Let me get this straight, did this COWH learn anything from 8 months ago when he had Susan Rice be the ventriloquist dummy for him and Clinton?!  I guess not!!!

Read this summary of today’s talk show shenanigans:


You gotta love how so many people think Obama is either the Supreme King, or perhaps even God, and are willing to eagerly jump onto the street and embrace those coming wheels of the bus, and ’round ‘n’ round they go, fast and furious!

Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana could not have convinced more people his way was the only way, sheesh!  I really think Obama is so crass and convinced that people have the memory span of a goldfish that everyone will wake up tomorrow morning and say, “well, if Dan Pfeiffer says the President has no concerns or problems with the matters at hand, I guess I should move on.”

Yeah, if you were President during the 1970s, when there was no internet and people were worrying about an extended war in Viet Nam and the first of two oil crises, and there was still much free love and drugs, what a second, that is still happening now, just the war is in Afghanistan, the oil crises is more American made, and everyone who has any sexual interest has the right to marry and prescription drugs make illicits look like candy, although we now have xanax for valium and suboxone for methadone.

So, in 40 years time, what has changed?  2 generations of Americans, and yet still tolerating the same shit from failed leadership.  Yeah, the more things change, the more you get clocked by that pendulum swinging back and forth, eh?!

You know, the more you look at the two faces combined, it does make more sense.  Will show it again just for deja vu, or is it “You ah screwed”?


There is no shame in DC tonight folks.  Not only because these leaders have no clue how to pronounce, much less understand the word “accountability”, but, the majority electorate doesn’t even know what the concept of “news” is anymore!

Divided government, you all hate it now, but, if it saves your asses, what do you say then?

“I’m sorry, I was reading the most recent twitter comment from John Mayer describing his most recent crap, did you say something?”