives for domestic violence are often similar to men’s, ranging from anger to coercive control.”

again from this link:

The Surprising Truth About Women and Violence

4.  Violent Crime.  Related to #3 above, heard this wonderful stat on my morning radio show a couple of weeks ago as a guess question of what do women have more in common with men in the past 10 years:

Women now commit bank robbery over 9% of the time, up from 4.5 % in the early 2000s.  I can’t find the link to verify what the radio show host claimed, but found this gem about women’s role in crime as of 2010 to certainly reflect the uptick in women crime:

Female Involvement in Crime Growing: Crime News

Oh, this sentence is nice:  “An estimated 207,700 women were held in prison or jails at midyear 2008, up 33 percent since midyear 2000.”

Should we go for one more, 5 is a nice number, eh?

5.  Just one woman’s opinion, but, it is said by a woman:  Loss of healthy perspective that gives a woman an edge in society.

Read the whole piece, but I like to find something that says it well for readers who don’t have much time to peruse the links:

“Although feminism began with noble goals, in its modern form, it is a dangerous and negative mindset.  In reality, it scorns womanhood by implying that as a woman, I’m not good enough – I must become like a man in order to be equal to him.  What a lie!  The truth is that man and woman have equal dignity, but different design.  Modern feminists have the attitude that they can be everything a man is, which is physiologically and biologically impossible.  In pursuing things that men have characteristically done, they have gone too far and utterly shunned their innate qualities.  They view the traditional woman as inferior to man, and the role of a stay-at-home mother as inferior.  When a woman no longer understands herself and her unique role, the breakdown of the family results.”


Well, my point to all this?  Women, at least the ones who embrace feminism as the answer to all the alleged ills the gender has endured for millions of years, uh, ok, maybe not millions, but at least the last million days, think Hillary Clinton is the shining example of what the first woman President should set for the gender.  Are you kidding me?  She is the ultimate example of what a woman has degraded to in order to be seen as an equivalent to a man.  Dishonest, disingenuous, demeaning, dismissive, and frankly, the textbook example of what an antisocial personality disorder looks like with two X chromosomes.

Not that all men are jerks and losers.  But, it looks as though more women than there should be are equally now jerks and losers.  Mission accomplished, feminists across the country, or maybe even across the globe?  Did men lose something in the translation when this movement started in the later 1960s?  I am surprised women just didn’t ask us in the bars/parties during those heydays of the 1970s:  “how do you get all the breaks and perks, I mean, being an asshole in America makes you better!?”

I leave you with the image of the sociopathic woman:

Image result for image of sociopathic woman

Wow, when you read all those descriptions, I expected to see Hillary Clinton as the image.  I guess the source needed a better looking image for sales and interest in the picture???

But, let’s try to end on a positive note, again from the link in #5:

“We [women] influence society strongly.  Wise leaders and teachers have always known this, and it’s time for us to take heed! I close with a quote by the ancient Philosopher Confucius: “Where the woman is faithful, no evil can befall.  The woman is the root and the man is the tree.  The tree grows only as high as the root is strong.”

I wholeheartedly agree with that premise.  Do you, guys, and gals?!

On Election Day, DON’T VOTE!!!


First of all, if you as a reader are a diehard Democrat or Republican, save your time and energy and don’t read further, you will gain NOTHING from trying to comprehend what I am about to propose.

So, for those left who are really invested in this country, know the role of character in the election process, and are concerned for the public welfare, not the party agenda, it really makes sense to not vote come November 8, 2016, at least for President.

Why?  After last week when the morons in Arizona and Florida reelected the charlatans that are the real culprits of the shit being spewed in D.C. year in and out, that being John McCain and Deborah Wasserman-Shultz (like they won’t win their general election campaigns…), it is painfully obvious that the party zealots aren’t at all interested in change and accountability.  Nope, same shit, different year.  So, when you hear people who claim to be invested in the country yet are almost dissociating when they reelect the same incompetents are their representatives, they can’t hear you call them on the disconnect in these two approaches.  Hence why party zealots are morons…

So, to get to the point of this title here, if you really want to make a statement that either loser who becomes President will have to face seems rather clear and apparent to me:  Don’t vote for Trump or Clinton, and then watch how whoever “wins” the election with no better than a third of the electorate potentially participating claims this loser “mandate” attitude on election night!

Think about the numbers at hand:  about 100 million, maybe 120 million tops could vote without contesting their participation, and should Trump or Clinton just get 30 million votes each, which in the voting election could be 45% or more, but in number would be just just about 30 million voters, I think the shame and humility will be reported by some in the media.  Yes, neither one of these two losers would admit it, much less contemplate it as an embarrassment, but, I think a sizeable portion of Americans will not only know it, but say it repeatedly for the duration of the loser’s term in office.

And so, yes, by not voting, we will have to endure one of these losers as our “leader”.  But, whenever they trot out claiming they speak for the country, the retort of “no, not even half of the country showed an interest to see you in office” will impact.  Again, not on Clinton or Trump, but with their followers and their legion.  Because if you as the invested American decides to follow this idea, you can piss off so many people the next four years. Well, it might at least have some indirect benefits, if only to annoy these zealot hacks who think they are so high and mighty with their loser in the White House.

Yeah, I know, it won’t happen, but, I am ready to pen in Minnie Mouse on the 8th, but have to see how it’s done on the Absentee Ballot as I won’t be able to go to my precinct per my next temp assignment.  Go Minnie, the only real female I see fit to run this gulag, er, country…

Image result for image of Minnie Mouse for President

Screwed-day Comparison Sept 6


VOTING FOR EITHER HILLARY CLINTON OR DONALD TRUMP IS LIKE:  almost as bad as a dead person voting for a near dead candidate!  Hillary is a neurological event away from presenting like the character Kevin Kline played in the movie “Dave”as both President and the Temp Job owner who was his double, more notably the President on life support in the basement.  Do you want Bill to step in as defacto President, and you know he will tell Kaine to stick it just like the Chief of Staff (Langella) intended in the movie?  Oh, and Trump, he ain’t no walking embodiment of a real healthy, spry guy, he has issues too with his doc printing out a faux page of health endorsement as this doc was leaving his car.

Again, you have to look not only at the VP folks running with these two geezer freaks, but, start looking at who is running the show behind the scenes.  This is reality, folks, and for both Clinton and Trump to be hiding their health issues is no laughing matter.

Oh, by the way, I don’t have the stomach to continue this series much longer, so I will be wrapping it up in the next week or two, I think we get it, we are screwed not only on Tuesdays, but every other day of the week too.

Image result for image of unflattering looks of  Clinton and Trump

Yes, I have said this…



Think about it though, those who are dedicated to Hillary Clinton, with what is being revealed just in the past week or so, including today with reports she had her Blackberries hammered to destruction, how do you approach these people?!

And, just so any non medical reader is aware, people who are already antisocial and with other personality disorder features, who then go on to have neurological problems, like strokes or head injuries, well, sometimes those personality features are more exaggerated.

So, do you really want an antisocial who could be physically compromised to run this country?  Not that I look to Donald Trump as an alternative, please note that!

This week’s Psychiatric Newsletter issue has the Barry Goldwater issue on page one, where psychiatrists and psychologists should NOT be offering diagnostic opinion on candidates, but, we are people first, and we should, and must, offer impressions and note it is from a distance.

Because there is nothing worse than having someone say later, “I wish you had warned us earlier, maybe that could have prevented the outcome…”

Note some of her expressions, I don’t know if some of these pictures are exaggerated or altered, but, the antisocial cues show to me.

Image result for images of Hillary Clinton looking threateningImage result for images of Hillary Clinton looking threatening

Image result for images of Hillary Clinton looking sickImage result for images of Hillary Clinton looking sick

Yeah, everyone can have an unflattering picture posted, but, some of these shots are of her in testimony or in political presentations, and non verbal cues are loud to me.

This woman really is frightening as she continues to dig down in her lies, misdirections, and frank projections onto Trump and any other opponents.

Besides, Bill Clinton is equal to the task in being a sociopath, his sexual predatory issues are truly criminal in intensity at the end of the day.

But, our constituency has lowered the bar every 4-8 years since Bush Sr, hmm?