Cheerleaders for the Republocrat party, or if you are offended I lead with the Republican part first, then cheerleaders for the Demoplican party.  And this picture, while honestly not for a political agenda, really fits what our leaders and their idiot electorate who vote either side of the polluted aisle like sitting on the toilet do so reflexively.

Found this gem noted in THE WEEK magazine this week, from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones,  Quite priceless information, first the link:


Then some real gems to illuminate what blind loyalists do as well as they crap (from an article the above link is based on, here it is to avoid confusion what I quote below: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/09/new-study-politics-makes-you-innumerate):

“The result? Survey respondents performed wildly differently on what was in essence the same basic problem, simply depending upon whether they had been told that it involved guns or whether they had been told that it involved a new skin cream. What’s more, it turns out that highly numerate liberals and conservatives were even more—not less—susceptible to letting politics skew their reasoning than were those with less mathematical ability.”

then there is this:

“Most strikingly, highly numerate liberal Democrats did almost perfectly when the right answer was that the concealed weapons ban does indeed work to decrease crime (version C of the experiment)—an outcome that favors their pro-gun-control predilections. But they did much worse when the correct answer was that crime increases in cities that enact the ban (version D of the experiment).”

The opposite was true for highly numerate conservative Republicans: They did just great when the right answer was that the ban didn’t work (version D), but poorly when the right answer was that it did (version C).”

and finally, this:

“What’s happening when highly numerate liberals and conservatives actually get it wrong? Either they’re intuiting an incorrect answer that is politically convenient and feels right to them, leading them to inquire no further—or else they’re stopping to calculate the correct answer, but then refusing to accept it and coming up with some elaborate reason why 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 in this particular instance. (Kahan suspects it’s mostly the former, rather than the latter.)”

Note the article shows that both sides of this polluted aisle are idiots, that party principles trump logic and public needs and supports.  Here is the statistic that should both frighten and outrage people who think first and act second:  20+% of voters will vote for any Democrat candidate irregardless if competent and responsible, or not, and 20+% of voters on the other end will vote for any Republican candidate irregardless if competent and responsible, or not.

So, it doesn’t matter if the candidates presented to us are Democraps or Repugnacants, the likelihood either will win is almost 100%.  Because the last statistic is the most disheartening of all:  the remaining 50+% of voters who might actually make a difference and vote for the best and most appropriate candidate will just side with who is popular, easy, and convenient.

And thus how the Republocrat Party rules onward.   You know what is most pathetic, I would bet good money there are a plethora of idiots who would argue this study is either done to benefit either side of the zealots in this party, or, is just a joke and to be ignored or laughed off.

I would agree with that last opinion, I would love to be able to ignore or just laugh off the pervasive idiocy that governs us on every level of government we have to endure.  But, the joke is on us, these buffoons and incompetents are just ignoring us and laughing at us.  And you just show no reaction to it.

Again, per Carlin, selfish ignorant citizens elect selfish ignorant leaders.  If you know the next line to that rant, you know what he offers about hope, yeah, just F— it!

To those who don’t get my political commentary at this blog, well, both sorry, but, ignore at your own peril!