(editor’s note:  sorry I put this post on hold earlier this week, felt it was not ready to be posted when I wrote it, but now return it for viewing.)

The above picture is a characture of what Lebron James did when he left Cleveland, thought it might be a bit appropriate with the finals still going on.

Anyway, I think after 20 years of just trying to find a fit with an organization that matches with the way I was trained seems to be a waste of time, as it appears that people are not clear what they expect or demand of psychiatrists these days, so, it is time to go back to the Locum Tenens work I did for about 2 years a bit earlier in my life.  Maybe I will get lucky and find something that asks of me what I ask of mental health care.  Yeah, like I am looking forward to my first colonoscopy later this summer!

But, I won’t hold my breath.  Just curious of any readers who have their own blogs about mental health, are you REALLY satisfied with the way you practice psychiatry or receive care these days?  I would truly be interested in positive answers, because frankly, I have no idea how people could really be satisfied with the way psychiatry is used as just hydraulic lift operators, just seeing patients to raise and lower meds as reflexively as using a fork lift at a warehouse.  Doesn’t it get old if not blatantly demeaning if that is what you do or get from providers?


Maybe the APA could use this as their new logo for the organization???

Oh, 2 things I read recently to note it seems to NOT just be me:  a locum company sent me an email noting that almost 60% of doctors do not find the work rewarding:

Dear Dr. Hassman,I wanted to share with you the results of a survey conducted by our parent company, Jackson Healthcare. The statistics reveal uncertainty and discontent among physicians.Here are some of the findings:

  • 42 percent of physicians are dissatisfied with their work
  • 59 percent would not recommend a career in medicine
  • 36 percent plan to retire or leave medicine in the next 10 years
Read Filling the Void: 2013 Physician Outlook & Practice Trends  to learn more about trends. We hope you will share this report with your colleagues and keep the conversation going.Warm regards,Shane Jackson

Oh, and this little tidbit about how psychiatry is going to be utilized by PPACA:

Hmm, seems I am on to something, bureaucracy is going to dumb down mental health diagnosing to just filling out questionnaires and have your PCP/nonpsychiatrist give you the drug du jour.  Good luck with that, all you antipsychiatrists who want us dead on arrival!

Hey, the adage “careful what you wish for” seems appropriate, eh?