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Today the House of Representatives of the US Congress has basically passed a bill to forward to the Senate that is focused on defunding the disgusting named and passed legislation the majority of Americans only know as Obamacare, yeah, like the person this law is named after gives a shit about peoples’ care.  Hereon it is called PPACA, as the appropriate acronym for the legislation, and I will never use that “O” term again at this blog.  If you don’t know what PPACA stands for, get off your butt and google it yourself, and learn the correct terms for laws.  Stop giving the jerk and his partisan minions who were responsible for forcing this crap on us American citizens, who aren’t these political hack cronies, any more potentially positive press for using his name and associating it with health care.  What next, celebrate Cossack Sukkos services?!  Get the point, at least Jewish Readers??

It is pathetic it takes the Repugnocant party to at least take a stand, well, with all those coward physicians and other health care providers who know better what this legislation will really do to health care, who just sit on their asses and take as much responsibility in advocating and protecting patient care as expecting to get a wolf to protect your flock of sheep.  Idiocy abound in American Health Care circles, what with the AMA supporting this legislation.  Fuckers!

Now we get to listen to the idiocy of the Republocrat Party to shriek and howl at each other in public next week about how the Repugnocant end is so insensitive to the people, denying them fair and reasonable health care, and then how the Democrap end are so out of touch with the financial impacts while they protect their partisan legislation like it was the Emancipation Proclamation of this millennium.  Yeah, well both ends of this one party system suck so much, I hope both chambers of Congress erupt in full scale assaults and shootings of each other.  This is the best we’ve got, folks, not only garbage in and garbage out, but partisan pontificating that makes emesis vomiting look attractive!

The one thing I am deeply hoping for is this debate forces the Democrap supporters of this legislation to HAVE to go public and claim their undying support for this law, and then wait 14 months to see how well the putrid, er, public, remember what they said back in September 2013.  Sorry, I have no hope the general voting public is going to remember anything of this importance in 14 months, much less 14 days, what with the new Iphones coming out today.

We are doomed folks, and frankly a lot of you probably deserve to be doomed if either you support this law simply because you are a Democrap, or, you don’t really care or think it doesn’t affect you today.

Read this little gem I learned about today, sorry I am a couple of days late to you news freaks who are more up to date:


It’s a god damn health care organization doing this, you PPACA supporter assholes.  And your King and his political minions will try to ignore it as best possible, and when the stench and outrage forces the attention, they will try to project it as a Repugnocant fault, then when that fails, try to minimize and rationalize in pathological ways it is the way of life, and when finally those with brains and attention refuse to accept those explanations by the liars and cheats of the Democraps, then the public will be told in politically correct and pleasant ways basically this:

“Fuck you, it’s the law, you are screwed, deal with it, and by the way, thank us again you losers and assholes who didn’t take a stronger stand sooner.”


I like what Clark Griswald says in the station wagon near the end of “National Lampoon Vacation”, when they have dropped off the dead aunt and are getting close to Wally World, when the family wants to go home and forget the endless problems their trip had caused, the son asks ” yeah dad, what do you think?”  His direct reply:


Well, here is how that scene fits here for me with this current situation.  You all expected Clark “Barack Obama” Griswald to take you to Health Care World to have a good time, and be healed and free of problems, then when it became obvious the trip was a complete and utter disaster, you wanted to bail, responsibly mind you, but the driver tells you all you are fucked in the head.

If you remember the movie, Clark finally really loses it when they get to Wally World, and nearly gets the whole family thrown in jail.  But, that was a movie, and it was a comedy, and everyone got to leave the theater with a good laugh.

Yeah, well who the hell is laughing this evening with things as they stand?  The people being laid off so businesses can maintain their profit margins, or having their hours cut to part time, or your premiums in fact going up next year, oh, and all those physicians ready to take on those extra 30 million people, they are hiring more people for their offices and hospitals?

Oh, I forgot the link above, no, even health care organizations are now telling the public “you’re fucked!”

Hey, I was protesting this bullshit back November 2009 when everyone was just worrying about what they were going to be doing on Thanksgiving.  Haven’t let up since on my dissent.  And now those of you who want to bail, well, you’re strapped in as it is in this station wagon, and the driver is maniacally going to finish the trip.

Hope ya got insurance for the ending of your journey.  And to those who voted for this COTWH, not once but twice, and think he is the second coming of Christ, enjoy your savior.  Guess what, when he leaves office, he won’t be affected one fucking bit by this law if it still is in place come 2016.  And I hope you are screwed the most of all by the consequences.  Sorry, I ain’t politically correct nor care about people who at the end of the day don’t care about the public!


Sorry if the post offends.  Nah, not if you are a Democrap loyalist and Obamination supporter.  I hope you burn all night long if this is rude and offensive to you!!!  Because this law is rude and offensive to the American people who see it for what it really is.  The biggest partisan dump since the Repugnacant Iraq War!


I’ll be consistent in finishing this post, have a nice clueless weekend!

(Sorry honey, for the post!  At least you know I care!)

Addendum later this PM:  Oh, I forgot the criminality part of the post.  Yesterday the COTWH said this:

” “You have never seen in the history of the United States the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a — a governing party,” the president told the gathering of CEOs.”

Really, here are some other NON examples of such behavior, and oh, some by the very Democrap party so outraged this week:


And, let’s not forget what the very hypocrite, and in my opinion not just disingenuous and dishonest Barry O, but antisocial and criminal type thinking behaviors by this guy regarding what he did when Senator just 7 years ago:


Note The Post not only gives him a Pinocchio rating, but flips it upside down to show what a flip flopper Obummer was on this issue.  That is what often an antisocial does, say one thing, then do another, deny he did it, and then accuse the other side for revealing the lie as being disruptive and dishonest.

It’s called projection, folks, and people with Axis 2 disorders, especially cluster B types, do it with regularity.  You can split hairs as to whether it is narcissistic or histrionic, but, I’m going with antisocial.

The Criminality part to this post.  Hey, I can write what I think here, and you can think whatever you want and write a reply as impassioned.  This matter started by the House today, it will be epic, count on it!

Addendum Sept 21:  Kathleen Parker writes in the Post today:


I agree, let’s delay it, indefinitely!  Doesn’t this following point by her piss off those of you who play by the rules and are honest and fair?!:

“Finally, in a tweak not likely to inspire admiration, the president is offering Congress a break other Americans won’t get. Obamacare requires congressional leaders and staff to enter the exchanges like everyone else, but Obama has offered a special dispensation to soften the blow. Their employer — you — will pay part of the premium, a compensatory option not offered to non-federal employers and their befuddled, underemployed staffs.

The very assholes who passed this law, along with the very assholes who are allegedly fighting it, haven’t said in such loud and strong words they would NOT accept this offer.  (addendum Sept 24 from the WSJ: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324665604579080921594857770.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_sections_opinion .  Yeah, who do you trust, Cain, or Disable?!) Shows you why I hate our government.  To that commenter from an earlier post who made such sweeping assumptions about what I hate, well you are right on this one, I hate my government, because it doesn’t represent me, but just resents me.  And if you, such commenter, are fine with such attitudes and actions by these alleged representatives, well, I look forward to when these politicians finally screw you!  AND DON”T COMPLAIN, you made the mess by voting for the charlatans who will do you great disservices, so accept the poor choice you made at the voting booth!!!

I’ll finish this addendum with how Parker finishes her column:

“In the long run, delay might benefit Obama, especially if it averts a revolt once citizens fully absorb the expensive realities of Obamacare and promises not kept. He has already demonstrated that he is comfortable with waiting when risks are disproportionate to theoretical gains.”

Well, maybe I have to add a final comment, “promises not kept”.  Is that just the usual lame behaviors of politicians, or equally that of what antisocials live by instinctively?  Think about it.

Addendum Sept 24:  yeah, read it and weep, literally!


love this line in the article:

” If your policy premium increased, you should know this isn’t unique to Humana — premium increases generally will occur industry-wide.”

Affordable Care Act.  Gee, how do politicians define affordable?

“we keep you alive, you can afford to vote for us over and over!”

Addendum #2 for Sept 24:

Then there is this beauty from USA TODAY:


“Mental health providers say parity laws also haven’t stopped an erosion in coverage since managed care companies began contracting with Medicaid.

For example, Gannon said, Medicaid used to cover unlimited outpatient visits without authorization, and now there are authorization requirements.

“They’re imposing the same limits private insurance is,” she said.

Kissner acknowledged that authorizations rankle providers and clients, and managed-care companies are far more likely to turn down authorization requests. Under managed care, denials are up to around 7 percent, compared with 1 percent previously.”

Note that last sentence, ties in with my authorization anger of late, from 1% to 7%.

You think a pervasive bureaucratic intrusion like PPACA will lower that rate?


Further addendum from Sept 24th from above WSJ Link regarding Congress avoiding the law and having to participate in PPACA:

if this comment in that article is true:

“Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, recently put forward legislation—aptly named the James Madison Congressional Accountability Act—which would end the special exemption. In the Senate, Republicans David Vitter of Louisiana and Mike Enzi of Wyoming have also introduced legislation to end the exemption.

In response, several Democratic senators have reacted by drafting legislation that would punish anyone who votes for Sen. Vitter’s plan by permanently blocking an exemption from them and their staff, even if Mr. Vitter’s law doesn’t pass. It doesn’t get more vindictive and petty than that.”

Forget vindictive and petty.  That is the antisocial crap I have been railing about here since February.  Anyone who supports this line of thinking, you are disgusting as a supporter of such unAmerican attitudes and agenda.  This law has shown how inappropriate the Democrap Party has become, and I have no regard for the Rebugnocants already.  This is vile stuff, folks.  Get your heads out of your asses and take a stand!

Addendum Sept 25:  2 points from the Washington TImes, who seem to say more on this issue following Ted Cruz’s 21 hour monologue about why Americans need to reconsider what this legislation will honestly do:

First, by Dr Ben Carson:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/sep/25/carson-the-grit-and-gumption-to-resist-obamacare/

oh, and this little tidbit of information:


Hmm, so your elected officials as a majority are pushing for this legislation to continue as is, make you choose something now, and yet these fucking hypocrites are going to wait to make their choices, if they even have to if they can find a way to hide out and keep the exemption as noted above in this post.

You know what these assholes are doing:  they are too busy focusing on how to keep their jobs, and are NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, they are there to represent and protect the public, not themselves.

Frankly, as an independent, all you losers who reflexively vote either Republican or Democrat like you run for the toilet to take a crap, well, that is what you do at the voting booth too!  Carlin was right, the public sucks, fuck hope.  You all deserve it with the foresight of a squirrel crossing the street in front of a car!!!

Think I am passionate about this issue?