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For me, a rather disturbing and disappointing week.  It is painfully obvious that politics truly is an ugly reflection of America as is, because people really are not interested in the truth, not interested in responsibility, and certainly not interested in fact.

While just my opinion, I see a rather ugly parallel between the two warring political parties in government, and that of psychiatry and the antipsychiatry element that pervades the internet at least.  How so, if interested with where I am going with this analogy?

Republicans have and always will be about basically two points to their agenda:  benefit the few who ironically mirror solely what their establishment is about, while abandon any and all who do not embrace completely their mantra of the self is the only important thing in society.  This is really what I have concluded with them!  And the Democrats, they give the illusion of worrying about the plight of the many, but they blur the intention of equality with just enslaving the masses with dependency on government, while simultaneously denying such boundaries apply to the representatives creating such limiting legislations in the first place.

Wow, what a choice, abandonment, or dependency, but at least they both as political parties have the same endpoint of not being held to the very laws they restrict society with in their false claims of “representation”.

OK, so how does this apply to psychiatry and antipsychiatry as groups as of now?  Well, I see the antipsychiatry crowd very similar in agenda and approach to the Republicans, they as a group focus solely on individuality, ie their own, and yet minimize any legitimate need for support, and thus say almost in the same words “if you are not with us, you are against us” as they pathologically deny mental illness as a concept.  Some people have said to me that is a complete misinterpretation on my part.  But really, when you read commenters at mental health sites say voraciously that mental health diagnoses are false and misleading, and the treatments are ONLY harsh and destructive, what does this denial and minimization do for people who are struggling.?

As readers, don’t even waste your time asking them what are alternatives for people to do in order to regain function, health, and independence.  Nah, I truly think most antipsychiatry believers in the end don’t really care about people who are ill.  Because a lot of it probably is equally based on their projection of their own struggles with function and health are mistakenly other peoples’ problems, and how dare psychiatrists, or for that matter most mental health providers in general, try to tell antipsychiatry people illness exists!  The truth has no place in the debate!

Oh, don’t worry, I am not letting my profession as a whole off the hook here.  Psychiatrists as a sizeable majority are acting fairly much like the Democrats, because psychiatry really does need dependency, especially now with medication the only intervention limited to offer as providers.  As DSM5 will most likely show, EVERYONE has a problem, everyone needs to be in treatment, and thus everyone needs to be on a pill.  And the more people who cooperate and fill this pit of despair and validates the need for representation, er, care, just keeps the psychiatrist busy and valued.

But, the point of the title and picture to this post is what is so fascinating to the process of these polarized groups, be them politicians, caregivers, or care deniers.  At the end of the day, you really have embraced the mantra of your opponent.  Republicans detest Democrats for trying to help people because it will keep a sizeable percentage of others active and allow competition with what are in fact limited resources the Republicans just want for themselves.  Democrats detest Republicans for getting away with not having to genuinely be invested in the general public,  so Republicans do not have to create a false sense of interest as Democrats have to do, so the masses will fight for those limited resources, while these Democrats only fend for themselves.

Hence why I refer to our system as a one party group, either called Republocrats or Demoplicans.  But, in the end, just selfish, ignorant, and dangerous citizens basically given the license being elected to office to disrupt, impair, and more brazenly put the public at risk for death.  The latter just slowly for the most part.

The real irony of the psychiatry-antipsychiatry debate is similar to me.  Psychiatrists want to recklessly overmedicate, antipsychiatry falsely undermedicate, and the public is left to figure out who is telling the truth.  Well, maybe I am just one opinion in a sea of millions of valid opinion makers in the debate about mental heath care, but just as I am an independent and moderate politically, so am I as a mental health participant.

Illness exists, treatment is warranted for more people than not, and care has variety, tailored to who is the individual with the illness/disorder/problem that has them seeking care.  And it starts with people wanting to help themselves, and accessing providers who are interested and willing to help them get better.

I believe 40% of our voting population is beyond hope to be reasoned and brought back into the fold of healthy and responsible dialogue to help this country.  20% each are either zealot conservatives/Republicans or liberals/Democrats, and will die clutching the partisan playbook of what is the mantra of their party, irregardless whether the ideology really makes sense for the public.

The numbers of the psychiatry versus antipsychiatry crowd is not as large per the number of people in our society, but, the impact of their agenda can be equally as disruptive as what we are witnessing politically.

Why am I writing this post?  I don’t know, probably a combination of venting and just trying to bring another perspective to the debate about mental health.  I just like to see people get better than they were when I first met them.  Hey, if they don’t like what I have to offer and then run into me later on the street in future times and tell me they are better due to someone else, or figured it out on their own, that’s cool!  I am a catalyst, and I am not here to be changed by other peoples’ changes.

But, I hope to enjoy the ride in their quest for recovery, for resumption of function, good health, and promise for a better future.

Next time you are at a mental health site and are reading a thread where someone just demeans and derides mental health care as useless and unwarranted, ask such a commenter what are alternatives to finding care and hope to get better.

If my analogy is right, and they mirror the Republican attitude, be ready to find it yourself, and don’t bother them with further questions.  Just donate to their cause.

You don’t have enough money to help many in this group!  Hey, I know this post is harsh, and so is reality.  Fair and equal, meet your mirror images of unfair and unequal.  Not a pretty view, eh?