At least get some closure with why Robin Williams died



First, my post over 2 years ago when he first died:

Robin Williams was a damn funny man!

There were several sources, I went with this one as it appeared fairly complete from what I read and heard at other sites when first reported 2 months ago:

But one can read what his wife wrote directly as well:

Some excerpts in there:

“Although not alone, his case was extreme. Not until the coroner’s report, 3 months after his death, would I learn that it was diffuse LBD that took him. All 4 of the doctors I met with afterwards and who had reviewed his records indicated his was one of the worst pathologies they had seen. He had about 40% loss of dopamine neurons and almost no neurons were free of Lewy bodies throughout the entire brain and brainstem.”

And this as well, “Robin was losing his mind and he was aware of it. Can you imagine the pain he felt as he experienced himself disintegrating? And not from something he would ever know the name of, or understand? Neither he, nor anyone could stop it—no amount of intelligence or love could hold it back.

Powerless and frozen, I stood in the darkness of not knowing what was happening to my husband. Was it a single source, a single terrorist, or was this a combo pack of disease raining down on him?

He kept saying, “I just want to reboot my brain.” Doctor appointments, testing, and psychiatry kept us in perpetual motion. Countless blood tests, urine tests, plus rechecks of cortisol levels and lymph nodes. A brain scan was done, looking for a possible tumor on his pituitary gland, and his cardiologist rechecked his heart. Everything came back negative, except for high cortisol levels. We wanted to be happy about all the negative test results, but Robin and I both had a deep sense that something was terribly wrong.

On May 28th, he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease (PD).”

One reason why I write about it now is that Dinah Miller wrote a column about Williams in the November issue of Clinical Psychiatry News, and in there she wrote, “…Robin Williams was suffering from a severe form of an incurable dementing illness, and his wife describes that he was in a great deal of distress with both his symptoms and his decline.  This illness is a tragedy, but perhaps his suicide was a rational decision and not a preventable death.”

Her column to read it all:

As Bram Stoker wrote in “Dracula”, there are worse things than death, and dementia is such a fate I would not wish on even people I detest, only because it would further the pain of others around the demented who are trying to make a difference.

I am still sad he is gone, but, knowing what he suffered at the end, I respect his choice, I just wish he could have offered some closure for his family and fans.  Someone of such celebrity appeal really does have some obligation to the public who made his career.

But, now we know, and now, we still are a bit sad…

I leave you with one of his best performances that was spontaneous:

I defy anyone to watch this to not laugh uncontrollably at some portions, and this was spontaneous, he was on stage for FIVE hours and the DVD compressed it to just 2 hours?!

Again, missed but beloved!

Facing the truth



That’s what the banner of this blog reminds us, much that plays a role in psychological struggles is about facing the truths to the assorted issues that cause mental health problems, forget them as “disorders” for a moment here.  But, do psychiatrists really want to spend the time and energy to have their patients look at the truths that are factors to mood, thought, and cognitive problems, when most psychiatrists just want to sell pills as the “cure”?

No, my profession as a whole, again even if just 50.1% of physicians, have bought into the notion, literally and figuratively mind you, that it’s about biochemical imbalances, and wasn’t the removal of the Multi Axis format from the DSM 5 a blatant act to dismiss the role of stressors to illness??  How shameful was that, and if you are a mental health clinician, not a psychiatrist alone mind you, what do colleagues you work with who are psychiatrists say to you if you raise that point?

The painful joke I see at hand at psychiatric hospitals these days is they really don’t make an effort to treat the person who is acutely ill and hospitalized, but just the cells, maybe the organ inside the skull, but, not the human being.  Inpatient units have scaled back so many ancillary services to the bare bones, it really is both astounding and atrocious they call these places acute care units.  Could you imagine somatic facilities cutting back the services that really are essential components to treating medical issues like cardiac care, stroke units, even trauma centers?

But, isn’t that what psychiatry has done these past 15 to 20 years, just let outside sources dictate the treatment process and pathetically gone along with it without much debate or dissent?  That is what whores and cowards do after all, because to fight for what is right goes against the grain of instinctual processes of popular, easy, and convenient.

So, can we as a society, culture, collaborative of individuals, return to doing the correct thing, and face the truth?  Irony at times is both intriguing and instructive, as Bruce Hornsby is now on singing my favorite song of his, “That’s Just the Way It is”, and while he then sings “some things will never change”, he ends with “just don’t believe them”.

I chose to not believe those who sell empty promises and faux standards of care.  But, I live in a place where we have watched the process of “repeat the lies enough and they will be believed” per this recent election process.  And now, both ends of this polluted Republocrat party are just doubling down in spewing out the lies endlessly to sell their choir the need to hold onto these false beliefs.

I really feel sorry for people who are victimized by this horrid sales pitch to medicate distress and dysfunction away.  I have had this banner in place for over 4 years because it really is the simplest explanation to what I deal with:  if you as the patient just want to get better, then take a damn pill, but, if you want to get it right, then face your truths!

Now for more pictures to remember and re-live:

clueless doctor

Tin foil psychiatry

pulling hair out

and starting with some sunset shots now,

sunset July 2014

Just a bit more than 3 weeks to go, any topics to take last minute stabs at?

Criminalization of Psychiatry continued…


So last week I started an earlier post about my experiences at state inpatient facilities and how too many overt Axis 2 folk are put on units to just prey and disrupt without end, much to the dismay of staff and patients who truly are primary psychiatric in need.  Then I got side tracked once again by the pervasive Axis 2 BS outside these walls, but, we know that is not going to subside much less be eliminated.  As so well said in the first Avengers movie by the old man who stood up to Loki, “there will always be men like you…”

But, why are there men, and women, who like the Lokis are just personality disordered people who are NOT interested in insight, change, and accepting responsibility and yet forced on us mental health care providers by the state?  I can’t fix insight and judgment with pills, nor therapy, and hell, I ain’t a substitute for lead bars or gravesites.

Anyway, I received the November issue of Psychiatric Times, and there was this article regarding emergency psychiatry entitled “Suicidal Patients: defining and addressing emergencies” (which I will try to link but the site requires membership, free mind you but have to register), and in there this vignette:


A 35-year-old man is brought to the ED by 4 police officers just before midnight. While high on cocaine and synthetic marijuana, Mr. S drove his car into the side of an ambulance stopped at a red light. The ambulance was totaled, although it fortunately was not transporting a patient at the time and the EMS crew was not injured. Mr. S was unscathed and initially feigned cooperation with police officers on the scene, then ran from them and was caught. The officers are ambivalent about taking him into custody because of his disruptive, “crazy” behavior.

In the ED, he is profane, making a number of threatening statements about his own safety and that of others; he boasts about his sexual prowess as he is escorted to an open room. In addition to any charges he might face for this event, he has a court date in 2 days that may lead to prolonged incarceration on drug distribution charges. His psychiatric record reveals self-reported diagnoses of both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia that were thought dubious because 2 past admissions at this facility were for diagnoses of adjustment disorder, substance use disorder, and antisocial and borderline personality disorder traits.

His half-brother and an uncle died by suicide, and a paternal cousin was involved in the drug trade and died under suspicious circumstances. His other family history is notable for multiple family members with mood and substance use disorders. In between threats to kill himself and everyone else in the ED, he screams, “You have to admit me—I’m suicidal,” and insists the crash was a suicide attempt.

Well, they go on to note in the next section of the article this:  “The patient in the second vignette provoked a strong reaction in providers, who were subjected to his threats and taunts.  Some resented that he had totaled an ambulance in a limited resource community and believed that he was ‘putting on a show’ as a way of escaping consequences.”

Really, with a court date coming up facing serious serious incarceration time?!  This reflects exactly my point, the courts and the state in more general think we are about treating the scum and villainy of our society?!  No, all we are about is identifying there is no primary Axis 1 illness of mood, thought, or cognitive deficits that are amenable to care interventions, and if it is revealed we have a cretin in our facility, then please, transfer to the appropriate alternative facility that handles antisocial shit, thanks!

But, as I tried to somewhat diplomatically note in the last post, where are the administrators of these mental health care facilities to stand behind their providers who are just nowadays the front line grunts being harassed, threatened, and if not outwardly at physical risk, like the vignette above, subjected to endless taunts and threats, which in my opinion are risks for violence when repeated endlessly?

As I have said in the past, no judge has ever called me to inquire to my opinion as to how to proceed with dealing with a person in the courtroom who appears to be somewhat psychiatrically impaired, but equally if not moreso a loser.  No, judges these days are more and more about just passing the proverbial “fuck”, er, “buck”.

Oh, the link for the above vignette:

I’m not going to pontificate further on this issue, I think the readers here who know the beast I am addressing get the point.

Anyway, little more than three weeks until this blog fades into the sunset, note my banner for the blog was a sunrise, so I’ll have to find the best sunset show to close up things by December 26th.

Maybe I’ll start with my repeats of past favorite pictures as I start my fond farewells, hope this is a good beginning?

burn out redefined

For the topic at hand, who do you think illustrates the sociopath?…

common sense headstone

always loved this one, used it a few times…

silly shot

And, let’s end with a laugh, the lighter side of princesses…


“The kind of rhetoric espoused by this employee is troubling and disturbing. Regardless of how much pain a person may be feeling, it’s not an excuse to attempt to murder a group of completely innocent people. A person is still responsible for their actions and nobody should attempt to explain away an attempted massacre. Given that Artan tried to run down a group of people and then hack them to death, it seems odd to extend him compassion and understanding when he clearly lacked it for his classmates.”

So these are bastions of higher learning?!  Or just bastards being stupid while high and not learning!!!

Oh, and already read one story earlier of some prick being an ass claiming the cop had a racial motive to shoot this terrorist scumbag.

Why aren’t these terrorists killing outright leftist morons who spew this garbage?  Oh yeah, the leftist are the terrorists’ cheerleaders…

Think this resident life director is fired?!  Nope, probably promoted!

Sorry, it seems more and more colleges are asking for these horrors…

And the Louts/Regressives/Libelous wonder why Hillary and her buddies are losing elections these past 6 years.  They continue to seek the Muslim vote, irregardless of the radical islamic element, wow, watch out what ya want, it could come back to haunt ya!

Oh, and how is that lesser of two evils working for Trump supporters.  Now he is mouthing out about flag burning?!  And he wants to put Petreus on his cabinet, but will have to pardon him first to be able to take the position?!  Who is advising this man?

Oh yeah, I forgot, he knows better than everyone else…

Who really is fair and equal?



With all this pathetic press about the death of Fidel Castro, and what Bernie Sanders ran on this Spring motivating all the Millenials to embrace Socialism, well, can we really all live together and things will be genuinely fair and equal?

Sorry, the gene pool of our species fairly much wipes that out from the equation of how we operate as humans.  As I noted in a recent comment at the last post, not even identical twins are truly equal in their genes once the egg splits.  I mean, didn’t they teach us in Psychiatry residency that separated identical twins only had a 50% likelihood of both developing schizophrenia, so, that nature vs nuture thing really does impact, eh?

So, from a behavioral point of view, how can we really expect that a group of people can honestly, sincerely, responsibly work together as a collective and everyone is fair and equal, without pruning society of the bad gene elements???

Isn’t that what Nature intended, natural selection and survival of the fittest?  Are we really going to try to neutralize that inherent element, are we really bigger and better than the Earth intended?!

This isn’t going to be a long, preachy post, because one, it’s just my opinion, and on this one I think it really is short but not so sweet:  the ones who prey on the environment of people striving for things to be fair and equal are the last ones we want to turn to for equality and justice for all.  The Antisocial thrives in the Socialism culture, as didn’t Orwell spell it out fairly accurately 71 years ago?

Oh, the irony of the Pigs being in charge, I just loved it as I read it.  And let’s look at all those shiny examples of Socialism, and their incestous cousin Communism, and how well those cultures either did or are just squeaking by now:  Russia, Cuba, North Korea, China, and let’s not forget that formenting stew down south in Venezuela.

So, fair and equal, yeah, like when everyone is wearing the same clothes, driving the same car, using the same cell phones, and with the 2.5 kids and 1.8 vehicles in every family, there won’t be a mutating element that just craves for change???

Yeah, we can all dream that life should be fair and equal, just like we can all dream we hit Lotto, or get that great job, or date that wonderful person he/she has been attracted to for the past 6 months, but, wait, those things won’t lead to fair and equal, eh?!

Amazing how people pose such a simple plan, and then life has that ridiculous and annoying moment to disrupt and shove reality back at ya front and center.

No, what we should strive and hope for are more successes than failures as we are good people, we share and respect the same rules and boundaries, that we pay attention to the environment we share with others, that we pitch in and work as a team, and we help those who aren’t equal but are trying to get to a better place in an appropriate and responsible way.  In other words, we live by a model that preaches and lives by example of being the best we can be, and not at others’ expense, literally or figuratively.

Oh, and we don’t tolerate those who have no regard for anyone else but themselves.

Frankly, and while it may come across as a bit harsh, and I think I have said this before anyway, I think I understand why other cultures are so harsh with addicts.  It isn’t the way I would handle it at moment one, but, entrenched addicts are a blight, and why tolerating relapses that number into the double digits aren’t about help, but just harm.

Anyway, this post wound up longer than I expected, and you know what they say, you can’t put lipstick on a pig and make it prettier, eh?  Now that is one hideous image…


Cue Andy Warhol please…


Someone needs to remind Jill Stein her fifteen minutes of shame, er, fame are up!

This woman is beyond a fraud, she is shyster, and oh, who is getting on her train to soon derail?  More frauds and freaks, starting with that bitch who lost 3 weeks ago!

Two images to end to both amuse and annoy:

Image result for image of Hillary Clinton talking to the press after losing the election

Related image

Frankly, much of his artwork was drek to me…

Only an antisocial cretin…


Um, Fidel Castro is dead, the people outside Cuba who can express their honest and sincere feelings and opinions seem to say “Good F—-g Riddance”, and yet, Barack Obama claims to speak for the USA and says what a loss?!

It goes to show the people of this country who this freak show of an alleged leader seems to hold in regard.  Castro, Iranian Mullahs, and by lack of confrontation it can be inferred he even has some regard for the leadershit of North Korea and Syria.

I am sorry, I think Obama is the biggest scumbag to be President, his continued lack of real deeds of helping this country shrieks volumes of how much he has damaged this country for more than a generation to come.

Again, I pray there is some God who will implore someone to come forward and expose this fraud in the Blight House for what he has schemed in insidiously destroying this country both from within and as a leader to foreign nations.

Jimmy Carter, you can now sit down and smile, you are not the worst modern day President to serve in the past 50 years, but, it took another in your party to show you up!!!

This has been quite the year, eh?!?!


Addendum Sunday Night:

This link is a nice exclamation point:

“It’s okay to go the route of Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) or Tom Cotton (R-AR), where both slammed Castro—with the latter pretty much saying that Castro is burning in hell. President Obama is incapable of describing members of the Islamic State as adherents to radical Islam. With this statement on Castro’s death, President Obama shows us how idiotic you can make yourself look when you shy away from calling things what they are to avoid hurting people’s feelings.”

It’s not about hurting peoples’ feelings, it’s about a sociopath trying to respect, if not identify with another overt sociopath. Why are people being nice about this cretin who roams the halls of our most respected building in this country?!

He is an covert operative to ruin America, but, just continue to be mensches, you schmucks in the press!

So, what have we learned from this recent election, may I opine?



I’d rather go back to two posts prior and continue to rail about the criminalization of psychiatry, but, having read some sites today about the ongoing inappropriateness by the Left, but, also some on the Right, well, it is our Personality Disordered Society front and center, eh?

I think this election has shown we are lost, and, we are led by a rather heinous minority of citizens, but a sizeable quantity of minority folks (minority meaning number, not some demographic group) nonetheless, and they are hell bent on leading us down that road to a despicable place.

So, just a few pearls, but, the important ones:

1.  Hillary Clinton is not President because the consensus of voters that really counts, as in the entire 50 states of voting AND not just the largest states alone, said the status quo was not acceptable.  And, her post election behaviors show that was a good choice.

2.  Donald Trump was not the best candidate the Republicans could produce to represent their side of the Republocrat Party, and now they are stuck with his unqualified and unreasonable judgment to be our next President.  Their crowing, as in his minions and ilk supporters, just like Obama did in early 2009 per his “I won, so move on” shows it is still about a one party system at the end of the day.

3.  I don’t know how many legitimate registered voters there are in this country, but it is more than 125 million or so, probably closer to 200 million than the 160 million I hypothesized in a post just before the election.  But, Trump didn’t get even a 1/3 of the consensus of eligible voters, so he is not a mandate.  How many people DID NOT vote is an important figure, and yet no one of credibility will pursue documenting that figure.

4.  The Left is only about hypocrisy and horrid vindictiveness in losing.  All the Democrat leadership, their ilk constituents, and the media by in large, have no interest in respecting the rules of this country.  Encouraging disregarding the Electoral College process?  We are talking near Civil War possibilities now.

So, if my opinion has any credibility, just do the math, how many people lived during the first Civil War in the 1860s and then how many died?  If you go by the Wikipedia numbers, at least a million people died in some relation to the war.  What were the census figures for the American population number then?  Again, per Wikipedia, they say about 32 Million lived in the US then?

Links per those above statistics:

So, you propose the future if this leads us to another civil war.  Our country has grown ten fold in those 150 years, and will we see similar numbers when the hate plays out???

Can the American People, pardon the wording, live with seeing 10 MILLION people die, if not many more in fighting for some cause that is not embraced by the majority of Americans, because I know in my heart 50% of Americans don’t give a real shit about pure Democrat or Republican agendas at the end of the day.  Hence why I called Trump’s win about his “November 8th” constituents, not his real voter supports.

Love Trumps Hate, these faux supporters of selling hope and faith today write on signs and shriek at anyone who opposes them.  Guess what, folks, the loudest shrills and shrieks that this election needs overturned, you are looking at anarchists and determined despots who just want things their way.

Which, sorry, is just plain antisocial shit to me.

Again, which ironically seems to echo what the South demanded that led to the first Civil War at the end of the day.  And, the truth is that Democrats were the primary political group behind justifying slavery, and isn’t their agenda today basically the same, just without real chains?!

(just one source on the internet, but the first link that came up: )

It really is frightening what passes as “representation” these last 50 years from the Left, again, not that I have any faith the Right will do right instead.

And who are the Democrats’ primary spokespersons?  Old, White people!  Some habits and traits really do die hard, eh?!?!

fighting in a field

Just picture 2016 attire, same outcome…

Only have 30 days left here, so after the Criminalization post is finished this weekend, will try to go back to just mental health posts for the remainder, I hope…

What a little Eti-cart, er, Etiquette can do



You learn a lot about human nature staying at a hotel, even if just for a few nights at a time.  Take the carts at the front lobby for bringing in luggage as an example.  I have been staying at the same hotel these past near 3 months, and there have been times that BOTH carts, not just one mind you, go missing for over 30 minutes, to days one week.  It appears per the hotel manager’s perspective at least that people think they can own these carts while staying.  Really!

This morning I watched a guest take a cart to his room at 6:25 and then show up in the parking lot at 7:00 to pack his car.  It’s this level of insensitivity, of selfishness, of clear cluelessness that there are other guests who need to pack their cars too, who are ready to load the car and keep the cart for what, 10 minutes at most (!).   And yet, these jerks think like 2 year olds and live by the immature adages of “I see it, it’s mine”, “I touch it, it’s mine”, “I want it, it’s mine”!!!

Another example, for me at least, of the Personality Disordered Society just taking hold of almost every aspect of our culture.

I advised the manager to put up a sign about Cart Etiquette, he felt it a bit waste of time for 2 reasons:  first that people won’t read it, and then second people wouldn’t respect it anyway even if they took the 20 seconds to read such request.

We had a good laugh at least at the end, I said that no one is an island, and his reply was “ironic they call it an I-land”.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, I will continue the prior post about the criminalization of Psychiatry over the weekend.

Image result for image of hotel cart for luggage

Dog eat dog world, eh?

The criminalization of Psychiatry



How’s that for a lead in to a post?!  Let’s clarify up front what and where I am going with that title.  Having been working in State Inpatient facilities the past 3 months now, I am very wary and uneasy with what the courts are dumping, almost literally at times, onto psych units from prisons and detention centers.  They really are allowing the pendulum to swing back full and hard from prior psych patients languishing in correctional facilities to instead allowing Antisocial cretins to prey and create pervasive chaos on psych units, while people in charge are, well, what can I write here without offending?

There really isn’t anything I can say about administration and Medical Directors that isn’t going to be offensive and profoundly critical, so, I just say this:  Antisocial personality disorder is NOT amenable to treatment options, and thus should not be in the purvey of solely mental health care providers to manage.  PERIOD!

So, while inpatient units who unfortunately work for the courts and state agencies have to take on these folks who are just malingering and masquerading as psych patients, let’s just leave readers with this sole fact:  most of these morons who feign psych issues to get out of facing what amounts to petty charges like trespassing, disorderly conduct, second or third degree assault, even simple nuisance issues, end up spending MORE time in the mental health system than they would just facing their time.

But, not only do the “patients” fail to see the stupidity in this choice, the courts don’t give a rat’s ass what happens when these charlatans reek havoc in hospitals.  So, my point to this post at the end of the day is simply this:  WHEN more and more staff flee from facilities that are inundated with all this Axis 2 BS that leads to assaults on staff and other patients, and then administration pleads for help, well, why weren’t people in positions of authority and influence listening to the likes of me in the first place?!

Yeah, I know, one of two stupid questions, the first being the one not asked, the second in this case being the one you know the answer to before asking redundantly to begin with.

More to follow, one of my posts that evolves with time, oh, and I have a bit more than 5 weeks left as WordPress granted me a stay of execution and so I close up shop the day after Christmas.  Get your shopping done in time folks…

Image result for image of sarcastic display of Black Friday