Ever see the movie “Charade”, the original with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant?  In the beginning of the movie, Hepburn’s husband (the character) is killed, and when she has the funeral, several men come to make sure he is dead, one in a particularly nasty way, by jabbing a pin into the body.

Why do I use the picture and the description for this post?  Didn’t you know, psychotherapy is officially dead, and now that I have worked through shock and denial, I am now firmly entrenched in the anger stage, as I am not looking forward to depression to follow.  Forget (had a better F—- word to use but my wife despises the swearing) bargaining, that will never happen because the way psychotherapy was killed off, there is no need to waste time in that stage.  But, after today, it is more than apparent I am right.

And who were the villains to this demise?  Managed Care not only contracted out the murder, but took an active part in it too.  Then, there were others, let’s not focus solely on the insurance industry, they couldn’t take on a task of this momentous effort on their own.  I mean, the Big Pharma Brother certainly was more than ready to benefit from whacking the alleged family member, who needs people talkin’ anyway?!

No, practitioners were more than willing accomplices, let’s not mince words here colleagues!  First, it was the primary role of less than qualified “therapists” who so eagerly agreed to lower reimbursement fees to push out psychiatrists and psychologists who were the most qualified, overall, as professionals to handle the task.  Then it was the administrations of various mental health organizations that just went along with the plan, who had to access whatever funding they could, so they hired anyone who could marginally justify a role as a therapist to warrant reimbursements.  Complicit to a disgusting degree, psychiatrists just cowardly wimped out and agreed to not advocate for maintaining the role as a primary therapist for at least a sizeable group of patients, and then were distracted, falsely mind you, that there was “more” money to make in just providing medication management visits, but we won’t waste time in the particulars there now.  Oh, and psychologists, they just couldn’t believe what was happening, so they just jumped on the bandwagon of “hey, we are ‘doctors’ too, so let us prescribe so we can survive”, whatta rally cry, eh?

Adding to the morose portion of the equation (well, there really was no pleasant portion to it), non mental health care providers then jumped in and were more than willing to both prescribe medications and minimize, if not ignore the role of therapy, and other non qualified “therapy” providers in paradigms and disciplines that really didn’t meet a standard of care nor quantifiable efficacious level of intervention, like scream therapy as one lame example, were able to squeeze into the fold.

Finally, and I don’t care who might be offended by including this portion, too many patients were then quick to chime in “I don’t need to see a therapist, I just have a biochemical imbalance” as the pervasive lie was not only embraced as a pathetic truth, but an ugly rally cry of “fix me now, I want to be better yesterday”.  And what was the most disgusting display of pathological alliance, many “therapists” and psychiatrists went along with the howling by patients!

So, recently, I was involved in a meeting of mental health providers who not only echoed this disgusting acceptance of a meds only attitude per their minimizing and denying the importance of responsible participation in psychotherapy, but additionally made sure I was rudely and pervasively talked down to and demand I just accepted this falsehood.

Well, my wife might not like me to write obscenities at my posts, but I hope for some validation with this ending to this post, and people can infer whatever they want, I like free association and personal interpretation like any mental health care provider who has responsible and qualified training:


Think of him as Freud, just more up to date!

Hey, remember, I am in the anger stage, and per the last post, I am NOT in the midst of a Major Depressive Episode, just letting my venting be free!

To all of you who have allowed this to happen, well, don’t wait for accolades!!!

Hey, it is a funeral, show some F—–g respect!