“Having Dick Cheney on TV criticizing Barack Obama is like interviewing Joseph Stalin to complain about Adolph Hitler”



Give me a break, I am tired of hearing Dick Cheney lecture listeners of his pathetic appearances on Fox News pundit shows how Obama screwed up Iraq.  He and his puppet George W Bush created this mess, could not resolve it in 5 years, and then dumped it on another administration.  What a louse!

Oh, and how many billions and billions of dollars has Cheney and his cronies at Halliburton made from that false excuse to go to war in the first place?!  It is so disgusting that Fox trots this liar and antisocial cretin out in the first place, but, Cheney won’t have a platform on CNN or MSNBC, so who ya gonna call to get heard?

This mini rant is now over.

Common sense in Ferguson MO continued…



common sense at all times

(so the interview continues between the reporter and Jamie Doe, our common sense citizen who has found his/her way to Ferguson…)

Reporter (R): Your point about citizens challenging the police is interesting, what is your take on the protesters who have been on the streets since the shooting?

Jamie Doe (CS):  Seems like the unhappiness is pervasive, yet, why are people protesting at night?  I don’t understand who they are attracting as an audience after dark.  People are tired after a long day of walking the streets, don’t they want to rest and rejuevenate to continue their message tomorrow?  And, who are all these people on the streets day in and out, are their jobs so secondary in importance they can be out of work for days at a time?

R:  You should know the unemployment rate in Ferguson is about 25%, so that might be one reason they are protesting.

CS:  So, it took the shooting of a citizen to get these people out to protest being unemployed and disadvantaged?  Seems like the two aren’t so completely related, I understand the teen was going to college, so he wasn’t yet another unemployed young adult who was just sitting idly by.  I do believe in the adage “idle time is the work of the devil”, people need to strive for some type of structure and direction for productivity.

R:  Well, the protesting is directed at the police mistreating the citizens.  Did you know that over 90% of the police force is white, while over 70% of the population of the town is black?

CS:  I don’t see the relation as a point of contention.  In fact, in my travels across the country, I have found the predominant attitude by the African American community to be disdainful of the police, so how can African Americans make up a larger percentage of the police force when they hate policemen?  Seems incongruent to me.  And, if so many people in the town are unemployed, why aren’t some willing to consider police work as an option, if they have any interest in the needs of the community, and as citizens, might be more embraced by their neighbors if the people applying for the job are able to meet the qualifications for training and employement?

R:  I can’t answer that question, but, I would hazard to guess it requires certain education and background issues like not having a criminal record.  I don’t know the exact statistic, but I think that over 40% of black males in this country have been arrested in their lives by the age of 30.

CS:  That seems to be a damning statistic, true?  Why are so many African Americans in the criminal justice system?  I know that to be true, but when do people as a collective rise and say “enough” and as a sizeable whole work to make healthy and responsible changes to better themselves and their children?  Don’t people know the foundations to function and productivity start with basics like commitment to family, education, respect for law and order, structure per employment and maintaining a family home?  Isn’t it true that studies show a two parent home will have a greater likelihood of children growing up stable and goal oriented to be productive, irregardless of race?

R:  Another question I really can’t answer, but it seems to make sense.  Getting back to the protesters, why do you think they are challenging the police with bottles, rocks, and even Molotov Cocktail bombs, as well as some shooting at them?

CS:  Now you have me without an answer.  I would hazard to guess these people are beyond desperate, because when you attack the police, you are inviting risks of at least being arrested and detained indefinitely, as society has a boundary that attacking police officers is a serious and damning offense.  When someone is willing to attack a police officer, everyone else in the community is fair game to be attacked as well.  But, worse, attacking a police officer risks being subdued by force that could be lethal in the end.  Forget the situation with the teen shoot two weeks ago, in the middle of rioting and mayhem, how is a policeman going to know who is a friend versus a foe in a crowd?  And how to subdue one when the next person could be an accomplice and attack the officer trying to arrest the person of interest at the moment?

R:  But don’t people have the right to protest?

CS:  Umm, I don’t see how trying to harm the police is fair and reasonable protesting.  That isn’t protesting to me, that is violence and mayhem.  What is your target audience in a protest if it degrades to violence and anarchy?  What is the message then, “if you aren’t with us, you are against us and will be harmed”?  Isn’t that the same basic message of the terrorists across the globe who are just terrorizing the people they deem as adversaries?

R:  Well, I don’t know if what is going on in Ferguson is terrorism…

CS:  Sorry to cut you off, but, isn’t it also true that one risks being judged by the company you keep?  So, if these allegedly peaceful protesters are out at night protesting by civil disobedience and allow a minority percentage to be violent and disruptive that could lead to arrest and conviction of legitimate charges, aren’t they as “peaceful” risking being seen as accomplices to these criminals in their midst, especially if the majority does nothing to identify to police who are potential criminals in the midst of the crowd?

R:  That could be true.  Maybe the criminals are intimidating and controlling the crowd?

CS:  Yes, that is true to me too.  And thus, the crowd is just being manipulated and controlled by the few who are corrupt and have a nefarious agenda, and use the cover of many to just ruin it for the perverse pleasure of the few.  I don’t get why the Governor of this state called out the National Guard a few days ago.  When the National Guard of a state is asked to intervene, isn’t that basically asking for military intervention to regain control of the populace, and isn’t that going to infer some level of crowd control that demands the population cease and desist for some period of time, in fact, could lead to a martial law setting at times?

R:  That hasn’t been done yet to my knowledge.

CS:  Hmm, then it seems to be a waste of the time and resources of the National Guard.  And, just setting up an environment of more distrust and fear by the citizens.  Aren’t they already upset how the police have taken on an appearance of being military-like in their presentation and demeanor since the protesting started?  Why don’t people just stay home at night for a few days and ponder options so they can have a more disciplined and refined message during the days?

R:  You seem to be asking questions I can’t answer.

CS:  No, I seem to be asking questions that shouldn’t have to be asked, because common sense should pervade the situation and people should be civil and respectful, but also persistent and committed to getting answers and make sure an incident like this should never happen again…



The longer this situation just cooks, the sooner there will be an escalation that will make too many people sad, angry, and just plain stunned this kept up so long.

What would we learn if common sense visited Ferguson Missouri?


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common sense hand

Picture this interview, if you can.  An unbiased, objective reporter from Big City, USA, is sent to Ferguson to interview random people out on the street to get some story lines, as the paper/News station is looking for improving sales/ratings, and during the day stumbles onto a person, we’ll call him/her Jamie Doe, and this is the interview:

Reporter(R):  Hello, I am a reporter from Big City USA, I just got here to do a story,and I am wondering what you think of the situation here in Ferguson.  What is your reason for being here?

Jamie Doe(CS):  well, I also just got here, as I was just roaming the country looking for a place to see if I was wanted and appreciated, and a man told me something terrible happened here, so I came down to find out what that was.

R:  So, you know about a teenager was shot to death about 2 weeks ago by a local cop in the town?

CS:  Yes, I figured that out fairly quickly.  I understand the policeman shot him at least 6 times.  There must have been some serious disagreement between these two people.

R:  Why do you call it “disagreement”?

CS:  Well, for a policeman to shoot an unarmed citizen, there must have been some level of conflict and discord going on, and I understand it happened in the middle of the day, in the middle of a street in a neighborhood, so, this conflict must not have been looking for secrecy or privacy.  No, this was probably spontaneous conflict to happen as it did.

R:  Well, that is a good point.  Why do you think a policeman would shoot an unarmed teenager six times?

CS:  I don’t know, I was not there to witness it.  Also, I have not talked to anyone who was there who witnessed the entire incident, so I would just be making assumptions and guesses, and I don’t like to do that around people who not only I don’t know, but will publish it for others to read or hear.  But, I would think the policeman probably was afraid that something might happen that would make him fire his gun six or more times.  People usually shoot a firearm multiple times to make sure the thing they are shooting at will stop.

R:  Hmm, that seems to make some sense.  Why would the policeman be afraid of an unarmed teenager?

CS:  Well, from what I have heard so far, it appears the two had some type of scuffle or fight in the police car before the officer got out and then shot the teen.  So, if that is true, then I guess the teen was doing something that could be seen as challenging or threatening to the policeman to have to get out of the car and pursue the teen on the street.  Again, if what I have heard has merit.

R:  Yes, that seems to be near fact as of now.  What do you know about the teen who was shot?

CS:  He was to go to college in a few days, and he was a rather big man.  I understand he had no history of running afoul of the law before he was shot and killed, but, I also have heard he was considered a suspect in a robbery at a convenience store some time that same day just before the shooting, and it was caught on video tape, and oh, someone with him has admitted the robbery in fact did happen and involved the teen shot.  Seems to challenge the comments by some in the community that this teen was an honest and pure person, honest and pure people don’t steal and push around the store owners, true?

R:  Uh, yeah, I would say that is probably true…

CS:  Oh, and there seems to be some agreement among some who claim to be witnesses that the teen did have some type of altercation with the officer in the police car.  What responsible, attentive person would end up going into a police car not invited or placed in there as a suspect to be arrested and then tussle with the policeman?  That does not make sense to me, after all, the teen was unarmed, and the policeman obviously had a gun and was having some type of interaction with the teen to initiate the situation.  I did not hear the teen waved down or stopped the car on his own, true?

R:  No, I have not heard that observation by anyone claiming to be a witness.

CS:  Also, if I had recently robbed a person or store, I would not want to get the attention of the police, because if they stopped me and found the stolen goods, that would make a good case to be arrested.  So, why would I want, as a thief, to bring more attention to myself from a policeman?

R:  That is a good point, so if the cop told them to get off the street, you would think they could just move a few feet and get on the curb, and he would have driven on and forgotten about them by the next intersection.

CS:  Yes, that would have made sense from someone who was being sensible.  I wonder why the policeman would have had to tell them to get off the street?  Were they impeding traffic, being disruptive or dangerous to cars that had driven by before the policeman came upon them?

R:  Well, we don’t know that.

CS:  Yes, and we won’t know the teen’s point of view ever as he is dead.  I wonder what this teen could possibly have been doing to make a policeman have to shoot his gun six or more times at him?  I doubt he was listening to what was asked nor being cooperative with what was being demanded at some point.  While police don’t have all the rights in this country, they certainly have more authority than the average citizen, so, why would someone want to challenge a police officer unless that citizen feared for his/her life or was being horrendously and inappropriately abused?




read it all, but this part will tie in to this fictional interview:

“I know it is scary for people to be stopped by cops. I also understand the anger and frustration if people believe they have been stopped unjustly or without a reason. I am aware that corrupt and bully cops exist. When it comes to police misconduct, I side with the ACLU: Having worked as an internal affairs investigator, I know that some officers engage in unprofessional and arrogant behavior; sometimes they behave like criminals themselves. I also believe every cop should use a body camera to record interactions with the community at all times. Every police car should have a video recorder. (This will prevent a situation like Mike Brown’s shooting, about which conflicting and self-serving statements allow people to believe what they want.) And you don’t have to submit to an illegal stop or search. You can refuse consent to search your car or home if there’s no warrant (though a pat-down is still allowed if there is cause for suspicion). Always ask the officer whether you are under detention or are free to leave. Unless the officer has a legal basis to stop and search you, he or she must let you go. Finally, cops are legally prohibited from using excessive force: The moment a suspect submits and stops resisting, the officers must cease use of force.”

Hey, if I am stopped by a man/woman who identifies oneself as a police officer and can back up the claim, I am not going to be belligerent nor try to fight them if I am unarmed,and, have done nothing wrong I know of to warrant them challenging me.

The odds are the interaction will be short, and while possibly unpleasant per the demeanor and attitude of the cop, will be done.

Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.  Gee, that in and of itself seems to be a common sense thought, wouldn’t you agree?  We’ll get to that tomorrow.. (this post was written at 9PM Wed Aug 20, the blog is 4 hours ahead, go figure, that doesn’t make much sense to me)


Some people don’t like my predictions, well, you won’t like this post…



Race card holder

Eric Holder has no business going to Ferguson tomorrow, but, per my hypothesis, this is yet another path Obama and his cronies are traveling to see what not only they can do to use the Race Card further, but, I think honestly to stoke more emotions from the crowd.  See how getting people out of control can be used to control the rest of the public.

Here’s how I see it:  Holder makes conclusions within the next 5 days and will charge the officer.  He will further demean the Ferguson Police Dept, and even the Missouri State Police, for, are you sitting down, being racist against blacks while being black!  And then show true projection and deflection when called on his own racist agenda by calling his accusers, again, racists.

I think Obama has encouraged the Attorney General for the US so brazen in his comments and actions, Holder will say something so outrageous by the middle of Fall, Obama will either flagrantly ignore it, or, just tell the public the comment was taken out of context.  Oh, and allude to the racism in the criticisms.

For me, another example how the President of the US is just chipping away at the strengths and appropriate boundaries of this country.  Our borders, health care system, defense, and public relations, as a start, and the list is longer.  People say “what are the deeds that show Obama is out to get us?!”, well, I’ll finish with this:

After watching Rick Perry get booked today on what is an absurd charge by partisan politics, if Obama uses Executive Order to declare amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, I hope the House of Representatives starts impeachment hearings.

Yeah yeah yeah, two wrongs don’t make a right.  Or, if there is legitimate traction to charge Perry for not doing his job as a Governor, then what if the Constitution does declare an action by the President as malfeasance and detriment to the republic?  Think about these things, as the antisocials certainly don’t want you to think about it!

Addendum Aug 21 2014:  already the spin machine is in play:


“The attorney general remembered how he was stopped twice on the New Jersey Turnpike and accused of speeding. Police searched his car, going through the trunk and looking under the seats.

“I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me,” Holder said during a private meeting with about 50 community leaders at the Florissant campus of St. Louis Community College.

Holder also met with federal officials investigating Michael Brown’s Aug. 9 death and with Brown’s parents.

While living in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, Holder was once running to catch a movie with his cousin when a squad car rolled up and flashed its lights at the pair. The officer yelled, “Where are you going? Hold it!” Holder recalled.

His cousin “started mouthing off,” and Holder urged him to be quiet.

“We negotiate the whole thing, and we walk to our movie. At the time that he stopped me, I was a federal prosecutor. I wasn’t a kid,” he said.”

OK, well he has had negative experiences, but, does that make him objective and able to do his job for the country, or, just find ways to be punitive and vindictive?

We will see, I guess.

I want to meet the people who want Hillary Clinton to be President!


You have to watch this and pay attention to what Hillary Clinton demands in giving a talk these days:


Forget the $300, 000 speaking fee (and for no more than 90 minutes, you do the math for dollars per minute!)  She expects others in her entourage to be paid and given Cart Blanche services, this isn’t about being a speaker, this is about being royalty, and for what, being a First Lady, a sham Senator, and a lousy Secretary of State, who had the gall to shout “what difference does it make” how an ambassador was killed.

So, I want to meet the likes of Hillary Clinton supporters in my travels these next 2 years, because I will tell you now what these people will be like, and mostly overlaps at that:

1.  Die hard feminists who think this is the example of the first woman President.

2.  Die hard liberals who think Clinton is the only person who can win the election for the party.

3.  Die hard Clintonistas who think that the Clintons as a couple are the second coming of Christ, no, hold that, that these two actually trump the role of Christ!

4.  People who just go to the polls every election and vote for who they are told to vote for, as both parties have to account for the ignorant and dependent masses who are the mules for partisan votes.

5.  Fellow sociopaths, er, special interests who depend on her and him to do their bidding.

Sums it up for me.  I will be surprised if I meet someone who does not fit one, or more, than those above descriptors.  And the irony is, the Democrats bitch the loudest about the elections being a pay off by the Republicans, yet, my money (pun incredibly intended) is that the Clintons will shame even the money spent by Romney and the last Bush.

There is no shame in politics these days, eh?

Why Ferguson Missouri is a prelude to what will happen in Washington DC by the end of the year.


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My last post had 2 points that lead into this post.  First, why are people in Ferguson, even if they are not residents but coming there from other areas of the state, if not out of state, basically rioting when told to clear the streets after dark?  Because of at least 2 reasons, initially being they are outraged and feel no one is there to help, but, quickly following, the antisocial element is filling that void and trying to use violence and fear as tools to create chaos.

Here is an explanation, even if from a movie:

Yes, there are people out there in real life, real time, real situations, who just want to watch the world burn.  Because there are people out there among us who don’t care, who can’t be reasoned with, and unfortunately, have no boundaries.

And what is the most frightening, they sometimes end up in positions of power, and boy, you give them the sense they are going to lose that power, watch the flames erupt!

Readers who frequent this blog with any regularity should know I don’t like either “party” in this country, but moreso, I don’t think we have true individual parties, but just a perverse and degenerate amalgamation I call the “Republocrats”, as they know once in entrenched positions of power, the real enemy are the unknowns, they can deal with their polar opposites of the other side of the polluted aisle.  But, right now, the ugliness of the Democrats is truly breathtaking, as the second point from the last post was the current use of politics to indict people is just heinous, and driven (pun unintentionally created) by the arrest of a D.A., THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY, for a DWI.  3 times over the legal limit.  But, when a Governor is doing what the law allows, well, indicting him is not just an option, but a weapon.

So, how do these two points relate to the future in Washington?  We will see how what will be martial law in Ferguson plays out if not just tonight, but the next several days, and you all better be paying attention to how martial law is implemented and handled.  First, the definition, by Wikipedia I usually use here:


“Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).”

Yeah, if the bullets aren’t fired to get violators to a court of law!

So, when people become out of hand, lawless, unable to rationalize and redirect, and become a threat to the public, well, that requires serious boundaries and limit setting.  But, what happens when your “leaders” are out of hand, lawless, unable to rationalize and redirect, and become a threat to the public, and moreso, see the public as a threat to their power and control?  Look for the easiest and most effective way to project, deflect, and rationalize very pathologically, how the public is out of control and must be subdued, but, I think the more operative word is, “controlled”.

The Democrats are more likely than not to lose seats in November in federal elections, and I would bet probably moreso than not in State elections as well.   Per the example in Texas, where they aren’t even the predominant party in power there now, they are already showing piss poor management skills by forcing what will be shown to be a frivolous, if not illegal, use of an indictment against a public official, in this case the Governor.

Imagine what they will do if they lose the upcoming election this November, and also if Obama ends up being threatened with impeachment, if not true criminal charges, if it comes out he has been actively complicit in some of the ongoing scandals that have honest merit to be investigated.  He and the Democrats fight and resist the law, because the antisocial has no interest in law or accountability, and then the American people come to show solidarity for the law, for maintaining said boundaries and accountability.  Can you handle watching the American Military shooting on American citizens?  Well, you might see that this week in Missouri!

It will be even uglier than what you are seeing in Ferguson, if my theory of what will happen has merit.  Because we are dealing with antisocials in serious positions of power, and there are too many in the public who just acquiesce and agree with people in power, because ignorance and blind allegiance to party politics is what the antisocial depends on to stay in power.

Hey, if I am wrong, life is good.

But, right now, life is basically crap.  Sorry to say that as a psychiatrist, but, I am wrong in that opinion?

Martial Law poster

I think the Obama administration has been transparent, at showing total disregard for the boundaries of this country, and won’t tolerate an informed and empowered electorate.  Stay tuned…

Addendum later today:  just to illustrate my point both sides of this polluted aisle of Republocrats have their idiocy in positions of power and influence, thanks again to Sarah Palin, the worst thing the Tea Party could ever have as a “leader”, you have to read this garbage piece published at Fox News:


Read it all, but this will give you some idea of what awaits you:

“I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason, so in hindsight I can value my own experience as a conservative governor dealing with leftwing activists who would stop at nothing to take out a successful Republican.

I was riddled with countless frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits after being nominated as the GOP vice presidential candidate, all in an attempt to derail my governorship and personally bankrupt my family.

One by one these complaints were tossed out on the basis of their frivolity, but the activists got what they wanted via the complicit liberal media’s consistent headline: “Palin Charged With Ethic Complaints!”

It didn’t matter that the “complaint” was for something as absurd as wearing an old snow machine jacket with my husband’s logo on it, or answering reporters’ questions inside my state office, or giving a pro bono speech for a pro-life charity; again in hindsight the ridiculousness of the constant charges — that cost millions to defend and halted all progress in my administration — would seem hilarious if they’d not been so unfair to the public.”

Yeah, there is hilarity from her, one that she thinks leaving a political office early to make money defines a successful Republican, well, no, just a “successful entrepreneur”, who screws the very constituency she was elected to serve, not profit from so blatantly; and second, why so many complaints against her, I mean, you do your job right, why are others so foolishly risking frivolous suits in the first place?

It is nothing less than incredible who these polar ends of the Repugnants and ‘Craps chose to have a spokespersons for them.  And, it also is nothing less than incredible how many listen and vote for these cretins so reflexively.  Dr O’Brien notes the movie “Idiocracy” as explanation, but, no, we need the sequel, “Insaniocracy”, where everyone is on psychotropics if not in strait jackets!

Oh, my bad, that is already happening too…

Sociopathy rules across the globe.


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What do these pictures have in common?

ISIS Putin

Boko Haram Ferguson Cocktails

And then this story from Texas getting more press now,

Rosemary Lehmberg (Rosemary Lehmberg, the prime reason for the indictment of Rick Perry of Texas for his Veto of a bill because this DISTRICT ATTORNEY was arrested and convicted of a DWI and was incredibly disruptive at the time of her arrest:  see the video for laughs?:


This, is the best we have across the globe, people are oppressed, indifferent, or outraged, and in times of distress turn to someone or a group who claims to be invested and willing to help.  Right?

Let’s finish with my two favorites of late regarding this concept:

Hamas scum ObamaJoker

Yeah, I know, that last picture has visceral reactions.  Just google “problems that have developed while Obama in office” and read away the links.  Immigration, IRS, Benghazi, ISIS, Israel, Fast & Furious, Drone strikes on US citizens, Spying on US citizens, oh, and Lack of transparency in Obama administration.  Good start?

Sociopathy, coming to a crisis near you this Fall!

If you don’t want to be President, Mr Obama, then just quit, why waste our time with impeachment!



“You know, I said this on set after the cameras were turned off to a couple of people who I knew wouldn’t say it on the air. I said guys, you know as well as I do that the second this administration is over, the books are going to come from former secretaries of state. The books are going to come from former chiefs of staff. The books are going to come, and this president is going to have to deal with 20-30 years of disparagement from his own side, calling him one of the least effective presidents, because he’s one of the most insulated presidents.”

The damage this man has done to America will take years, if not a decade or more, to undo, if at all.

Oh, and speaking of martial law, the garbage going on in Ferguson Missouri is the prelude to what this Commando In Chief is planning to try to accomplish should he lose the Senate in November.  Get the mob to riot and then use it as an excuse to punish the country.  Hey, if I am wrong, laugh your asses off at me.  If I am right, well…

After 5 days, I watched with my family Robin Williams best performance!


If you can’t find it, look harder.  “inside the Actor’s Studio”, around 2001, Robin Williams was on, and I was lucky to find the DVD of it about 5 years ago, and watched it tonight after my family debated what was the best R.W. movie to showcase his talents.  After watching him be himself on this show, the laughs alone were hands down!

If this does not make you cry from laughing hysterically, you are dead!

Robin Williams, you are funny beyond belief, and I hope if there is an afterlife, they will give you an exception and let you be around those who did not make painful choices.  And if there is a God, he is lying on the floor like I have been in my life going “Oh man, you are hurtin’ me!!!”

The scarf routine is beyond priceless!

Williams with the scarf

Will a valued person’s death rally for a cause, or just further regress society?


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Robin Williams to remember

Robin Williams’ death now seems apparently a suicide, barring something so incredible only a movie could make sense of another reason, and now we as a society must figure out what to do with such a painful and profound loss.  I see his death truly as a fork in the road for how to not only handle mental health, but, what to prepare for if my concern has any merit too many in this country really have little hope and faith as of today.

Williams was not someone I ever considered committing suicide.  Not that I am surprised of his struggles with a mood disorder and ongoing risks for relapse of his substance issues, but, he had such a strong and committed circle of family and friends, that really is protective more often than not.  Plus, he played so many roles in movies that had some element of mental health topics to them, mostly portrayed as supportive of healthy and responsible choices, I can’t imagine he would abandon those messages.

I know from his rants in his stand up routines and veiled comments about mental health in public interviews I have caught over the years he was not a fan of mental health care, certainly  not medications, but, I think he had the common sense to seek out care when the going got tough.  That was his M.O. throughout the last 30 years, again from what I have learned from what he and others responsible have revealed.  I know we as observers/bystanders have to wait and find out what those who know the truth and facts will reveal to us, but, if there was a note written by him before he died, I really hope that is made public sooner than later.  The country needs some level of closure as much as his family and friends.

And one reason I hope there is some revelation to his choice is my sincere concern his death could have serious repercussions for the public.  People in general are looking at this death as “if someone like Robin Williams who had a lot in so many ways gave up, why should I stick it out?”

I found this link today to offer as a start why people SHOULD NOT think that way:


“I find it harder, however, not to focus to some extent on his death. We live in a celebrity culture, like it or not. It means that around the world in coming days, people will be talking about this terrible event, reflecting not just on his career, but on the reality of the illness which led him to his death. He will forever be remembered for his acting and comedic skills, and the films are there for all time for future generation to enjoy. But I hope too that he will be remembered as someone whose death was another staging post in the changing attitudes to mental health and mental illness which are desperately required all around the world.”

and this from there as well, “I am lucky to have a supportive and understanding family, a small number of good friends, and a doctor I trust. When finally we spoke, he put me on anti-depressants, and I have been on them ever since, which is the longest period I have ever been on them. The many people I have met since, over the past twelve months, would have no idea, and it is not something I would broadcast unless asked – I t0ok a decision after my breakdown in 1986 always to be open.”

Please, read the whole link, it is exactly what I want to say to any of you reading here to not only get a mental health perspective about understanding the loss of a special person in our society, but, to truly find the silver lining in a terrible loss.  Depression is treatable, has a better endpoint from treatment, not just from medications mind you, but from the whole mental health treatment process.  Over 70% of people who actively and consistently participate in mental health, even if follow ups are less frequent over time, achieve sizeable resolution of symptoms if not experience remission.  And yet, what are the numbers for improving illnesses like hypertension and diabetes, even if caught relatively early, about 50% at best.

Note I do not say “cure” in treating depression and mental health issues in general, a terrible and misleading four letter word in mental health.  If your remission lasts for the rest of your life, then I guess you are cured at that point.  gee, the same expectation with cancer.  But, you certainly don’t want a relapse of cancer, so why not approach illnesses like depression the same way?

Besides writing this post to try to motivate people find hope and faith from this story, I also write it to put the abolitionists/antipsychiatry ilk front and center for their overall attitude that not only psychiatry should not exist, but, they allude that not only should people have the right to commit suicide, it is WRONG to try to intervene and help people who are suicidal.  Well, let’s hope some learning about mental health and ways to help people really see and hear the message of the antipsychiatry crowd.  Gee, being abandoned and minimized is their way of population control, I guess.  Oh, they will attack this post and try to spin it that I as a psychiatrist am the evil one, that my treatment ONLY hurts and kills, but, I offer people look up the defense mechanism of “projection” and see if it fits their narrative.  I guess abandoning people who are suicidal is so helpful and constructive, eh???


Unfortunately, I have to write further here with something I found so heinous and rude, I do so to try to minimize the legitimate fallout the antipsychiatry crowd could rail about, it was this absurd and ridiculous comment within a post by a colleague:


Already there are psychiatrists out there trying to take advantage of Robin Williams, let’s face it, being trotted out on cable shows is not about education when we don’t have the facts, but, these doctors just don’t know when to shut up and keep it general and respectful.  Well, I am sure some will, but, this column is such a disgrace!

It started out fairly well, and then Dr Ablow wrote something so stupid, it ends any realism of being beneficial for me once I read this:

‘I have now treated a few thousand people with depression. I have lost not a single one to suicide while under my care.”

Wow, what a revelation.  Either he has cherry picked his patients from day one of his residency and bucked odds that make it likely you would hit Power Ball AND get hit by lightning at the same moment, or, he is lying or manipulating facts to make it sound like anyone who killed themselves while he was a treating psychiatrist wasn’t his patient anymore at the time of death.

Honest and grounded psychiatrists can never claim this if providing clinical care for several years at least.  I have had some patients commit suicide while I was treating them, more of them who left care but still were my patients even if not set up for a follow up when they died.  How disingenuous a comment by Dr Ablow.  Really takes what could be a good post and just flattens it, for me at least.

He is completely on the mark with this comment though:

“This scourge affected 17 – 20 million adults in the last year alone. Suicide is epidemic now. And our mental health care system is in ruins, so unable to respond that cities are spending tens of millions to build safety nets under their bridges to catch those who attempt to jump to their deaths.”

And this is why I implore you as the public, don’t let politicians set the pace for care for mental health, they will screw it up further than that shambles they have gotten away with til now.

And don’t let the dissenters for mental health care convince you that ALL of psychiatry, much less ALL of mental health care in general, is bad and ruinous.  There are bad people out there masquerading as clinicians and providers, but, if you really believe the dissenter/antipsychiatry/abolitionist message, then we need to get rid of our police next.

Robin Williams in his role in “The World’s Greatest Dad” said this, “Remember, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.”   Whether it is irony or pure coincidence, before that movie came out, I have been saying to patients my version for many years, “SUICIDE IS A TERMINAL SOLUTION TO TEMPORARY PROBLEMS”.   The real irony is it is shame Robin Williams did not put that line he said somewhere where he would see it every day the past couple of weeks/months.

The link to relate the above quote for interested readers:


Well, I have rambled, and I hope readers will consider my point of view and give much thought, and remember this line from a M*A*S*H episode when Hawkeye prevented an underaged soldier from going back to fighting, when Hawkeye was told his interference was terrible by saying “I hate you, and I will hate you for the rest of my life!”

Which Hawkeye retorts so beautifully, “Well, let’s hope it is a long and healthy hate.”

Stopping someone from killing him/herself is worth the hate, because it will, until proven otherwise, like a Phoenix rise from the ashes and become something beautiful and loving once again.  Hopefully.  I won’t say every single time there is no reason for suicide,  But, you listen to the psychiatry abolitionists, they think random chance is 95% of the time, not 5%.  They learned statistics in the graveyard, not class!

Be safe, be well, and be hopeful!

Joel Hassman, MD

addendum Aug 14 12 Noon:  Ah, Mad In America does not dissapoint:


A bit long of an excerpt, but I have to put it all in for readers to see the depth, and that is the operative word here, “Depth”, as they as a collective at MIA have to take a tragedy and spin it to make care even more despicable, even though they know as much as I do about his death as of today:

“But no, that’s not what makes me saddest right now. For what it’s worth, here are five things that make me sadder than Robin Williams’ suicide:

  1. People getting ‘treatment’ in the mental health system die, on average, about 25 years younger than others in the community. According to several sources, the average life expectancy for men in the United States is around 77 years. Robin Williams died at 63. That gives him about 11 years of life above and beyond the average person being ‘served’ in the mental health system. I realize this is an imperfect statistic, but meaningful nonetheless. (It’s even more meaningful when we consider that much evidence seems to point to non-medicalized approaches as leading to substantially better outcomes for people who are experiencing life-interrupting emotional distress.)
  2. People are diagnosing Robin Williams posthumously and calling it undeniable truth. This may seem a relatively minor point, and it would be… if not for the fact that people are so commonly diagnosed against their will and in a way that is used as justification for forced or coerced treatment on an extraordinarily regular basis. This is the same ‘treatment’ that leads to the 25-years-younger figure noted above.
  3. People who die in their fifties whilst seated firmly in the palm of the mental health system often do so in over-medicated hazes that have left them isolated and unable to do much more than sit around and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Consider this in juxtaposition to Williams’ rather full life that included children, wives, friends, multiple homes and a career.
  4. A growing number of people appear to have killed themselves precisely because of the mental health ‘treatment’ they have received. Some of them weren’t even suicidal before they got on the psychiatric drugs that directly preceded their self-inflicted deaths. We’re talking kids, in a lot of instances. Williams had over 40 years of life on many of them. (And, by the way, I think the jury is still out on exactly how ‘treatment’ or psych drugs might have been used or impacted Williams himself.)
  5. Robin Williams’ suicide is being manipulated as an opportunity to push more ‘treatment’ as usual. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve seen comments on-line from people saying, “I hope news of Robin Williams’ mental illness will go viral, if it will mean that more people get treatment,” or, “If only he’d been on medication, he’d still be alive…” Most of them don’t quite realize the potential harm they’re doing or the mythifying misinformation they’re spreading. And then there’s the standard cast of characters – people like Tim Murphy – who are wholeheartedly, knowingly and opportunistically jumping on his death to push forward their force-laden, rights violating agendas. Let’s make no mistake, here. People are using the death of a man who claims to never have even been formally diagnosed to push mental health ‘treatment’ on countless individuals in spite of the fact that said ‘treatment’ seems to be leading to even earlier deaths than Williams’ own, skyrocketing disability rates and overall poor outcomes. Perfect.

I don’t want to minimize Robin Williams’ death. It is awful (though, no more or less awful than most any other suicide). He was an undeniable talent, and at least seemed like an overall good guy. His family must be devastated and they are more than entitled to their grief (and privacy). Yet, his death should not be used to dwarf, camouflage, or distract us from the much broader problems in our culture. It should not be used against his postmortem will to sell more drugs or the concept of ‘mental illness’ (which is, of course, used to sell more drugs).”

Yeah, she doesn’t want to minimize Williams’s death, just use it as a disingenuous poster boy for a corrupt cause in generalities.  This site is so pathetic, and the usual suspects who just write the garbage they spew are nothing less than disgusting.

Sure, they are entitled to opinion, but, that is what they are, opinions.  They write it like gospel though.  Hey MIA, what goes around comes around, will you be ducking soon?!

Addendum 5PM:  how desperate are the abolitionists to tie in meds to Williams’death?  Keep reading the thread from the above link to this addendum from today at Noon, now they are claiming his Parkinsons disease issue, that WIlliams’ wife has noted in a statement this afternoon, is due to meds.

Watch the desperation of people who have to maintain the narrative, facts and reality be damned!  If it turns out Williams was not on meds at the time of his death, which we still DO NOT KNOW, here’s the next bet:  it was meds he was on YEARS ago that made him suicidal this past couple of weeks.

Hate, it just makes you twisted, eh?


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