You want sympathy and support for a cause? It doesn’t start with disrupting traffic and acting like a Lynch mob!!!


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Do people learn anything from past events and assessments?  It seems not, even when the updated incident has more strength to an egregious wrong being committed, but, no, the antisocial element that continues to grow in a perverse metastatic manner takes over.  If you are not aware of the Freddie Gray incident that happened two Sundays ago, then I suggest you Google it and read away.

But, didn’t we learn that the Michael Brown affair last year in Ferguson Missouri was not so, and yeah, the term fits in multiple ways here, was not so BLACK AND WHITE as so many opportunists and frank sociopaths tried to benefit from for months!  And these protesters wanted people to be sympathetic and supportive to their “cause”.  Really, disruption violence and destruction is to gain honest and sincere empathy and concern?!  When is protesting NOT a first amendment right?!

Like the protesting going on in my nearby city, Baltimore.  Here is the best link I can find for the moment, as I type this after 6PM watching the local news and CNN coverage of this anarchy disguised as a protest.

(and here is an updated version, ironically at the time I was typing this post originally:

watch the whole video at the top of the link!)

You know what, I don’t give a crap who I offend with this post, because I am equally if not greater in being offended to watch either hopelessly clueless or perversely focused cretins disrupt the community to allegedly gain attention to poor judgments and wrongs being committed by people of authority.  Where is this f—-d up logic that two wrongs make a right?!?  Only in the antisocial mindset, at the end of the day.

And just to conclude this mini rant about antisocial cretins and scumbags, anyone who is a diehard Democrat supporter is an equally antisocial cretin, what with the things we are learning daily about the primary Democrat candidate for President in 2016, Hillary Clinton since she announced 11 days ago, and the other entrenched antisocial cretins who run the White House and continue to be the majority speakers for this corrupt party in the House and Senate.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, please, the most atrocious examples of failed leadershit to maintain office for as long as they have.

You folks who claim to care and want honest and effective change in this country for the better of at least the next generation of Americans that are our children, it is beyond time to put up or shut up.  And it starts with marginalizing Hillary Clinton fast and completely!  Yeah, we will learn there are equally corrupt and inept Republican candidates at hand too, but, the blatant antisocial behaviors going on at no end by Clinton and her ilk supporters is just so disgusting to witness.

Will it take protesters disrupting traffic in your towns and cities once Clinton is being censored by the responsible majority in America to make you all wake up that there are boundaries to be maintained, responsible civic duty to be expected, and punks and scumbags just trying to personally benefit from alleged outrage on a community scale be dealt with swiftly and effectively!?

How pathetic this country continues to erode into every week of late.  And people want me to write a god damn prescription to make them feel better.  Sorry, I don’t prescribe pot, coke, and heroin, and you can buy your own damn booze at the local liquor store, I won’t give you a free pass with benzo scripts either!

Burn out?!  Nah, this is beyond that, spontaneous combustion would be a welcome benefit the way I see things these days.  ‘Cause no one really cares to want to make a difference, someone else has to rip open the shirt and expose the big letter “S” to save the day.

I leave you with this little moment in the original first Spiderman, when the Green Goblin educates Spiderman what is real human nature to what the public does with “heroes” at the end of the day, about 36 seconds into the clip:

Oh, and I have used this in the past, and hope the lyrics motivate readers to realize it is beyond time to appropriately, responsibly to “Turn It Up”:

Here are the lyrics if not easy to listen to it from the clip:

It’s no good believing in somebody else
If you can’t believe in yourself
You give them the reason to take all the power and wealth
It’s no good you trying to sit on the fence
And hope that the trouble will pass
‘Cause sittin’ on fences can make you a pain in the ass

If there’s something you find to believe in
Then the message must get through
So don’t just sit in silence
When you know what to do
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder

There’s no conversation if nobody speaks
And nothing gets done in the end
There’s no confrontation when fantasy makes you its friend
So much injustice, too many lies
We don’t have to look very far
But nothing will change if we leave things the way that they are

If there’s something you find to believe in
Then the message must get through
So don’t just sit in silence
When you know what to do
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder


If there’s something you find to believe in
Then the message must get through
So don’t just sit in silence
When you know what to do
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder
Turn it up
Turn it up, make it louder


Let’s have a “Be Free off Psychotropic Drugs Month” in honor of the antipsychiatry agenda. Let’s see how well that goes!!!


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We’ll start with this article to show you what will likely ensue:

Some gems in there to give hope and faith to those who have foolishly thought that their mental health treatment is a total fraud and danger to all who take any meds:

“Like most people in the midst of psychiatric crisis, Natalie maintained that she was fine and that “everyone else is crazy.” She continued to deteriorate until police officers, responding to still another call, took her to a hospital emergency room instead of to jail. After a series of psychiatric examinations and a court hearing, she was committed to the state’s public psychiatric hospital. She received intensive treatment for severe bipolar disorder with psychosis until she was stable and symptom-free two months later.”

Then this, “Natalie’s relapse was worse than her first break: the psychosis and hospitalization longer, the recovery harder to achieve, the eventual medications more complicated, the resulting future not as bright. Her second commitment to the hospital lasted 10 months, an eternity in an era where the average psychiatric stay is about five days and most people who are psychotic never get a bed at all. Thanks to the intensive care, she rebounded again, albeit more slowly, and finished her bachelor of fine arts degree. Her attending psychiatrist from the hospital and several staff members drove 75 miles to attend her senior art show. It was a triumph for us all.”

My favorite in the article was this, and it made me think so long fully of all those antipsychiatry rants at MIA and at the various blogs that just pound away of all those evils all meds create in all patients:

“Natalie was a believer that treatment worked and that the mental health system needed to be reformed so other people received the kind of care she had when she was in crisis. She told her story in a documentary short last year about the criminalization of mental illness. She dreamed of being a peer counselor. She said she wanted to help others as she had been helped — until she became convinced that she was beyond help.”

Yeah, those meds, just ruin peoples’ lives, so they better get off them quick and permanently, because, hey, those that troll the threads at MIA alone are so willing and able to be reliable and effective supports for those with mental health problems.  Oh yeah, there aren’t mental health problems in real life, it is just the ultimate scam on America.

Tell that to Doris Fuller, the author of the article above!  Nah, you slime who just rail away that there is no mental illness, you have all the answers.

Just like ISIS and Nazi Germany did for the world, eh!?

Read the article and then tell me Natalie Fuller is just another victim of psychiatry.  And then make sure you cc the comment to her mom.  Losers!

The Fullers

It is a lot harder to slam people when there are reminders that there are real people with real problems who really suffered when they rejected care.  But, wait for the comments by the usual suspects who will show us all how MIA thrives in these times that hate and manipulation of facts sell a narrative that just wants retribution and retaliation.  Yeah, the real foundations for helping people across the country.

But, we do have the representation in our elected politicians that does echo those themes, so, maybe the system is in fact the antipsychiatry crowd at the end of the day.  Kinda sad to realize that, hmm …

Who thinks this crap up?!



So I am reading Outside Magazine while waiting to get my hair cut this AM, and I get to this story in the mag:

This is where idiocy takes a new turn, people have to chug beers and try to set records running a sub 5 minute mile??!!

And those of you who read here with regularity wonder why I find the addiction garbage to be so disruptive.  In another issue they try to rationalize smoking pot to work out.  Is this where America is going, one has to be intoxicated to perform?

But, my hair is now short for the spring/summer season…

Close to Joel's buzz cut

Obviously not me, but as close a picture that resembles my hair cut, I love the buzz in the spring, cuts down on the aerodynamic drag as I walk or swim…

(ironic I use the word “buzz” after what I railed about above, hmmm???)



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Numbers defines criminality

This is a post I have been thinking of for weeks, but it has come to fruition due to the combination of a few events and experiences I have had in the past last 5-6 days, as it started with my watching a couple of NUMB3RS episodes of season 2, and then watching the ongoing BS of Hillary Clinton’s announcing her candidacy for President, and finally just listening to some of the crap from various colleagues and reading more BS from the APA in their recent Newsletter I continue to get without any effort on my part to request.  Oh, and the shooting of the man in South Carolina, that had an impact too.

So, the following scan is a summation of what I deem THE ANTISOCIAL QUOTIENT, and while it is a bit rough, I think it hits the highlights, or better to term the lowlights that are the antisocial.  The three groups in our society that prompted me to compose this are our politicians, our health care system, and our police force.  I think it is applicable to others in America, but, let’s start with those who seem to impact on us with a regularity that may redefine obscene and disruptive.

Oh, and you might note the theme of words with the letter “D” in there, and that is not a coincidence.  I like to look for patterns and similarities, and I think the letter “D” for deviant, disaster,and plain Demon or Devil seems to fit, eh?

So, here is my “Charley Epps” moment, hope it is entertaining, if not provocative and just plain presumptuous?

the antisocial quotient

I  can’t enlarge it too much for the post and risk the type becoming more illegible, so if you want to read it, you have to click it as a separate page and enlarge it as able per your device.  I want readers to know, I really did spend a good deal of time composing this in my travels and thoughts.  I will be adding addendums to this post in the coming next few days to clarify and postulate further, so if interested, please come back and read up.

But, let’s end this post now with something that hit me while lying in bed last weekend, while not related to this season, I think the scene transcends the Christmas holidays and is applicable to any time, any moment, and any real point of what our culture has lost in it’s meaning and intent these last couple of decades, to me since Reagan was President…

Go to minute 5:30 for the classic line, “Mankind was my business!”

Not what you hear from the usual suspects in the Democrat Party these days, not that the Republicans as a group fare much better anyway.

Just think of Obama when you consider an example to fit the Quotient, I think the scoring might just frighten you…


Addendum April 16 8PM:

Good work always needs to be cleaned up, and I will start with noting I had just 6 immature defenses listed, not 7, so I am not going to reprint the scanned sheet above, I ask readers to note it is an equal number of immature to mature defenses.

It shouldn’t mess up the quotient significantly at the end of the day.

Next, I found this today in my search for other scales for antisocial PD, and will link it for those interested, although it is moreso about psychopathy:

It does overlap a bit of what I list in my scale, er, attempt at quantification of human deterioration of values and boundaries.

Anyway, I hope readers note this is just my simplification at documenting the depths that people can degenerate to in being disgusting at the end of the day.  Like the ongoing use of “D” words there?

I do declare, the dogma is daunting…

Feel free to offer your declarations.


Addendum #2 April 16th:

Oh hell, let’s have some fun, I want to apply the quotient to Hillary:

Section A:  1.  Dishonest: can we give her a 6?  Ok, a 5.  2.  Disingenuous: easily a 4, I would give a 5 but people think this is a 5 across the board.  Maybe…  3.  Disdain:  she is a poster child, 5.  4.  Disruptive: a 3, only because so many Democrats are willing to suspend reality and believe her.  5.  Divisive: again, a poster child like her predecessor Barry, a 5.  6.  Disinhibitive:  a 3, she has some boundaries, just not around people like you and me.  7.  Destructive:  again, a 3.

So, 5+ 4+ 5+ 3+ 5+ 3+ 3 = 25.  Divided by 7 = 3.6 (average up)

Section B:  potential to destabilize, let’s use that phrase so well associate with her, “what difference does it make?!” = 8.  So, the denominator of negating factors, well, she has Republicans, but business opponents, who?  And influential family members not allied with her, again a fat 0!  Community groups as outlets, I guess some to count as 1.  Responsible media outlets, outside Fox News, I mean, how big is this woman’s butt to have all those media outlets with lips affixed to her cheeks?  Total a kind 2!

Total here = 4

Section C:  Determined by past, present and future, I give her 3’s for every one!  Yeah, I know I am accused as not being impartial!  Shit, and she is?!

Total = 3

Section D:  Drugs, I think not, a 0.  Debauchery?  I give her a 0.5, as I think she is not a healthy heterosexual, and married to Bill after all his BS cheating, that counts at least for something against her.  Duplicitous, again, can I go above 1?

1.5 divided by 3 = 0.5

Section E: Defense mechanisms, this will be fun!  Denial, projection, minimizing, deflecting, false rationalizing, and acting out, textbook on all counts from her!

+6!  Then, let’s here from the back about any mature defenses by her.  Displacement, really?  Intellectualizing, only in her mind.  Undoing, not the way the definition is for a defense, but if it happens in her campaign, hell yeah!  Realistic rationalization, maybe at times, a kind 1 here!  Sublimation, really a stretch to give her that one.  Assertiveness, well, not in a healthy way, but I am trying to be a kind guy and not give her every negative..

+6 for immature and -2 for mature, = 4

Section F, the Quotient Denominator, I can’t keep a straight face reading them and applying them in any fashion to her, well, maybe take out an enemy of the country, oh, Ambassador Stevens was on our side, shit!  Accepting of punishment, yeah, get back to me when the email fiasco plays out in the end!!!

SO the ending:

3.6 + 4 + 3 + 0.5 + 4 / 1 (and a kind one, note that if it is 0 it does not negate the quotient, but nice try out there Hillary defenders!  = a big ass 14!

Frightening if you agree with me to some level, eh!!??


Addendum April 21 9PM:

First this, from the most recent issue of Psychiatric Annals, Vol 45 Issue 4 (Ironically dedicated to Psychopathy versus Sociopathy, are they catching up to me in meaningful topics?), article by Michael Brook PhD, The Role of Psychopathic and Antisocial Traits in Violence Risk Assessment:  Implications for Forensic Practice:

Antisocial-psychopathy chart

Interesting how they show the progression of antisocial PD into pure psychopathy intent, hmm?  I feel the overlaps into my Quotient give it some validity?

Anyway, I ask readers to do their own assessment of Obama from my Antisocial Quotient, I think the scoring would be at least 10 if not even higher than what I scored Clinton a few days ago.

And I think my addendums for this post are done now.

So, to the antipsychiatry movement, should the US now reject the police as much as psychiatrists?!


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Police shooting

Kind of eerie, isn’t it, for readers who know what is the rhetoric of the antipsychiatry movement?  One can easily substitute a psychiatrist figuratively pulling out a weapon and mowing down the patient in this scenario, as the antipsychiatry folk frame it, eh?

I read what I consider a garbage post today at Mad in America, as linked below, and I just ask readers, how do you define “persuasion”?

Well, when you read the definitions, you have to wonder, what is the agenda of that term for the post, here is what Google brought up:

  1. 1.
    the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.
    “Monica needed plenty of persuasion before she actually left”
    synonyms: coaxing, persuading, coercion, inducement, convincing, blandishment,encouragement, urging, inveiglement, cajolery, enticement, wheedling;More

  2. 2.
    a belief or set of beliefs, especially religious or political ones.
    “writers of all political persuasions”
    synonyms: group, grouping, sect, denomination, party, camp, side, faction,affiliation, school of thought, belief, creed, credo, faith, philosophy

    “various political and religious persuasions”

I would offer this, when you read #2, it is more about agendas then real principles, because when I hear the word “persuasion”, you are trying to coax others to believe your point of view is the correct one, hell, at times it is the ONLY one!

One could argue I am trying to persuade people to think as I do, and I accept that as a possible premise, but, what is my agenda?  Helping people help themselves, and not crucify a group of people.  Isn’t that what antipsychiatry is really doing though, wanting psychiatry to be crucified, to be abolished, to be eliminated?

And what do those terms bring to mind, hmm?

Anyway, to tie it into the bigger picture, the way antipsychiatry comes to conclusions, the behaviors of some psychiatrists, even if it is a bit of a majority being over 50%, and I could argue the numbers but have better things to do with my time this evening, should demand that all psychiatrists should be punished.  So, antipsychiatry folk who come here for getting energized and impassioned, your line of reasoning means that the US should abolish our police forces across the country.  After all, there are some people here across America, just like the antipsychiatry few, who conclude that some bad cops mean all are bad.

Gee, no police, now what would that lead to?  Anarchy is not a fun proposition, eh?  As those of us disgusted with the abandonment that antipsychiatry really is advocating for at the end of the day, what do real patients have to look forward to for care and support if psychiatrists are relegated to the scrap heap?  What, PCPs, NPs, PAs, psychologists, or better yet, the antipsychiatrists themselves as caregivers?

Hey folks, the antipsychiatry folk don’t give a shit at the end of the day for honest and real patients, their rhetoric is more than apparent to their agenda.

To me, they would be the ones shooting those fleeing for sanity and care in their backs.  But, I am sure commenters will correct me with sincere and genuine concern and alternatives.  But, not reading that at MIA, are you, other readers?

Nah, outrage has no concern for truth, even when some of the narrative has true dismay and outrage.  Nope, if you have an MD after your name, you are guilty.

Makes a psychiatrist wonder when you can turn your back on dissenters or protesters these days, true?

At least the APA Conference is in Canada this year, not that the location guarantees safety, but, I sense Canadians have a bit of a lower tolerance for hostile bullshit by the antipsychiatry crowd, with the way ISIS is carrying on with similar rhetoric.

Just my imperfect opinion…

persuasion as truth


addendum Thursday April 9 6PM:  from that above link at MIA, this was a comment from today, and I will print it in it’s entirety here:

Yes StDoP and all, why is there not. I was thinking along the same lines . A friend of mine back in high school used to say ” Great minds travel in similar patterns.” Any way I was thinking of a movie idea or a play titled maybe The Last Psychiatrist about some mad movement people capturing the last leading psychiatrist hiding in a remote area maybe the Fiji islands trying to revive psychiatry among a small group of natives . Then sneaking him back to the USA to put him on trial for crimes against humanity. On trial in a bullet proof glass booth and questioned like Eichmann . Maybe even call it The Banality of Psychiatry (Evil).The movie would be serious but also wit great comedy like in that sense “Everything will be Illuminated”. The script for a movie or play could maybe be written open source by the people.

I’m not real computer literate but what if there was an open source sight with a moderator for the purpose of getting idea’s to the population on how to completely avoid psychiatry while we are fighting to abolish it ?

After seeing the movie The Imitation Game about the Enigma decoding machine during World War II one line pertains to us . It was “It’s not the Germans who are the enemy it’s time.” For us too isn’t time also the enemy in the sense of the mounting numbers of casualties. We need brilliant solutions and as long as we are probably being observed anyway why not invite the population to help us on an open source website like the one that built the Lennox operating system with imput from the people from everywhere ? Just some idea’s , Fred”

Yeah, kidnap someone and then treat the psychiatrist as a Holocaust offender, there is the honest analogy at least some preach outwardly.  And, not edited or censored, because it is reinforces the narrative.  And then there is this little added gem later on:

Fred Abbe on April 9, 2015 at 4:12 pm said:

Bonnie and all, Is it correct to say that the psychogulog’s strategy is to shock,awe, and overwhelm . The Art of War says to attack the enemy’s strategy , is best if possible . Most people don’t even know they are being attacked because its disguised and propagandized as some kind of beneficial health care .The casualties are written off cause they were not compliant to the benevolent help so don’t you be non compliant or else . How to do a mass education effort ? Or what else to waken the people ? What about Code Pink type Actions ?”

Folks who want to minimize and rationalize this rhetoric is not so bad, not so threatening, well, think of what the Germans said when they learned of the atrocities that occurred in the concentration camps.  Ignorance is not only not a justification for bliss, but not a defense for being lame, and in the end stupid for not seeing what pervasive dialogue that is harsh and threatening leads to.

Psychogulog?  If I wrote that about antipsychiatry without their frontal accusations preceding my writings, I would be attacked mercilessly.  Just like the Liberal/Democrat/Progressive onslaughts we are brutalized with these last 10 years.  My bet is that most at MIA are in that political camp as well.

They, the antipsychiatry camp, want us to believe that there is no dangerous hate, but just pervasive disgust and harmless outrage.  But, then again, what is the real narrative going on there, hmm?  Consistency is the hallmark of success, when it is done in a healthy, productive, beneficial manner.  But, consistency can be also detrimental and downright brutal.  At least there is no wavering there, I’ll give them that…

What does abortion and psychiatry have in common?




One has to love the extremism of debates these last couple of decades, with the zealots of the Left/Democrats having no boundaries, and the zealots of the Right/Republicans wanting endless boundaries, and those in the middle, well, if you ain’t with either side, to hell with you, eh?!

Take abortion as a legitimate debate, if you walked into the argument from Pluto (which I think is still a planet by the way), you would have to chose whether abortion should be on demand as a form of birth control or convenience of the day, or refused as a procedure unless you were hemorrhaging to death on an ER stretcher, and even then the anti-abortionists would still be shouting “No” anyway.

Makes a rational, reasonable, realistic person who understands this is an issue that has shades of gray wonder how the hell this debate got hijacked by a bunch of characterologically impaired idiots who continue to have the floor.  And that is what drives many debates these days, a bunch of characterologically impaired idiots, who frame things as only right or wrong, “my way or no way”, and how ironic often “do as we say not as we do”.  Hypocrisy was perfected by the personality disordered, I am convinced until proven otherwise.  Not that all who are hypocritical are impaired, but the ones who practice hypocrisy on a day to day basis fairly much are impaired.

This Indiana debate about Religious Freedom, just makes me realize I am most likely correct, the Left/Progressives/Democrats are an antisocial lot, to frame one state’s law as an affront to LGBT needs is just a bunch of crap.  After all, when a group claims there should be complete tolerance and then be the most intolerant bunch of losers screaming for complete ostracizing of an oppositional view, well?

And that to me fits the antisocial definition because of the lying, the lack of remorse, the disruption of others’ lives without concern meeting those three criteria that define ASPD.

Which brings me to how abortion is like psychiatry.  You have the intolerant, extremist zealot group of antipsychiatry having zero tolerance for any discussion or debate to any legitimate value to mental health care, just advocating that psychiatry should be eliminated and then brutally punished.  Then you have the equally moronic opposites of alleged leadership in Psychiatry and their equally questionable Key Opinion Leaders of influence in academia and Continued Medical Education just being shills for Big Pharma and medicate everything “abnormal”, and the APA/DSM 5 Rule Book to make any deviation of having a typical functioning day a psychiatric illness.  SO, what is a responsible and fair psychiatrist or genuinely ill patient supposed to do being squeezed by these impaired idiots driving the debate of what is right versus wrong care needs?

I’d offer to ignore them and hope they would go away once consistently viewed as irrelevant and useless, but, these personality disordered folk don’t have that ego strength to step back and wonder “why are we being ignored and dismissed?”

Nah, this is a group, both sides mind you as a collective who embrace the Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction”, and say both with glee and demonic delight “we will not be ignored!!!”  And thus why people with true needs and efforts to be supported are being continuously pushed to the edge of the cliff of being irrelevant, unnecessary, vile, and corrupt.

Gotta love the defense of projection, when it is fully apparent one who is being charged with offenses/wrongs that just do not fit, why is it the accuser who winds up being the most disgusting cretin on the planet seems to get away with the narrative so long?  Maybe a twist on that adage about the squeaky wheel, instead here we have “the screeching heel not only gets the grease, but gets to slime every one else with foul grease to dirty and disrupt the group.”

Just my imperfect opinion…

squeaky wheel gets pounded

Yeah, that latter proverb above, in America it is the nail of normalcy and reason which stands out from these zealot idiots that then gets pounded by these characterological cretins!



, ,

I am just curious with all of you out there, when does incompetence get put in its place?  I mean, so many out there who are critical or at least wary of Barack Obama and his assorted failures both domestically and in pathetic foreign policy, you all think it is just incompetence, but, is it?  And even if it is, why is it still be tolerated, being rationalized, being minimized?  When do you see you are just enabling the defenses of the characterologically impaired??

This isn’t simply Narcissism in some clueless politician anymore.

No, I think this is something far more insidious and destructive, what I call Traumatizing Narcissistic Treachery Disorder, aptly TNT, and it is explosive stuff folks, when narcissism becomes engulfed with antisocial agenda.

As what is going on in the Middle East now is just absurd, and when will the US Congress finally wake up as a collective body and call this lunatic masquerading as the Leader of this country on what he has and continues to be doing, destroying this country piece by piece?  Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen is not some inconsequential or coincidental matter.  No, Obama is so hell bent on making a deal with Iran to get some supposed legacy as being some bridge from the US to Iran, he is alienating every one else, Israel is just a start.  Attentive, responsible, concerned people who are NOT accountable to him have realized, Obama is not to be trusted, he is not be relied upon, he is not to be asked to set other country’s policies and needs.

Damn you people, he did not meet with the Heads of NATO today, what the hell is that saying?!  He’d rather appease Russia?!?!

And as I have said over and over, it isn’t the failure and hideous agenda by Barack Obama that is so startling, but that he has an entrenched following here in America that will support him even as their communities crumble from his destructive policies.  You think my prediction for 2014 about Martial Law being declared was so ridiculous an idea?  Yeah, I was probably off by a year.

It is time to impeach the President of the United States.  Before it is too late, and, maybe it already is.  More absurdity from me, I bet some readers here think that and just return to genuflecting to the White House.  I know when I see trouble, and it is happening as he has no one to appease to stay in office now.

If you have children, doesn’t that make you pause and reconsider a bit?!


This picture upsets people.  Yeah, glad the intent works!



, ,

From The Lancet, Vol 2, March 2005 issue ( for those who want to peruse further…)

personality brief pg1 personality brief pg2


By the way, if interested, anyone with an expertise or personal background with this issue, when is it appropriate for Methadone clinics to condone the use of benzodiazepines for active Meth patients, especially those above 70mg a day and be on Xanax specifically as a primary drug of target?

Am I the only provider on Earth who sees this as contraindicated for 95% or more of patients legitimately on Meth?!

An issue about to force my resignation from the current Locum assignment…

burn out redefined

Slum Psychiatry, the perfect link, and a 1960s ending.


, ,

First of all, I am so tired of this current Locum assignment, I work in two offices that really are in the heart of different parts of Baltimore that really are slums, and in the past 6 weeks I have come to realize that I am just practicing what I hideously have to deem “Slum Psychiatry”.  Yes, that is potentially insulting and demeaning to some of the patients, but, it fits if you read this book:

life at the bottom


This is a great book, as it was written by a British psychiatrist, and he really lays out how the pervasive poverty isn’t just about money, but also spirit, soul, and class.  At the end of the forward he wrote this:

“In what follows I have tried first to describe underclass reality in an unvarnished fashion, and then to lay bare the origin of that reality, which is the propagation of bad, trivial, and often insincere ideas.  Needless to say, a true appreciation of the cause of underclass misery  is desirable in order to combat it, and even more to avoid solutions that will only make it worse.  And if I paint a picture of a way of life that is wholly without charm or merit, and describe many people who are deeply unattractive, it is important to remember that, if blame is to apportioned, it is the intellectuals who deserve most of it.  They should have known better but always preferred to avert their gaze.  They considered the purity of their ideas to be more important than the actual consequences of their ideas.  I know of no egotism more profound.”

In other words, the liberals and progressive who think they are so better and can tell the rest of society how to live, how to think, and how to vote, is just so pathetically projecting at the end of the day.  Again, how Democrats are moreso Antisocial these days with their agendas so disruptive and divisive.  But, I have to be done with this point, I get it!

Next, to that perfect link, thanks to Dinah Miller in her column:

There is just so much in here to appreciate, I can only ask readers to read it in full and then realize why it really sucks to be a psychiatrist these days, because she lays it out fully:  intrusions, micromanagement, redundancy, and just sheer lunacy to make doctors do anything else but provide care.  It is what it is, and frankly, as more psychiatrists like me contemplate getting out, I honestly and truly feel for those patients who seem to be dwindling in appreciating number who not only need our compassion and empathy to be providers, but appreciate we as honest and true doctors are totally tired of this bullshit of bureaucracy gone mad!

Next, I give you one of my most favorite lines from M*A*S*H, from Dr Sidney Freeman, the resident psychiatrist on the show:

only a 15 second sound bite, and hope you enjoy it!

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am taking a sabbatical from writing here, and yes, I have said this before and rarely stayed away long enough to legitimize it as a break, but, the pervasive antisocial idiocy going on in so many facets not only in this country but throughout the world has burnt me out beyond hope for now.

Jesus, the scum in Ferguson Missouri alone, why do the police even care to provide services for these assholes?

And Clinton’s disingenuous dishonest denials, not that one would expect anything less, but the disgusting support for her from people of alleged influence and leadership, my god, it is logarithmic!

So, to those of you older than 50 years old, you will appreciate this ending, as it has been on my mind the last 24 hours and feel it is the best send off for what I hope will be a long duration away from lame, laborious reading:

off the air

more deals to follow

(Not an ad for bid tv, but, for mental health care elsewhere…)


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