What a joke politicians and their faithful are!!!

Ted Cruz is not a liar, or dishonest, nor unfaithful.  Not at all true from the rhetoric of all these critics complaining voraciously how he dishonored his pledge to loyalty to a party.  HA!!!

No, loyalty is to principle and to people of all stripes, not just partisan hack Republicans who are like the Dukes in “Trading Places”, it’s just to “WIN, WIN, WIN”!  No, it is to represent and be representative of what are the real character traits of accountable, responsible, and appropriate people who are credible in this country.

Tell me someone who has his wife and father smeared is to say thank you for that, and I’ll show you an insincere jerk, or someone who has no regard for family and loved ones in the first place.  I’d rather have a loser with integrity than a “winner” who has hideous character and commitment to just oneself.  Which speaks volumes why Trump and Clinton are the candidates for this one party garbage of Republocrats…

Just remember this, all those losers who spoke so negatively and harshly of Trump early to the middle of the campaign who are now disingenuously, or more hideously, frankly hypocritically supporting and lavishing him with praise now, what does that say about such losers who are inconsistent and just opportunistic?

You know who disgusts me the most?  Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity.  Their mouths must be so brown stained from sucking Trump’s behind, I wouldn’t want to be within 200 yards of either of them, their stench would be horrendous!  And these two losers claim to be such committed conservatives and stand for principles that Trump obviously does not have.  Trump alludes to saying he could have Romney suck him off, well, Romney has to wait for the hours long jobs Coulter and Hannity are providing first!!!

Nice to be on the ship that sails smoothly, but, there are Titanics too.  When Trump’s ship sinks, watch all these hypocrites want the same treatment they scream is so inappropriate and unjust that the Democrats try day in and out.  “Hey, we were fooled, we didn’t know better”, but, it really is, “Hey, give us a break, we deserve one!!!”

Watch for who protests too much?!  Those who scream the loudest are hiding things, count on it!  The projections and deflections are sometimes so blatant, it is almost laughable.

But, pain and suffering is never a comedy show!!!

addendum just later:

thanks to Jonah Goldberg, well said:


“If the choice is between suspending the rules of decorum, decency, and civility for Donald Trump as he casually badmouths his own country to the New York Times just as he secures the presidential nomination of the Republican party or accepting that we are in dark and uncharted waters and conscience must light the way, I choose Ted.”

But, the electorate of this country doesn’t have those skills to differentiate between character and being a character…

Can we fire the electorate and start over?!?!

2 weeks in hell…


God, these political conventions and the press that covers them, wow, what exercises in crass opportunism, deception, lying, and partisan hackery that defies reason.

And people watch this septic slime fest.  As much as listen to pundits and political operatives who will stop at nothing, NOTHING, to sell an agenda or partisan plan that at the end of the day has again, NOTHING to do for aiding the public at large.

I advise anyone interested to read or re-read my Living in a Personality Disordered Society, 6 parts I started in March 2016 and ended in April.  I think much of it is applicable to what is at hand today, and not just these convention shenanigans, but, watching police officers be assassinated and then leaders in government, PEOPLE WHO ARE TO UPHOLD THE LAW, either minimize or even rationalize that cops have it coming?!

Again, terrorists aren’t rushing to American shores to kill us, we are doing such a fine and effective job in killing ourselves on our own.

just how many of these people are sober in the first place?!?!

Are people just more clueless and corrupt these days, or what?



Here’s a nice poll to finish your weekend, or start your week:  per USA TODAY Friday’s paper, their USA Snapshot comment was a beaut, 81% of people would rather travel with their mobile device than a loved one.  from this link:


Yes, not just about Americans alone, but, what an indictment of people these days, and how I really think we are a species of inherent addiction, profound self pleasure, and have devolved into completely ignoring the environments around us, as these devices just completely make people devoid of responsible nature.

Anyway, this is a short post, I have been dealing with cervical disc issues the past couple of weeks that are impairing my sleep, so do not have the motivation to write at length for now.  I do want to at least note the article about personality disorder on future mental health and social adjustment in The Lancet Psychiatry journal July 2016 edition, here is the link for the abstract, they don’t allow access for free, unfortunately:


I will hopefully note my perspective about this by the end of the coming week, but I just want to say this now:  personality disorder is a growing factor to mental health problems in this country at least, and are continually minimized, deflected, or just plain ignored by providers, much less the patients, when they are challenged by providers who appropriately pick this factor up in treatment.

And technology is just reinforcing this problem endemically.  Last night at dinner people were talking about the benefits of this new Pokemon app, give me a break, animated figures are making people more social?

Yeah, take your Pokemon friends on your next vacation, and leave the family home!

The latest story:



addendum 2 hours later:  another police shooting of officers today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and already there are those who are just the most pathetic stool pellets to be on a screen.  I don’t care who this offends, those who tolerate, apologize, and defend antisocial villainy are at best hideously clueless, more likely disgustingly complicit, and worst are willing participants in the violence, mayhem, and discord that is the agenda of such scum and treachery.

Again, pay attention who wants sympathy, support, and acceptance of blatant hate and flagrant disrespect for boundaries and rules.  At least last night here in Baltimore the police finally arrested the assholes who thought they could walk onto I-83 here in the city and stop traffic.  Yes, stopping traffic is a crime, and should be handled as one!  People want to protest?  There was a full audience at a City function called Artscape with plenty of roads and sidewalks blocked off for the event, and yet, the assholes wanted to be disruptive and inappropriate, and be not only supported but encouraged by the public?

Screw them, hope to read of their travails in court in coming months!!!

Hey, wait for it, there most likely will be a moment when these moron protesters will be on a highway and someone who is pissed off beyond redemption will run them down, now that we have seen that mode of mayhem in France earlier this week!  And then the criminals will scream for justice and retribution.

I hope they don’t expect most police officers to be sympathetic and supportive!!!

Marginalize, ostracize, and institutionalize those who are only out to ruin the public good.  Oh, and institutionalize means imprison, don’t dump these antisocial cretins on my doorstep, I can’t help them!!!

_______(as there will be more addendums?)___________

oh yeah, one minute later than last, this is worth reading:

Theodore Dalrymple, the penname of a British psychiatrist, explained how communist societies work and it fits the Clinton tactics of blatantly lying about their conduct and enmeshing others to become complicit in their evil.

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. 

from this link:


Again, the Louts (Left)/Regressives (progressives)/Libelous (liberals) have no healthy and functional narrative and agenda for America.  Who do they embrace with most passion?  Black Li(v)es Matter, illegal immigrants, abortionists without hesitation, and felons (cue Virginia who wants them all to vote as soon as they exit prison), and who is their embraced leader, but the most outwardly criminal of all, Shrillary C.

Again, you don’t like this, then don’t read here!


Consider reacquainting yourselves with some terms…



Having spent the morning reading various commentaries, editorial pieces, and pundit opinions about the mounting hostilities between African Americans and the police, I would just ask readers to remind themselves of a few terms that fit the rhetoric and narratives offered by both extremists sides of this pathetic debate:

Disingenuous:  not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.

Disdainful:  showing contempt or lack of respect.

Dishonest:  behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy or fraudulent way.

Manipulative:  characterized by unscrupulous control of a situation or person.

Misleading:  giving the wrong idea or impression.

Dismissive:  feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration.

Projecting:  (theory in psychology) in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Deflecting:  (again theory in psychology) ignoring or turning away either an internal or external emotional trigger in order to prevent full recognition or awareness of associated material…e.g., painful memories.

Denying: confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality.

___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

Yes, some are moreso from psychological perspective, but, do readers get the theme of these behaviors, defenses, and rigid perspectives?  All what you see from those who are not interested in compromise, negotiation, dialogue, and problem solving.  What you expect from the personality disordered.

Think about these terms when you read or hear those who defend extremist points of view about conflict.  Then wonder who and what you want to not only believe, but support.

Let’s finish with the obvious:  Yes, there are bad people in both the Black Lives Matter organization as well as in the police and other law enforcement organizations, but hopefully vastly outnumbered by those who are good.  But, if you want to believe that both these groups have a sincere and responsible agenda, then pay attention to how they deal with their alleged miscreants and criminals among the appropriate and accountable.

Frankly, I see and hear it much more from law enforcement than from Black Lives Matter.  I really wish I could share observations and opinions in my adult years living and practicing here in Maryland, but, people aren’t by in large interested in the truth, not from what I have witnessed in my travels.  Agendas and narratives rule, by the extremists.  Who, in my opinion, don’t want resolutions, but dissolutions.

The mantra of our alleged leaders and people of influence are these days “kill or be killed”.  Who has time to talk and problem solve when dialogue is assaulted by “it’s my way or no way!”

And that is a fair comment…

It’s not about gun control, but, hate control…



Taking away guns is not the answer to this never ending random violence of late, but, finally challenging the hate mongers in society, be them politicians, organized groups, or just individuals who somehow can command an audience.

Aren’t people tired of the divisiveness out there?  What sides aren’t pitted against each other these days, men vs women, whites vs black, Christians vs another religion or even no religion, rich vs poor, police vs citizens, I could go on and on.  And, hasn’t it really intensified since Obummer became President?  And the Democrats became emboldened as a group at least partially because of him??  And, don’t people who want discord and disruption really thrive in this culture these days???

So, maybe the problem isn’t about taking away guns or firearms in general.  And, who really benefits from limiting access to weapons overall?  People who inevitably want power and control, eh?

And listening to a caller at a talk show this morning who spoke about anarchy, isn’t that what is going on here with creating divisiveness, trying to create some level of anarchy?

Frankly, the Black Li(v)es Matter group is just a front for hate and anarchy, after all, calling for the dismemberment of law enforcement, am I the only one seeing the agenda at the end of the day??  Is it just coincidence the Dallas Police massacre happened during one of the Lies rallies?  And here in Baltimore, how much longer before someone in a car just plows into these crowds who are blocking highways for a protest, what is that to accomplish?

It is time to pay full attention to the rhetoric and narrative of these speakers and groups who are calling for simply hate and division.  They need to be marginalized and then ostracized, because most of the loudest and provocative are just personality disordered folk looking for trouble, at the public’s expense.

I have a post coming about a recent study examining the effect of personality disorder, I hope readers will read the study I will be linking to in the post, nothing new for me, but, at least something as a document now…

I believe the officers who died deserve honor here:

Good men, serving the public as asked.  Maybe google the scum bags who twitted the fecal stench after the shooting to show who trolls among the Black Lies Matter crowd, a new low for the scum that walk among us as well…

Here’s one post to sicken and encourage that marginalizing start now!:

SICK: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Supporters Celebrate Murder of Dallas Cops

What type of person relentlessly supports criminality?


, ,

I would not even trust Hillary Clinton to tell me what is the color of the sky.

And yet, she has millions of supporters, at least 70% of her die hard electorate Democrats who would vote for her even if indicted (and die hard will be an ironic term should she become President), who invite this question:

what type of person relentlessly supports a criminal?

I have my three types, certainly invite readers to offer more, and frankly, any of them are not only pathetic and disgusting, but, denotes how 240 years of independence has just led to pervasive dependency, entitlement, and profound loss of inherent boundaries!

1. First is the least offensive, but still disruptive, the Hopelessly Optimistic.  These are the types who say with passion, conviction, and without hesitation basically this:  “She will be different once in office, she will rise to the occasion and lead responsibly and appropriately”, or, “we need Democrats to lead as the Republicans are not invested in the people, as we have seen with Obama.”

I have met these idiots, and they are idiots, because while they really think that politicians may be corrupt, but only the other side will do more harm than good, that is ok in the end.

2.  Anyway, the second is even more annoying and approaching chaotic, the Foolishly Idealistic:  these folks think that their party alone will save the day, that in the end any bad will magically change into good, and that Democrats will as a whole improve this nation.  These are the dumbasses who say the most inane things, like “Hillary knew she had to have a separate server because other people would misuse her emails”, or, “It’s not so much she is lying, she just has her perspectives, and they are inherently for the public good“, or I met this one loser at a clinic lunch who said this outloud, “Do you really think any Republican can step in and do a better job than what Obama has done, after all, he did make Hillary Secretary of State.”

Uh, I have little faith in most Republicans, especially the entrenched incumbents in office for more than 20 years, still clinging to their failed narrative of how wonderful Reagan was, when what a puppet show that guy turned out to be!  But, at least the Republicans as a whole believe in the Constitution, seem to represent the people a helluva lot more than the Demon-craps, and all you African American readers out there, tell us all how your segment of society is doing as a whole 8 years after your first Black President took office.  Wait for it, it will be a LOONNGG time before another African American is President again, count on it!

3.  Which leads me to my third type, the Disruptively Complicit.  Their agenda is rather simple, to me, and that is just keep the people bogged down with the ongoing intrusions and enslavement of the public so the covert agendas that I know are inherent in the Democrat agendas can be maintained while missed by a complicit media.  Pay attention to what is the most common theme of this type:  “everyone needs saved, everyone should be equal, and everything should be fair”.  Boy, is that not code for, “Do as I say, not as I do”, or even more frightening, “We are here to ‘lead’, so just shut up and trust us!”

And yet, do we see these liars and cretins actually participating in the crap they sling at us constituents day in and out?  Remember that Congress and the President do NOT participate in Obamacare, that alone should outrage anyone with a measurable IQ that allows them to roam somewhat freely in the community!

I don’t even want to expand further on this type, it is just criminality gone logarithmic, and how hideous it has become, the media’s role especially!!!

So, my opinion of what runs this country from the Democrat side, impaired Optimists, Idealists, and the permanent Complicit criminals that pervade politics.

Public sucks, folks, after all, those of you who vote incumbent fairly much as often as you sit on a toilet and take a dump, well, quite the spread across the country that excrement travels, eh?!  That comment is equally aimed at the terminally entrenched Republican voters as much as Democrat ones.  Blind loyalty, while equally deaf and dumb, wish from a communication point of view at least you partisan hacks would be silent.

Even Helen Keller would figure out better if here today.

I am so glad I found this picture!!!

addendum same day, 4PM:  yeah, right on cue, how ugly are the Louts, Regressives, and Libelous?


You know, this is part of the problem, Twitter.  One can write the most hideous, pathetic, disgusting fecal garbage and gain instantaneous gratification.  Twitter was made for the personality disordered.  Sure, there are plenty of people who use it who are fairly grounded and responsible, but, my money is the majority, even if 50.0001% who frequent it the most are not so appropriate and tolerant.

Frankly, if you hate this country, I’ll be the one with guts and brute candor to say it blatantly:  then get the f— out, plenty of places who eagerly embrace this hate, ignorance, and tolerance of a rabid dog at death’s door.  Go to Cuba, Russia, oh, Venezuela could use some more income streams, and any resources these days!

This is the pathetic lot of the Left and Progressives and Liberals:  trash the country where people have the freedom to spew this filth, and then tell others to shut up if we don’t bow and lick these stool stained behinds!!!

It is Fascism renewed, and I think history needs a new shtick:  not only repeat the stupidity of ignorance of past trends that lead to profound pain and death, but, slap some of these clueless, inattentive, and oblivious morons on the head first, for laughs?!

Democrats as a whole are an evil group, especially the ones loudest to proclaim their devotion until death do they part!

America was never great?  Please, leave, or just die!  This rhetoric deserves the septic tank of excrement and debris where it belongs!!!

Hey, it’s summer, free swim, leftist losers!!!!


addendum 2:  read this today, July 5 11AM, and the ending is just perfect:

As my colleague H. Sterling Burnett has written, “Everyone who currently disputes one or more of the tenets of [anthropogenic global warming] theory could be completely wrong and may be shown to be so as more evidence comes in. So also could those who believe AGW is the gospel truth. But being wrong on a scientific matter does not constitute fraud. For centuries people believed illnesses were due to an imbalance of humours in the body, they believed Earth was flat, and they believed Earth was the center of the universe. Those people were wrong, they were not frauds.”

Democrats want to punish people who do not fully agree with their stance on global climate issues.  gee, sounds like, what, a fascist type attitude???

the link:


yeah, like I say, pay attention to the stalwart supporters, they should not only annoy, but frighten the general public.  They do to me!!!


the irony, when the FBI supports criminality, hence the title of this post!


“The politicization of the federal investigative and prosecutorial process should not come as a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the Obama administration’s turning the Internal Revenue Service into a political hit squad. It should not be a surprise to those who have witnessed the Environmental Protection Agency’s virtual jihad against the coal industry.  And it should not be a surprise to anyone who has seen the Justice Department’s political decision to not follow our nation’s immigration laws.

Tuesday’s announcement that Hillary Clinton violated the law but shouldn’t be prosecuted is just the final nail in the coffin for the rule of law under the Obama administration.”

Yep, seems to validate my point of the pervasive criminality that is the Democrat party, and their bastards, er, bastions of supporters all across this gruntry, er, country…


Last addendum for here, July 6 9AM:

I’ll let Ben Shapiro say it better than I have:


“But now President Obama has overseen a corrupted IRS and punished no one; overseen a corrupted DOJ and punished no one; overseen a corrupted EPA and punished no one; overseen a corrupted VA and punished no one; overseen a corrupted FBI and punished no one. And the Republicans keep complaining to the nearest camera, to no effect. Democrats know that and believe they can get away with anything. And they’re right.”

A personality disordered society.  Led by one of the most perverse personality disordered people to be President, and then to be followed by yet another.  The Democrats are a hideous group of people, period.

Please do not talk politics with me hereon, I don’t give a shit!  Because that is what American politics are now, just a pile of shit!!!

Character matters, but, with those who value it!


, ,

It is simple, to me at least, why I am so distressed with these two losers running for President of this country.  Neither has any redeeming character.  Really, we have a serial liar and self perpetuating sleezy opportunist for simply benefiting herself, per Hillary Clinton, and a greedy narcissistic opportunist who has near zero social skills, per Donald Trump.

And this is what at least near 50% of the population that can allegedly legally vote wants to lead this country?  That is the real indictment of the system.  An electorate that really does wind up with the representation it deserves.  Criminals, narcissists, and just clueless and complicit partisan hacks that put party first and always, screw the public!

So, we are about to celebrate the 240th year this country was basically founded, by mostly men, but equally women behind the scenes, that took incredible risks and remained firm to principles and needs that spoke volumes about freedom, autonomy, and yes, independence.

Where have we traveled in 240 years?  Seems backwards to me!!!

We don’t have people in positions of leadership and representation by in large anymore who possess healthy and responsible traits, skills, vision, focus for doing what is right and accountable.  No, we have people who are just selfish, self serving, and limited in vision for not only themselves, but the people around them.  Thus what we are about to endure for yet another 4 or more years, should the country survive this scourge of leadership come next January.

But, maybe I can offer at least my perspective of what I would label as “Life is not Rocket Science” in setting what is the foundation to living and co-existing with people who are genuine needs to have in one’s life.  And the key word there is “foundation”, I offer below the basic four as a start, but maybe for others more than the usual four walls to this figurative base to creating and maintaining the basic elements of what should be reliable, consistent, and respected:

1. Start with the straightforward sense of right versus wrong, maybe based on religious principles, but equally what is espoused by the community at large, that might be more than just one religious input.  People need to know what is appropriate, and what is unacceptable.  Goes beyond murder and theft, I think almost all cultures have those two points figured out overall!  No lying, no minimal effort, no ignorance of the needs of the people and environment around oneself.

2.  Being actively cooperative with societal imperatives:  education, self sufficiency, realistic and reasonable levels of independence and autonomy, and providing goods or services that are perhaps not always needs outright, but at least valued and beneficial for the public good.  Having a purpose that is not only appreciated, but needed.

3.  Maintaining as much as developing healthy and accountable support systems.  NO one is an island, and this is not a quantity factor, but a quality one.  Some people may just need 1 or two supports, but irregardless of the number, the benefits of having others in one’s life is not only appreciated, but again needed as well.

4.  Appropriate and realistic goal setting and seeking.  This one should not need too much elaborating, at least as a start.  The point here is being productive, prosperous, and purposeful, and maintaining this drive.

I defer to readers to decide what they infer and consider further.  I believe try to keep it simple and direct, as a start.  The whole point to the title of this concept, Life is not Rocket Science, is you have to have basics that are inherent and relatively easy to grasp, then you build on the more complex and convoluted that will eventually be needed to complete this proverbial house of self.  Just a concept, trying to avoid the usual mistake of just complaining and criticizing without offering alternatives and solutions.

Gee, doesn’t that last sentence define the lack of leadership we have these days, just a bunch of idiot men and women who bitch and moan and then are followed by profound depths of silence to what are alternatives and solutions.

I like the analogy of Life as a House.  It is both illustrative and simple as a concept, and I have had my share of patients use it in their therapy to work on their sense of improvement and stabilization for themselves.

Feel free to use it if it resonates for readers here.

Anyway, Happy July 4th Holiday, and I would ask readers in these troubled times, maybe read the Declaration of Independence if not in the next few days, sometime this summer, and I also would advise watch the movie “National Treasure”, if not all of it, just the scene when Nicholas Cage & Justin Barth are in the National Archives and realizing why they have to take the risks to not only save the document, but save the national treasure accumulated by ancestors.

Links to help?


The Declaration of Independence for those who want to read it NOW.

And, that scene…

Hope it is worth the 90 seconds for motivation…

Think about it, if there is something wrong, and the public in large is doing nothing to try to better themselves, but, there are people who have the capacity to make a difference, to risk possible self sacrifice to do what is inherently right and responsible, then maybe the adage of “two wrongs may make a right” is that random chance moment?

Do we really have people like that among us?

this is an image to empower and embolden?

Be safe, be well, and be true to one’s self!!!

Why the hell are Americans putting up with all this projection by the Left/Democrats!?



What a pathetic week this has been since the murder spree by that disgusting Radical Islamic Extremist piece of garbage, made multiple times worse by the hideous agenda of the Louts/Regressives/Libelous Losers that are the Left/Progressives/Liberals who are the Democrat/Demon-crap party!

Let’s recap all this BS by the Ambush Media/charlatan representatives called American politicians/The Crony Cohort Muslim in the United States White House/ and all those partisan hacks throughout the general public who are beyond complicit for an agenda and narrative to destroy America as it was founded to be:

Anderson Cooper as exhibit A of Libelous assault:

Florida’s Attorney General Declared War On Anderson Cooper. It’s Not Going Well.

What a jerk, he claims to interview the Attorney General of Florida under the pretense of her helping with the Pulse shootings, and just harasses her repeatedly because she does not press her lips to the butt cheeks of the LGBT extremist lobby slime.  Ambush media “reporting”;  Trump had his random moment right in calling CNN the Clinton Network Namecallers.  Journalism is beyond dead after that crap show!

Then there was this interview of the Florida Governor today, oh, again by CNN no less, surprise surprise surprise:


There are so many example of Lame Stream media vilifying guns and gun owners, I don’t have a specific link that best summarizes it, but, you can find it by doing your own Google search, I trust your abilities.

Why can’t people of integrity and moral character when the ambush is obvious just take off their mics and say loudly and forcefully before handing it back to these hack interviewers “just suck an egg, I don’t need or deserve this harassment!”  This is not reporting, this is just maintaining an assaulting narrative for those who hate this country.

What do these creeps on TV, print media, and the Internet think they are going to get away with here, hmm?  A Radical Islamic Extremist terrorist who kills and injures over a 100 people isn’t the story here, but, noooo, that America has guns, America is full of Christians, and people who compose 7% of this country’s population who have a different sexual orientation are endlessly harassed and discriminated against to this day?

I could rail about the Pelosis/Reids/Obamas that rule the party, but we all know who and what these slimeballs are at the end of the day.  Hillary, she is an antisocial slimeball of self interest, her goal is to profit from these Islamists and other suckers she thinks the title “President” will provide, but, she’ll pander to whoever she can fool, as the loser she is!

Anyway, the point here is to look at the pervasive projection by these other losers of the Left/Democrats of these failed narratives, eh?

First, America has guns, and that is wrong.  Really, Demon-craps, so taking away the guns of law abiding citizens will end these murderous incidents by people who have no respect for life, for American liberty, and oh, occur almost always in gun free zones.  What is the projection by the Louts/Regressives/Libelous Losers:  we don’t want an armed citizenry, because we want to control the public and mandate our agendas, and so people with guns who use them to protect themselves are a danger to our goals.  Extension of that:  the enemy of our enemy is our friend, and the Left/Liberals/Democrats hate and despise anything that is the Right/Conservatives/Republicans, and so trying to get not only the gullible portion of the American public, but the Radical portion of Islamists/Muslims to think that only the Right/Republicans are the enemy in America and ridding them will make America not only greater, but controllable.

It fits for me, Obama has incorporated so much to favor Muslim/Islamic agendas across the country with his legion in government and his partisan hacks in communities across the country, that adage of hearing the lies repeatedly, wow, entrenched in too many minds.

Second, Christianity is more dangerous as a group than Islam.  Wow, I missed all those mass shootings/bombings/and other slaughters not only here but across the world that have people shouting “In Christ we trust” or “Christ has all these virgins waiting for me for killing innocent people!”  No, once again, the Demon-craps really hate Christianity for basically two reasons:  it fosters belief outside government control, and, inherently religions that are about responsible and appropriate hope and faith encourage independence and autonomy, two concepts that are contraindicated from the Left/Liberal agenda.  No, the Left is about dependency and entitlement, plain and simple.

Oh, and that guarantees a mob mentality when the leaders stir up the animosity against those who preach such independence and autonomy should have a chance to speak.  So, the gall of telling us this alleged perverse hate by Christians is the cause of this scumbag shooting up a Gay Bar.  Oh, the shooter was a registered Democrat, wow, and probably a closet gay man himself, that really screws up that narrative from the start, eh?!?!  And, he was a Muslim, and more and more is coming out he was definitely an extremist one, visits to Saudi Arabia at least twice now???

Third, for now, more specifically the attack on the LGBT community is just about homophobia by intolerant Americans, not just Christians for this narrative to be sold.  Really, and what has the extremist leadershit of the LGBT been selling these past what, 5 years or so since they have finally gained some clout in the public eye?  “If you do not support and genuflect to us fully, we will crush you, destroy your businesses or position of employment, harass you at your homes, and slander and libel you into hiding!”

Frightening how much is sounds just like the Radical Islamic Extremist narrative too?!  Again, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  This is the basis, to me, why the Democrats and Liberals not only defend and apologize for Islamic/Muslim hostility, but instinctively sides with it to stupidly think they will gain the upper hand should Islamic efforts be fairly successfully in disrupting and changing this country.

The idiocy and short-sightedness of traitors!  Oh, the enemy will use the traitor to gain advantages and win battles, but, the greater narrative is, who trusts a traitor!?  They die last in their culture being decimated by the enemy who uses the traitor.  Cue the end of “Revenge of the Sith”, what did Darth Vader do to all those in the Trade Alliance by Darth Sidious’ command?!?!

I don’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I am at a point in my life where I have no interest to engage with zealot extremist Democrat supporters anymore.  I don’t trust, nor respect, or appreciate their narrow minded, polarizing, and selfish/self serving goals and agendas.  Oh, and the extremists on the Right/Conservatives/Republicans, I have no use for them in my life either, but, the Demon-Craps, they are much worse as it stands now.

These are dark times, and we in the middle need to huddle close and figure out how to navigate around and away from these extremist schmucks who are only out for themselves and their special interest/select minority benefiting cohorts.  The fact that 30% or so of the electorate will vote Democrat, support left wing agendas, and be used without hesitation to fight and disrupt solely to benefit these repulsive, vengeful leaders who hate American principles should frighten the crap out of anyone else who really wants to be independent and autonomous.

Look up Philip Haney and what he is now revealing, I’ll give you three links as a start and you can decide if I am just a crank and idiot, or finally feeling a bit vindicated for my opinions about Obama and his ilk across his party and government agencies.




The Louts/Regressives/Libelous Losers are relentless now, they will continue to spew their hate and bile, project all their disgusting agenda onto us who are not full supporters, and at some point will probably stoop to their own violence to intimidate and manipulate the country.  Again, why aren’t the Radical Islamist Terrorists flooding the country to attack?

They have their traitorous buddies in the Democrat Party doing their bidding.

For now……………..

Yeah, the picture is harsh.  So are the Democrats these days!!!

addendum June 18 10AM:  nice it was published today:


The statement at the beginning of the article:  “I also now realize, with brutal clarity, that in the progressive hierarchy of identity groups, Muslims are above gays. Every pundit and politician — and that includes President Obama and Hillary Clinton and half the talking heads on TV — who today have said ‘We don’t know what the shooter’s motivation could possibly be!’ have revealed to me their true priorities: appeasing Muslims is more important than defending the lives of gay people. Every progressive who runs interference for Islamic murderers is complicit in those murders, and I can no longer be a part of that team.” — Anonymous at PJ Media”

again, enemy of my enemy….


addendum June 19 8AM:

another way of saying the above?


“The ends justify the means for the political left – and always have. Motivated by hate – for opponents, the Constitution and anyone who won’t submit to their belief of moral and intellectual superiority – there is no depth to which they will not sink, no pile of bodies on which they will not dance to advance their agenda. In then end it’s sad, it’s disturbing, it’s fascistic, and it’s progressive…and we are not, which is why they hate us.”

Those who really care and want fairness and moderation, well, doubt either the Demon-craps or the Repugnocants are the way to go, so, third options please?


addendum June 20 2PM:

What is this crap?:


This is what you see in dictatorship countries, folks, editing the truth so the public remains ignorant and clueless?!

Obama is a henchman, it is what it is with this deeds!!!

“Selectively editing this transcript is preposterous,” said Ryan, R-Wis., in a statement. “We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS. We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community. The administration should release the full, unredacted transcript so the public is clear-eyed about who did this, and why.”

Maybe this man should have run for President.


, ,


David French wrote this yesterday in http://www.nationalreview.com :


Read it all, just coping a paragraph or two takes away the gist of the column, and I just want to reiterate what he says:  this polarization in politics, what I deem really is just a one party system that are Republocrats, who just want to keep their jobs and not do them, is beyond reproach.

Polarizing issues is just immature behavior, and often in adults illustrative of personality disorder, plain and simple.  And, what you see in much of the leadership both of Democrats and Republicans is simple fraud and “divide and conquer” agendas.  This is not leadership, this is not representation, this is not helping the public who unfortunately have to depend on these people who claim to be running our government.

This is just selfishness, and promoting personal gain.  Barack Obama in his speech yesterday showed to me one thing:  keep pissing him off, and he will eventually reply after being challenged of his hideous silence and covert complicity with issues that are harming the country.  Trump is a loser, but, Trump is persistent, and what has he done to show being a jerk has a random chance moment of getting results?  He pushed to make Obama show us an alleged legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii back in 2012, and now yesterday, this guy in the White House finally uttered the words “Radical Islamism”, even though disavowing it in the next sentence.

Which is what personality disordered people do.  Polarize.  Either with them or against them, do nothing then do overkill.  They know everything, and their way is the only way.

Here’s the simultaneous hilarity and harm from the electorate, who have created this disgusting election in November:  Minimize, rationalize, deny, and project how their candidates of the Democrats and Republicans are the best to elect, but, admit it is the lesser of evils to support.  And yet, these cretins who are constituents will reelect these incompetent and corrupt incumbents at state, local, and federal levels who have shown little if any ability to responsibly represent and protect the public.

Does it matter who is President come January when 85% or more of incumbents in office more than 15 years will be there as well?

Personality Disordered society, folks, you are chest deep in it, and too many are beyond responsible for maintaining it.  And no pill is going to fix it.  Nope, we are entrenched in levels of anxiety and depression that will redefine the term pandemic.  And thinking there is some guy or gal to make it better, good luck with that.

Terrorism is winning folks, and for effect, now over 60 years old, check out the Twilight Zone episode called “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”.  The following link is You Tube’s copy of the episode, I’ll include the wikipedia link for the synopsis.  (sorry it is so small though, go to minute 20 for the conclusion to get the gist for this post):


Yeah, it’s not about messing with the electricity, but just kill a few folks, and then let the masses just attack each other.  Again, why ISIS or Al Qaeda aren’t swarming onto our shores to attack in numbers, just let the lone wolves start the chaos…

Amazing how the hate just consumes equally in the end.  Readers here know my advice for a solution to stop these extremists from the LEFT AND RIGHT, picture is a thousand words, and hell, pay per view makes some money on the side:

Ukraine Parliament

A time where deeds are words, or in this case, lack of words…



I know in my heart the reason why Barack Obama can’t say “radical islamic terrorism” is simply because he supports it.  One who is indoctrinated in a paradigm, a doctrine, a belief system that is strongly, if not harshly, ingrained into one’s thinking does not allow such person to speak overtly negatively about the cause.

So, are those of us entertaining such a hypothesis surprised he yet again does not speak ill of the Islamic agenda to kill any and all who do not figuratively and literally genuflecting to Islamic beliefs completely?

If it finally is revealed that Obama is a true Islamic believer, and has found a way to rule this country and decimate it with the intent to allow Islamic agendas to take hold and cripple American principles and beliefs, what the hell are all you who have equally genuflected to him and his failed party supporters these past 8 years?

Hey, I am paying attention, and marginalizing and ostracizing any and all who have towed the Democrat party line without fail, well, be prepared to fail!


“Facts don’t seem to matter to this administration, in this matter,” James Woolsey, who served as director of the CIA under President Bill Clinton, told Fox News after Obama’s statement. “This reluctance is doing real damage. You can’t effectively fight something if you can’t discuss it.”

and, “In a Democratic debate last November, Hillary Clinton challenged the premise of CBS’s John Dickerson that the U.S. was at war with radical Islam. She instead urged outreach to Muslim countries — ironically, many of which recognize that perverted strains of Islam are indeed at war with their own countries and with modernity itself. In that same debate, Bernie Sanders went so far as to claim that climate change was the greatest threat to American security.”

It really isn’t just Obama anymore, he has taken over the Democrat Party agenda, and it will continue to ruin this country.  When people allow someone who is inherently evil and without genuine concern for the well being of the public to continue to spew rhetoric and policy that just guts American foundations, you get more of the same.

We are beyond doomed, we are f—-d!

50 or more people are dead tonight, so, when the next attack happens and is geared to make sure those numbers are dwarfed, what will most of you say and do?

Turn to this traitor in the White House?  Oh yeah, many already do…


He is still in power for 7 more months, be ready for more damage, but, just my opinion, I could be wrong.  One thing’s for sure, not voting Democrat in my lifetime….

addendum:  think you’ll hear this from the Maim-Scream Media?


Irony, hope it’s the bitch it really needs to be for the demon-craps!

addendum Fri June 17 8AM:  maybe this person’s column says it better?


“Naturally, an armed citizenry is a substantial obstacle to our overthrow.  It is for this president and his party members a rather happy coincidence, therefore, that we have just experienced both an Islamic victory on our soil, about which the president has vowed to do absolutely nothing, and the use of a gun, about which the president has vowed to do everything in his power.  It is at times like this that his priorities and goals converge and are laid open to be seen unmistakably.  Americans must pay the price for what was done to them.  It is our rights, but not those of the invaders and traitors, that must be slashed. “

hmm, just an observation?  Do you folks understand the defense of projection?  Brush up on it, the Demon-craps excel at using it.


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