Antisocial apologists unite!


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tolerating rioting

You should read this.  Piece of crap.

Found it after reading this:

Yesterday here in Baltimore, protesters shut down 2 major intersections in town and the Police just acquiesced to their demands.  Shutting down streets, one of them basically a lead onto an interstate highway, is not a first amendment right.

Mob rule is winning these days, and I think it is sickening.  So is being unemployed, and after two opps were pulled out because they could not talk me into doing C&A work after it was clearly noted at moment one I would not be available for this, well, the antisocial agenda pervades the mental health care arena too, in my opinion.  I mean, how do you tell a provider you want him and then say the next day if you don’t do what they want then they cancel the contract?

Rioting and lack of respect for boundaries, what a wonderful Thanksgiving message for us all.  Enjoy Black Friday, another example of exemplary American traditions gone absurd.  Happy Holidaze to all who survive it!

wonderful Thanksgiving

Perspective is half the battle, moral code another quarter, and just common sense is the final ingredient.


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First a link that I think puts the Ferguson shooting and aftermath in realistic perspective, at least for me:

In there is this:  “There is, then, some validity to this notion of blacks and whites having different perceptions. But when the truth is knowable, one of the “perceptions” has to be wrong. Two distinct ethnic or cultural groups may have different perceptions of musical beauty or of what foods they like. But this is not the case regarding truth, which is based on facts. In Ferguson, either the black (and left-wing whites’) “perception” is not truth-based or the (non-Left) white (and black) “perception” isn’t.

Once the facts comes out, we are no longer speaking of “perceptions.” We are speaking of truth and falsehood.”

Then the author goes on to say this later:  “Like truth, morality is just a perception, one determined by an individual’s race, gender, and/or class. That is why, for the left, no man can judge any abortion, no matter how late in pregnancy and no matter the reason — because men do not possess a uterus.”

Well, there is truth to those comments, but, where is the highest truth and moral code in civilized culture?  I think the dumbing down of our culture due to various aspects has really blurred needed boundaries, created levels of entitlement and unrealistic expectation, and, what I have seen in my travels in various CMHCs the past 5 years at least, rapidly rising levels of hopelessness, despair, anxiety, and sheer panic that is not just biological, but primarily sociological in origin and thus the paradigm for healing.

I wrote about what I view would be common sense hopefully pervading when the incident first happened over 3 months ago, and include the three part links here for readers to peruse, and realize just my perspective and moral codes:

My point to those 3 posts was simply what were the basic rights and wrongs to what happened that led to an 18 year old man being shot to death by a police officer.  Literally in this situation, while the combatants were black and white, the incident was as murky gray as the fog surrounding the investigation and resulting verdict of not proceeding with an indictment against the officer.  And that is again gray.

I feel compelled to write about it now as I find the rioting to be so disgusting, senseless, and inappropriate on so many levels, well, it is a shame we have to wait for more shootings and pandemonium to get control and reason to return to the community.  But, I still feel this is about the covert rise of antisocial elements in society and how it seems to be metastasizing into so many facets in America, perhaps even fair to say globally as well.  And while the current situation in Ferguson is overt and palpable, I think a lot of the antisocial agenda still percolates without being identified and halted.

Just my opinion, like it really matters when so many others are fixated on making sure their opinion not only wins, but decimates any dissent.  And isn’t THAT what the dialogue of DC is about these days?…

So it’s been 2 years…


Not just another Mental Health blog, hopefully

ImageCAN’T MEDICATE LIFE.  Sums it up for me when I first thought of that line about a year ago.  Having surfed the web to explore what is being discussed about mental health care for the past couple of years, I don’t really see much said to reinforce this paradigm though.

After practicing psychiatry for 20 years providing general adult psychiatric care, I am disappointed to where the profession has gone.  Mental health is now just a “biochemical imbalance” echoed not only by colleagues in my profession, but equally by almost every associated discipline affiliated with mental health.

Why not just make it easier and call it “pills for any ills”.  Except as one colleague once told me, not as a surprise mind you, “pills don’t give you skills”.  My liner at the top certainly says it best for me, “if you want to get better, take a pill, but if you want to get it right, face the truth.”  A line uttered by a character in a TV show, but oh how so on the mark.  Much of what is mental health to this day is not just about biology, but also includes psychology and sociology, hence what constitutes the biopsychosocial paradigm that is the basis to how I practice.

And how can patients expect to really regain stable mental health by just taking a pill?  Well, one does not know better if the alleged experts as clinicians, and gullible peers as patients  just spout off this false manta sold since modern psychopharmacology took off when Prozac hit the market in the late 1980’s.  Have you really met someone who has completely been stabilized and has no ongoing struggles, who has only just taken a pill since first getting into treatment?  I haven’t, maybe because such a person wouldn’t need to see me or another colleague, but I haven’t read success stories how Drug X or Y made patient A completely healed, not without further interventions at the very least.

Note I did not say “…completely normal” in that last sentence, because what is normal that everyone would agree to as a definition?  I don’t have one, I just believe it is about regaining health and function.  And that is why I tell anyone interested in listening why I preach a multifactorial approach to illness that is multifactorial in cause.  People don’t get depressed just because they don’t have enough serotonin, they don’t get anxious because they have a GABA imbalance, they don’t get schizophrenia because they have too much dopamine, and what is the biological cause to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that seems to have the military basically selling a meds only approach to servicemen and women for the past 20 plus years?  Oh, and why do adults with legitimate ADD seem to not make much progress just being on stimulants?  Adderall and Ritalin don’t make people better organizers and focus keenly just with an AM dose, do they?

Can’t medicate life.  When you step back and think about it rationally and objectively, it really is simple and straightforward.  But, hard to make money in mental health care these days without having Big Pharma nearby to help pay the bills.  Well, this blog will helpfully dispel the myths and misperceptions that have blossomed these past 20 years, as much as you as readers are willing to believe, or at least are intrigued by what I write.

At least written by someone at the front lines.  I have been practicing for most of my career after residency doing both private practice and community mental health, so I have been around, both fortunately and unfortunately to my credit and choices.  I have seen a lot, never everything, and hopefully not sheltered and minimized either.  My purpose for almost every posting I will offer will be about one of the 5 Axis Diagnoses that is the blueprint of a psychiatric evaluation and treatment plan.  And how the originators of this process pretty much hit it out of the park in accurately defining what mental illness is about.

If you think about it, how sad that the combination of the managed care insurance and  pharmaceutical business industries have basically made Axis 2, personality disorder problems, and  Axis 4, psychosocial stressors, irrelevant to the diagnostic and treatment process, and how so many professionals have come to ignore those factors in the assessment process.  Because you can’t medicate interpersonal skills, and you can’t medicate stressors.  But, you can’t ignore the price those 2 factors play in mental illness problems.

Well, for any and all who made the effort to come to this blog site and read my posts, thank you for your time and interests, thank you for any input that is fair and reasonable to create dialogue and honest debate, and thank you for any follow up you take away from what is offered here.

After all, don’t we want to get it right?

That is what I first wrote here 2 years ago, so thought a nice reminder to what I wanted to do, before getting sidetracked with all the political crap.

Ironic, that picture of my daughter shoveling tons of snow, going to be a deja vu time again, eh?

Hopefully not like what Buffalo has endured this past week!

So what picture sets the tone for year 3?

'I didn't know they had board-certified panhandlers.'

When Ferguson Missouri burns…


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Burning buildings on Tottenham High Road


Yeah, well I know I said last week I would not be posting again until after Thanksgiving, but, the grand jury will be releasing their “verdict” of what they will do with Officer Darren Wilson, accused by many in the public and various media sources, including CNN these past 2 weeks of shooting to kill Mr Michael Brown, and that will happen sooner than November 27th.

(watch this biased and unobjective “consulting source” on CNN repeatedly with Anderson Cooper the past few weeks:  who is this Sunny Hostin and why does she get near daily billing almost chomping at the bit for retaliation if no indictment is made?!?!)

And my point of mentioning it today is simply this, the rationalization and defending of the impending violence that may happen is just the antisocial/sociopathic agenda of too many in this culture today.  So, the picture above may unfortunately be a reality to witness, and perhaps not just in Ferguson.

Anyway, I also wanted to note a column by Psychiatric Times new editor Allan Tasman MD in this month’s issue, hopefully linked below:

In there was this:

“It goes without saying that the widespread existence of domestic violence has been known to modern psychiatry for over a century. Freud based his early theories about psychopathology on the common stories of early childhood abuse he heard from his patients. Some believe, not without foundation, that had he not altered his theories more toward the supposition that these stories were fantasies rather than reality, 20th century psychiatry would have focused much more attention on the problems of family violence and abuse. We can’t change the past, but we must change the future and not accept as an immutable fact what we know already: those who have been abused or subject to violence are at greater risk for violent or abusive behavior than those who have not. “

Well said, and I hope readers read the whole column, a good read, surprisingly from a source I am very jaded to note these days.

Anyway, after Ferguson and other towns run the risk of being decimated by the antisocial elements in society, wait for the rest of America to be disrupted by the Antisocial-In-Chief Barack Obama with his amnesty order for illegal people in this country to be coming soon before or after the grand jury verdict.  Oh, and as I type this, what the hell did Obama mean in telling Ferguson residents “stay the course” with his opinion of what the grand jury may say???

(not an objective/unbiased link, but… )

You people out there who continue to defend and support Barack Obama, irregardless of how outrageous and insensitive he has been overtly these past two weeks, well, again, shame and humility are buried deep in your septic systems, eh?

Found a nice picture to end here…

Joker's wild

The perverseness of self is out of control. Now I know why bears and other mammals hibernate…



living in a cave


Winter really does make people nuts, and in ways I can’t treat…

Now this is an image I can identify with, but, I think some clothes are necessary.  Really, how do people put up with the egos run amok in this society?  Forget what comes into the office, I find going to stores now an exercise in tolerance testing.

Coming up on completing my second year of this blog at the end of the month, well, I’ll come back around then to regroup, maybe even change the blog facade a bit.

Doubt I will comment before Thanksgiving, so wish all the readers a Happy Turkey Day now, and hope you can make sense of this senseless crap we call America.

Good luck, and good day.

Joel H

Oh hell, I’ll leave you with this addendum from Charles Krauthammer’s column today, I want to end on this note:

“It’s refreshing that “the most transparent administration in history,” as this administration fancies itself, should finally display candor about its signature act of social change. Inadvertently, of course. But now we know what lay behind Obama’s smooth reassurances — the arrogance of an academic liberalism, so perfectly embodied in the Gruber Confession, that rules in the name of a citizenry it mocks, disdains and deliberately, contemptuously deceives.”

Again, here are the criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorder, you figure it out if and how it applies to the cretins in government:

A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three or more of the following:

  1. failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
  2. deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
  3. impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;
  4. irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
  5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
  6. consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;
  7. lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

B) The individual is at least age 18 years.C) There is evidence of conduct disorder with onset before age 15 years.D) The occurrence of antisocial behavior is not exclusively during the course of schizophrenia or a manic episode.


Addendum lunch time:  Man, my mistake for listening to a talk show, Derek Hunter on WBAL in this case, this story is…well…beyond disgusting:

and another point:

This is so sickening, just read the crap and then figure out where this goes!

My money is there is serious characerological disorder in this family.


This is not about politics at the end of the story, but, sociopathy in your leaders. Yes, about you “stupid” voters, gotta love the video moment…


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asshole of the year

I love this story as it is playing out, and while it involves the “politics” per creating Obamacare, it to me is moreso why you folks need to be vigilant to how antisocial, and again to me equally plain sociopathic, tendencies can disrupt your lives.

The end justifies the means, per this story ending:

“Obamacare is a sham and the American people have been lied to and deceived every step of the way. Further, Obamacare has never been popular with the American people. Not when it passed and not now. It should also be noted that since before Obamacare was passed conservatives have been rightly screaming about its true contents and impact on American families and the economy. They’ve been right all along and were called racists for sounding the alarm.

Overall, a lack of transparency has been key to the Obama administration’s existence on a whole range of topics, which is why it is one of the least transparent administrations in history despite President Obama’s promises.”

Hey, it is just your health care being screwed up, nothing serious like your cable or internet access, so go back to your screens and forget the point here.

Unfortunately, Gruber was right to a point, we do have too many stupid voters…

Keep the con going, it is what the antisocial depends on to the end!

Addendum November 11 PM:  Forget being polite and respectful, this is the bullshit that is Obama and his administration and “legacy”, and frankly, if the Republicans don’t go full press and try to shove this legislation so far up Obama’s ass he chokes on it, well, all these politicians can find ways to have self intercourse with themselves!  Hey, I would applaud the commercial that just shows “Hans” Gruber in the video calling the public “stupid” and then the last 10 seconds just simply have a statement “Time to end this insult on America, support legislation to end Obamacare/PPACA and consider impeaching the fraud that inhabits the White House”.

If Obama was smart, he would consider whether it is best to return from China.  Hell, he would probably be more welcome there than he thinks, his policies are the defacto behaviors of their ‘Leaders” as is.

Tonight, I feel vindicated not only for what I have written about Obummer these past 18 plus months, but going to protest in DC to fight this shit legislation insult as intended back in November 2009.  And to all you supporters of Obamacare who work in health care, well, you are idiots.  And that is the nicest way I can say it after thinking long and hard.  What an incongruent agenda you have to support screwing the public and then claiming to want to help them!!!!!!!!

Hmm, I think I feel even better now!

uncle sams real finger


Addendum Nov 12 early PM:  thanks to commenter RB for this link, per her comment here as well:

“The Associated Press deserves a special mention here. AP assigned eleven reporters to review 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s book in 2009, but wire service health reporter Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and others involved in covering the Affordable Care Act during the past several years somehow never found (or if they found it or knew it, never reported it) what Weinstein was able to find. How can that be? (That said, Obamacare’s opponents didn’t find it either, which makes one wonder how they could also be so ineffective.) The press has also been extremely reluctant to report on another “architect,” namely “Zeke the Bleak” Emanuel, who has a history of advocating the rationing of medical care to patients depending on their age and other “useful lives” factors.”

Read up on how Joseph Goebbels helped promote the Nazi cause, hell, I have a first link to aid any interested to see if this has applicability to the Obama cause as well.  Nazi analogies always evoke reactions, well, welcome to my world!

ironic I wrote about this only a year ago…

Addendum later this PM November 12:

Love this as well, from Howard Dean of all people, usually a Democrat apologist, but, I guess he had his random moment of reality as a doctor???

watch the video but the gist is in this written summary:

“On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Howard Dean had a terse reaction to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s recently unearthed comments about the “stupidity” of the American voter in regards to passing the legislation.

“The problem is not that he said it. The problem is that he thinks it. I’m serious. The core problem under this damn law is that it was put together by a bunch of elitists who don’t really fundamentally understand the American people. That’s what the problem is,” Dean, a doctor, said Wednesday.”

Again, the point of this post is about the sociopathy that is out there among politicians, and the Democraps don’t have a monopoly on such disruptive and shameful behaviors, but, right now even with the losses incurred last week, can you really tell me that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have any remorse or reflection to what happened to their roles as possible leaders in Congress?

Their comments alone are nothing less than hideous for any interest at insight and judgment.  You know what to me differentiates a narcissist from an antisocial cretin?  The narcissist may not care what others think, but, the antisocial will make sure as able that no one else cares about the others, and will take them out if possible.  Narcissists may not care, but they don’t willfully harm.  They need an audience and some interest in showering the ego with praise and attention;  the antisocial just wants the power and perks and not only doesn’t care what happens to the audience, sometimes the antisocial doesn’t even care if it takes him/her out as well.

So, keep blurring those boundaries and just claim we are dealing with narcissistic politicians.  Me, I think we are dealing with scum and villainy.  As the attention to Gruber grows and more shit comes out of the woodwork, watch the other scum try to duck for cover.  And pay attention to who are the apologists and defenders of this treachery…

Final addendum for this post, late November 12 PM:

“Obamacare was enacted before the president’s purported idealism became a laughingstock. Shortly before he signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Mr. Obama told a University of Michigan audience: “When we don’t pay close attention to the decisions made by our leaders, when we fail to educate ourselves about the major issues of the day … that’s when democracy breaks down. That’s when power is abused.” Mr. Obama also declared that “we need an educated citizenry that values hard evidence and not just assertion.”

from this link:

What a joke this asshole is in the White House.  He really thinks he can say one thing and do the exact opposite and not be caught, but with the way the media is, including the Internet (which by the way he now wants to control seeing how it is exposing his shitty agenda- ), well, as I have written over and over these past near two years, you voted for this jerk not once but twice, you are a loser!

Unfortunately, there are a majority of such losers who have the ability to vote amongst us in the public.  And Obama thanks you for being either stupid or just complicit to his agenda.  May your health care fail you sooner than later!!!

Wow, we are doomed with the status woe as is!



Sorry, one last addendum after reading this one:

Rarely get a chance to read a Wall Street Journal article per their subscription demands, but this one was accessible and think it complements the points above, you hopefully can access and read the entirety.

One point I will copy here:  “To be sure, not all false statements are lies. But The Wall Street Journal reported last November that the president’s advisers knew this one was false: “Aides discussed whether Mr. Obama might use more in-depth discussions, such as media interviews, to explain the nuances of the succinct line in his stump speeches, a former aide said. Officials worried, though, that delving into details such as the small number of people who might lose insurance could be confusing and would clutter the president’s message.”

And just this Sunday, on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” New York’s Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand—a Democrat who voted for ObamaCare and has a more or less safe seat—acknowledged her own complicity in the fraud. “Were you misled?” ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked the senator. Her reply: “He should have just been specific. No, we all knew!” “

So, surprise, surprise, surprise, liars associate with liars.  Hence what you have as leadershit in this country, a bunch of liars.  Another qualifier for antisocial personality disorder by the way.

This is a very disturbing story.


You will just have to read it to digest and define where mental health issues are leading, in my opinion.  Mandating care is always going to be a double edged sword, and frankly, it goes to the heart of what I say to too many patients of late:  before we can save others, we ourselves have to be safe.

Sorry to say, but some people just should not be parents.  NOT saying people with mental illness as a generalization should not be parents, but, some should not.

Well, again, you read, you decide.

Pride and ownership as basic tenets to American society are now “Snide and Cronysh*t”, and thank your politicians for exhibit A of this!


are you mental

This is my last real political post here for hopefully a long, long time, as I am burnt out with writing about Obama, the federal government, and just the politics of self serving, lack of shame, and special interests that rule almost all aspects of our lives of late.

Here’s my theory which for me shows we as a culture, society, and grouping of people at large, are doomed.  I think at least 10-12% of Americans now are overtly narcissistic and/or antisocial, and then there is at least another 25-30% that are frankly dependent and entitled in very pathological ways.  So, if that premise is true, then that means we have a seriously large portion of America that is personality disordered to a level of causing frank discord for the rest who have rather healthy and effective coping skills and abilities to problem solve to be functional.  I really believe I am right, simply because I see more and more people in the office, and in the community at large in my daily travels these past 7 or more years, who won’t accept and work on change, who are so rigid and inflexible with their expectations and overt demands, they won’t really see improvement and return to alleged past function.  Why do I frame it so?  Because they have no ability to accept, much less use healthy defenses and framings to make effective and long lasting changes to be healthier.

So how does this apply to politics?  We as an overall majority do elect people to represent us at the end of the day, because these incumbents of the last 15-20 years and new candidates of the past 10 reflect what we really want, and that are polarized and extreme attitudes and desires.  There is no real acceptance of moderation anymore.  The Left and Right have hijacked the debate to pure one sided views to all issues.  There is no interest to look at individuality to what a person brings to a problem or debate, just the rigid “right or wrong” to the situation, guilty or innocent, one side or the other, fits the narrative or not.

Obama to me has very effectively hijacked the Left with his narrative, and the same is said with what Bush and crew started in 2000 for the Right and has been more efficiently molded with the likes of Cruz, Palin, and the Tea Party ilk.  And too many have just either loudly or silently allowed the debate run by these cretins.  Thus, those in the middle who want resolution and progress, and a relative return to some level of “normalcy” are left to twist in the rather quickening winds of disruptive change.

Well, I know what I can do, and that is do what is right, responsible and appropriate, which in these times is not at all popular, easy, and convenient.  So, I guess all I can offer to readers here is simply this:  do you want the growing personality disordered population to swell further to a point they will be a prevalent majority within the next 5-10 years, or, will you as the hopefully healthy portion of society start to fight back, to reclaim what you know outwardly is best for the people around you, and the culture at large?

Hey, I am getting screwed as I write this by a recruiter trying to ruin my options as a locum doc, because their antisocial lot were so offended I set limits and considered legal action against them after being screwed royally with a temp job, they are now trying to poison me with any locum position.  Well, I will fight back, and if there is justice and/or a God, bad things will happen to bad people.

To those who want others to eternally fight the battles, well, good luck with that.  For those who embrace overtolerance and offer excessive excuses for poor choice and actions, hope you drown fast and quietly.  By next Spring of 2015, as Carlin so wisely noted, just garbage in and garbage out with these elections, as long as partisan interests rule, the public is screwed.  Snide and Cronyshit will continue to rule the day.  Hence why terrorists are NOT coming here in droves to destroy us, they see we do a damn good job of self destruction as is.

And the political posts for now are over…

ranting warning


Addendum 5 minutes later:  on cue, this comes up after I sign off writing this post, I mean, wow, Obama is such a complete assh—:–politics.html

“Friday’s two-hour meeting was tense at times, according to a senior House Republican aide. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, about to lose his grip on the upper chamber, barely said a word, the aide said. The aide said at one point as House Speaker John Boehner was making an argument on immigration, Obama responded that his patience was running out and Vice President Joe Biden interrupted to ask how long Republicans needed. Obama angrily cut Biden off, the aide said.”

Compromise and discussion, with the Asshole In Chief in charge?!  I think everyone arguing that impeachment is a bad move should the A-I-C pass an executive order creating blanket amnesty is stupid and not thinking of the needs of the people, when in fact such an action is a violation of his oath, and frankly, the people of America will make the final decision what should be done.  And, anyone who is stupid enough to side with the A-I-C deserves to go down with him.  A solid and effective flush, how is that for an analogy!?

Addendum Sun Nov 9 AM:  if, after listening to various Democrat politicians and the pundits who have come up with lame defenses of the Tuesday election results, if Democrats are ready and willing to abandon whites and Jews as part of their base, well, I will vote for a Democrat after I die.  Which is how desperate this party is, they will turn to one of the textbook election strategies to get away with fraud: use the dead vote registry.

How pathetic to listen to Liberal and Democrat hacks claim the white vote of 60+% voting Republican means the white voters are out of touch with the country’s needs.  Yeah, make the backbone of this country irrelevant.  Maryland is the future of America as a whole, as the backbone of Marylanders are now leaving the state in growing numbers, and I will be one by 2016.  Enjoy that illegal minority population that started out “citizenship” on a lie, and what they build on that!

We already see the business community leave this country, albeit just about money for most of them, well, what happens when the people start looking North or East of the country borders to figure out better options to live and prosper?  This country is in deep trouble, and the person in the White House has indeed transformed this country.  Transformer, as in a Decepticon.  Fans of the movie/toys know what that means!

So what happened last night in America, if the election is an indication of what people think?


, ,

purple opening


Well, there are lots of opinions and perspectives about the Repugnocant Party win last night, even here in Blue Maryland with Larry Hogan beating the O’Malady Jr candidate.  I know this blog is supposed to be about mental health, and it is, as this election shows to me some things that are about psychological well being.

1.  People who vote consistently can make a difference, and this lame defense by the Democraps that not enough people voted, for them mind you, shows their party is one of popular, easy, and convenient, and oh, some work to think and act about an election year that is not involving a Presidential election.  Entitlement and dependency was put on notice, even if just a one moment shout out!

2.  People realize that a divided government is not about being good, but being necessary when both ends of this polluted aisle of Republocrats are the same at the end of the day.  So, the party in power gets dumped each election year.

3.  Here in Maryland, the status woe of 8 years listening to the lies and disingenuous dialogue by Marty O’Malady has pissed off enough Democraps to make them realize that O’Malady Jr per Anthony Brown was not acceptable.  Does this hurt Marty’s chances to become President, hell, even Vice President in 2016?  I sure hope so!!!  Unfortunately, almost all the incumbents of importance here in Maryland won by 30-50% margins, so the voters had a brain fart for Governor alone.  Dan Bongino may be an exception, but absentee ballots await!

4.  Nationally, what should really stand out is how other Blue states of Illinois and Massachusetts have Republicans Governors now too.  SOOOO, what is going to happen to those Democrats in these states that believe that decades of living on the hog are now going to come home to roost?  Wow, a pig with a cockadoodledoo!  Boston and Chicago ain’t gonna be fun in 2015!

5.  If there is a God, Mitch McConnell will NOT be majority leader, as he is no different than the sociopath preceding him these past 8 years.  But, that again requires a spine and perseverance by most Senators, and we know what they are about at the end of the day.  Catch Bernie “Dr Demento Jr” Sanders of Vermont rail this morning on CNN how the loss by Democrats was due to the media?  Insight and judgment, not lost, but dumped on the curb and washed away.

6.  Finally, while this won’t happen too soon, wait to see what Barry O really will do once it is plainly obvious there was a rejection of him and his policies.  The immigration executive order is just the tip of the iceberg, honestly, wait for what this characterologically disordered man will try to do to maintain the illusion of relevance, and control.  It. Will. Be. Ugly!

And how does this relate to mental health besides my take about Obama above?  I think the anxiety and depression will abate a bit once the Congress starts to really chip away at Obama’s persistently poor choices and agendas, and people will see that fights have a place.  But, those in Community Mental Health will not change much, because they are wedded to entitlements and dependency, and that won’t change just because of results last night.

I am a bit happier this morning, but, a long way to go to smile more than frown.  We need a third party or an independent base that will disrupt the entrenched incumbency as is now, and for now, keep voting against incumbents and party in power, to make them wince and moan watching majority rule change every 2 years, as it will erode their arrogance and unbridled disdain for the public.

Unfortunately, we still have to put up with the losers for 2 more months…

hope and freedom


Addendum:  I now dub the New York Times henceforth the “NY CRIMES”:

I kid you not, this is from the link:

“The answer to this hideous crisis, obviously, is to rewrite the Constitution so that voting is more convenient for Democrats — meaning you only have to make that arduous journey to the polling place once every 4 years instead of 2. The way to do this is easy: Congressional terms become 4 years instead of 2, and Senate terms move from 6 to 4 or 8.


Voila! Democracy is fixed.

Other than taking away the vitally important power We The People currently enjoy to make a national course correction every 2 years, the Times also believes that eliminating the midterm election will strengthen the power of the presidency — as though more power in the hands of one person is a virtue.

Finally, the Times believes that national elections taking place only every 4 years will weaken a “grotesque campaign finance system.” As the media repeatedly makes clear, they hate, loathe, and despise unlimited outside corporate money affecting American politics — unless of course the unlimited outside money is being spent by a media corporation to affect American politics.

In summation: the gatekeepers believe that only gatekeepers should gatekeep.”

I say this honestly and directly, I have NO faith in the Repugnocants, but, every year the past 8 since the 2006 takeover by the Democraps, the donkey party is not only showing what a bunch of asses they are, but, now are just being plain assholes!  And why I will continue to preach get rid of EVERY incumbent, as these people in the Democrat party are so corrupt and have their lackies and shills in the media trying to sell their shit, it is so disgusting what they claim “are in the interests of the people”.  This is partisan scum and villainy at its worst these days, and you could come back with the Republican examples, but, the Democrats now are leading in lack of quality and sheer hubris of quantity of trying to take control.

Believe me, I see it in my state locally the past 20 years, when Bob Erlich won the Governor race in 2002, it set the Democrats on fire.  And now, just 8 years later, it has happened again, and it will be ugly in this state, count on it!

Addendum Wed night:  So, did any of you catch some of the Obama Hubris this afternoon?  I could write another full post on that crap performance, but will just focus on one thing he said more than once:  those 2/3’s of you who did NOT vote yesterday, how dare you ignore the wishes of the king!  But, what is it about the 2/3 that did not vote, you really think it was 125 million or so Democrats who could have squashed this Republican rebellion yesterday?  It is so astounding to me that he tries to spin this that the people dropped the ball, forget for one minute that he in fact did claim his policies were part of the ballots yesterday, why did tens of millions of voters not show solidarity and support for this wonderful man in the White House.  Um, is it because we hear persistently about the  60% of the electorate thinks he is doing a shitty job?  Perhaps his denial is now at legendary levels for a democratically elected leader.  Who gives a damn what the constituents think, he is a King, if not a God, and he will do as he pleases!

The final act awaits, WHEN he informs us of his executive order to pass amnesty for 10 Million or more illegal residents in this country, and then dares the Congress to try to impeach him, he will have his Lincoln moment he has claimed he emulates.  Yes folks, I think the man wants to create some type of civil war 150 years later, and his legacy will be complete.  The dissolution of the U.S.A.

Hey, you all better hope I am more than wrong, that responsible, attentive, and concerned people in positions of power make a better influence do exactly that.

Sorry, my money is the White House cretin is destined to fuck things up royally!  Hey, too many of you voted for not once, but twice, and now you have exactly what you asked for, the Joker who is so characterologically impaired, he doesn’t care if the world burns.  Sometimes even if the legacy is ugly, it is still a name that will bear repeating for generations to come.

It is what some antisocials crave.  And, this isn’t just narcissism unchained.  Frame it however you want, better to postulate something absurd and be proven wrong than underestimate an opponent who wants annihilation and an unsuspecting public to just keep saying “no way he could be that bad”.

King Obama


Addendum Nov 6 AM:  Yeah, this really detracts from my position about Obama and his sociopathic potential:

“For years now, we’ve been told that there really are no more persuadable voters, and that strategists can pinpoint with creepy precision where their voters live and what TV shows they watch and what kind of soap they use, and any given election is all about getting those voters to the polls. Campaigns keep a secret list of turnout targets — essentially a percentage of the vote needed in every district to ensure victory — and most of the money spent by groups on both sides, which totaled something like $4 billion in this midterm cycle, is directed toward meeting them.”

while the rest of the article goes on to dispel this intent, it is still a disturbing assumption, and I think it has legitimate credibility.

later was this that reflects that Joker analogy to me:

“But the biggest reason for the disappearance of the new Democratic map is that the Obama surge never actually belonged to Democrats in the first place. It belonged to Obama — to his celebrity and his ironic detachment and his inspiring story. And like membership in any cool new thing, it was always going to be nontransferable, even had the president really tried to make it otherwise.”

You read, you decide.  Next post will be my last political one for awhile, I hope!

“Repositioning psychotherapy as a neurobiological intervention”


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Let me type in a positive thought to make your day more pleasant

“Let me type in a positive thought to make your day more pleasant”

The title of this post is Henry A Nasrallah’s editorial piece in the December 2013 issue of Current Psychiatry, and amazingly, I found the link!

You have to read this to see what these “KOLs” are thinking now to try to get some validation for psychotherapy, why I have no clue because most psychiatrists are not interested, much less willing, to provide therapy as there is “no money” in it.  Unless someone has information to prove me wrong?

In the latter 1/3 was this:  “Psychotherapy needs to be reconceptualized, rebranded, and repositioned as a neurobiological treatment—because, in fact, that’s what it is. This notion goes hand-in-hand with unimpeachable evidence that the mind is an integral component of the brain and mental illness is generated from genetic or environmentally-induced dysregulation of neurobiological homeostasis.”

He goes on to note the PET studies that show changes in the brain, but, while I have some appreciation that there was work done to document biology to simple 1:1 talking, that is not just a biological phenomenon, but, it is PART of the equation to the impact of psychotherapy.

Measuring change is not just about what you see in a picture.  It is what the patient relates in life experience and reduction of dysfunctional symptoms and behaviors, and the sense of improvement and, wait for it, CHANGE for the better.

Nasrallah’s ploy here is just to validate biology, not treatment alone.  It is a self serving agenda of “we know the meds do it, and here is more ‘proof’ that also therapy does it as well!”  What is so foolish and lame is that psychiatrists won’t get approval looking for insurance reimbursement for therapy, just setting up services for whom else?  What, more social workers and other “therapists” who at the end of the day don’t have real training and documentation of legitimate abilities???  And do they care if the brain shows “changes”?  Only if that “change” goes into the therapist’s pocket!

You read, you decide.  Oh, if it is in fact a ploy to get psychiatrists to be back on the rolls for therapy interventions, guess what folks, Nasrallah has that one covered too:  our therapy will be “neuropsychotherapy” as he notes in the last paragraph.

So I guess patients could have psychologists provide “Psycho-psychotherapy”, and the social workers do “socio-psychotherapy”, and then others who are less valid providers will be offering “pseudo-psychotherapy”?

Incredible what gets passed off as innovations or improvements in care!

Here’s an image to reconsider that adage NO PAIN, NO GAIN:

no pain no gain


Can’t really expect the patient to get this on a couch, eh???


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