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APA Newsletter

I still don’t know why they send their biweekly newsletter to me, I am not a member, did not ask for a complimentary copy, and certainly am not interested in their propaganda.  But, I will say this, it has been interesting what they promote and support, and you have to like their “tag line” for the periodical, “THE FIRST AND LAST WORD IN PSYCHIATRY”.  Talk about huge ego and chutzpah at the same time, sheesh!

This issue, the Aug 15 ’14 one, Vol 49 #16, had some interesting articles.  The link is http://www.psychnews.org, I’ll leave it to anyone interested to see if they can peruse the site without having to join.  The cover article, “New White House Drug Policy focuses on science of Addiction”, talks of how this current administration wants to promotes treatment, and end the needless incarceration of addicts.  Yeah, seems to me they don’t want to address ANY legalities to substance abuse, Holder et al are going to focus solely on the “serious high level violent traffickers“.  So, the comic, lighthearted, lower level (based on what?) and non violent, I assume meaning no weapons or people being killed or hospitalized, are free to sell drugs.

With the New York Times promoting the legalization of pot across America ASAP, well, we’ll see how trivial or non complicated this would turn out if it happens.

Moving on, page 28 had an article, “Manual Updates Sleep Disorder Diagnoses”, and in there was this stat:  Some 231 psychiatrists are among the 8,655 members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  That is close to 3% of the total specialists in this field.  So, why are psychiatrists being referred all these insomnia patients when we as a profession aren’t the experts in this field?  I’ll tell you why, because psychiatrists are the most liberal in writing for sleep meds, albeit PCPs/NPs are probably close to equal in frequency at the end of the day.

But, sleep disorders as of this decade are a specialty profession.  So, why the hell am I being asked to diagnose and treat it without the diagnostic procedure access?  Sleep studies are the primary tool here, so, maybe PCPs/NPs/FPs need to remember that trivial fact and look for a diagnosis, not a dump.

There were a couple of other articles that were just lame, the parity issue being touted by the APA as being resolved, the front page had separate articles about alleged progress in New York and California, but come on, the insurance industry is NOT a friend of psychiatry, so who are the APA folks kidding at the end of the day.

I will end with the article on page 31, which I spoke of in an earlier post, “Potential Biomarker for Suicide Vulnerability Identified“, and I just want to point out to readers this PhD guy, Zachary Kaminsky, and keep track of who and how much he is earning for himself and Johns Hopkins in the next couple of years with this “research”, and how it impacts on the military especially.  I sense the facts will not be too motivating for the general public.

As I approach my 500th post for this blog, I will probably write more of what I find offensive in my profession, and maybe some of you might be offended too.  I will end this post with this simple fact, in the past 4 years of working in various aspects of psychiatry, I can say without hesitation I meet VERY FEW psychiatrists who are not guilty of not only medicating without hesitation, but are quick to use polypharmacy of three or more meds within a couple of visits, and diagnose patients with very specific, limiting diagnoses on day 1 that shows one of 2 things:  omnipotence that would make a God envious, or, a narrow vision if not a bit of an arrogance to “know” a person so well from at most a 60 minute visit to be able to tell them exactly what the problem is and what medication is needed.

Oh, and to this day, why I still meet patients who tell me I am the first psychiatrist they have met, some having been to 3 or more prior to seeing me, that asks them to be in therapy.  What the Hell is That!?

Per Paul Harvey, Good Day.