First of all, I am so sick of this moniker “Obamacare”, the biggest oxymoron put out there by either side of the twisted one party of Republocrats in the past 12 years plus.  It is PPACA, the Patient Protection & Affordability Care Act, so can we call this pathetic legislation for what it is, PLEASE?!  Second, it has been and still is one of the largest partisan assaults on the US public since, what, the Patriot Act, which by the way was a fine example of coercion of the other party to agree to egregious terms without actual use of weapons to threaten cooperation.  And for what?

While not a big fan of Monica Crowley, well known to me for her weekly appearances on Bill O’Reilly’s show with Alan Colmes so wonderfully called “Barack and a hard place”, her attitude about this legislation hits home for me, and I felt this a primary role to the intent back in 2009, well before she says the following of late:

“In 2008, Barack Obama spoke proudly of the upcoming “fundamental transformation of the nation.” Five years and countless policies later, we now know exactly what he meant: moving America away from a society built on individual liberty, the free market, and economic freedom, and toward a government dependency and welfare state. Immediately after Obama was sworn in in 2009, the Left focused immediately on health care, since that was/is the biggest single lever they could use to effect that “fundamental transformation.” Health care “reform” was never about health care or health insurance or reform. It was ONLY and ALWAYS about government power and control. If the government controls your health care, the government controls you.

Remember: central to the Left’s “fundamental transformation of the nation” are three objectives: 1) grow government as fast and as widespread as possible; 2) get as many people dependent on government as possible; 3) and voila!—create a permanent Democrat voting majority.”

I have no interest which side of the polluted aisle of this one party system thinks they are in power today,  Democraps or Repugnocants, they both suck.  This law is nothing else than about power and control, and what personality disordered people in politics strive for pervasively.  And if it stays in place, it will be used punitively.  Count on it!

Two more links I have found this week to illustrate how idiots like Nancy Pelosi have no clue how to govern, just to disrupt and demean with her eternally lame and ugly comment of “let’s pass this bill to find out what’s in it”.  Yeah, like finally having that painful bowel movement to know why there was all this abdominal pain!

The first link, by Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE restaurants, employing 21,000 people, I think he has a legitimate opinion about what the legislation will do:


and then this from The Weekly Standard:


This little comment in the middle sums up nicely how Nancy P and her ilk are so fucking offensive in just getting legislation passed to implement an agenda, not a public interest for improving society:

“They [the Democrats] therefore have to implement the individual mandate as the system gets going next year, even though it is very unpopular. Indeed, the mandate generally ranks as the most unpopular provision of Obamacare. A recent survey found only 12 percent of Americans supported it. That kind of public opposition is why Barack Obama himself expressed opposition to a mandate in the 2008 election—only to reverse himself when it came time to write a bill. It was also why the law’s architects made the mandate so weak. And it is why Republicans have already successfully used it to pressure the Democrats.”

Again, sorry to remind those of you not paying attention, but antisocial people do not do what is right and best for the many, just themselves and their crony ilk who are only looking out for extremely self interests, and if it harms someone, well, that’s a perk known as “icing on the cake”.

Which is why I use the quote for the post to illustrate what is going on in American politics, primarily with PPACA as exhibit A.  Because even if they don’t say it directly, you can be sure the Democraps say with glee behind the doors “if it pisses off the Republicans, good for us!”

Do you want to be ruled, or represented?  Keep the status woe, er, quo, and I’m sure your health care will be tremendously better in 2014.  Oh, until you need it!!!

addendum Aug 4:  in today’s Baltimore Stun (The Sun, but really just stuns in it’s florid partisan bents, really surprised it allows columns by Republican/conservative people like Robert Ehrlich below) former Governor Ehrlich writes about observations of DC government, and his lead off was, well, stunning, but not surprising.  First the link, then the comment:

http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-ehrlich-congress-20130804,0,1549976.column , and how it leads,

“Observation: The No. 1 question I’m asked at public events is why Congress is so dysfunctional.  One need look no further than the latest [Charlie] Cook Political Report to understand why. The guru of Washington prognosticators rates only 66 midterm House races as “competitive.” This out of 435 House seats. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that ideological deadlock (not always a negative) describes the present Congress. State legislatures are the primary culprit. These ravenous, partisan bodies are carving out increasing numbers of safe seats every 10 years. More safe seats equates to more ideological voting and less compromise.”

As I say and will continue to say, we get the electorate we deserve.  As a colleague so well noted, “common sense is the exception these days”.

So is hope and faith, unfortunately!

addendum #2 today:  while not a Hannity fan, watching a bit of his Friday night show with a twenty some panel of antagonists and proponents of PPACA, found the comments to be interesting enough to warrant a search for the show’s transcript.  Couldn’t find it, but at his site, found this comment about how Congressional staffers are now getting a waiver, and oh, how the math about 50 employees as a limit is now getting a bit fuzzy:  did you know 20 part time employees will equal 10 full time ones?  Is the bullshit and manipulating getting and more disgusting for anyone with a conscience YET!?


“In other words, ObamaCare strives to nail small businesses while making exceptions for Congressional staff members in Washington DC. Truly an outrage.”

Says it all for people like me tired of getting screwed by people of privilege and entitlement as politicians, but also the sociopaths masquerading as people of commitment to the public.  Yeah, committed to screwing the public!

last addendum today (8/4):  Started reading this week’s issue of The Week, and while know of the story from reading the news this week, felt the coverage in the article was spot on, both pro and con (hope it is legible as adding it as edit:

GOP shut down PPACA

The Republicans, as I prefer to call the The Repugnocants, as they are repugnant and the party of “can’t”, are idiots and will mess things up, the end of the article per William Kristol (another less than stellar commenter, but,) “If Obamacare’s going to be a “train wreck” for the nation, then surely Republicans have a duty to try to “stop the train”, regardless of the political cost.”

Yeah, that is the truth, sometimes what is right and responsible is NOT easy nor convenient, but, you can’t have it both ways, folks, if you as a majority public are saying this legislation is wrong, then it is time to expend some time, energy, even some money to speak out.  Or be screwed!