Garbage in, garbage out, and last post for a bit…


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Wow, two things going on that sum up my ongoing hypothesis that we have a growing population of characterological folks out there who are not going to help this country improve, but, implode.

First, this current Presidential election reflects what the two sides of the Republocrats are at the end of the day:  Hillary Clinton is an antisocial candidate, no doubt about it with her pervasive corrupt, and criminal behaviors and actions, and she represents the Democrat rhetoric and agenda at the end of the day; then there is Donald Trump, the textbook example of Narcissism run amok, and he attracts the pervasive narcissistic and insensitive element of the Republicans who believe in abandonment, and perhaps there is an antisocial element too with their shameless warmongering and love for torture.

So, one who is responsible and grounded can look forward to a wonderful primary and general election cycle next year.  Destructive or Dumbass, what, a, choice!

The second thing going on right now is this hopeless and maladaptive debate going on about corrupt cops and “black lives matter”.  Gotta love sociopathy running both ends of this conflict.  Who ya gonna believe, the police who are probably more and more corrupt and complicit with the criminals they have to deal with day in and out, or the criminals often at the appropriate end of some form of legal accountability, but, are dismissive, disruptive, and downright resistant to what often had been appropriate limit setting at moment one that deteriorated to violence and conflict that can’t excuse the cops poor judgment at the end of such incidents.

But, you the public, have to pick a polarized side here.  Me, I think both sides stink to high heaven, and the leadership who should be stepping in and resetting the debate terms are either equally as clueless and/or complicit with these polarized extremist zealots and cretins, or, just don’t give a damn, “I forgot the part where this is my problem” many of them utter between the lines.

Again, the antisocial element is thriving these days, certainly the last many months, and our Antisocial in Chief is loving the erosion of the fabric of America he personally contributes almost weekly these days.

And the hot August nights have yet to come.  Are you all ready for the Mad Max outcomes likely to be within the next couple of years if the status quo remains?

Think about it honestly and seriously for a minute, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as President in 2017?  Even Jeb Bush and all his Bush Cronies in place when the public realizes Trump is beyond a joke with his comments and actions this past week alone?!

We are doomed, folks, as I have little faith the public as a sizeable majority will rise to the occasion and tell these schmucks running America to choke on it!

Piece of advice to anyone with half a brain, don’t argue or fight with cops, you won’t win, and you might not even survive, regardless if you are guilty or not of a crime or transgression at moment one getting a cop in your face.

Garbage in, garbage out, Mr Carlin sums it up on the mark 19 years ago, and what has changed since then?  NOTHING!!!

Catch ya next month???

'Going anywhere nice?'

By the way…



Over at Mad (that psychiatry exists) In America, once again faux pharmacologist Philip Hickey writes a post about psychopharm issues, this time Benzodiazepines, and tries to come across as an expert.  Pathetic.  And so is the site, who’s authors of the blog think they can pose this crap as expertise.

the link:

They allowed a few comments by me at the thread, but when it came to my persistence in asking for Dr Hickey’s credentials to write such posts, well, got censored.

Here is what I wrote that never made it to the thread:

At the risk of this comment being stricken, at least the editors know what I am  on to with this blog: you, Dr Hickey, are no expert at psychopharmacology posts, and this sham of a premise you can comment on them shows the dearth of credibility this blog has to genuinely offer to readers looking for help in mental health issues!

Yeah, I am the common response to psychiatry, what a joke response from you, Dr Hickey and the heads of this site.  If the editors have the guts to let this comment be posted, I ask readers to consider these links from me in past times:

and last,

So, anyone reading at my blog knows I am a harsh and consistent critic of the use of benzos, so for Dr Hickey just to reflexively write I am one of the usual suspects is so lame and disingenuous.

But, I guess just having the MD and psychiatrist associated with my name makes me complicit with the psychiatry agenda railed about at this blog over and over and over and over and ….

Hey, asked about Dr Hickey’s credentials to write posts like this in a comment a couple of days ago, and not reading a reply to dismiss my failed opinion, so…

Joel Hassman, MD

What do you expect from narrow minded narrative and extremist bullshit, just out to harass and demean a profession because attacking all the players involved in the problems that honestly do exist in mental health care would risk marginalizing that site in the first place?

My guess is that 90% of the regular suspects who comment at the site are Progressive Leftist Democrat hacks; get rid of the Police, Conservatives, and anyone who does not genuflect to LGBT rhetoric without any dissent at all!

Anyone who wants to read characterological chants, any thread will do ya!

Golden calf of agenda

Idols, pay attention to who worships without pause!

Addendum 4:30PM:  So I get this email from the blog “moderator” about an hour ago, and it is complete coincidence after this post was written?

emead via 

3:31 PM (1 hour ago)

to Joel
 Hi Joel! It’s been a while, but I’d like to touch base about the comments again — specifically, your most recent comments on Philip Hickey’s blog.
I’m wondering if you’d be willing to make your points without goading and insulting blog authors, discussing comment moderation, or engaging in polarized, over generalized rhetoric yourself? Your earlier comments on that post were quite critical but also civil, and my hope is that you can continue in that vein. 
I’ll paste your comments at the end of this email and put in bold the parts I consider most problematic. The reasons I consider them problematic are spelled out in our posting guidelines. Specifically:
“Keep comments civil. This includes refraining from posting personal attacks”
“We ask for good faith and the benefit of the doubt in our effort to allow anybody who wants to join the dialogue to do so without fear of abuse.”
“A person’s choice not to acknowledge or respond to specific arguments will not be assumed to be malicious, or a sign of a character flaw, or otherwise held against them.”
“Please note that in most cases discussion of comment moderation in a thread is considered off-topic.”
If you’re willing to remove or rephrase those parts and come at things with a cooler head, I’d be happy to publish your comments and then someone other than me can read them. Just so you know, the editors generally do not get involved with the comment section — that’s my job as moderator of the site. 
She then wrote a follow up saying she did not know of this post and is reading it about this time, not sure if she will read this addendum, but, sorry, I don’t think it coincidence.  Who tipped her off is my next thought…
Readers can decide what to believe.

Year of the antisocial, Part 2.


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obama and the masses chained

Here are some wonder moments of pathetic rhetoric and actions by that Antisocial in Chief in the White House:

Yep, those prisoners really need more compassion and breaks, because being put in prison, not jails mind you, reflect just a bad moment of questionable judgment…


Yeah, all those people on Social Security are a real menace to society…

This one is one of my favorites,

Just think, all you homeowners out there who spent much time really looking for the best community to live in to feel safe, maximize the best schools, have comfortable neighbors, and most important, hope for accountability and responsibility among the residents you live among.  But, nope, once again this guy in the White House wants to dumb down and intrude on personal choice…

Finally, this one is as antisocial an act and agenda you could possibly witness, and there is no justification or rationalizaton to defend it:

“Refusing to lower the flag to salute the slain of Chattanooga is such a petty gesture of contempt. It’s not as if makes the American people more likely to forget about the incident. The clown-car fumbling by officials to make it look as if Abdulazeez’s motives were murky isn’t fooling a single normal American citizen.”

Yep, sums it up for me, contempt, disdain, and no respect for the honest, hard working, and responsible citizens who live legitimately in this country.

Like how the bastard never called the Steinle family after their daughter’s death by an illegal immigrant repeat offender.  Like how the bastard wants to engage with other countries like Iran and Cuba who have nothing but hatred for this country, while dissing or just ignoring committed allies like Israel and Western Europe.

And then you watch how this antisocial agenda trickles down.  Like, what is going on in Baltimore, with what is being revealed from the rioting 3 months ago and how the Mayor is an Obama wannabe:

A start, while from May 8:

then this 2 months later:

Lots of sources for this one back prior to the April 27 rioting, but, include it just to show the rhetoric of Obama Jr, here in Baltimore:

I can’t find a source from the Net here, but, it was reported on one of the local talk shows today that Rawlings-Blake was critical of the National Guard being used because, the talk show host claims, all she could say was “they (the Guard) are only good for lethal force”.  Really?!

Finally, this BS from the “Black Lives Matter” crowd that attacked our former Governor O’Mallady when he actually responsibly said “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter”, um, no, this is a crowd run by antisocials who only think that black lives that are conveniently used as a screen to advance a scumbag agenda are what matters.  Once again, rhetoric only consistent with an antisocial need.

Yeah, it isn’t about a principle, just a convenient message for the convenience of a few who will pollute an honest and appropriate rally call.  Interrupt a conference to claim black lives trump all others?  Antisocial, folks!

This region, the Baltimore-Washington area, is the epicenter of the antisocial, folks, and as long as most of you stay clueless, uninvested, or god forbid, complicit, we are doomed.  Oh, and the controlled substance seeking crowd pervading doctors’ offices, wow, what a slimy group they are.  Just remember folks, the explosion of Heroin is not from the urban poverty areas, but…

And what is the largest growing demographic of abusers these days?

“Heroin use has increased across the United States among men and women, most age groups, and all income levels. The greatest increases have occurred in groups with historically lower rates of heroin use, including women and people with private insurance and higher incomes.”

and repeated here:

“The face of heroin use in America has changed utterly. Forty or fifty years ago heroin addicts were overwhelmingly male, disproportionately black, and very young (the average age of first use was 16). Most came from poor inner-city neighbourhoods. These days, the average user looks more like Ms Scudo. More than half are women, and 90% are white. The drug has crept into the suburbs and the middle classes.”

Oh, and by the way, opiate addicts, at least while in the throes of addiction use, are antisocial in attitudes and behaviors, so, tolerating this rise in opiate addiction only feeds into the antisocial agenda across the country.

Hey, don’t believe me, I am sure all the experiences you are having in your travels during your days in your cities and towns are wonderful and pleasant.

Get real!  And get ready for more heartache and chaos, what with these leaders who are only out for themselves.  And out to get anyone who wants to be autonomous and independent.  Traits the antisocial resents the most…

Have a nice day!

twisted smiley

An example of arrogance, entitlement, and ugly insensitivity wrapped into what was initially one comment, but now three.


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OK, so this is my blog, and if people disagree or are offended, well, while I do say to some degree I am sorry, at the same time, then don’t read here.  But, the arrogance and entitlement that typifies the Left/Democrats/Progressives who support policies that, as one example, kill American citizens so illegal immigrants can roam this country and create endless mayhem without consequences, well, once again Ms Higgins thinks that being asked to not come here really means come back and insult and taunt the blog author.

After telling her again to move on, what does this disrespectful and demanding person do?  Yep, she comments yet again.  And here it is for any interested reader to see the typical garbage that is the Obama-ites at their best, or to me, their worst:


Shared thought provoking observation – feedback directly to you , wondering if you can engage in open dialogue – or just want the power tripping experience of controlling your board ? You are still labeling people you don’t know – very defensive behavior indicative of feeling powerless —

Frankly, I find this textbook projection, she labels me who she equally does not know outside this blog or other comments at other sites.  Yeah, the truth is, she is powerless to make me bow to her narrative and agenda.  Which is so typical of the Left and their ilk.  Their phony compassion and relentless demand we cater and regurgitate their every idea and narrative is so disgusting to have to endure.

By the way, to the Higgins and other Obama believers, how fascinating and so loud a deafening silence for Obama and the White House to not offer ONE WORD of solace or condolence to the Steinle family after their daughter’s death by the hands of one who had sanctuary to kill honest and responsible American citizens.  And these disgusting supporters of this failed policy still defend the right for this to continue.

Is this the most overt example of antisocial agenda yet by the ‘Craps?  Wait for it, at least 25-30% of allegedly legal voters of the electorate will vote for any and all Democrats who outwardly continue to support this sanctuary attitude.

Again, it is not the politicians who suck at the end of the day, but their complicit and deranged choir that roams among us in the public, these partisan zealots who don’t care about this country.

Oh, and by the way, Ms Higgins, again, please stop commenting here, you are beyond annoying and rude, you are not welcome.  Go to ‘Frisco and hang out with your antisocial and insensitive Progressive lots who just want to further dumb down and destroy American freedoms and rights.

This is not a sanctuary blog for you or your ilk!  Be offended!!  Go seek out your choir at other sites, like Madness In America!!!  Rail away and spin around gleefully as your buddies trash all who are psychiatrists.  And we will wait for your equivalent chants that echo “Zeig Heil” and “Death to America”, the similarities are beyond shamelessly and hideously alike…

Kate Steinle’s death will make a difference for honest and responsible Americans, mark my words at the end of this campaign, and not for Republicans as an alternative, but finally a third party will rise from the ashes of discarded Americans rejected by the scum that are the Republocrats.

Kate Steinle

The Purple Party, bruised but still standing to survive and thrive…

purple opening


Addendum July 14 9AM:


Hi Joel,
The link I am sharing here > < is the letter I wrote to MA Department of Children and Families’ director, Olga Roche on behalf of Justina Pelletier. Beau Berman of CT Fox News posted it after I did an interview with him in tandem with attorney Barry Pollack who also wrote a letter to MA Department of Public Health – widely publicized with my letter. Justina was released from the locked child/adolescent unit at Boston Children’s Hospital within 10 days of the media exposure of both of these letters.

My compassion is as real as the courage I have to stand up against the psychiatric abuse of children. You really don’t have to publish my comments on your blog if you truly have such an aversion to my opinions, but when you devote a blog to demeaning me — for the second time, I think you might consider who it is you are trashing. I am neither a blogger or a troll. I continue to have benign curiosity about rogue psychiatrists who seek attention via provocative rhetoric, and remain in the shadows as the scourge of abuse and torture of children by psychiatry becomes rampant.

Katie Tierney Higgins, RN

Frankly, Ms Higgins, you have a lot of gall to write these retorts after how you ended your last replies to me a couple of months ago.  Hey, just my opinion, but you really are a disingenuous and dishonest example per the narrative you utter both in attacks on psychiatry and echoing progressive rhetoric that is led by the antisocial in chief in the White House.

To come back after being asked to not reply here any more is asking for a spotlight, and I give it just to have the opportunity to show readers my opinion you are an illustration to at least one of the problems that ail this country.  Polarized rhetoric hidden behind what was an exception that did benefit some people, in this case the Pelletiers, only to be then used to further a cause that does not want dialogue or attempts at resolution, but just retribution and elimination of a profession, does not deserve respect and polite consideration.

On a more general level, Barack Obama will be shown in time to be such a divisive President, per his pervasive efforts at eroding the foundations of this country by dividing per gender, race, class, and cultural differences per religion and other ethnic groups.  It is shameful and hideous people just reflexively support him and his ilk simply for an agenda, not a respected principle nor instinctive interest for the public welfare.

People who are attentive and responsible aren’t going to do what is popular, easy and convenient.  Nor are we willing to be attacked simply because we don’t completely embrace a narrative without any dissent.

That is how you have come across in your writings, and I don’t want to read you here again.  Last time, thank you for your opinions, I have the right to write what I want to at this blog, and I get your dislike for my writings.  Have. A. Nice. Life.

And now we have to put up with this Iran crap…

Last addendum, 1PM:


And you . Joel H., did NOTHING for Justina and the Pelletiers– except use their heinous abuse at the hands of *your profession* to garner a little more attention for your hot headed rants that no one who is guilty of exploiting, torturing and kidnapping kids- *your profession*, even reads!!

Go ahead and hide behind politics and your dole out your worthless psychiatric labels for all of our leaders— YOU are an example of the main cause for corruption in your profession– the doctor who manages to keep his own– and is not troubled by the horrors committed by his *professional peers*– Yep– you and TV shrink, Ablow– get your jollies but cannot confront or restrain your fellow shrinks– even when they are destroying children and families! Did not see you anywhere near Boston Children’s hospital during Justina’s imprisonment– while I showed enough enough to get a *no trespassing* threat– escorted off Harvard property by security.

Stay snug as a bug, Joel– and keep those nasty rants coming– Psychiatry is a cess pool of impotent self absorbed cronies who are delusional at best — . You have no regulatory body– no accountability system– and absolutely no regard for how *un-professional* your lot actually is–

Politics? Not in the equation of psychiatric abuse of kids– Nope– this was all the brain fart enlightenment of your colleagues– that YOU and your lot cannot do anything about?? Who needs you, then??

Amazing how there are people out there who really think they will have the last word.  For me, this illustrates my point about the pervasiveness of characterological people out there in so many facets of life, and how those of us foolishly are trying to make sense of what turns out to be the senselessness that is the polarized, extremist attitudes that try to dominate, if not obliterate any opposing viewpoints.

Hey, the Pelletiers are grateful to you AND OTHERS who played a role in getting their daughter out of that inappropriate hospitalization and resulting kidnapping, but, you had your random chance moment of being appropriate there, Ms Higgins.

At least the real attitude of this commenter comes out in the end.  And that is the appropriate phrase there, ma’am, IN THE END.  You are done here, I will block you hereon, and what an honor, my first troll to have to block after over 2 years here.

Speaking of characterological disruptions briefly outside this topic, anyone following this joke of a “treaty” our American Saboteur of a President is trying to ram down through Congress’s throats?  Remember how effective Bill Clinton was in preventing Korea from becoming a nuclear power?  Deja Vu all over again, same party in power, but different decade and probably much more chaos and destruction to come from Barry O and his company.

That confetti flying over these politicians thinking of a ticker tape parade in a few weeks?  Nah, that is nuclear fallout…

I am not a big fan of the Republican side (show) to this upcoming Presidential election, but, no one in the Maim-stream media will give an honest objective review of this farce, so here is what I found at 1:30 today to give readers some perspective, even if some of it is just campaign grandstanding:

And this post is done!  As is Ms Higgins here!!

The year of the antisocial.


No matter where one turns these days, be it the media, community functions, even in social circles, the brazenness of the antisocial is so evident.  Politics, business, local activities, the antisocial is thriving in these polarized environments of intolerance versus overtolerance from the zealots who control debates and choices.

I know, as I have been following what is being trickled out in retroactive reports per the riots that happened in Baltimore over 2 months ago (and as of this posting, the Police Commissioner is fired as the scapegoat of pathetic Democrat politicians who just want to keep their jobs and not DO THEM); now reading the facts to what is transpiring from San Francisco following the murder of a citizen and how their elected leaders believe protecting illegal immigrant criminals is more important than the legal public; and how the people of Greece think the rest of the world owes them a free ride (Debt is a choice and a right, eh?).  All of this, just from a political vantage, shows the people who represent the public are beyond redemption.  Perhaps it is pervasively true, these leaders do represent the constituents who put them in power?

Astounding?  Nah.  Incredulous?? Again, a shrug.  Pathetic??? Getting closer for me.  Hideous!?  More accurate.  Disgusting!?!  Near bullseye.  Destructive!!??  On the mark now!!!

Intolerance has always been part of human nature, but, I honestly don’t get the alleged rationale of overtolerance by the Left/Democrats.  I think it a combination of cluelessness beyond hope, but also complicit agenda to further the antisocial cause that reflects how ugly their agenda has decayed into for their alleged constituency.

Hey, the fact that Nancy Pelosi stays in power for the House Democrats, I have no pity or interest to hear about further chaos and mayhem in San Francisco and their associated communities.  The public votes in sizeable majority to place and then keep these politicians who then protect the antisocial element, well, I wait to hear in future times about elected officials being maimed and murdered, and then will it be interesting to see how the powers in place handle it?  It is only when one of their own take a hit when it becomes personal and in need of addressing?

Oh yeah, we saw that with Gabrielle Giffords 4 years ago (although NOT by an illegal immigrant), and not much happened then, maybe I am mistaken, these politicians don’t even care about their own circles these days.  Hmm, typical of the antisocial, eh?

At my last Locum job, a new therapist lasted just two weeks before resigning abruptly after being threatened by new patients at least 3 or 4 times.  Yep, it is happening in mental health care circles too, and what is being done?

Seems to echo the Left/Democrat mantras; shame, eh?

End of line…

Or, should that read “end of life”?

Addendum July 10 3PM:  And it is only the third week of summer…

I hope you read it, what a lovely summary of the first full week of July.

It has to be a conspiracy.


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Tin foil psychiatry

After I told my wife I have not written a post at my blog in two weeks, then watching Bret Baier’s panel tonight with Andrew Napolitano and Charles Krauthammer (and a third participant I do not know) talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling of the King Versus Burwell case once again bailing out Obamacare, I have to post about Chief Justice Roberts and his siding with this law.

I was not pleased with Robert’s 2012 ruling as the majority justice claiming the law was a tax when it was prominently claimed by the Democraps to NOT be a tax, but, his bullshit yet again to his siding with the 4 Left judges who side reflexively with Democrat agendas just like the three opposites who side with Republicans religiously, this is not law.  No, there is something amiss going on with Roberts, and it is time for someone to start picking up rocks out there and find the slime beneath.

Not that I liked the premise to King v Burwell, it was not the precedent I wanted to see the law finally start to die the hideous death way overdue.  But, this case was somewhat black and white to the behind the scenes truth the Democrats were enacting to make this a law.  It is the antisocial BS they are pervasive in propagating on the public these past 6 plus years, amazingly with a Republican majority in the House since 2010 and now Senate since January.

No, there is something amiss with this ruling, and I won’t be surprised should, and more hopefully when, the truth comes out.  Oh, and I won’t back off, I still hope deeply and passionately that as many supporters of Obamacare as possible are harmed, if not devastated, by this law’s consequences.

It is the nature of the beast of humanity, people have to touch the proverbial stove to know it is hot and dangerous and finally react appropriately.  Change does not happen these days by common sense and respect for attention to reality.  Not with the public out there.

I end with this picture to reinforce the point:

is the stove hot

A brief post about psychiatry.

In the May 2015 issue of Psychiatric Times, Dr Eric M Plakun, MD wrote this article, “Correcting Psychiatry’s False Assumptions and Implementing Parity.”  The link?

There were several important points in the article, but this one in particular was the “gotcha” moment most of my colleagues have dropped and discarded years ago, hence why they f— up patients’ care and I often wind up trying to “fix” the numerous mistakes these providers made by overmedicating, if by falsely medicating in the first place:

“Again using depression as an example, we are learning how important comorbid personality disorders are to treatment outcome—especially comorbid borderline personality disorder (BPD). The large, multisite Collaborative Longitudinal Personality Disorders Study (CLPS) concluded that the presence of personality disorders, especially BPD, “robustly predicted persistence” of MDD, suggesting diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders are essential in treating depression lest it become treatment-resistant.6

However, in our focus on the medical model, personality disorders are underdiagnosed. In DSM-IV, the most frequent Axis II diagnosis made was “deferred,” and there is no reason to think this will change with DSM-5. Biological tunnel vision can lead to missing the reality of clinical complexity and interfere with provision of optimal patient care.”

Personally, I don’t focus on Borderline PD, as there is often no pure Borderline patient out there, but a smorgasbord of borderline traits, along with Narcissistic, dependent, Histrionic, and Avoidant features as well.

So, just to note briefly to readers, why there are so many “Treatment Resistant patients” out there, is because there are medication resistant, or just not medication responsive issues out there with some patients.

Just my imperfect opinion.  The “REALLY” series to continue this week with Part 2, about patients’ issues, so this a lead in???

Cheating, lying, and why it is tolerated…



The last several months, I have read and seen first hand people just blatantly skirting the rules, lying about it, if not other inappropriate things at the same time, and then having their “inner circle” of defenders, apologists, and plain cronies support the BS.  The outward examples in the press have been Hillary Clinton, Tom Brady, and read the below link what happened in Atlanta with the cheating scandal re test scores and how teachers and administrators got paid for it:

Read this follow up I read this morning:

in there this, “Recently, Baxter cut the prison sentences for Cotman, Davis-Williams, and Pitts. They won’t have to spend 7 years in prison after all, only 3 years. But they will also have to pay a $10,000 fine and perform 2000 hours of community service. Baxter said that he was not comfortable with the harsher sentences he initially doled out and so he wanted to “modify the sentence so I can live with it.”

I approved of the harsher sentences. As the ring leaders of this criminal conspiracy, these three deserved stiff punishment. They were playing with children’s lives. In fact, they are guilty of theft. They stole something precious from these kids, who are also African-American: Their futures.”

Exactly, the crimes weren’t just pure benefit for the criminals, and yes, the operative word here for these teachers and school administrators is “Criminals”, but, will impact on these kids who were told they were smarter than they really were, at least by the testing assessments.

The reason why I am writing this post this morning though is hearing a story on the local news about an addict being given yet another chance to be in recovery after yet another incident of traumatizing family, and I just have to ask, why does society think and feel we owe it to entrenched addicts they deserve chance after chance to get into recovery and accept it as it is:  abstinence, and there is no “controlled use” model, or just reflexive dismissal that relapse is part of the process and that should be forgiven every time it happens?

A few months ago, I saw a patient at one of my Locum assignment stops, and this person came in demanding Xanax, then was dismissive of their addiction history the person claimed was in recovery.  I refused to write for it, offering hydroxyzine HCl as an alternative as a start, and then, the fun began.

First the patient’s therapist got in my face and asked me why I was being insensitive to the patient’s needs, that benzos, much less Xanax, is not a big deal to provide to an addict.  I gave up after 5 minutes of discussion and providing a link on the Net to the pratfalls of benzos with addiction, but did not change my position.

Then, the patient’s mother came in with the patient on the next follow up, and she laid into me I had to “not be so cruel and rigid” and give the patient what was needed.  Again, I told the patient and mother in tow that I would not agree to write for a controlled substance, at least not at the beginning of care I am involved with, and risk relapse or abuse of the Rx.  They stormed out and went to the clinic director, who at least had some sense to defer it back to me as the administrator was not a treating provider.

And then, the truth has it’s painful and yet appropriate way of coming out.  First, by happenstance, I find a note NOT on the chart that the patient was actively in a Methadone Clinic, and the patient never told me this on either visit, but amazingly it was also mentioned deep in the chart, but not in the sections I expected to read it.  Then, I find out the patient was getting benzos from another provider prior to me, but then was discharged from that provider’s care for altering a Rx, for Xanax, how fascinating.

The final “then” was the patient’s sister called me one day to let me know she found out the patient was trying to get Xanax and the mother tried to ask the sister, who was the only one in the family setting limits with this patient, to help get me to agree to write for a benzo.  Oh, the patient was willing to agree to not ask for Xanax, but now for Valium or Klonopin, gee, what a nice change of pace!

The sister finished the discussion with several interesting details, how the patient faked a drug screen a couple of months earlier, how mom was the textbook enabler for not only the patient and this person’s behaviors, but other family members with addiction issues, and ends with this beauty:  “you need to know, I am not involved with my family anymore because they think simply being family trumps the rights and wrongs that are part of society, including zero tolerance for abuse.”  Wow, that hit home for me!

I just don’t get the enabling and codependence by so many in society these days.  It’s ok if you represent the right political party, or play for the right team, or have the right intention at first to help the public, but when the outcomes are just outwardly wrong, why does that trump common sense and principle?

But, on a global scale, why are people ok with being on the receiving end of cheating and lying?  A premise or agenda built on a lie or cheat will not lead to a healthy and responsible outcome until proven otherwise, and even then, retrospection of how it started will surely lead to some guilt and resentment, hmm?

Just remember, we are seeing more and more of this at least pervasively here in America, and the defenders and apologists seem to be winning in larger numbers day in and out.

I leave you with these two quotes, of many I could add here, just to educate and remind you, there is no defense for “I was just trying to help” when all one was doing was being complicit and ignorant at the very least!

cheating comment #1

cheating comment #2

Yeah, good point at the end of the second one, “It’s always about them.”  Why lying is part of the criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorder.  It is beyond reflexive sometimes, you agree?

Let’s have a “Be Free off Psychotropic Drugs Month” in honor of the antipsychiatry agenda. Let’s see how well that goes!!!


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We’ll start with this article to show you what will likely ensue:

Some gems in there to give hope and faith to those who have foolishly thought that their mental health treatment is a total fraud and danger to all who take any meds:

“Like most people in the midst of psychiatric crisis, Natalie maintained that she was fine and that “everyone else is crazy.” She continued to deteriorate until police officers, responding to still another call, took her to a hospital emergency room instead of to jail. After a series of psychiatric examinations and a court hearing, she was committed to the state’s public psychiatric hospital. She received intensive treatment for severe bipolar disorder with psychosis until she was stable and symptom-free two months later.”

Then this, “Natalie’s relapse was worse than her first break: the psychosis and hospitalization longer, the recovery harder to achieve, the eventual medications more complicated, the resulting future not as bright. Her second commitment to the hospital lasted 10 months, an eternity in an era where the average psychiatric stay is about five days and most people who are psychotic never get a bed at all. Thanks to the intensive care, she rebounded again, albeit more slowly, and finished her bachelor of fine arts degree. Her attending psychiatrist from the hospital and several staff members drove 75 miles to attend her senior art show. It was a triumph for us all.”

My favorite in the article was this, and it made me think so long fully of all those antipsychiatry rants at MIA and at the various blogs that just pound away of all those evils all meds create in all patients:

“Natalie was a believer that treatment worked and that the mental health system needed to be reformed so other people received the kind of care she had when she was in crisis. She told her story in a documentary short last year about the criminalization of mental illness. She dreamed of being a peer counselor. She said she wanted to help others as she had been helped — until she became convinced that she was beyond help.”

Yeah, those meds, just ruin peoples’ lives, so they better get off them quick and permanently, because, hey, those that troll the threads at MIA alone are so willing and able to be reliable and effective supports for those with mental health problems.  Oh yeah, there aren’t mental health problems in real life, it is just the ultimate scam on America.

Tell that to Doris Fuller, the author of the article above!  Nah, you slime who just rail away that there is no mental illness, you have all the answers.

Just like ISIS and Nazi Germany did for the world, eh!?

Read the article and then tell me Natalie Fuller is just another victim of psychiatry.  And then make sure you cc the comment to her mom.  Losers!

The Fullers

It is a lot harder to slam people when there are reminders that there are real people with real problems who really suffered when they rejected care.  But, wait for the comments by the usual suspects who will show us all how MIA thrives in these times that hate and manipulation of facts sell a narrative that just wants retribution and retaliation.  Yeah, the real foundations for helping people across the country.

But, we do have the representation in our elected politicians that does echo those themes, so, maybe the system is in fact the antipsychiatry crowd at the end of the day.  Kinda sad to realize that, hmm …



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Numbers defines criminality

This is a post I have been thinking of for weeks, but it has come to fruition due to the combination of a few events and experiences I have had in the past last 5-6 days, as it started with my watching a couple of NUMB3RS episodes of season 2, and then watching the ongoing BS of Hillary Clinton’s announcing her candidacy for President, and finally just listening to some of the crap from various colleagues and reading more BS from the APA in their recent Newsletter I continue to get without any effort on my part to request.  Oh, and the shooting of the man in South Carolina, that had an impact too.

So, the following scan is a summation of what I deem THE ANTISOCIAL QUOTIENT, and while it is a bit rough, I think it hits the highlights, or better to term the lowlights that are the antisocial.  The three groups in our society that prompted me to compose this are our politicians, our health care system, and our police force.  I think it is applicable to others in America, but, let’s start with those who seem to impact on us with a regularity that may redefine obscene and disruptive.

Oh, and you might note the theme of words with the letter “D” in there, and that is not a coincidence.  I like to look for patterns and similarities, and I think the letter “D” for deviant, disaster,and plain Demon or Devil seems to fit, eh?

So, here is my “Charley Epps” moment, hope it is entertaining, if not provocative and just plain presumptuous?

the antisocial quotient

I  can’t enlarge it too much for the post and risk the type becoming more illegible, so if you want to read it, you have to click it as a separate page and enlarge it as able per your device.  I want readers to know, I really did spend a good deal of time composing this in my travels and thoughts.  I will be adding addendums to this post in the coming next few days to clarify and postulate further, so if interested, please come back and read up.

But, let’s end this post now with something that hit me while lying in bed last weekend, while not related to this season, I think the scene transcends the Christmas holidays and is applicable to any time, any moment, and any real point of what our culture has lost in it’s meaning and intent these last couple of decades, to me since Reagan was President…

Go to minute 5:30 for the classic line, “Mankind was my business!”

Not what you hear from the usual suspects in the Democrat Party these days, not that the Republicans as a group fare much better anyway.

Just think of Obama when you consider an example to fit the Quotient, I think the scoring might just frighten you…


Addendum April 16 8PM:

Good work always needs to be cleaned up, and I will start with noting I had just 6 immature defenses listed, not 7, so I am not going to reprint the scanned sheet above, I ask readers to note it is an equal number of immature to mature defenses.

It shouldn’t mess up the quotient significantly at the end of the day.

Next, I found this today in my search for other scales for antisocial PD, and will link it for those interested, although it is moreso about psychopathy:

It does overlap a bit of what I list in my scale, er, attempt at quantification of human deterioration of values and boundaries.

Anyway, I hope readers note this is just my simplification at documenting the depths that people can degenerate to in being disgusting at the end of the day.  Like the ongoing use of “D” words there?

I do declare, the dogma is daunting…

Feel free to offer your declarations.


Addendum #2 April 16th:

Oh hell, let’s have some fun, I want to apply the quotient to Hillary:

Section A:  1.  Dishonest: can we give her a 6?  Ok, a 5.  2.  Disingenuous: easily a 4, I would give a 5 but people think this is a 5 across the board.  Maybe…  3.  Disdain:  she is a poster child, 5.  4.  Disruptive: a 3, only because so many Democrats are willing to suspend reality and believe her.  5.  Divisive: again, a poster child like her predecessor Barry, a 5.  6.  Disinhibitive:  a 3, she has some boundaries, just not around people like you and me.  7.  Destructive:  again, a 3.

So, 5+ 4+ 5+ 3+ 5+ 3+ 3 = 25.  Divided by 7 = 3.6 (average up)

Section B:  potential to destabilize, let’s use that phrase so well associate with her, “what difference does it make?!” = 8.  So, the denominator of negating factors, well, she has Republicans, but business opponents, who?  And influential family members not allied with her, again a fat 0!  Community groups as outlets, I guess some to count as 1.  Responsible media outlets, outside Fox News, I mean, how big is this woman’s butt to have all those media outlets with lips affixed to her cheeks?  Total a kind 2!

Total here = 4

Section C:  Determined by past, present and future, I give her 3’s for every one!  Yeah, I know I am accused as not being impartial!  Shit, and she is?!

Total = 3

Section D:  Drugs, I think not, a 0.  Debauchery?  I give her a 0.5, as I think she is not a healthy heterosexual, and married to Bill after all his BS cheating, that counts at least for something against her.  Duplicitous, again, can I go above 1?

1.5 divided by 3 = 0.5

Section E: Defense mechanisms, this will be fun!  Denial, projection, minimizing, deflecting, false rationalizing, and acting out, textbook on all counts from her!

+6!  Then, let’s here from the back about any mature defenses by her.  Displacement, really?  Intellectualizing, only in her mind.  Undoing, not the way the definition is for a defense, but if it happens in her campaign, hell yeah!  Realistic rationalization, maybe at times, a kind 1 here!  Sublimation, really a stretch to give her that one.  Assertiveness, well, not in a healthy way, but I am trying to be a kind guy and not give her every negative..

+6 for immature and -2 for mature, = 4

Section F, the Quotient Denominator, I can’t keep a straight face reading them and applying them in any fashion to her, well, maybe take out an enemy of the country, oh, Ambassador Stevens was on our side, shit!  Accepting of punishment, yeah, get back to me when the email fiasco plays out in the end!!!

SO the ending:

3.6 + 4 + 3 + 0.5 + 4 / 1 (and a kind one, note that if it is 0 it does not negate the quotient, but nice try out there Hillary defenders!  = a big ass 14!

Frightening if you agree with me to some level, eh!!??


Addendum April 21 9PM:

First this, from the most recent issue of Psychiatric Annals, Vol 45 Issue 4 (Ironically dedicated to Psychopathy versus Sociopathy, are they catching up to me in meaningful topics?), article by Michael Brook PhD, The Role of Psychopathic and Antisocial Traits in Violence Risk Assessment:  Implications for Forensic Practice:

Antisocial-psychopathy chart

Interesting how they show the progression of antisocial PD into pure psychopathy intent, hmm?  I feel the overlaps into my Quotient give it some validity?

Anyway, I ask readers to do their own assessment of Obama from my Antisocial Quotient, I think the scoring would be at least 10 if not even higher than what I scored Clinton a few days ago.

And I think my addendums for this post are done now.


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