Hmm, looks like our Current Occupant of the White House, ie the COWH, has a bit of a problem on his hands.  Problem?  Care to add an “s” there?!

Little refresher course, remember this post back in February here?:


Well, you read it again and then think about Benghazi, this IRS misunderstanding, and then what the Justice Department did with monitoring AP reporters.  Let me just remind readers one little detail about revelations, in line with my recent posts about addiction, in line with those who crave power like their next cocaine hit:  For every time one is caught, there are at least several if not dozens of equal moments not caught that were inappropriate behaviors going on equivalent to the revelation.

You really want this guy as COWH for four more years?  Hey, let me be the first to offer I have NO INTEREST in a Biden presidency either!!!

Seeing how power is an addiction now!?!?!?

All those partisan hacks who are pathological apologists and defenders, I leave you with my illustration of what you are:


COWH due for his speech as I write this.  Do I care to listen?