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Soooo, was reading the last month issue of Psychology Today, and the irony that this cover story article was in fact up for Continuing Ed credit, so will start with this for the Summer Daydream series.  You read this article, written by M.E. Thomas who is an author, law professor, and founder of http://www.sociopathworld.com, and have to wonder where in god’s name does the publication get off in trying to validate sociopathy has reason and worth to understand.  Then, the page before the end of the article, this little side bar tidbit is included, so I will reprint it as presented for you all:


Only sociopaths and their clueless or equally devious cronies could try to get away with rationalizing and minimizing that we should appreciate and understand that there is a place for sociopaths in crucial and well placed positions of society.  Yeah, well I really want key businesspersons and politicians who are sociopathic to be setting policy and leadership for us all.  NOT! 

Probably not the best example of who might be sociopaths, but the story is so disturbing with Anthony Weiner still sexting, after previously caught and lost his position as a Congressman, where he thinks he can now run for office as Mayor of New York.   You have to wonder when the pervasive lying has at least questionable antisocial qualities, I don’t see it just as a sex addiction.  But then, you find out his wife, Huma Abedin, who is a crony of Hillary Clinton (who I really believe is beyond a narcissist, she also disturbs me how she handled Benghazi and continues to act like she has no accountability for the incident), is putting up with Weiner’s shenanigans?

Well, 2 links to perhaps illustrate what sociopathy can do insidiously, if my opinion and interpretation has any merit:

http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/07/25/weiners-wife-huma-abedin-isnt-brave/?intcmp=HPBucket , and,


So, you folks read and digest this stuff.  Are there better examples of people out there who are sociopathic, sure, but I want to illustrate the covert and insidious who are the ones we should be most concerned with.

Because when we tolerate and accept poor behaviors and actions that can put those who are the most vulnerable at risk, well, let this dumbass rhetoric that we need sociopaths be acceptable.  See where it takes you all!

So, for the remainder of the Summer daydream series, I will use this below picture to note to readers CME and educational commentary, to lighten the mood?


Hope you all get out and get some sun and fresh air, SOON!