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This is the way my older daughter keeps her room the past year or more.  Note that some of those clothes on the floor are allegedly clean.  Just curious out there to any reader, how many of you could live with a person who keeps their living space like this?  She and I are beyond discussion now, she thinks as an alleged adult, as she is over 21, she has the right to live like a pig among other people in the home.  Now she literally throws her dirty gym clothes on the floor by the basement door, but, unfortunately, she does not see the relation to that floor also being the kitchen floor, about 6 feet from the kitchen table.  So, a poll requested, how many people think a person can keep their room looking like a dumpster, and how many people think if you live with others, you have an obligation to have a level of cleanliness to these others?

Please comment away, I look forward to sharing with my daughter, the juvenile.