You have to watch this and pay attention to what Hillary Clinton demands in giving a talk these days:


Forget the $300, 000 speaking fee (and for no more than 90 minutes, you do the math for dollars per minute!)  She expects others in her entourage to be paid and given Cart Blanche services, this isn’t about being a speaker, this is about being royalty, and for what, being a First Lady, a sham Senator, and a lousy Secretary of State, who had the gall to shout “what difference does it make” how an ambassador was killed.

So, I want to meet the likes of Hillary Clinton supporters in my travels these next 2 years, because I will tell you now what these people will be like, and mostly overlaps at that:

1.  Die hard feminists who think this is the example of the first woman President.

2.  Die hard liberals who think Clinton is the only person who can win the election for the party.

3.  Die hard Clintonistas who think that the Clintons as a couple are the second coming of Christ, no, hold that, that these two actually trump the role of Christ!

4.  People who just go to the polls every election and vote for who they are told to vote for, as both parties have to account for the ignorant and dependent masses who are the mules for partisan votes.

5.  Fellow sociopaths, er, special interests who depend on her and him to do their bidding.

Sums it up for me.  I will be surprised if I meet someone who does not fit one, or more, than those above descriptors.  And the irony is, the Democrats bitch the loudest about the elections being a pay off by the Republicans, yet, my money (pun incredibly intended) is that the Clintons will shame even the money spent by Romney and the last Bush.

There is no shame in politics these days, eh?