Calling people antisocial is too harsh? OK, then how about Malignant Narcissism run amok?!



Interestingly enough, Wikipedia has an entry to this term, Malignant Narcissist, and I link to it as a start to this post:

in there was this, “Malignant narcissism can be distinguished from psychopathy, according to Kernberg, because of the malignant narcissist’s capacity to internalize “both aggressive and idealized superego precursors, leading to the idealization of the aggressive, sadistic features of the pathological grandiose self of these patients”. According to Kernberg, the psychopath’s paranoid stance against external influences makes him or her unwilling to internalize even the values of the “aggressor”, while malignant narcissists “have the capacity to admire powerful people, and can depend on sadistic and powerful but reliable parental images”. Malignant narcissists, in contrast to psychopaths, are also said to be capable of developing “some identification with other powerful idealized figures as part of a cohesive ‘gang‘…which permits at least some loyalty and good object relations to be internalized”. “Some of them may present rationalized antisocial behavior – for example, as leaders of sadistic gangs or terrorist groups…with the capacity for loyalty to their own comrades”.[9]

I like to try to keep it as simple as possible, as keeping to the language of the psychiatrist alone makes it a bit confusing, as well as incoherent at times to the average reader, and that is who my audience is for this post at least.

I still think the narcissist inherently can’t go over the top and alienate everyone in his audience, as that is the basis to the narcissist, needing an audience.  But, the antisocial, inherently needs a captive to prey on, but even if the captive can get free, the antisocial is not lost.  Perhaps the antisocial will seek out more captives, but it is so much about the need to do whatever he/she wants/needs, an audience be damned.  Unfortunately, the antisocial can’t satisfy all his/her needs without a society or culture to feed these needs, so I sense the antisocial can’t live on an island.  Perhaps a narcissist could not survive isolation, but, if I had to bet on which personality disorder could handle isolation for some period of time, I would bet on the narcissist.  Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, my point to this post after watching the posturing, pontificating, and sheer idiot rhetoric by the extremist zealots trying to spin their partisan agendas on the various issues is just mind boggling.  I wake up today to learn two police officers were assassinated by some scum bag who felt lives had to be taken after the death of Mr Garner last summer, and already the defenders and apologists come out like the roaches do, except these roaches seek out the light.

I would like to end this post by relating to what I wrote about over a year ago in my postulating what is the difference between a principle versus an agenda, and I hope readers might want to read it, while it is focused about Obamacare, I think there is a greater relationship to those terms defined at the beginning:

I note this is just my opinion, but, when you think about what personality disordered people do in their arguments to make you believe their point of view, they don’t quote responsible and inherently honest principles, but, want you to think their agenda trumps healthy reality.

Like, we should accept torture.  Or, health care should be paid for by some and not all.  Or, my favorite of late, anything that hurts anyone else but a white person is racist.  Feel free to add your own that shocks and outrages…

Again, Happy Holidaze…

image some of these people led their countries for decades, how the needs of the one screwed so many

image some of these people led their countries for decades, how the needs of the one screwed so many

What kind of person capitulates to criminals and antisocials?



Interesting trends in politics and business these last few weeks alone, basically just lie down and submit to behaviors and actions that offer nothing of true honest benefits to society or responsible gains to the public.  Really, Barack Obama first giving amnesty to millions who invaded this country illegally, and now offering American good will to dictators that have decimated their country, wonderful examples for Americans to emulate.

Now Sony and the ilk that pervade the entertainment industry has validated the agenda of terrorism and extortion by the shut down of the movie “The Interview”.

So, what kind of person capitulates to criminals and antisocials?  It really isn’t just one type of person, but, the theme is somewhat consistent at the end of the day, and that is simply fear and lack of conviction.  Exactly what the antisocial element counts on in society, especially in those who somehow rise to levels of leadership and control of facets to society.  If such leaders aren’t already antisocial in their agenda to begin with.  Yeah, support people in positions of authority who cower when something bad may happen, that is what you want in leadership.

When you really think about it, if the people who founded this country thought and acted like the predominate people in positions of leadership and influence today, this country would be just another banana republic we seem to criticize and agitate in open dialogue for the past decades.  Read up on why the people of this country challenged and then fought to be independent from England back in the 1700s.

Because what was going on then has similarities to now, as Kings really never aspire to do what is right for the people, simply because power corrupts, but, many of you don’t remember this simple adage today.  And those who depend on violence and threats don’t want people to think and empower independence and accountability, because those concepts have absolutely no place in antisocial halls of injustice.

I’ll leave you with this, what person who takes on the position of President expects to take off 17 days vacation, when this is a job description that really doesn’t allow such liberties and abdication of responsibilities?  But, most in this country don’t really care, or have no interest to speak out.

The antisocial element certainly has impacted on mental health care protocol, which I have written about in the past so won’t waste time here noting further.  Criminality and frank antisocial agendas are thriving in America, and the status quo is just truly a status woe.  Sad, isn’t it?

Happy Holidaze.

submitting to antisocials

Obama’s move with Cuba? What about Obama’s efforts to put sanctions on Israel? Does anyone reading out there see this man for what he is!?



Let’s start with what is going on with that title above:

and this,

and this one ties in the poor choices with Iran:

It is not even a question of eroding America’s boundaries and needs within and outside our borders, this guy in the White House, he is hell bent on screwing up this country in so many ways, it is astounding and hideous simultaneously.

Anyway, back to the Cuba issue just hitting the fan, I end with Marco Rubio’s comments at CNN before the Antisocial-in-chief made his noontime comments:

go down to the second video on left into the post to hear what he had to say.

We surround ourselves with like minds, who does Obama gravitate to in foreign supports, and who does he alienate?  Think about it!

Still with 2 weeks left to my 3rd prediction about martial law imposed by Obama…

King Obama

Involuntary outpatient treatment, another oxymoron brought to you by who at the end of the day have no clue to treatment boundaries.



Short post, as I am not interested to blog at length, read this article from Shrink Rap per their post this week about ECT, as the link below at the end:

Probably the tie in by Shrink Rap is WHEN ECT becomes an enforced treatment option, now that meds are outwardly seen as appropriate to enforce in outpatient arenas.  Really scary where mental health goes off the trail these days…

Oh, at the end of the link above was this:

“The Mental Health Association of Maryland, Maryland Disability Law Center and On Our Own of Maryland Inc. said there isn’t enough evidence that involuntary programs reduce the use of the health and criminal justice systems or improve outcomes for the mental ill.

The groups said they prefer “assertive community treatment.”

“Existing evidence supports the development of a voluntary program that identifies the high-risk population, provides ongoing outreach and engagement efforts, and delivers high-quality individualized services and supports,” they said in the report.”

Currently working for an ACT program, well, come across as punitive, see how long you last as a provider going into patient’s homes and being viewed as punitive…

too happy santa


Happy Holidaze to ya all, vodka doing theeze Christmiss?!

Gee, apologists abound either for torture or Obamacare. What’s the difference at the end of the day?



I have little to add to the title of this post, Repugnocants want America to be happy we torture people we don’t even know are definitely terrorists, or Democraps want America to be happy we have increased insurance costs and decreased access to providers with Obamacare.  Gee, I guess you have to wonder if it is better to be waterboarded, or languish in bills and not seeing your doctor.

Sort of like wondering better to be shot or stabbed.  Hey, most of you voted for these incumbent morons who foster these attitudes, so, as Carlin said, shut up if you voted, you have no right to complain.  Even if they torture you next…

Frankly, I could give a shit what Cheney or Bush Jr have to say about the Senate report released yesterday.  It really is like asking Hitler or Stalin what they thought about World War II…  Just like listening to Pelosi and Obama tell us what Gruber said was false or misunderstood…

2 wrongs make a right.  Wonderful logic you want from your “representatives”.


The irony in the zealots making the debate black and white…


Lemmings at the cliff

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but, I have two daughters who are young adults, and frankly, I think the dialogue by the losers who hijacked the debate about the recent lack of indictments against police officers who killed two men in their communities is just so damn disingenuous, dishonest, and disgusting, well, what about you out there in my shoes?

For those of you who have kids now establishing their lives in our country, do you genuinely think they have a chance to survive and thrive out there with the pervasive selfish, self serving, and frank crony bullshit by leaders in the various venues of society?  Forget politics for a minute, and those who read here may say “yeah, this guy can really forget about politics”, but, what about what goes on in your kids’ jobs, their social circles, their travels in the community?  You think the average person living in America gives a crap about anyone else outside their inner circle of cronies and personal gains?  Who knows, maybe my kids have been hijacked by this selfish agenda too.  I don’t hear it from them, but, are they honest, with all the dishonesty and lack of focus on the world around them, I don’t know.

My wife talked me into getting a damn smart phone a couple of weeks ago, and frankly, I won’t deny having access to my email and weather reports aren’t an annoyance, but, do I sit there for hours with that damn device in my face?  No, I don’t.

Why am I writing this post tonight?  Well, on a positive note, I got a job yesterday and am starting next week, so one less burden off my shoulders.  But, I pay attention to the news, the issues in our lives outside the walls of my home, and I think we as a nation are beyond lost, we are doomed as is.  And anyone reading here can frame these comments however you want, but, for me, I am genuinely sad and afraid my kids won’t have the opportunities and freedoms I was lucky to have growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.  Compared to what I see now, yeah, lucky to have in those decades.

What the hell is wrong with so many out there?  Is honesty and integrity really lost if not dead?  Pride and ownership in what we do and strive for, is that dumped in a ditch off the road?  Do people have any appreciation we aren’t islands in a society, a culture that has others living next door, who work with us, who work the businesses we use with regularity, who go to the houses of worship we may attend on the weekends?  Are we really the selfish and ignorant losers I see with more regularity on a daily basis?

Hey, that is why I have a blog, and tonight it ain’t about being a psychiatrist, but just another guy living on main street in America, and watching the news, driving the streets, being in the stores, just walking the streets these past few weeks.

I can appreciate the anxiety and depression that socioeconomic stressors can create, dealing with what I have had to handle of late.  But, what I can’t understand is simply this:  how do people think they can improve and progress if there is so much narcissism and antisocial agenda out there?  And let me be the first to tell anyone who doesn’t know better, there ain’t no drugs that will impact significantly on those personality problems.

Black and white, well, let me end on this note:  if the antisocial scumbags or rogue police don’t get you first, it probably will be yourselves not paying attention to your surroundings.  All those screens do is distract and deny reality.  Smell the roses, hell, how about what the guy or gal next door is doing that might actually impact on you somehow.

Take a damn walk around your neighborhoods this weekend and see what is the real world around you.  You might appreciate that advice!

Holy crap, there is a world out there!

Holy crap, there is a world out there!

Again, a random chance moment for something sensible and appropriate, from a less likely source for such things…


, ,


I don’t know why I go to, I guess it’s like driving by an accident, you know you should not stop and stare, but, the sheer intensity of the trauma and discord draws one to look irregardless.  Mad in America is as disgusting a source for seeking alleged responsible and appropriate information to dissent from psychiatric care issues as the APA is for alleged legitimate support for same issues.

But, we all know how random chance is defined, 5%, 1/20 is what defines statistical significance, and frankly, for every 20 times I have gone to Mad in America, I have only been impressed or intrigued by an article or report about 1 of every 20 visits.  Today must have been that 20th time…

You have to read ALL OF THIS, and then go back and read it all again:

And I am not going to pull quotes or sections out for copy here, it is all critical to read and digest what both sides debate.

For whatever it is worth to readers here at this site, I have 3 points to make that are, in my opinion, even more gray than what either side tries to muddle in their efforts at being respectful to the other:

1.  The APA is neither solely hapless or completely complicit with Big Pharma.  No, the issue that the leadership of the APA is beyond criminal and corrupt as it is complicit with the pharma industry is irrefutable, but, the debatable issue is the predominate MEMBERSHIP of the organization is the problem that could be negotiated to better outcomes.  The members of the APA are the primary problem because, if they as clinicians and true representatives for the well being of the public they treat as the front line grunts for these diseased generals that rule the APA and academia, and they do not realize the false intent they accept and sell, then they are not only part of the problem, but are complicit without fair defense as these members shield the corrupt leadership beyond reproach.

Sorry, but you cannot simultaneously belong to the APA and tell me you care about patient care as it is practiced as a sizeable majority today.  PERIOD!

2.  Medication is, as a random chance moment, almost always an adjunct, the primary first intervention for easily 80+% of the people who genuinely seek mental health care is therapy.  Hence my moniker of this site, THERAPYFIRST.  What Dr Allen Frances should be adding to his second argument is how outside, incompetent, and growingly more antisocial and disruptive sources who are not only “therapists” but equally the administration that dictates what goes on in both clinics and even large scale private practices, have basically destroyed what little value remains for effective and appropriate psychotherapy.  And how so many clinicians who know better continue to not only be silent in exposing and demanding action against this deterioration of this treatment intervention, but sell the message that meds are a complete alternative to therapy.  Again, done by many in the APA, and not solely by the leadership mind you.

3.  For me parts 3 and 4 in their debate come down to one real point:  Involuntary treatment versus incarceration really are the same thing at the end of the day, forced care, and that goes against the inherent grain that is the primary practice of health care by providers.  You cannot force people to accept care.  As I have written here over and over, that is why we have prisons and graveyards.

Yeah, I know there will be some who will twist my narrative to simply “Hassman is abandoning the principles of his oath, he does not care for the people” by saying I will not make people accept treatment.  Really, I am doing harm by not making people participate in care interventions?  This is not a slippery slope to me, it is a sheer cliff, with the bodies of patients, significant others of these patients, and the providers and community folk too close to the process littering the base.  Like the argument being offered in the Garner no indictment case this week, what healthy responsible person meekly and easily agrees to be arrested if not felt to be committing a felony?  Conversely, what invested and cooperative patient is going to agree to “have to be treated” and almost always start with medication???

But, we are creating an environment that “any resistance is not only futile”, but demands even more forced interventions.  That is not the dynamic of care, but punishment.  And care is never responsibly or effectively framed as punishment.  But, you have again allowed those who are not only shielded from this enforced care process, but equally glorified as leaders and definers in setting these precedents as rule of law, er, rule of care.

How many providers have been invited into the court when patients are for consideration of court ordered into mental health care?  I have never been asked, and I know why.  Because the court cannot and will not hear the gray that is the point to what care interventions can and should be applied.  Some patients should really have care needs spelled out in a courtroom, whereas others it is always going to be a waste of time, money, and energy.

When care is presented as punitive, the alliance is lost until proven otherwise, and to be consistent, a random chance moment for patients.  For every 20 people court ordered, only 1 will honestly and consistently participate because he/she outwardly knows treatment is needed.  My question to all out there advocating for forced care, why do you want to work with 5% of people who want your help and care?  Must either be gluttons for punishment, or, perhaps a bit more sadistic people masquerading as providers out there?

Oh, as per the side bar I have noted in past repeated posts, the antisocial element out there trying to take advantage of getting into the mental health arena to continue to prey, disrupt, and avoid legitimate consequences for true criminal intent, well, we have had these discussions, and I am growing tired writing this post so search for content here or elsewhere at your leisure…


So, I write this post to note the random chance moment I had this afternoon by strolling over to Mad In America, and being amazed I read something of legitimate value.  Makes me wonder if I should even go back again knowing the odds are the next 19 visits will be lame and ridiculous…

And equally makes me wonder why I felt compelled to write about it!!!

I can't believe I just read that!

I can’t believe I just read that!

Didn’t take long to enrage me…



(I took this down the day after I wrote it as it was my lack of employment driving my anger as much as the idiocy of the Garner outcome, but now I have a job, reread this and felt it should be shared.  Don’t agree, well, then sorry to waste your time reading here…)

Today’s Pledge of Allegiance for this country:





You watch the video of Garner’s basic murder by cops in Staten Island, and you just have to wonder, like I learned when I did correctional work, who belongs inside the bars and who should be outside them?

And for the end, today I hoped to get a job working for an ACT team, to be told at 6PM I have to get my own Workman Comp coverage under my own insurance for a three month gig.  Incredible what is going on in Locum Work, I won’t even go into how the job I signed a contract back on Oct 28 that had yet to begin as of yesterday deteriorated into by the “client”, who told me in mid November to basically take a hike and then expect me to start for them sometime this month.

Like I said, I am treated like a disposable commodity (I first said whore but that was degrading to those in that line of work)…

Addendum Dec 8:  after I left my blog and went to Fox News, well, the irony is just dripping…………..

Well, his was attack on just a party, mine, well, on society as a whole.

“I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States Against Anything Un-American,” reads Angeletti’s version. “And to the Republicans for which it stands, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you, if you don’t watch your step.”

Maybe a reader can provide an alternative to enlighten the audience?

Last entry for a long while…



After being unemployed for a month now, and the way I have been handled by recruiters and their “clients”, I really have little hope an invested psychiatrist can provide the honesty, caring, and commitment needed to practice the standards of care that are appropriate and responsible for the profession.  Nah, psychiatry has been effectively whittled away to just “hello, here’s your scriptS, and see you in a month”.  Not what I signed up for 25 years ago, that’s for sure.

So, to any and all reading here with regularity, thanks for your time and interest, hope you have better holidays than I suspect I will have, and may 2015 be a better year than what this country, much less myself, has endured this past year.

Me, I have little optimism and faith right now, so better to say nothing than what I would continue to say if writing here further.

Be safe, be well, be happy.

homeless man walking


Addendum:  interesting…

“Beyond informing prosecutors, the completed Depravity Standard will be made available to detectives to more fully draw out evidence illustrating intent; judges and juries in sentencing and other decision making; corrections officials in making early release recommendations amid prison overcrowding; prison review officials and governors regarding pardon requests; war crimes tribunals in order to transcend the political controversies that sometimes plague such institutions; and academics in order to more carefully study severity within classes of crime, such as hate crimes, domestic violence, drug-related crimes, and other distinct areas of interest.”

“You can participate in the survey at “

nice way to end the year…

Perspective is half the battle, moral code another quarter, and just common sense is the final ingredient.


, ,



First a link that I think puts the Ferguson shooting and aftermath in realistic perspective, at least for me:

In there is this:  “There is, then, some validity to this notion of blacks and whites having different perceptions. But when the truth is knowable, one of the “perceptions” has to be wrong. Two distinct ethnic or cultural groups may have different perceptions of musical beauty or of what foods they like. But this is not the case regarding truth, which is based on facts. In Ferguson, either the black (and left-wing whites’) “perception” is not truth-based or the (non-Left) white (and black) “perception” isn’t.

Once the facts comes out, we are no longer speaking of “perceptions.” We are speaking of truth and falsehood.”

Then the author goes on to say this later:  “Like truth, morality is just a perception, one determined by an individual’s race, gender, and/or class. That is why, for the left, no man can judge any abortion, no matter how late in pregnancy and no matter the reason — because men do not possess a uterus.”

Well, there is truth to those comments, but, where is the highest truth and moral code in civilized culture?  I think the dumbing down of our culture due to various aspects has really blurred needed boundaries, created levels of entitlement and unrealistic expectation, and, what I have seen in my travels in various CMHCs the past 5 years at least, rapidly rising levels of hopelessness, despair, anxiety, and sheer panic that is not just biological, but primarily sociological in origin and thus the paradigm for healing.

I wrote about what I view would be common sense hopefully pervading when the incident first happened over 3 months ago, and include the three part links here for readers to peruse, and realize just my perspective and moral codes:

My point to those 3 posts was simply what were the basic rights and wrongs to what happened that led to an 18 year old man being shot to death by a police officer.  Literally in this situation, while the combatants were black and white, the incident was as murky gray as the fog surrounding the investigation and resulting verdict of not proceeding with an indictment against the officer.  And that is again gray.

I feel compelled to write about it now as I find the rioting to be so disgusting, senseless, and inappropriate on so many levels, well, it is a shame we have to wait for more shootings and pandemonium to get control and reason to return to the community.  But, I still feel this is about the covert rise of antisocial elements in society and how it seems to be metastasizing into so many facets in America, perhaps even fair to say globally as well.  And while the current situation in Ferguson is overt and palpable, I think a lot of the antisocial agenda still percolates without being identified and halted.

Just my opinion, like it really matters when so many others are fixated on making sure their opinion not only wins, but decimates any dissent.  And isn’t THAT what the dialogue of DC is about these days?…


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