REALLY!?!? Part 1.


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Some people think I have been over the top in my accusations and repetitive posts about Antisocial Personality Disorder and how it is pervasive in society.  I think there is a larger prevalence of personality disorders, as a general concept first and foremost in some communities and cultures, both here in the U.S. and across the planet overall, but, I can only focus my concerns where I live first.  That said, if my hypothesis that some areas in this country not only have a larger predominance of personality disorders (P.D.) than others (and I think the largest component of such P.D.s are of the Axis 2 cluster, and more specifically the Narcissistic, Antisocial, Histrionic, and while not fulminate Borderline P.D., traits that make some of their criteria very difficult to engage by the more typical and healthy portion of said areas), but that such areas have been effectively assimilated by such dysfunction, then we are in trouble.

Today I heard about an op ed piece in the NY Times by Carl Elliott (read it first at, why I went there I am annoyed with myself, but transparent I must be, eh, Yoda?) and link it here for readers to peruse:

It is an ugly read, because it is pure truth, and what is the most disgusting is how so many in positions of authority and influence in academia are beyond sell outs, they are beyond whores and cowards, I think they are outright sociopathic cretins, as they put people in harms way and then do the antisocial BS of lying, denying, minimizing, deflecting, and then hideous rationalizations that just would make any honest and direct criminal wince and say “are you an asshole!?”

So, this blog post series I am beginning today, most likely to be at least 3 parts (as the third time is a charm, eh?) will first note so of the inane, ignorant, self serving, and at times just downright dangerous and litigious behaviors and choices by my “esteemed colleagues” I have to share the same title as Psychiatrist.

1.  Use of meds:  I could spend multiple posts on this topic alone, but, I don’t have the time or strength to go into the details that would be of some interest to readers.  Let’s just start with dosages of some of the more popular meds out there, hmm?  Lexapro at 20mg as an average dose, and going to 40mg at times?  REALLY?!  If the ratio I was told is fairly accurate, 10mg Lexapro to 30mg (if not 40mg) of Celexa means these idiots writing for 30-40mg of Lexapro are giving patients the equivalent of 90-120mg Celexa at least, if not more, and what would the FDA say to those female patients getting these dosages?  Not much to support a defense for the clinician if sued for malfeasance, you think?

Then we have the Cymbalta freaks out there, thinking 120mg again is an average dose. At least a lot of insurers have been challenging this one, well, until generic Duloxetine hit the market about 2 years ago.  Not much cheaper yet, though!

The next two are my favorites of late working in Community Mental Health Clinics (CMHCs), with the  use of antipsychotics like Pez going onwards!  Seroquel at 600mg or more for NON psychotic indications, and often for sleep alone, REALLY?!  And the pervasiveness of Abilify at 30mg, again, not for psychosis, yeah, my money is that NONE of these prescribers know what the cost of that pill is these days.  Still about $40 a pill, if not higher since AbominationCare took hold 3 years ago???

OH, and you gotta love the prescribing of Depakote, Lithium, Tegretol, and most atypical antipsychotics that have NO LABS ORDERED for years at a time for some of these patients.  Drug levels, side effect risks, hell, just to insure compliance for some of these patients?  REALLY!?

I am not going to spend much time talking about benzodiazepines, as anyone who reads here with any regularity knows my feelings about this drug class.  But, forget who the hell writes for more than 4mg a day of Xanax these days, who the hell is writing for Valium in 2015?!  I’ll tell you at least who 80% of them are:  psychiatrists over 70 year old still practicing.  Ah, the good ol’ days of the 1970s back again 40 years later.  And at dosages over 30mg a day in patients over 60 years old.  Classic!!!

One last pet peeve about meds, polypharmacy.  Would ANY of these clinicians who routinely write for 4 or more psychotropics simultaneously, some as much as 7 different meds at a time, and not picking up scripts 5 & onwards are most likely for side effects from the earlier scripts, do they not only not have a clue, but would they write them for family members in this magnitude??  REALLY?!  Let’s not even go when they write for more than 2 drugs in the same class at the same time, nah, that one is too easy.  Let’s just remind readers where this mentality really started, on the in patient units.  The good ol’ SHOT GUN approach to “get ’em in and then out!” by providers on the units:  give the patient an antipsychotic, an antimanic, an antidepressant, and hell, throw in an anxiolytic, most likely a benzo, and one of ’em should work to get the patient stable enough to warrant discharge.

Let the follow up out patient psychiatrist figure it out.  SUCKER!!!

2.  I think the above link covered what is going on in academia as a general theme, but, I want to add something else to this sham of academic psychiatry.  It is run by predominately old white men, and some old white women now too, who ALL belong to the APA, and these folks are the textbook description of PATRIARCHS, and the hideous side of that term mind you.  They have no clue to be humble, to be negotiable, and they have no interest to have their livelihoods messed with, believe me brothers and sisters!!!  And what they have done to screw up the basis of residency in psychiatry is beyond redemption.  REALLY!?  The fact that 90% plus of what graduating residents think and do these past 10 years at least shows that the mind is not a terrible thing to waste, but, NO ONE MINDS HAVING INDEPENDENCE AND AUTONOMY WASTED FOR THE SAKE OF A BUCK!!!

3.  In patient care in general:  again, I could write a lot about this, but, the basic points of failure are these simple three:

A.  Agreeing to short stays, not making any effort to change what the patient is going back to after discharge, and not really coordinating care with a known outpatient psychiatrist who often knew the patient before the admission.  B.  Running a unit of more than 16 people acutely ill.  I think that number alone sets the tone, think about it, you have to see all your patients every day, so 16 divided by 8 hours, without admissions mind you, is 30 minutes with each of them.  Some that time is enough, some it won’t be, but the point to this part is running units of more than 16 patients.  That is disaster waiting to happen!  REALLY?!  Finally, C.  Writing for meds that most insurers will not inherently cover once the patient hits the real world outside the hospital walls, AND, telling these patients who are acutely ill, and have much potential more often than not until proven otherwise, that they are disabled and should apply for disability.  I have a suggestion to in patient colleagues who might want to think about that latter part about disability:  why don’t you suggest those who are still of reproductive ages to get sterilized and then remove one of their five senses before discharge to enhance the success of first time application for disability?  It might help such patients’ chances at dependency, hopelessness, and sheer lack of will to progress!  REALLY!?!?

4.  For now, the last one regarding psychiatrist here for Part 1 of REALLY!?!?, the APA.  Again, readers know how I feel about this “organization”, but my point here in this post is not to try to shame the leadershit, er, leadership of the APA, but, the general members.  I won’t say who wrote this, but a colleague I know peripherally wrote this in one of our throw away periodicals that is well read in the profession, and it is about the Murphy attempt to enforce outpatient care while disregarding much of confidentiality and choice:

“Still, I heard the news [of the APA supporting Tim Murphy’s renewed efforts to get legislation passed mandating ALL states have outpatient civil commitment programs and releasing information to family members without patient consent first] and was terribly disappointed in the APA. The decision to support this sweeping legislation was made without a vote by the Assembly, with the knowledge that some of these issues are quite polarizing. In addition to the HIPAA disqualification, the issue of outpatient civil commitment, in particular, is controversial. Although proponents are quick to point to research that show its benefits – the research has been done specifically on Kendra’s Law in New York, where $125 million was placed into that state’s mental health system to shore up services – we don’t have the research to know if what helps is providing more services or strong-armed coercion. The text of the bill will be released in the coming weeks. At the very least, couldn’t the APA have waited to see exactly what it is we endorsed?”

What was the key word in that above paragraph to me?  At the end, “…WE endorsed?”  Even as this psychiatrist writes of some level of disappointment, maybe a tad of outrage, the person includes him/her self in the endorsement?

Am I the only person who believe in this principle, but, we are judged by the company we keep, and this organization is so full of shit, corruption, cronyism, and sheer entitlement, anyone with half a soul and honest commitment to patient care would not only be gagging when at the yearly APA meetings, but running for the nearest trashcan to projectile vomit when the leadership meetings commence at the beginning of the “SHOW”.  And the APA conference is a show, don’t take my word on that, read this link, and think about it!

In there this:  “This conference is huge. Fourteen thousand attendees. There are over 500 different sessions with 150 rooms being used to accommodate the meeting. Topics vary greatly although I have been surprised about how few there are describing new and innovative treatments.”

People aren’t going for lectures, not at the money the APA charges members alone, no, this is about pomp and pageantry, front and center!

I am done this Part 1 for now, maybe an addendum to add in the next day or so, but, come back in a few days, maybe early next week as I hope Part 2 of REALLY!?!? will entertain and enlighten.

I end with this classic picture from Blade Runner, when the main protagonist saves Harrison Ford’s character and sits down to start with this classic beginning to his epilogue, “I have seen things you people would not believe…”


Rutger Hauer in blade runner

To be continued…


You want a real hypothetical question for not just candidates for President in 2016, but Americans in general?


What if you as the voting electorate in 1992 reelected George H.W. Bush for a second term and not William Jefferson Clinton?

Instead we had had a slimy Arkansas Governor who was at the very least one of the most philandering people to be a world leader, but in my opinion a blatant opportunist with a scheming bitch of a wife who made his Presidential aspirations seem trivial, with her current aspirations more frightening than what Nixon wound up doing 40 years earlier.

Then we had Bush Sr’s less than qualified son, who really was a puppet for the real “leaders” behind the scenes led primarily by the Darth Sidious of real life, Dick Cheney, who has the remorse of a snarly hyena ready to attack the victim from behind.

Which led to the worst of the three, the true antisocial in chief these past 6 plus years who has eroded the foundations of America in so many ways, it is astounding that there is still an entrenched 30% of the current electorate who support him even if he publicly ordered their deaths.

So, people want to pontificate about what would candidates do about Iraq per what we know now?  Imagine if Bill Clinton wasn’t President.  Who knows, and we never will.  Yeah, I hear it coming, it’s Ross Perot’s fault!!!

NO, it’s not, it’s the public’s fault.  And why George Carlin reminded us it isn’t the politicians who suck, but, the public.  These slime you elect are from your American system, and they represent the majority of America.

Thank you, electorate.  Or, is it really “expectorant”?

Good day!

Paul Harvey

Cheating, lying, and why it is tolerated…



The last several months, I have read and seen first hand people just blatantly skirting the rules, lying about it, if not other inappropriate things at the same time, and then having their “inner circle” of defenders, apologists, and plain cronies support the BS.  The outward examples in the press have been Hillary Clinton, Tom Brady, and read the below link what happened in Atlanta with the cheating scandal re test scores and how teachers and administrators got paid for it:

Read this follow up I read this morning:

in there this, “Recently, Baxter cut the prison sentences for Cotman, Davis-Williams, and Pitts. They won’t have to spend 7 years in prison after all, only 3 years. But they will also have to pay a $10,000 fine and perform 2000 hours of community service. Baxter said that he was not comfortable with the harsher sentences he initially doled out and so he wanted to “modify the sentence so I can live with it.”

I approved of the harsher sentences. As the ring leaders of this criminal conspiracy, these three deserved stiff punishment. They were playing with children’s lives. In fact, they are guilty of theft. They stole something precious from these kids, who are also African-American: Their futures.”

Exactly, the crimes weren’t just pure benefit for the criminals, and yes, the operative word here for these teachers and school administrators is “Criminals”, but, will impact on these kids who were told they were smarter than they really were, at least by the testing assessments.

The reason why I am writing this post this morning though is hearing a story on the local news about an addict being given yet another chance to be in recovery after yet another incident of traumatizing family, and I just have to ask, why does society think and feel we owe it to entrenched addicts they deserve chance after chance to get into recovery and accept it as it is:  abstinence, and there is no “controlled use” model, or just reflexive dismissal that relapse is part of the process and that should be forgiven every time it happens?

A few months ago, I saw a patient at one of my Locum assignment stops, and this person came in demanding Xanax, then was dismissive of their addiction history the person claimed was in recovery.  I refused to write for it, offering hydroxyzine HCl as an alternative as a start, and then, the fun began.

First the patient’s therapist got in my face and asked me why I was being insensitive to the patient’s needs, that benzos, much less Xanax, is not a big deal to provide to an addict.  I gave up after 5 minutes of discussion and providing a link on the Net to the pratfalls of benzos with addiction, but did not change my position.

Then, the patient’s mother came in with the patient on the next follow up, and she laid into me I had to “not be so cruel and rigid” and give the patient what was needed.  Again, I told the patient and mother in tow that I would not agree to write for a controlled substance, at least not at the beginning of care I am involved with, and risk relapse or abuse of the Rx.  They stormed out and went to the clinic director, who at least had some sense to defer it back to me as the administrator was not a treating provider.

And then, the truth has it’s painful and yet appropriate way of coming out.  First, by happenstance, I find a note NOT on the chart that the patient was actively in a Methadone Clinic, and the patient never told me this on either visit, but amazingly it was also mentioned deep in the chart, but not in the sections I expected to read it.  Then, I find out the patient was getting benzos from another provider prior to me, but then was discharged from that provider’s care for altering a Rx, for Xanax, how fascinating.

The final “then” was the patient’s sister called me one day to let me know she found out the patient was trying to get Xanax and the mother tried to ask the sister, who was the only one in the family setting limits with this patient, to help get me to agree to write for a benzo.  Oh, the patient was willing to agree to not ask for Xanax, but now for Valium or Klonopin, gee, what a nice change of pace!

The sister finished the discussion with several interesting details, how the patient faked a drug screen a couple of months earlier, how mom was the textbook enabler for not only the patient and this person’s behaviors, but other family members with addiction issues, and ends with this beauty:  “you need to know, I am not involved with my family anymore because they think simply being family trumps the rights and wrongs that are part of society, including zero tolerance for abuse.”  Wow, that hit home for me!

I just don’t get the enabling and codependence by so many in society these days.  It’s ok if you represent the right political party, or play for the right team, or have the right intention at first to help the public, but when the outcomes are just outwardly wrong, why does that trump common sense and principle?

But, on a global scale, why are people ok with being on the receiving end of cheating and lying?  A premise or agenda built on a lie or cheat will not lead to a healthy and responsible outcome until proven otherwise, and even then, retrospection of how it started will surely lead to some guilt and resentment, hmm?

Just remember, we are seeing more and more of this at least pervasively here in America, and the defenders and apologists seem to be winning in larger numbers day in and out.

I leave you with these two quotes, of many I could add here, just to educate and remind you, there is no defense for “I was just trying to help” when all one was doing was being complicit and ignorant at the very least!

cheating comment #1

cheating comment #2

Yeah, good point at the end of the second one, “It’s always about them.”  Why lying is part of the criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorder.  It is beyond reflexive sometimes, you agree?

It took me about 19 years to figure it out, sorry to Mr Carlin for missing your point.


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First, you have to watch the following clip to appreciate the following point to this post, so please watch it, about 4 & 1/2 minutes:

In there, he says that by not voting, you have the right to complain, and I thought for years, until the last couple of days, he was wrong.  How can you complain if you don’t vote, as by not participating you have no right to voice an opinion?  But, then, I realized watching the endless bullshit of the Left/Progressives/Democrats these past several years with their antisocial in chief in the White House screwing us endlessly, and this entrenched 30% of the electorate voting for Democrap agendas without hesitation, hell, if their candidate was the spawn of Hitler or even Bugs Bunny, they would vote (D) reflexively, it dawned on me.

We have equally the Right/Conservatives/Republicans as about 20-25% of the other end of the electorate voting for (R) candidates reflexively as well, so, if at least 50% of the electorate is voting as told or just spontaneously as they sit on the toilet and defecate, then, I think Carlin was right, voting is meaningless in this day and age, albeit his comment was from October 1996.

People don’t want to instinctively think, to ponder, to really weigh what the candidates claim to have as positions on issues and public needs.  They just vote per partisan demand, as a near majority.  And that is not Democracy, that is mindless shitting.

So, I leave you with this little gem below I found earlier tonight to show that as bad as the Republicans have been, starting false wars, chipping away at American privacy, and supporting torture, who have been the most entrenched incumbents in at least Federal office in the past 50 or more years?  Read the link, and see that 18 of the most entrenched incumbents in House or Senate positions have been Democrats.  So, no argument against my position, the Democrats are the party of Antisocial cretinism ongoing, and again, if you are a Democrat and just reflexively and support your party’s interests and rhetoric, then, I think you are a loser and a detriment to American needs and benefits.

Oh, and Conyers has been there for FIFTY F—–g years, and Rangell for 44.  If that is not an indictment to how pathetic are voters in their districts alone, than I have no clue what else to say!

Oh, and watch how pathetic ABC News will continue to be defending and supporting George Stephanopolous and his partisan agenda with the Clintons, and yet is a major anchor for the network.

Joseph Goebbels is smiling somewhere in hell.  Who is this, some of you might ask?  A link to amuse and enrage…

Read em and weep, Folks.  And this does relate to psychiatry, as I see people every week depressed and anxious with the state of this country deteriorating and affecting their lives, so if you don’t like reading about politics, go back to your phones or TVs.  Sheesh!!!

The outward antisocial narrative in American politics


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Let’s have a moment of brutal and harsh candor, if the Republicans supported bringing in people outside this country to provide cheap labor, or advocated for the deaths of innocent people, or demanded free speech only support their causes and any other dialogue be condemned and ostracized, well, the shrieking from the Democrats would have to make most citizens hold their hands over their ears if they didn’t own good earplugs.

But, yet, the Democrats believe that illegal immigration, which basically is only to provide cheap labor, preferably for Democrat businesses, is completely acceptable and their most likely Presidential candidate for 2016 wants to make it even easier for people to get a free pass to stay in this country.

Oh, and then there is abortion, ouch, that is a hot topic.  But, as reported this week in several outlets, I give you this one as example:

it seems the science can allow fetuses to survive outside the womb as close to 22 weeks now.  And who are the ONLY advocates for late term abortion?  Hee Haw, Hee Haw, you figure it out!

Finally, the incident in Garland Texas last weekend was quite the revelation, depending on how one views it, eh?  Drawing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed is quite the outrage, so it validates murdering people who dishonor the prophet’s image?  Read many liberal/progressive comments, and you would think they would actually say they wished Geller and her cohorts behind the contest should have been murdered.  Believe it when I write this, I know there are some in the media who truly side with the Islamic terrorists, at the very least to not be front and center to these terrorists’ intent to kill.  But, I think the Democrats have stooped to new lows, they are beginning to reveal the belief that the only good Republican or Conservative is a dead one.

Just don’t have the balls to write it, or screech it, yet.

So, if you are a Democrat supporter, your party seem to think that illegal immigration should stay in place, that fetuses should be aborted as late as 28 weeks if not later, and that Islamic beliefs trump any other religious respects or defense.  Wow, that makes you quite the decent and respectful American, hmm?

Allah Akbar to you all!

Talk amongst yourselves…


Just remember, 30% of the electorate believes this stuff to the end of time.  If you believe otherwise, next time you are in a large room with more than 20 people, at least 6 of them embrace what I feel are antisocial agendas.  Makes you feel warm and cuddly to stay there, hmmm???

Addendum May 10 7PM:  Ah, it isn’t just an American attitude of the Left, read this and tell me I am refuted:

“Curiously enough, some were quick to defend the act of vandalizing a monument for women who sacrificed everything to defend freedom and democracy in a political protest against a democratically-elected government. (Let that irony sink in for a moment.)”

Read what they wrote on the monument.  The British are just an extension of American attitude, and frankly, what goes on there will be what happens here WHEN the Left, hopefully, is rejected by the majority of voters in the next couple of election cycles, unless, Americans as a whole embrace antisocial shit!

Which could be an outcome, as overt threats and slimeball attitudes seem to impact on people who are timid and manipulated.  It is how the antisocial stays in power and influence, hmm???


Addendum #2, about 5 minutes later:

Just read the link and realize I am validated every day of late.

“Cultural commentators like John Zmirak have recently posted articles with provocative titles like, “Gay Totalitarianism and the Coming Persecution of Christians,” with subtitles declaring, “Hatred of the Gospel is boiling over into the vilification of Christians. State violence won’t be far behind, history teaches.”

The Left is beyond reproach, their narrative is becoming fascism.  Don’t believe me, then read up on what Nazi beliefs were as an overall:

“The term “National Socialism” arose out of attempts to create a nationalist redefinition of “socialism”, as an alternative to both internationalist Marxist socialism and free market capitalism. The Nazis sought to achieve this by a “people’s community” (Volksgemeinschaft) with the aim of uniting all Germans as national comrades, whilst excluding those deemed either to be community aliens or of a foreign race (Fremdvölkische). It rejected the Marxist concept of class struggle, opposed ideas of class equality and international solidarity, and sought to defend private property and businesses.”

Frame it however it fits your narrative.

Idiocracy, nah, it is going to be Narcissocracy. Examples, please?!


, ,


The movie “Idiocracy” had some illuminating moments, but, the reality is, we have those out there who will twist things into a real narcissism culture.  But, wait, it already has, who are we kidding.

Example One:  Barack Obama has captured the minds and hearts of the pathetic elitists who think that being President means his opinion alone trumps the political system, and the constituents he answers to.  His immigration policy alone shows new depths of arrogance and dismissal of the Constitutional boundaries, and his spawn to be, Hillary C, will go even further to show no respect for the very people she needs to put her in power in the first place?! This truly is what Carlin spoke of, garbage in and garbage out.  And, the powers that really are to be, those behind the scenes who pull the strings of these politicians, are the narcissistic cretins that will set the obscene, er, scene for America for many more years to come…

Example Two:  Tom Brady, this man really thinks he is bigger than life, and once again we watch an idiotic press conference supporting him telling us “I don’t lie, I see it the way I see it, so just sit back and enjoy the show and you can thank me later!”  And, the NFL knew it all along, allowed it to play out, and then will have some pathetic and lame performance “punishing him” and then making more billions next Fall.  Again, we have the front stage example with the real “players” behind the scenes just profiting and laughing away at the public that has the recall state of a goldfish.  Oh, and the announcement had to come AFTER the NFL draft, that could not be upstaged…

Example Three:  People are not going to like this one, but, it is what it is.  Here in Baltimore and now around the country, the martyr for the socioeconomically depressed is Freddie Gray, and the villains are the police across the lands.  Except, when you really need a true person to rally around and have a true and sustaining call for change and accountability, I guess this person doesn’t have the sway and character that Freddie Gray, the addict, has on most who identify with him.  Nah, this story line just does not capture the heart of the real story:

The murder of a three year old is not outrageous and unifying.  Yeah, because the narrative of those who profit and control the crowds would not be maintained, as the evil can’t be the very people who would be part of that crowd, eh, Liberal, Progressives, and Democrats??!!

Just look who are the candidates for President, both announced and in the wings.  You really think these people are interested in a job that is not only thankless for what it is intended, in this day and age, but, also should make someone accountable for the rest of the world?  Please, be candid for one moment, no one with an ounce of intelligence and attention to detail wants to be President of the United States because he/she wants to make this country a better place, but, just to make him/herself more opportunities to better him or herself.

The job of President of America has to be the poster child for brutal narcissism at its worst.  Just look how the last two Democraps handled it, Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama.  George W Bush, he has his flaws, but, I think his failed Presidency speaks more for those behind the scenes who were the puppeteers, and their narcissism also speaks volumes, Dick Cheney front and center, please!

Oh, and the way Hillary C. handles herself, I think it is a hideous combination example of narcissism and antisocial chutzpah at its lowest denominator.  Just read Peggy Noonan’s most recent column that puts it in brutal perspective:

This is the best part of her column, at the end:  “…The Better Business Bureau in 2013 said it [The Clinton Foundation] failed to meet minimum standards of accountability and transparency. Mr. Schweizer notes that “at least four Clinton Foundation trustees have either been charged or convicted of financial crimes including bribery and fraud.”

There’s more. Mrs. Clinton has yet to address any of it.

If the book [Clinton Cash] is true—if it’s half-true—it is a dirty story.

It would be good if the public, the Democratic Party and the Washington political class would register some horror, or at least dismay.

I write on the eve of the 70th anniversary of V-E Day, May 8, 1945. America had just saved the world. The leaders of the world respected us—a great people led by tough men. What do they think now? Scary to think, isn’t it?”

No, it isn’t scary, to me.  It is beyond disgusting.  Because just casually look at the people you share the road with on your next drive, and I will bet you will see at least 10% of drivers playing with their phones or other devices, as they are so self absorbed, they have no clue they are behind the wheel of an automobile.  That, my friends, is example A of narcissism and cluelessness beyond redemption.

And let’s finish with how ISIS already has taken hold of this country, the narrative of the shooting in Texas of two ISIS recruits going after the Mohammed cartoon contest, yeah, the real villain are the contest coordinators, as we can’t offend a religion.  Unless, it isn’t Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, but, hey, Islam and Muslim beliefs are sacred, eh?  Frankly, while most religions are frank examples of narcissism in how they frame their “idols of reverence” as extensions of themselves, it really is beyond incredible how Muslim extremists think their way of thinking trumps the lives of every other person outside their religion.  That is not just narcissism, but hideous antisocial cretinism beyond redemption.  Which makes you wonder how a Christian leader hasn’t stooped to such lows in totalitarianism in attitude in the past many decades in Western cultures, true?

Yeah, I guess it must be true our President might be a bit more Muslim in his ideology, and those who identify with him need to back him up!

I think the picture captures the moment perfectly:

endless loop of Narcissism

Somehow, I sense “one” ain’t the loneliest number for some here in America.  After all, some live by agenda, as principle is just someone to try to control the show!

I am surprised the picture above does not show the man stopping to look at himself in infinity.  Narcissus would have been proud to be here today!!!  If not having more mirrors, then he could read about himself on the Net all day long!!!


Mirror mirror on the wall, I am the greatest after all…

Why is an entrenched addict the poster boy for alleged calls for change? Seems incongruent to me…


, ,

This post is about common sense, but, first let’s look at who Freddie Gray, the man at the center of all the violence and controversy in Baltimore, was about prior to his unfortunate demise.  Note I did NOT say untimely, because addicts not in recovery die prematurely in life, which is a common sense expectation in and of itself.

Amazingly, there is a Wikipedia site already in place about Mr Gray, so I link below and hope readers read it all:

I just want to highlight the following from the link:

1.  “Gray had a criminal record, mainly on drug charges and minor crimes.[10] Gray had been involved in 20 criminal court cases, five of which were still active at the time of his death, and was due in court on a possession charge on April 24.[10][11]

2.  “Police encountered Freddie Gray on the morning of April 12, 2015,[5] in the street near Baltimore’s Gilmor Homes housing project,[12] an area known to have high levels of home foreclosures[13] poverty, drug deals and violent crimes.[14] According to the charging documents submitted by the Baltimore police,[15] at 8:39 A.M., the police “made eye contact” with Gray,[12][16] who proceeded to flee on foot “unprovoked upon noticing police presence”, was apprehended after a brief foot chase, and was taken into custody without the use of force or incident.”

Here is a list of alleged arrests of Mr Gray in the past 7 years:

  • March 20, 2015: Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
  • March 13, 2015: Malicious destruction of property, second-degree assault
  • January 20, 2015: Fourth-degree burglary, trespassing
  • January 14, 2015: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute
  • December 31, 2014: Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute
  • December 14, 2014: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • August 31, 2014: Illegal gambling, trespassing
  • January 25, 2014: Possession of marijuana
  • September 28, 2013: Distribution of narcotics, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, second-degree assault, second-degree escape
  • April 13, 2012: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, violation of probation
  • July 16, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute
  • March 28, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • March 14, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to manufacture and distribute
  • February 11, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • August 29, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, violation of probation
  • August 28, 2007: Possession of marijuana
  • August 23, 2007: False statement to a peace officer, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance
  • July 16, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance (2 counts)

Quite the record of legal entanglements, hmm?  Especially in the past 15 months.

Anyway, I don’t know where Mr Gray was at the time of his death in working on recovery, remorse, or sincere change for the better as a citizen, but, I just don’t get why the public in Baltimore is making this man the poster person for demanding change of the police force in Baltimore.  Certainly there is need for change in the way police handle suspects, but, is this the responsible impetus for such change?

The point of this post though is about what common sense was NOT exhibited by many in Baltimore, from its citizens, police, politicians, and even the media in town these past 7 days now.

in chronological order, this is what was missed by folks:

1.  One does not run away from police if not violating laws, nor be combative or disrespectful while in the presence of law authorities.

2.  Police should be respectful and maintaining dialogue when dealing with people in the public if citizens are being respectful and cooperative, and never should police be vindictive or acting out in retribution.

3.  Drug abuse is not an acceptable behavior and should not be minimized or condoned, ever.  It goes to the more general point “Zero tolerance for abuse”.

4.  Transparency and honesty should be practiced by all, especially by those in positions of authority and influence on the public.  Lying only reinforces lack of trust and doubt other issues are sincere.

5.  Protesting is NEVER about violence, destruction of property, or attacking police or others protecting themselves or property.

6.  “THUG” is not a discriminatory word, irregardless of race, gender, or other defining group behaving inappropriately or lawlessly.  The definition is simple:  “A violent person, especially a criminal.”

7.  Protesting at night is not about a cause for the benefit of the public, because there is no healthy or attentive audience who will be witness and possibly supportive at night.

8.  Destruction of property and looting is not a lesser crime that should be tolerated or excused by any in the community, be them citizens, police, or politicians.

9.  Politicians are accountable to the public they serve, not a minority group of partisan backers or a mob agenda.

10.  People in a democracy are innocent until proven guilty in a fair and impartial court of law.  People are not falsely charged or convicted just to appease a group who will threaten to act out if they do not get what they want.

11.  Media officials should be covering stories and not be making them as they evolve, and should realize that live coverage only attracts people who want to act out in front of a camera and not be sincere and genuine until proven otherwise.

So, does the above seem to follow the ongoing mistakes being made by many who live or are temporarily residing here in Baltimore?  Seems so to me.  Feel free to add your own common sense points of view, or if you want to debate what I offer above, feel free to offer how something noted is not common sense.

By the way, if you want to be anonymous and forward a comment, I will print it most likely, but will note if the comment is not respectful nor well thought out or defensible from outside sources that such comment might be used to defend my point about failures of common sense.

Just my imperfect opinion…

common sense headstone


Addendum May 3 12 Noon:  at least the agenda I mentioned earlier about my hypothesis that antipsychiatry folk do not tolerate authority in any form, unless it fully conforms to their narrative, seems to have truth.  The link from there:

You have to read the thread to see what I mean.

From “9” on May 2 1157 AM:

“Something is wrong with police officers, oldhead. Too many of them go into some form of combat mindedness and combat behavior. They’re police officers, not soldiers.”

Yeah, just one commenter, but, same old rhetoric, if some are bad, then all are and there is no tolerance or justice to have them in place further.

Then later when the author of the post, Ms Davidow is challenged she is justifying violence/rioting, this was her reply, May 2 759AM:

“I realize there’s a great deal of complexity in these issues, and as I was clear to say above, I’m not ‘pro-riot,’ as in I’m not exactly cheering rioters on and thinking they are doing great and well thought out things that will necessarily have the impact they seek. And yet, on the other hand, there is something important about going beyond the usual peaceful protests, demonstrating outrage, and an unwillingness to protest only within the bounds of the same law that is killing you that is important, too.”

Reads like justification to me that rioting has a place.  Yeah, until it affects you directly, when you/family/friends are assaulted or homes/business destroyed.  Again, it goes to the common sense of protesting is never violence or destruction.  But, that is the mantra of the Left/Progressives/Democrats.  And just frank anarchists as well.

Finally, I leave you with Richard Lewis, May 2 1017 AM:

“In any historical uprising of the oppressed there are always a minority of specific acts that are misdirected toward the wrong targets or are out of character with the overall goals of the struggle. This will inevitably happen no matter how organized and disciplined these activities may be. The anger and outrage of the broad masses cannot always be contained nor will everyone adhere to the same strategy. These kind of mistakes should NOT therefore change how we characterize these historical moments or somehow diminish their significance.”

and after much muddling in further paragraphs, he ends with this:

“I know where I stand on these historical uprisings, both those that have happened in the real world and those that are hypothesized as imaginary possibilities for our future. These struggles bring me great joy and I refuse to stand on the side lines and criticize them because they were not perfect, as if any significant historical form of struggle ever was or ever will be perfect.”

“These struggles bring me great joy…”?  Yeah, like Mayor Rawlings-Blake said, have to give room for those to destroy, wow, what a wonderful rationalization.

It is the MIA legion.

Remember this series of posts about 8 months ago?


, , ,

Not to promote myself, but, I think I did a fair job of showing how facts and responsibility were more than shelved just to promote a failed narrative and partisan agenda, but, over 8 months later and where are we today?

The State’s attorney leveled serious charges today against the officers who were involved in the Freddie Gray death, and let’s go back a little further to what happens when people act before they think:

I mean, really, 2nd degree murder as a start?!  And all the officers were excessively complicit in Mr Gray’s death??  How ironic we have an alleged Black and White issue being made to be black and white.  And the antisocials behind the scenes manipulating this situation are loving it!

All this does for me is reinforce my hypothesis that most of Democrats are an antisocial lot, and their constituents are either the most complicit and deserving lot to be screwed by such failed and incompetent representation, or, are the most clueless and inattentive lot to be screwed by such failed and incompetent representation.  See a difference in the end point with either group?  No.

I will be posting what are the 10 most common sense matters to what has happened in Baltimore these past couple of weeks by the end of this weekend, and then we’ll see where this goes.  An image to enlighten, or, is the more operative word “Frighten”?!

When LA comes East less than 25 years later

It will be a Baltimore Sun headline in months to come…

Let’s get something straight here, in my opinion…


, ,

Last night I wrote this in a comment at my prior post, “As I warned in earlier post…”

“Sorry, I am not a bigot, I do not discriminate per race, gender, religion, or any other basic group, but, I despise stupid and reckless people, and addicts who have no interest in recovery are not worth my time, and those who want to come after me for that attitude, well, when you spend several months working with these people closely and watch them waste your time and energy just to lie, cheat, and harass you and you still aren’t affected by it at all, well, you are then a much better person than me.”

I stand by it today, but, I will have to clarify what I define as “stupid and reckless people”, because that is too open ended and deserves a little bit of criticism from readers who are moreso impartial and interested in promoting care and concern, not from the usual suspects of the antipsychiatry crowd who embrace these pathetic and self serving narratives to simply end psychiatry.

I have been working in community mental health since my second half of my second year of residency, starting in January of 1991, and have continued onwards most of my career.  So, do the math, I would estimate about 80% of my time working CMHC equals about 19 years of those 24 years in psychiatry.

And let me tell you something, I have seen a profound and progressive deterioration in multiple facets of that arena in mental health, by administration, by clinicians, and in patients as a sizeable percentage.  How do I criticize patients who should be the least of any critique or negative attitude by a health care professional?  First of all, it is not ALL of them I am critical of, and gee, guess that takes some of the wind out of the sails of antipsychiatry folk waiting to pounce on me and this blog.  After all, they love over generalizations and absolutes, what we have read over and over in Ms Katie Higgins’ commentary at my posts about antipsychiatry and politics these past several months.

Anyway, I have seen a steady growth of two populations, and in fact an overlap from both simultaneously, in the past approximate 10 years, and that involves the primary addiction population and the forensic group that have a 50/50 legitimate versus misplaced reason to be in CMHCs.  These folks, until proven otherwise, have no honest, sincere, and motivated interest to change, to grow, to improve, from what I have witnessed in these past 10 years.  Again, not ALL of them, but it is over 50% of them as a whole.

And it gets old to have to see these folks month in and out who are just drug seeking, avoiding legal entanglements, some other types of secondary gains like disability or entitlements, and often just wanting to be disruptive and challenging because of the basic premise that their problems stem from as a foundation.  Oh, and some addictions inherently have comorbid profound personality disorders if not drug induced personality impaired features while relapsing with substances, so, how long can you tolerate and rationalize “it’s an illness, they need our help”?

Well, when clinicians reading here have been doing this for over 75% of their careers for over 15 years, and you still have full compassion, full tolerance, and complete strength to endure these daily hassles, insults, intrusions, and at times frank attacks, as I wrote in the comment at the top, “…you are then a much better person than me.”

I can say this without any hesitation or doubt, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who comes into my office for the first visit has my complete dedication to explore their problems and needs and have my full interest to offer treatment interventions, even if there are overt signs/symptoms of addiction or Axis 2 disorders.  But, when such patients come back for follow up who show no intent to be cooperative or invested in change, or to give treatment plan options a sincere trial of effort, I am a person first, and I have my limits.

Oh, and specifically to entrenched opiate addicts who show no interest in recovery, who at times are hiding behind Methadone or Suboxone treatments and yet still are acting like active substance abusers, I am not interested in trying to negotiate with the failed defenses that are just out to stay high and impaired.

So, what do I really mean in place of “stupid and reckless people” from the above comment last night?  I mean those who are just gaming an impaired and dysfunctional system loaded with defenders and apologists for maintaining addiction and disruptive agendas.  Patients and their enablers and codependents who when pressed show they know better, that recovery is the intended gain at hand, but, have no interest to pursue it, well, have fun with that wall.

And when someone has the gall to say in one breath, “I know I need to be responsible and accountable”, but then say almost in the next breath, “but I won’t do it”, well that is just stupid and reckless.  And I don’t have to go down with that ship.

I leave you at the bottom here with this from an old post, and hope you read it for the person who is on the bridge, because this metaphoric tale hits home for too many people who have been sucked into this failed mantra of “you have to help others even if it puts you at risk”, because let me tell you all wanting to consider this point of view:


Oh, and conservatives as a whole, they live by the adage of abandonment and lack of sincere investment unless it benefits them directly first.  Fascinating how this ongoing polarized debate to much of societal woes is just a pendulum game of who survives being whacked at either end of the swing multiple times.  Forces one to be bashed into one end of the polarized spectrum of inflexible, rigid rhetoric and agenda.  Which makes one realize, how much of personality disorder is behind these two ends of the failed debate process in the first place?

Anyway, here is the tale, hope it is of interest:

The bridge pg 1the bridge pg 2

How long can you hold on?  I know my limits, and frankly, I find it fascinating and repulsive simultaneously there are those out there who want you to do all the lifting, so they can then walk up and take the credit and accolades.  Hey doc peers out there, did you take a vow of poverty and complete sacrifice at your medical school graduations?

Yeah, I don’t remember those words either!

As I warned in earlier post, watch the defenses of the partisan disordered…


, ,

So Barack Obama thinks the Republicans are responsible for the rioting in Baltimore this week.  Huh!?!?  Yeah, check out the history of Republican representation in Baltimore City these past 40 plus years, I don’t think you will find many “R”s after names of people in that place, certainly not as Mayor, City Council President, and oh, who do you think gets nominated to lead various departments and offices in the city when you have a predominate party control?  No, not the other party.

So, read these two links that came out today, and then tell us how it is the fault of other parties and other partisan narratives outside the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives that caused the 2 plus generations lost in Baltimore.  Oh, and I grew up just outside the city, lived there for 8 years as a young adult, and unfortunately have had to return there of late as a practicing psychiatrist, so I have a legitimate experience to voice this post.

First is this one I found today at

Hmm, like this one in there?  Where are the black fathers in Baltimore? They don‘t exist. I saw black mothers in the streets. I saw black male teens. But no black fathers trying to keep their kids off the streets and away from violence. Could the lack of black fathers at home be the reason for the hopelessness, anger, poverty and violence on the streets of Baltimore?”

Then, Where are the black leaders? Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? You’re quick to blame white policeman for one dead black kid (often with a long criminal rap sheet), but not a word of blame or anger towards thousands of black youth burning down black neighborhoods? Cat got your tongue?”

Finally, “What has 50 years of black rule, liberal welfare and entitlement policies, excuses and blame towards white people done for black Americans in inner cities like Baltimore and Detroit? Where’s the progress in those cities under 100% Democrat politicians and policies?

The sighting of a white Republican on the streets of cities like Detroit and Baltimore is just a rumor. There were no white faces or Republicans among local Baltimore officials at the podium yesterday- just a black mayor, black city council members, black police chief and black local community leaders and clergy. 100% black leadership. Yet urban inner cities like Baltimore and Detroit are in ruins.”

I guess I missed all those years of what Blacks, Democrats, and Liberals were doing behind those puppet Republicans masquerading for the other party…

But, it gets better…

“For example, Maryland has one of the most generous welfare systems in the nation. A mother with two children participating in seven common welfare programs — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, housing assistance, Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), energy assistance (LIHEAP), and free commodities — could receive benefits worth more than $35,000. Yet, nearly a quarter of the people in Baltimore still live in poverty. In 1960, Baltimore’s poverty rate was just 10 percent. While some of the increase since then is a result of demographic and other structural changes, we’ve clearly been throwing a lot of money at poverty in the city without much result.”

it keeps on coming, “The unemployment rate in Baltimore in February was 8.4 percent, compared with just 5.5 percent nationally. In the Sandtown–Winchester/Harlem Park area, which is near the center of the unrest, more than half of the people did not have jobs, according to a February 2015 report from the Justice Policy Institute and the Prison Policy Initiative.”

Let’s start tying in some of that possible antisocial element, hmm?  “The city’s schools represent another failure of government. Teachers’ unions are among the most powerful special interests in Maryland. To cite just one example, even as other states were enacting right-to-work laws for public employees, Maryland passed a law mandating that all teachers pay fees to the Maryland State Education Association.”

How is that antisocial?  Notice how much the teachers’ unions have been improving the educational system?  How they brutally go after anyone who opposes them?  Look at Scott Walker of Wisconsin as exhibit A?!

Finally, size this one up.  “If you are looking for an example of the failure of the War on Drugs, Baltimore would be a showcase. Martin O’Malley, in particular, both as mayor of Baltimore and as governor of Maryland (he is now a Democratic presidential candidate), pushed a “zero tolerance” policy that resulted in the arrest of thousands of young black men for minor drug offenses. This approach to policing has inevitably led to widespread abuses. Baltimore paid out more than $5.7 million in settlements for police-brutality complaints from 2011 to 2014, and spent another $5.8 million on legal fees defending police. While we shouldn’t leap to conclusions until the investigation is complete, it is very easy to see Freddie Gray’s death fitting into this context.”

And from a guy who would be the substitute for that wonderful lady who is all but coronated by this party “for the people”.  Oh, and she weighed in today on this too:

Betcha she thought this would not come up though…

“Mrs. Clinton faces a similar burden — in her case, by association. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, the most significant crime legislation ever passed and a measure that critics say contributed to a climate of police abuse.

The 1994 law included $30.2 billion to bolster cities’ law enforcement rosters and build dozens of new prisons. It also created tougher penalties for drug offenders and expanded the number of crimes that could be punished by the federal death penalty.”


And now we can have the leading spokesperson commenting here with regularity for the Democrats/Liberals weigh in on how these articles are so out of touch and misleading, are you ready, Ms Higgins???

Ridiculous how we have to endure these immature defenses by such characterological people in office.  And put there by their constituents of equally characterological citizens.

Bet over 95% of those arrested and wonderfully shown on TV attacking police, stores, and citizens vote Democrat year in and out.  And there it is as another support of my accusation, the Democrats are the party of antisocials!

And let’s leave you with this image…

A registered Democrat voter in baltimore

What, now they’re even, black communities across the country??!!


Addendum Wed night April 29th:  is anyone besides me embarrassed by this pervasive dialogue by Democrat hacks that the term “thugs” is inappropriate to describe the incidents in Baltimore on Saturday and Monday nights?!  No, readers would be right, the word is not embarrassed, but disgusted!  These partisan scumbags have redefined the shame of apologists and defenders of indefensible behaviors!!  And continue to reinforce my belief that Democrats and Liberals are becoming the most disgusting political group to be a pervasive political party in America.

And if it is true that Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to not confront these thugs and scumbags who have probably irrevocably ruined multiple neighborhoods by their mass destruction, then she is not only complicit in these antisocial acts, she could be construed as a leader.

Wow, that is not an accusation, but, an indictment!  If she is still Mayor of Baltimore beyond this year, this city is beyond doomed, it is screwed!!!

Amazing how these few incidents of black men being killed by police overshadows the thousands of murders of black people by other black people every year across America, and the Democrats continue to ignore, or better yet dismiss, the truth that blacks are more at risk by their own neighbors and peers than the police.

Here is a fact that is not refutable:  Baltimore is less likely to attract business and responsible citizens to work within the boundaries of the municipality for years to come.  You think there is not a strong analogy with the Baltimore Orioles NOT playing a game in front of a fan crowd this PM???  What a loud statement made by a major business that is Major League Baseball!!!

And watch these idiot Democrats try to spin that incident these next couple of days.  And the idiot partisan supporters buy it!!!

April 29th Oriole game in empty stadium

(Today’s Oriole game, that counts, in an empty stadium.  Wow!)


Addendum #2 tonight April 29th:  I heard on Megan Kelly’s show with Dana Perino that Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was on a commission that reviewed the Ferguson incident last year, and found this: (from this link: )


Rawlings-Blake served on a panel of mayors and law enforcement officials convened by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in the wake of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The group issued a report on ways to strengthen ties between the police and local communities.”

And what was that report?  This, which shows the polarization that it is solely the responsibility of police to maintain an interaction, and note the extremism in the attitude, although not just written by Ms Rawlings:

“3. Police officers should treat all people with dignity and respect. Given the history of tension, police should be particularly sensitive to minority communities. If people feel disrespected in their encounters with officers, the experience will leave a long-lasting negative impact that will be shared with family and friends.”

WTF is this?!  “ALL” people with dignity and respect?!  No, you as an officer go into a situation hoping there is room for negotiation and cooperation, but, let’s have a moment of brutal candor here, police are not asked to get involved in situations that ALWAYS involve people who have the ability to be cooperative, respectful, and negotiable, and thus why the police are often asked to be involved.  This infers the citizen is ALWAYS in the right until proven otherwise, and, again, being candid, how many people are going to instinctively appreciate and respect the police being involved if the people being confronted by the police are NOT law abiding citizens??

My lesson from this revelation, Rawlings just didn’t want a risk of a Ferguson on her watch as Mayor, and did the exact opposite stupid reaction from Ferguson and did not want ANY police response, which led to the same outcome, but, on a much larger scale than Ferguson.  Just amazing how human nature f—s things up, take one extreme polarized response and then swing to the opposite but equally polarized response and wind up with the same pathetic outcome.

And this is the best we’ve got in representation, as George Carlin so eloquently said it, “garbage in, garbage out”.  Frankly, every single person who considers running for public office should take an MMPI so we can try to weed out the personality disordered dysfunctional people who are in fact NOT suited for public office.  Even if we catch only 50% of them, well, that’s half as many incompetents we can avoid, eh?


Addendum #3 (and last for tonight):

Oh my god, while this is an initial report, if it is true, once again, we have a hyper reactive part of the public who just reacts to assumptions and has no interest in waiting for facts:

“A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.”

Yep, we have yet another Ferguson until proven otherwise.  And, note how the Democrats and their legion allow this chaos to play out until truth and public appreciation for such reality to finally shut it down.

The agenda of the antisocial…

What the hell will the next couple of days reveal???



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