Gonna get ya little dog too, eh, American Senators?

It is just incredible how disingenuous and dishonest our elected officials have become.  Oh, and the hypocrisy of both parties is just flagrant!  But, the narcissism and antisocial flavors are just pouring over the rim of the cup of “America’s Cream of the Crap, er, Crop.

Mark my words, a sizeable majority of American citizens do not want to see an attack of Syria per the facts NOW.  But, these assholes who represent us, they do represent us, right?  Do they really care what Americans think?

Who died and defined America as the moral majority of the planet?  Yeah, good luck with that one.  Oh, and at another blog, they are writing how outrageous it is for people to cheer the suicide of the person who kidnapped, raped repeatedly, and brutalized those three women in Ohio for years.  Who needs to worry about more evil people in the world getting away with evil when they have the advocates for their behaviors like this.  It is nothing less than pathetically incredible and disgusting naive that people will support the depths of sheer horror for what, giving them an equal voice?

Yeah, as I have said before, think these people are advocating for fairness and caring so prominently when the crimes are against their own loved ones?  Think again!


A real picture of a dead child.  Makes the point!?

I am a person first, sometimes it is fine for bad things to happen to bad people!  I’d end with “think about it”, but, some don’t!