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Surprise, surprise, surprise, said Gomer Pyle in his heyday, whatta ya do when your Governor is not High on the voters’ ideas?

Gee, you think so, and while this is 5 mos ago, reinforcement for his opinion:

My favorite of the seven?  “5. In 2013, 48.4 percent of Denver adult arrestees tested positive for marijuana, which is a 16 percent increase from 2008.”

Gee, really dispels the innuendo that pot is not a hard drug and has no consequences for the public.  Idiots, Colorado is full of stoned, wasted idiots.  And the Governor is stuck with them all.

totally wasted

So what are the big stories this week? Both the Democrats and Republicans are full of crap, the Patriots are not full of hot air, and, benzodiazepine prescriptions increase in frequency with age.


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Alright, I have tried to not write about politics as much lately, and will just point out the two things that disgust me with these Republocrat slime that do the same thing from their political extreme end(s) but then shriek when the other does it first:  Obama can exert executive action and do what ever he thinks is his right and tells us all that during his Stake in the Union (heart) Tuesday night, then he shrieks when Boehner does the same thing in inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress, not writing law or exerting any Congressional action without the President involved, mind you.  Then, the Republicans as a collective campaign on all these important issues like the economy, health care, and immigration that the Democrats had blatantly ignored during the election cycle, and the most important first legislative assault, er, action by this new majority party is to write a bill outlawing abortion after 20 weeks and mandate any woman asking for an exemption due to rape or incest get a police report first.

Is it me, or aren’t we dealing with Heckle and Jeckle here, two birds of the same feather who are just out to scam all of us who aren’t licking these political hack butts?!?!


As to “Deflate-gate”, if that is the best the media can call this lack of footballs being inflated to give a passing edge, well, once again the NFL is more concerned with protecting their image with the Super Bowl just 10 days away than doing what is right and responsible, and catching those who cheat and deflect from integrity.

See the theme here thus far?  What is best for a political party or business, not what is best and accountable to the public these liars, cheats, and criminals have to depend on to keep their positions, power, and money.  Just incredible to read every week how narcissism and antisocial cretin action rules the system.

Now to tie it into psychiatry.  Once again get an issue of the Psychiatric News, the APA newsletter somehow sent to me, a non member, and the January 16 2015 issue boldly has on the left side of the front page, “Benzodiazepine Prescriptions found to increase Substantially with Age”.  Here is the link:

Well, in the article are a couple of statements I think mirror the lack of accountability and responsibility that the APA should be taking charge in not only leading and controlling, but, noting even if a small portion of prescribers are psychiatrists, that there should be no tolerance for ANY psychiatrist to be prescribing prolonged benzo use in anyone over 60 years old.

First a fact:  “Of those elderly users, nearly one-third had long-term prescriptions (120 days or more of supply during the year), compared with around 14 percent of people aged 18 to 35 receiving long-term prescriptions.”

Then some CYA commentary a few paragraphs later:  “However, those who prescribe benzodiazepines also merit some attention, the researchers suggested. For all groups and ages, a majority of prescriptions were filled by nonpsychiatrists, and again this scaled according to age, as the lowest rate of psychiatrist prescriptions—5.7 percent—occurred in adults aged 65 to 80.”

Well, OK, 5.7% is near random chance, but, who are these 5.7% and how many belong to the APA?  Alright, that is solely my issue, but throw it out to readers to wonder if I am on to a point.

Finally, this: “While Schoenbaum does not believe such serious measures need to be implemented just yet, “I do think physicians need to restart a conversation about the safety of benzodiazepines, particularly in the elderly,” he said. He noted that at the time when the study data were collected (2008), benzodiazepines were excluded from Medicare Part D as an anxiety medication, but in 2013 they were reinstated as part of the Affordable Care Act, an action that could increase access.”

Wow, another example of how Obamacare is just out to f— things up, and thus how I complete the circle of political incompetency thus impacts on clinical incompetency and then perversely allows politicians to maintain the status woe.

Oh, and to reinforce the tie in to politics and psychiatry ineptitude, the right side front page of same Psych Times issue?  “APA plans to move headquarters back to Washington D.C.”.  Yes, the cretins must be close to work together to continue to screw the public and fatten their wallets and raise those pedestals higher and higher.  You can’t script this crap any better!

Oh, the link to that story?

Again, who are these valued and respected peers amongst us who belong to this slime organization that has no interest in the public trust?  I leave you with this gem video short that is only about 2 weeks away from being spot on the moment:

Why ACT & Mobile Treatment Programs are a waste of time, money, and energy as is now


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The Wizard of ACT

Finishing up a 2 month stint at an ACT program and having worked for 2 mobile treatment programs in the last 14 years, the latter briefly just 5 months ago, these programs are the epitome of what is wrong with chronic care interventions by mental health, moreso by the other adjunct disciplines besides psychiatry, but, hey, even psychiatrists are screwing it up too.

I don’t have the time and energy to go into the various facets to how these programs are failing, but, I do know it is important to identify the resistant population that is over 50% of these patients in such programs who profoundly enhance the failure of interventions.  It comes down to 1 (or a combo) of 3 groups that make up the bulk of the patients that have to be absorbed by these last ditch programs.  And they are in order of least to most entrenched in maintaining failure:  the terminal addict who may in fact have a true coexisting Axis 1 Mood or thought disorder, but the addiction rules predominately; the primary Axis 2 disorder most often cluster B in borderline/antisocial/narcissistic traits that has no ability to problem solve the prevalent interpersonal failures that abound in their lives; and, last, the profoundly Axis 1 treatment resistant mood or thought disorder that has unfortunately lead to solidified rejection of help and caring.

And you know what, the primary treatment intervention sold and demanded still is about throwing meds at these people first and last, because it is painfully obvious that the interpersonal care interventions are just spitting in the wind.  Hence why psychiatry even in programs like ACT and Mobile treatment are treated like necessary evils, because we as a whole profession appropriately and responsibly know what we can do for these patients.  But, program administrators, politicians, and courts, all either have a level of magical thinking that would empower the Wizard of Oz to legitimately send the Dorothys lost in the wrong realm of a land back to their real home, or, just want to do the least while giving the impression of doing the most just to keep the community appeased and falsely assured there is pervasive hope to improve these patients’ lives for consider periods of time.

Do not get me wrong per the tone of this post thus far, there are patients served by ACT and Mobile Treatment programs that need such services, and will show in time some ability to improve and be more acceptable to the communities they live in, but, insight and judgment is not medicated.  No, such skills have to be painfully taught in persistent repetition and realistic tolerance in order to be absorbed, and that is why the above three groups of resistant patients really make it difficult to persevere as a provider in these programs.

If you are an active provider for an ACT or Mobile Treatment and find it rewarding and effective in an ongoing basis, please, comment to what are the abilities to sincerely and long lastingly impact to improve a sizeable portion of these patients’ lives.  I would really be interested to know how patients are benefiting and providers not being exhausted, if not put at ongoing risk and detriment to survive.  The basic tone of most programs from my travels these past 15 years is abject failure in my opinion, and as long as administrations of these failing programs stay in place, well, what is the endpoint to these programs as is?

Maybe some auditing by state programs could be a start.  But, that would ask people to be honest, candid, and transparent.  Wow, back to the real status of the Wizard, and we know we are not to look behind the curtain…


Tangential processes while the world slowly burns…


Obama leads the massives

Haven’t done a post in over 2 weeks and well, what is there to talk about, with the pervasive clueless and covert agendas by so many with so few to honestly help and improve in mind.  The needs of the few are screwing royally the needs of the many, and anyone who debates this to not be true, well again, ’cause they don’t want it talked about!

First there was my ceremonious-less dumping from my current locum job with People Encouraging People, who after I respectfully gave them 7 weeks notice I was not going to continue the assignment past the contract date of Feb 28, what did the administration do?  Bail on the contract early.  Oh, and the locum organization that put me there,, they did nothing to try to punish PEP for the flagrant violation of terms.  Hey, if you want to do temp work as a psychiatrist, my one piece of advice, don’t look for anyone to watch your back until proven otherwise.  You have to go in with a mercenary attitude, and what do mercenaries have to do in such conditions?  Watch their back!

As per the patients being treated in ACT programs these days, what else can I say but squalor and minimal effective interventions are the rule of thumb for these people.  It is disheartening to see what such patients have to do to survive in this country.  But, many do not want to help themselves, and that is what moving forward is about, getting helped to help yourself, and no drug, no petty cash, no shoulder to cry on is going to really impact on many of these patients’ lives.

Hmm, from there, do you really think the economy is getting better for the majority of Americans?  Yeah, if you are poor, Obama and his ilk are giving more handouts and entrenching dependency just to give the illusion people who are down and out are really just a notch above out, but still very down.  And most of the receivers of such government “benefits” have no interest to work at building on it.  I meet people every week just saying all most word for word, “what’s in it for me”, or “what are you going to do for me”.  Sorry, I am literally and figuratively spent, and I have to practice what I preach, before I can save others, I have to be safe, and I don’t feel safe at all economically, politically, socially, and to hell with spiritually.

Yeah, about those politics as well, most of you out there must love being ruled by people who are only interested in keeping their jobs, not doing them.  Google the story about the Virginia senator who was reelected while he is still doing prison time for corrupting a minor, by having sex with her as a start.  The American electorate, wow, what a group of conshituents, er, constituents, they have no clue what they are doing in voting booths, again, confuse them with toilets.

Oh, and speaking of spiritually, the local story here in Baltimore, a Bishop of the Episcopalian Church, was caught in a hit and run killing a bicyclist involving a DUI, has had them in the past but elected to be a Bishop, and now was bailed out by a defrocked member of the church and high tailed it outta there from jail.  Again, you people who just look the other way while your leaders and members of influence in the community make antisocial incidents look commonplace.

Finally, the whole bullshit of Charlie Hebdo these past near 2 weeks, man, can hypocrisy and disingenuous garbage by leaders and naive followers never take a holiday?  I advise readers again read up on Occam’s Razor, which I will link the Wikipedia post as a start, and then apply it to some of the daily garbage being fed and thrown at you with increasing frequency, and also in quantity.

Hopefully I am employed as of next month, and hopefully I will be a bit more appreciated and able to practice as trained.  For those of you out there being either abused or abandoned by your psychiatrist providers, well, take a stand for yourself and if the treatment is so heinous and malfeasance laden, file a complaint. If the provider is just selling dependency and entitlement, then step back and file a complaint against yourself for judgment beyond recognition.

But, isn’t that the one party system mission statement by the Republocrats, either tolerate abuse and abandonment, or dependency and entitlement?  See how I tied in the mental health care process to politics.

Not tangential, but a crafty circle of wow as things stand now.  But, I ask at the end, why do you stand for it!?  I guess we like to chase our tails, eh…

chasing your tail


As a reader pointed out, back to the bread and circus, after all, there is football to watch, and hell, I am going to watch!

As said here before with regularity, disingenuous, dishonest, and plain antisocial, get used to these behaviors and attitudes for 2015.


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"what you can't see will hurt you, count on it!"

“what you can’t see will hurt you, count on it!”

Yeah, a new year, but, what does a couple of days make life in America?  We have Congress coming back next week, big freakin’ deal, and most of you who had the luxury of taking 10 or more days off these past 2 weeks, well, ya rested and ready for hitting the floor to your occupational pursuits?

I think it is more apparent that too many have agendas and personal stakes in various goals that have no outward interest or concern to help people, just the few and selfish across the country, and let’s start with something I read in my last mailed issue of The Week magazine:

While it was a summary in the magazine, the article in it’s entirety should be a worthy read to anyone who comes here with regularity.  I’ll just leave you with this one comment:

“There is plenty more like this to be found, if you look for it. A team of researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute surveyed 43,000 Americans and found that, by some wide margin, the rich were more likely to shoplift than the poor. Another study, by a coalition of nonprofits called the Independent Sector, revealed that people with incomes below twenty-five grand give away, on average, 4.2 percent of their income, while those earning more than 150 grand a year give away only 2.7 percent. A UCLA neuroscientist named Keely Muscatell has published an interesting paper showing that wealth quiets the nerves in the brain associated with empathy: if you show rich people and poor people pictures of kids with cancer, the poor people’s brains exhibit a great deal more activity than the rich people’s. (An inability to empathize with others has just got to be a disadvantage for any rich person seeking political office, at least outside of New York City.) “As you move up the class ladder,” says Keltner, “you are more likely to violate the rules of the road, to lie, to cheat, to take candy from kids, to shoplift, and to be tightfisted in giving to others. Straightforward economic analyses have trouble making sense of this pattern of results.” “

You could read this to mean a few things, but, when you read about what the pure antisocial brain is linked to from a pure physiological point of view, well, I will defer to the top choice when I google “physiological differences between regular and antisocial people”, you can do so yourself and look at other links to see if there are other choices to support any alternative opinions:

Why do you think courts don’t allow lie detector testing to be admissible in court?  As George Costanza said in a Seinfeld episode, “if you believe the lie to be the truth, well, then you can’t be wrong”.  Sums up the antisocial perfectly for me.

Anyway, regular readers here know I rail away about these issues with the usual commentary, but, reading the Michael Lewis article in the New Republic first linked above, it is so sad and disturbing how profiting really makes people scumbags.  And, that is the agenda of health care these past what, 3 decades or more alone?

I am not going to link away articles showing what Obamacare will do to screw up so many of your lives in the next year or two, as you either have felt it directly, or, are living in an alternative universe, or, are an antisocial bastard and are directly benefiting already and don’t want to read or hear what is your reality.  But, as health care is more profit driven by so many participating in the process, well, how do people with a conscience and drive to do what is right and responsible put up with all this chaos and criminal purpose?

I’ll finish with another short read in The Week, that shows we are surrounded by scum and treachery, and this will either startle or just annoy readers who are paying attention to the bullshit of bureaucracy gone amok:

Again, read the whole link, and if you don’t know what already is well known how the TSA process is the biggest piece of bullshit to make you sick and disgusted, well, I’ll leave you with this from the link:

“There were other types of bad behavior in the I.O. room [where the Image Operator stays to review the images of people being Xrayed]—I personally witnessed quite a bit of fooling around, in every sense of the phrase. Officers who were dating often conspired to get assigned to the I.O. room at the same time, where they analyzed the nude images with one eye apiece, at best. Every now and then, a passenger would throw up two middle fingers during his or her scan, as though somehow aware of the transgressions going on.

But the only people who hated the body-scanners more than the public were TSA employees themselves. Many of my co-workers felt uncomfortable even standing next to the radiation-emitting machines we were forcing members of the public to stand inside. Several told me they submitted formal requests for dosimeters, to measure their exposure to radiation. The agency’s stance was that dosimeters were not necessary—the radiation doses from the machines were perfectly acceptable, they told us. We would just have to take their word for it. When concerned passengers—usually pregnant women—asked how much radiation the machines emitted and whether they were safe, we were instructed by our superiors to assure them everything was fine.

We were also ordered to tell the public that the machines were 100 percent effective, security-wise, in the event that any citizens caught wind of rumors to the contrary.”

Human nature, it ain’t natural much these days.  Civilization, makes us more and more uncivilized, and then we label it mental health impairment.  But, another post for 2015, and I doubt many want to read what that will say…

Happy New Year?  Come on, how many of you really say that like you mean it to be a good thing?  Jaded and cynical, nah, cold hearted realist, with little hope I can make a difference in a sizeable portion of peoples’ lives.  I look to help others help themselves, but, hitting Powerball is better odds these days, believe it!

can't lose a good beach day just cause the guy down the beach is dead...

can’t lose a good beach day just cause the guy down the beach is dead…

The beauty and the perils of choice


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The discussion about forced outpatient care continues onward, and yet, the whole point by many at the end of the day is so disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst, and just plain clueless by most.

I have been working for an ACT team the past 3 weeks, and frankly, the patients there aren’t going to get much better with my help much less by all the other providers in the program, simply because the patients really don’t want the help, but, most of them have to participate until proven otherwise.  So, they go through the motions, accept the prescriptions handed to them, go to the various visits with providers and other support program staff, and other requested travels to “benefit them”

But, if these patients don’t value or frame the efforts as help, then, what really is felt and appreciated at the end of every day?  Just being hassled, intruded, and coerced.  Think about it for one minute, those of you with free will, ability to problem solve, reasonable judgment and insight abilities.  If you don’t want something, you try your damn best to get removed from a situation, be left alone, reject the efforts you don’t see as viable and helpful.

And yet, even though most patients in the ACT programs don’t have these skills and abilities, they are still American citizens with some inherent rights and safeguards, but, the patriarchs and naive good will providers think that knowing better than others trumps such rights and choices, eh?

And then these same “benefactors” are often the ones most removed and shielded from the very situations they demand of not only these patients to accept, but almost always stay removed by having other people do the dirty work of “providing care”.  Doesn’t that bother some of you who aren’t the patients, that you are asked to be put in situations that inherently create strife, resistance, and sheer uncooperation that can lead to hostility, discord, and violence?

So, the basic premise to living in this country is having the chance, if not framed as the right, to choice.  And yet, now we have people who claim that there are those who don’t have this right, but can still live among others in the community who do have right to choose and be free.  However, what is the real environment for those who don’t want to exercise good choice?

Isn’t that why we have places like prisons, inpatient long term psychiatric units, and unfortunately, graveyards?  Aren’t those the honest and appropriate places for people who don’t want to make healthy and responsible choices due to psychiatric impairment?  It is tragic to write these last couple of paragraphs, as we want to see people who are struggling and destitute and without real healthy support and stability access better options.  But, they have to want to better themselves in some form.  And some people just don’t want to seek out a better life.

Hey, it’s a poor choice, and one fraught with peril and pain.  But, this is America, and what you and I think are good choices may not be shared by someone else down the street, across town, in the next city.  This dialogue about making people HAVE to be in treatment, what a dangerous path being paved here.

Sort of like the equally disingenuous, dishonest, and frankly ugly talk by some that we should tolerate, if not embrace the use of torture of our enemies.  I think there is an antisocial element that is part of this discussion to enforced psychiatric outpatient care.

Who honestly and sincerely can say we have to make patients take meds, be placed in living situations not viewed as helpful, and work with providers and associates who are not seen as allies or supports?  Healthy and responsible people working with the mentally ill suggest it and sincerely advise it, but, when it is framed as punitive, well, who can truly say that and keep the concept and skills as a provider and advocate for patients?

Over the years I have met people who work in the health care industry, (note I don’t call it the “health care field” as the impact of money has crumbled the basic definition of “field” into “industry”) who think that patients are now consumers and clients, and that dumbing down of the definition has made it clear what the agenda now is for those who want to profit from the care process.  What bothers me equally these days are not the frank profiteers out there, no, their rhetoric and actions easily expose them for what they are and want.  No, what bothers me are these “terminal idealists” and “reckless benefactors” who think that being providers and advocates change the realities of the health care process.

I’ll end this post with the simple truth that you all should be thinking about as the new year of 2015 arrives, and that is simply this:

what is the difference between intolerance and overtolerance?  Just a couple of letters before “tolerance” that accent the extremes of black or white to a process that is inherently gray at the end of the day.  I tolerate choice because it is the beauty of living, and equally the peril of outcomes.  Watch out who tell you you don’t have choice.  Especially if they are smiling when telling you this.

Happy New Year to ya, like it is really a new year.  Twist the words of the song by The Who “won’t get fooled again” at the end, “meet the new year, same as the old year…”  The calendar can’t discriminate who are the same idiots running the various shows disrupting your lives across the country, just another day in the life…

"it's truly living in a box, and so many don't realize you can take your head out and see the light."

“it’s truly living in a box, and so many don’t realize you can take your head out and see the light.”

Calling people antisocial is too harsh? OK, then how about Malignant Narcissism run amok?!



Interestingly enough, Wikipedia has an entry to this term, Malignant Narcissist, and I link to it as a start to this post:

in there was this, “Malignant narcissism can be distinguished from psychopathy, according to Kernberg, because of the malignant narcissist’s capacity to internalize “both aggressive and idealized superego precursors, leading to the idealization of the aggressive, sadistic features of the pathological grandiose self of these patients”. According to Kernberg, the psychopath’s paranoid stance against external influences makes him or her unwilling to internalize even the values of the “aggressor”, while malignant narcissists “have the capacity to admire powerful people, and can depend on sadistic and powerful but reliable parental images”. Malignant narcissists, in contrast to psychopaths, are also said to be capable of developing “some identification with other powerful idealized figures as part of a cohesive ‘gang‘…which permits at least some loyalty and good object relations to be internalized”. “Some of them may present rationalized antisocial behavior – for example, as leaders of sadistic gangs or terrorist groups…with the capacity for loyalty to their own comrades”.[9]

I like to try to keep it as simple as possible, as keeping to the language of the psychiatrist alone makes it a bit confusing, as well as incoherent at times to the average reader, and that is who my audience is for this post at least.

I still think the narcissist inherently can’t go over the top and alienate everyone in his audience, as that is the basis to the narcissist, needing an audience.  But, the antisocial, inherently needs a captive to prey on, but even if the captive can get free, the antisocial is not lost.  Perhaps the antisocial will seek out more captives, but it is so much about the need to do whatever he/she wants/needs, an audience be damned.  Unfortunately, the antisocial can’t satisfy all his/her needs without a society or culture to feed these needs, so I sense the antisocial can’t live on an island.  Perhaps a narcissist could not survive isolation, but, if I had to bet on which personality disorder could handle isolation for some period of time, I would bet on the narcissist.  Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, my point to this post after watching the posturing, pontificating, and sheer idiot rhetoric by the extremist zealots trying to spin their partisan agendas on the various issues is just mind boggling.  I wake up today to learn two police officers were assassinated by some scum bag who felt lives had to be taken after the death of Mr Garner last summer, and already the defenders and apologists come out like the roaches do, except these roaches seek out the light.

I would like to end this post by relating to what I wrote about over a year ago in my postulating what is the difference between a principle versus an agenda, and I hope readers might want to read it, while it is focused about Obamacare, I think there is a greater relationship to those terms defined at the beginning:

I note this is just my opinion, but, when you think about what personality disordered people do in their arguments to make you believe their point of view, they don’t quote responsible and inherently honest principles, but, want you to think their agenda trumps healthy reality.

Like, we should accept torture.  Or, health care should be paid for by some and not all.  Or, my favorite of late, anything that hurts anyone else but a white person is racist.  Feel free to add your own that shocks and outrages…

Again, Happy Holidaze…

image some of these people led their countries for decades, how the needs of the one screwed so many

imagine, some of these people led their countries for decades, how the needs of the one screwed so many

What kind of person capitulates to criminals and antisocials?



Interesting trends in politics and business these last few weeks alone, basically just lie down and submit to behaviors and actions that offer nothing of true honest benefits to society or responsible gains to the public.  Really, Barack Obama first giving amnesty to millions who invaded this country illegally, and now offering American good will to dictators that have decimated their country, wonderful examples for Americans to emulate.

Now Sony and the ilk that pervade the entertainment industry has validated the agenda of terrorism and extortion by the shut down of the movie “The Interview”.

So, what kind of person capitulates to criminals and antisocials?  It really isn’t just one type of person, but, the theme is somewhat consistent at the end of the day, and that is simply fear and lack of conviction.  Exactly what the antisocial element counts on in society, especially in those who somehow rise to levels of leadership and control of facets to society.  If such leaders aren’t already antisocial in their agenda to begin with.  Yeah, support people in positions of authority who cower when something bad may happen, that is what you want in leadership.

When you really think about it, if the people who founded this country thought and acted like the predominate people in positions of leadership and influence today, this country would be just another banana republic we seem to criticize and agitate in open dialogue for the past decades.  Read up on why the people of this country challenged and then fought to be independent from England back in the 1700s.

Because what was going on then has similarities to now, as Kings really never aspire to do what is right for the people, simply because power corrupts, but, many of you don’t remember this simple adage today.  And those who depend on violence and threats don’t want people to think and empower independence and accountability, because those concepts have absolutely no place in antisocial halls of injustice.

I’ll leave you with this, what person who takes on the position of President expects to take off 17 days vacation, when this is a job description that really doesn’t allow such liberties and abdication of responsibilities?  But, most in this country don’t really care, or have no interest to speak out.

The antisocial element certainly has impacted on mental health care protocol, which I have written about in the past so won’t waste time here noting further.  Criminality and frank antisocial agendas are thriving in America, and the status quo is just truly a status woe.  Sad, isn’t it?

Happy Holidaze.

submitting to antisocials

Obama’s move with Cuba? What about Obama’s efforts to put sanctions on Israel? Does anyone reading out there see this man for what he is!?



Let’s start with what is going on with that title above:

and this,

and this one ties in the poor choices with Iran:

It is not even a question of eroding America’s boundaries and needs within and outside our borders, this guy in the White House, he is hell bent on screwing up this country in so many ways, it is astounding and hideous simultaneously.

Anyway, back to the Cuba issue just hitting the fan, I end with Marco Rubio’s comments at CNN before the Antisocial-in-chief made his noontime comments:

go down to the second video on left into the post to hear what he had to say.

We surround ourselves with like minds, who does Obama gravitate to in foreign supports, and who does he alienate?  Think about it!

Still with 2 weeks left to my 3rd prediction about martial law imposed by Obama…

King Obama

Involuntary outpatient treatment, another oxymoron brought to you by who at the end of the day have no clue to treatment boundaries.



Short post, as I am not interested to blog at length, read this article from Shrink Rap per their post this week about ECT, as the link below at the end:

Probably the tie in by Shrink Rap is WHEN ECT becomes an enforced treatment option, now that meds are outwardly seen as appropriate to enforce in outpatient arenas.  Really scary where mental health goes off the trail these days…

Oh, at the end of the link above was this:

“The Mental Health Association of Maryland, Maryland Disability Law Center and On Our Own of Maryland Inc. said there isn’t enough evidence that involuntary programs reduce the use of the health and criminal justice systems or improve outcomes for the mental ill.

The groups said they prefer “assertive community treatment.”

“Existing evidence supports the development of a voluntary program that identifies the high-risk population, provides ongoing outreach and engagement efforts, and delivers high-quality individualized services and supports,” they said in the report.”

Currently working for an ACT program, well, come across as punitive, see how long you last as a provider going into patient’s homes and being viewed as punitive…

too happy santa


Happy Holidaze to ya all, vodka doing theeze Christmiss?!


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