This is the best we can do as a society, elect people who at the end of their terms in office just reveal the shortcomings this society is eroding into as a collective?

Carter:  nice but incompetent.  Probably the best of the lot!

Reagan (missing as dead after 20 years of dementia, including at least the last 4 years of his presidency):  full of pomp and pagentry but signifying nothing of real substance.

Bush Sr:  also nice, but not stern and committed fully.

Clinton:  a liar and an opportunist.

Bush Jr:  an addict and a puppet.

Obama:  another liar and an opportunist, and probably the most antisocial of the lot!

Hey, just my opinion, but do you really think these are the best we can do, America?  Unfortunately, we have a minority percentage of voters who are pathologically dedicated to a party, but at the end of the day control the electorate.  And all you lame, lazy, and clueless moderate middle American independents just either do what is easy and convenient, stay at home and play in front of your screens, or bitch and moan in the house but do nothing of substance to make a difference for your country.

Hmm, that sums up much of America to me!

I guess George Carlin was right, if you vote, you have no right to complain.  You elect selfish, incompetent leaders because you really have no clue what is needed to take on the role of leadership.  So, money and power are the real addictions for what rules America.

Another political post that is lost like tears in rain.  Blade Runner enthusiasts, hope ya caught that one!