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Just reading the net briefly and found this column, I had heard the story the other day, but I think Dr Ablow’s commentary brings home one reason why I have this blog.  I can’t medicate marital or relationship anguish/disharmony/frank hatred.


You have to wonder, with the divorce rate still so high and so many of these more recent marriages are after watching their own parents end up divorcing, why people still get married.  I believe in marriage, as I am married, but, I have met so many people both as a psychiatrist and just a person in the community who show little to no interest in the commitment of the union.  It is perplexing and just incredible to witness when a couple comes into mental health care and basically says in almost these words, “I hate my spouse, he/she makes me miserable, and I need a medication to fix this.”

Really?!  Have you already failed couple/marital counseling first?  Oh no, that ain’t an option these days, folks.  Too much time, money and energy to actually try to work things out.

Is there a quick divorce internet site out there, please link it in a comment if so.