Why does the blog Mad In America need $250,000?


Here’s the post from Robert Whitaker:


The breakdown of funds in need:

“We have set a goal of raising $250,000 to fund our operations in 2016. Given our ambitions, this is a tiny amount, less than the annual salary of a single pharmaceutical executive (and probably less than the total compensation paid to a single pharmaceutical rep). We are seeking to raise this budget in three ways:

  • $160,000 in support from family foundations.
  • $75,000 from readers of MIA.
  • $15,000 from operations (MIA store and MIACE tuition).”

OK…, think about this for a second, this is a blog that is dissenting from psychiatric care needs, and they need a quarter of a million dollars in operating costs, to do, what?

This one bothers me the most, Continuing Education credits?  WTF??  Who is going to be claiming this for what professional needs??

Here it is per Whitaker:  “Mad in America Foundation has two distinct operations. The first is publishing this webzine. The second is Mad in America Continuing Education (MIACE), which had previously been operating as a non-profit under the umbrella of the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.”

Is it really just me, or, is this hypocrisy?  All the railing about psychiatry and false profiting, and now wanting this kind of money for a blog?

I must be missing something, I am sure some reader from MIA will be quick to explain and redirect me in my failures in interpreting this fundraising effort.

We need to use our heads, but sometimes, not literally?



Yes, THE WEEK magazine has been a bit of a downer these past couple of months, as, well, it covers the news, and God knows not much positive to report, eh?

In last week’s issue, was this about the risks of young players, and in this case, REALLY young players putting themselves at risk for CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which was the basis to the movie “Concussion”, and not exactly the ad campaign the NFL has been counting on these days.

I think the review is the read here, but, while I know I am being a bit hypocritical here, as I am still a football fan, I have NEVER been a fan of players tackling with their heads, and going after an opponent’s head during a play.

Nope, not acceptable.  Football is a great game, and it is a risky one as well.  But, it is truly a team sport, while a player can dominate a game, he only plays on one side of the game as no one is a dual sided player anymore, and, he can’t make the big plays without having blockers and teammates to try to distract at the very least.  How many other games can say that without fail?

Even Basketball, my second favorite sport, can be dominated by one player on the court to a sizeable degree, so, football is a game that needs 11 players on the field each play.

So, read the whole piece, and focus on the ending, and the last sentence summarizes it so succinctly, I repeat it just to highlight it:

“It sounds simple, but if there isn’t contact to the head, there won’t be a head injury”

Oh, and read the Boxed section in the middle bottom, a person dead at 25 from CTE, will he be the poster boy for the end of Pee Wee and Pop Warner leagues, man, I sure hope so, watching these children being almost literally led to slaughter by overzealous coaches and clueless parents screaming at the sidelines…

football article

Hope it printed out better than it seemed to scan.

Addendum, on cue, but not a whew…


“Know the difference…”



The movie “The American President” was both good and bad, but in the end, there is a scene near the movie’s conclusion between the Michael J Fox character as an aide and Michael Douglas’s President that really sums up what is going on in this country, between two groups of people in the electorate.  The first are those so hungry for leadership, they are willing to turn to anyone, anything, to see this country be more responsible, appropriate, and accountable, and in the scene, yes, I think some of these people would drink sand.

The others, that Michael Douglas alludes to, are those who are so inept, clueless, and just easily lead, that they drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.  Wow, think about this, people are turning to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, two people who, in my opinion, are probably these least qualified people to try to be President of the United States, both so pathologically impaired characterologically, they truly would be frightening in what they would do in power.  Note there is a difference what the Constitution asks of this office, it is about representation, not just power, and yet these two above, they are solely about power and control, and per Clinton, just imagine a female Nixon, on Steroids, and not estrogen mind you, I’m talking purely about Performance Enhancing Drugs.

I just want to leave readers with this, if there is a God or force that does demand and eventually obtain truth and justice, what are the entrenched Democrat hacks who are eternally behind Clinton going to do if she is indicted for her ongoing email scandal?  What are these folks going to do if it comes out she used the office of Secretary of State to just profit per her alleged “Foundation” to be paid off.  I’m not an idiot, I fully believe in the Occam Razor concept, she wanted a private server to do HER business, not the country’s, and what the hell is that about at the end of the day?!

So, pay attention to the supporters and apologists for Hillary Clinton, and Trump too, because while the latter hasn’t done anything overtly criminal or just blatantly disruptive to the country at large, why do these citizens turn a blind eye to such serious shortcomings in character and ability?

How does that sand taste?  Having been at the beach for decades, it sucks when you even inadvertently get sand in your mouth coming out of the surf.  To do it intentionally, well, I believe in the adage “you surround yourself with people of equal quality and intent”.

Here is the scene, about 2:45 into the 3:45 minute video, but watch it all, as it makes the point more crystal clear, even if just about 4 minutes of a 2 hour movie…

“30 Years of psychiatry, with no fundamental progress”



Such was the title of a letter to the editor in the December 2015 issue of Current Psychiatry by Jule Miller III, MD, and lo and behold, I found the link on the Net, how lucky?


In it were these points:

“I argue that psychiatric care in America, as a whole, is much worse now than when I finished training in 1990, primarily because of changes in healthcare reimbursement. When I was in training, it was common for patients to stay in the hospital for a month or longer. One reason for the longer stays was because it takes weeks for anti depressants and antipsychotics to reveal their effectiveness. If, after 10 days, no improvement was seen, there was time to change medications.

With a hospital stay now averag­ing less than a week, today’s inpatient psychiatrists must rely on faith that the first treatment will work; the patient must hope that he (she) does not fall through the cracks after discharge; and the outpatient psychiatrist, short on time and psychotherapeutic training, might feel more like an assembly line worker than a professional.”

then this,

The worst change in psychiatric practice in the last 30 years, and the one that threatens to undermine our profes­sion the most, is relinquishing psychotherapy as a major component of our practice. I do not mean cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), although that paint-by-the-numbers set of tools is better than nothing. I mean psycho­analytic psychotherapy, because it is the only comprehensive developmen­tal theory of the mind and its pathol­ogy. There is no CBT of development, for example.

To practice and research most effec­tively, we need good theories of both mind and brain. For all our advances, we are no closer to explaining the mind through a brain-based theory than when Sigmund Freud tried with his Project for a Scientific Psychology.”

finally, ends with this:

“Thirty years ago, we had all the time we needed. That was, in some ways, a Golden Age of psychiatry. Imagine if we could bring together the greater availability of time of that era with the increasing biological and psychoanalytic understanding of the present. Then, we might have a new Golden Age. For that to happen, we must fight to change the reimbursement system. The quickest way—maybe the only way—to do that is to stop accepting reimbursement from healthcare insurance companies.

In Dr Henry Nasrallah’s (the editor and main profiteer for Current Psychiatry) usual subtle dismissal of colleagues who do not genuflect to the altar of the Pharmaceutical Pill God, you have to read the ending of his rebuttal reply that shows how out of touch our alleged leaders and KOLs really are, and they don’t even realize how stupid their attitudes and dismissals come across:

“Because of the severe shortage of psychiatrists, who are the only specialists who can competently manage neurobi­ological disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression, I believe we should deploy our resources for those vulnerable patients and leave the worried well and walk­ing wounded to other mental health professionals.”

Yep, just be a grunt and take care of a select group alone, and then get burnt out with the non compliance and treatment resistance of the chronically ill.  How wonderful!

Just ask cardiologists to take care of terminally ill cardiac patients, leave the first time MIs and new arrhythmia patients to PCPs, who will also take care of the worried well who have medical issues causing their mental anguish too.

Or, endocrinologists can just see the entrenched diabetics and Hashimoto thyroid patients solely, as again, PCPs can do it all.

You know, it’s bad enough we have so many other allied professionals in our field clamoring to provide services they really don’t have the training or expertise to handle a sizeable portion of illnesses that come to them first, but, to have our own colleagues come behind and just twist that dagger further, well, sickening!

I’ll leave this post with the apropos ending from Dr Miller:

“Over the past 25 years of practice, I have learned that the 2 most important tools we have are time and our evolu­tionarily determined empathic capac­ity to enter another human’s subjective world. The first session should not be about ordering medical tests and gath­ering family history; it should be about establishing a relationship. It is on the strength of that relationship that the success of understanding and treatment, whether somatic or psychological, rests.”

Not just worrying about collecting that copay and making sure the patient has those prescriptionS, nope, that is not what we are about!

(for those who know “A Simple Wish”, just echoing what the Head Fairy Godmother says to the wicked ex Fairy Godmother as the latter is stealing the magic wands, about 2 minutes into the 5 minute scene, if you want to fast forward to my above last point)

Fair and balanced, how ironic is that!?


, ,

OK, so Donald Trump is not going to be on the Fox News debate on Thursday night, because he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly, who by the way, led her show tonight focused on how she is part of the big story of the night politically.  Wow, two narcissists going head to head, just goes to show ya, eh?

Shows you how narcissism is the lead story for too many in this country, and how too many people are behind this narcissistic jerk with the bizarre hair style and just pathetic way to manage conflict.

Let’s look at this article, shall we?


Couple of goodies in there:

“While narcissists may look like good leaders, according to a new study by a group of psychology researchers from the University of Amsterdam, they’re actually really bad at leading. The study is in the journal Psychological Science.(link is external) Here’s the abstract: “Although they are generally perceived as arrogant and overly dominant, narcissistic individuals are particularly skilled at radiating an image of a prototypically effective leader. As a result, they tend to emerge as leaders in group settings. Despite people’s positive perceptions of narcissists as leaders, it was thus far unknown if and how leaders’ narcissism is related to the actual performance of those they lead. We proposed and found that although narcissistic leaders are perceived as effective due to their displays of authority, leaders’ narcissism actually inhibits information exchange between group members and thereby negatively affects group performance.”

and this as well,

“Peter Smuelson, a psychologist at Fuller Theological Seminary along with psychologist Sam Handy at Brigham Young University published a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology(link is external) describes the need for humble leaders. They recruited 350 participants and gave them an open-ended questionnaire about real life problems. They found two clusters of traits people used to explain humility: The first from the social realm—sincerity, honesty, unselfishness, thoughtfulness. The second was learning—curiosity, logic, awareness, open-mindedness.

Humble leaders are more effective and better liked, according to a study published in theAcademy of Management Journal.(link is external)  “Leaders of all ranks view admitting mistakes, spotlighting follower strengths and modeling teachability as being at the core of humble leadership,” says Bradley Owens, assistant professor of organization and human resources at the University at Buffalo School of Management. “And they view these three behaviors as being powerful predictors of their own as well as the organization’s growth.”

Yeah, but, with Clinton and Trump leading the polls for both sides of this polluted aisle of Republocrats, what does that say about the country.  Remember, George Carlin pointed it out almost 20 years ago, it isn’t the politicians who suck, but, the public.

From another article about Narcissism that does harm, was this:

“Narcissists have vision—but that’s not enough. People in mental hospitals also have visions. The simplest definition of a leader is someone whom other people follow. Indeed, narcissists are especially gifted in attracting followers, and more often than not, they do so through language. Narcissists believe that words can move mountains and that inspiring speeches can change people. Narcissistic leaders are often skillful orators, and this is one of the talents that makes them so charismatic. Indeed, anyone who has seen narcissists perform can attest to their personal magnetism and their ability to stir enthusiasm among audiences.

Yet this charismatic gift is more of a two-way affair than most people think. Although it is not always obvious, narcissistic leaders are quite dependent on their followers—they need affirmation, and preferably adulation. Think of Winston Churchill’s wartime broadcasts or J.F.K.’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” inaugural address. The adulation that follows from such speeches bolsters the self-confidence and conviction of the speakers. But if no one responds, the narcissist usually becomes insecure, overly shrill, and insistent—just as Ross Perot did.”

From this link:


So, again, we have to chose between a pathological antisocial liar and cheat only out to profit for herself and family, versus a pathological rude and clueless narcissist who has no clue what it means to represent the public.

Wow, and to about 50% of the alleged electorate out there, perhaps some of you reading this post now, you might be as equally clueless and selfish, a potential harm to this country.

If that last sentence offends anyone, so does your choice as President of this country come January 2017.

This sham has to end, and frankly, the way it should for an antisocial and narcissist run amok.  The former by getting indicted, and maybe incarcerated, and the latter just ignored and left at the bottom of the pack, the narcissistic rage only heard by a few and ignorant choir.

Unfortunately, I have to put my hope and faith that the system, and the public to some degree, will come through.  I never use that pathetic short hand moniker of ‘Laugh out loud”, as I find it insulting.  You can infer laughter easily!


The question to follow that last line, it is genuine humor, or crazed exclamations of hilarity to hide fear?

If there is a God or force that wants stability and sanity to prevail, I hope Thursday night’s debate is the beginning of the end of the Trump, soon to be renamed “The Dump”!  Irony in that term, eh???

Oh, by the way, from the first link, just to tie in Narcissism as a danger to health care, I like this too:

“Incivility also hijacks workplace focus. According to a survey of more than 4,500 doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel, 71 percent tied disruptive behavior, such as abusive, condescending or insulting personal conduct, to medical errors, and 27 percent tied such behavior to patient deaths”

Just goes to show you, you can’t be a selfish bastard and genuinely care and comfort the public, yet, too many get the freakin’ break, and not the boundaries, as I wrote about last week.  Again, the MMPI needs to be given to all running for public office, and maybe time to consider it in Med School applications too?!?!


Hillary Clinton’s next campaign slogan!



Art imitates life, hmm?

Cue George Costanza from “Jerry Seinfeld”, explaining to those of us who know better why polygraph results are not admissible in court:

You listen to Hillary say endlessly, like in last night’s Town-hilarious-hall meeting on CNN, how she did nothing wrong, well, it’s real life echoing of George!

Again, why you DO NOT elect an overt antisocial cretin to be President, much less any other position of power or authority.

But, that’s just what I believe…

Stuck at home for another day, so read this…


, ,

Well, let’s start with the link:


Couple of statement in there I think need to be read highlighted:

“In the case of these new recommendations, primary care doctors include not just family doctors but also gynecologists, who provide many women with primary care, and obstetricians when women are pregnant and in the months following their delivery, said Dr. Michael P. Pignone, professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and one of the authors of the recommendations, which were published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

and this,

“Another issue is that the tests often identify people who have other disorders such as alcoholism or obsessive compulsive disorder. In the case of the nine-question test, about half of the people who are initially picked up actually have something other than depression.

“There the screening is still valuable because it does show a distress signal … and by clarifying how they’re suffering they can get help,” Thase said.

As for how often people should be screened, the task force was careful not to make any recommendations. “This is one of those issues that we called out as needing more research,” Pignone said.”

Sooo, what do you think is going to be done with this allegedly altruistic and caring effort to screen EVERYBODY for mental health issues, that only affect about 1 in 10, maybe be very kind and say even 1 in 8?  Oh yeah, letting Gynecologists into the fray, I am sure they will promote a biopsychosocial model to care interventions, as they will be sure to refer to a psychiatrist for someone who is depressed.

Ah, last year saw a pregnant woman on Paxil.  You google that wonderful intervention, and you won’t be happy to read the results.  Yep, by a GYN, who then panicked when there was a question of safety.  Hey psych colleagues, ever look up when you get a referral from a GYN?  If it isn’t a flock of pigeons ready to crap on your head, be sure there is a fan placed in the room with you and the patients, and someone has a brown bag ready to fling it at that fan…

Then, in the second highlighted section, oh, they find other things to label, like alcohol abuse, or OCD from a depression screening tool???

Is this really about screening for treatment needs, or finding people to add diagnoses to the chart, that could be used later for what type of purposes?

Rule number one, screening EVERYBODY for an illness risk that is less than 10-15% of the population has an ulterior motive to it until proven otherwise, and then, what do you do with all these people allegedly at risk for the illness?  Hmm, maybe people can investigate who if any pharmaceutical companies are sponsoring this new agenda.

Guarantee someone is involved who will profit, because, hey, their drug is the front line agent to treat all this depression.  And alcoholism.  And OCD.  And Bipolar.  And all the other diagnoses these patients WON’T be told is part of the screening.

Road to hell folks, what is it paved with these days, not just good intentions, but, I sense some red colored body fluids as well?

And is the APA supporting this idiocy too!?!?

Unusual weather we’re havin’, ain’t it?!



So said the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

Check this out from my back room:

20160123_122315 (1)

Turns out I figured out a way to save the picture, and here it is.  It’s a snow drift from my roof in the back, about 10 feet wide and FOUR FEET OUT from the roof!  Oh, by the way, did not transition into the point of the title, here is the scene from the WIZ:

3 minutes in, just goes to show ya, sometimes snow can be therapeutic, hmmm?

Disruptive Personality Disordered people need boundaries, not breaks!



After the BS from last week’s post, and my stupidity to engage with one of the usual suspects from Mad In America’s commenter column cronies, I have thought about the frank foolishness that abounds in this country.  I mean, it is more than obvious Hillary Clinton is a cheat and a liar, and I think she is exhibit A for female antisocial personality disorder run amok, and to be fair, listening to the clueless defenders of Donald Trump, again, one can only gag so much before heaving.  Narcissists are so good at fooling people to think how wonderful the narcissist is for the good of the group, until, the narcissist realizes the group is on to him/her!  Hence narcissistic rage, look it up!

But, the point of this post is why there are blogs out there critical of psychiatry, who think they are doing a legitimate service to fuel a debate where psychiatry has been wrong and at times destructive, and yes, there are times that is true.  But, these blog owners who go out of their way to protect commenters who are just slimeballs in their hate and disdain for anything outside the antipsychiatry rhetoric, well, let’s look at these blog owners’ reasoning to allegedly give such an extremist rigid forum for the alleged good of the many.

My first foray into dealing with psychiatry critical blogs was at Furious Seasons, back around 2009-2010 if I have the dates right.  The owner, Philip Dawdy, tried to run a site that was being critical but yet responsible in trying to have debate where psychiatry was not doing a responsible and caring service for the public.  He had people from both ends of the debate in his comment threads, and things were more often civil and appropriate, but, then the real antipsychiatry trolls came into play.

And that is the key word here, “Play”, because they played on Philip’s efforts to be caring and protective, as some of these commenters shared alleged woeful and terrible stories of pain, trauma, abuse, and lack of support.  So, Philip being who he was then, before he became champion of making marijuana legal in the State of Washington that seemed to be his primary reason for dumping the blog, decided to not let people like me call these true trolls for who and what they were.

“Hey Joel, you need to cut these folks a break, they are hurting, and even though it wasn’t you causing their pain, it was your profession that failed them, and you should be more respectful and civil.”  Oh, I wish I saved some of those threads, but, then again, it seems to be echoed today at MIA.  You can’t be civil and respectful with people who are rigid and inflexible, who live by defenses and agendas that just fuel the rage and hate that sustains them.  These folks who at times blatantly clamor out loud for psychiatry to be universally abolished, and some even calling for punishment of any and all in the field, well, they get the free ride at these blogs who are claiming to be moderate and fair sites for mental health criticism.

And the folks like me, who believe in boundaries and accountability when people are just rude, harsh, and extremist in attitude, calling for extermination, well, it really does echo how incredibly terrible moments in history played out.  Human nature, it needs scapegoats and mob rule when people claim to be wronged, and yet, these alleged victims aren’t always so completely devoid of blame, hmmm?

And with much at the internet, popularity and opportunity to cash in, numbers count, I accept that, even though there is no profit agenda here at all.  The number of hits, getting people to “donate”, well, to bring it back to the hideous agenda of Hillary and Bill, you really think their Foundation is primarily about helping the needs of the many?  Nope, they prey on those who do care and want to make a difference, and as the antisocial figuratively and literally banks on, give without thought.

Well, I say give what you are given, and if you are given grief and hostility without pause or consideration, being a mensch in 2016 ain’t gonna get you much at the end of the day.  You can’t be viscous or cruel, because that just gives ammunition to the enemy, but, you don’t have to be kind and respectful either.  Nope, you call the trolls on who and what they are.

Because as the title of this post notes, disruptive and dangerous personality disorders need boundaries, not breaks.  Breaks do not teach change and reflection, but just more of the same, lame, limited narrative.

Because after 16 years of shitty Presidential rule from both ends of the polluted aisle that are our rulers known as Repulocrats, or Demoplicans, they bank on you not setting boundaries.  And unfortunately, 50% of the voting population will gleefully agree to this plan.  Amazing how these corrupt and callous “leaders'” disdain and anger is more palpable these days.

Think about what I advise, when you deal with the next personality disordered person in your life, be it at home, job, neighborhood, or other often traveled path.  Their primitive and pathological defenses of denial, projection, deflection, minimization, and just plain pathological rationalization are at times incredulous to witness.

But equally painful to endure in repetition.

Per the pending blizzard to hit my area starting tomorrow night (which is Friday the 22nd as I type this Thursday night now), I see how hysteria and just plain marketing for blatant profiting rules the East Coast this week, and I call it:

“SNOW-CHOSIS”, a play on the word psychosis.  People are bordering on a loss of reality, it’s a snowstorm that probably will play out in 24 hours at most, hopefully.

Really, emptying shelves of milk and bread, is this a current day example of what the Hebrews had to do when fleeing Egypt during the Exodus?  Goat’s milk and matzah, now there would be an image.

This picture is of my daughter during the last Snow-pocalypse, almost 6 years ago, we’ll see if a repeat.  Well, no, I bought a snow blower last year, more than 10 years shoveling a 100 foot driveway has taught me some boundaries!!!

shari tired while shoveling in the snow

How about this to sum up the flake-show, er, freak show…

Psychiatrists who slam psychiatry universally…



Let’s clarify what I am going to say here, I am not being a hypocrite as I have been critical of psychiatrists and those who embrace everything but patient care as their mantra, their paradigm for the needs of the few screw the needs of the many, and popular/easy/convenient is the agenda.  But, I have not said PSYCHIATRY is a terrible thing, and yet, I come across those who seem to say that, who are psychiatrists.

Really, forget me for a minute, these treacherous hacks, do they really think that all their colleagues just shill for pills, bash (folks) for cash, mistreat for sole bene-feat?!

Get a life, and oh, by the way, those psychiatrists out there who fit the bill, relinquish not only your title, but your degree as well.

Yeah, don’t ask me why I occasionally read Mad At America, er, Mad In America, but I had down time today, and I got bored and started thinking about sites I hadn’t really perused in awhile, and then I read this:


Please, not only read it today, but go back in a few days and read the comment thread, I can almost guarantee why I have “colleagues” who post there, because quite frankly, it is the dynamic that composes what are the Progressives/Liberals/Democrats and why they erode the foundations of this country.  Is it guilt, misguided concern for poor judgment by others in the profession, or just plain masochism/sabotage/insidious intent for chaos that drives these professionals to deride the whole profession?

I honestly don’t have an answer to that above postulate, but, I do know there are bad and irresponsible colleagues out there, I think the APA as a whole just sucks as representative of the profession, and those who are just cowards and whores but don’t intentionally practice to do flagrant harm, well, what do they say about overt vs covert acts…? (see the bottom picture to give more thought???)

So, I think there are terrible and pathetic psychiatrists out there, and they should either retire, find another profession preferably in outright business, or just be indicted by their State Professional Boards and lose their licenses.

But, do I think Psychiatry sucks, and should be terminated?  Nope, and I hope I can encourage as many responsible, caring, and committed colleagues to regroup and take on these idiots who give some validation to the MIAs out there who bash us relentlessly.

By the way, doubt Dr Berezin will come here, but if you do, please note where I am wrong using you as example to this post.  If I am wrong, then my apologies to you up front, but, your post does not help psychiatry, and am more than curious and intrigued to read how you will disagree with my conclusion.

Happy weekend, and regarding Martin Luther King Jr, some statements will transcend time, and end here with his finest:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

But, in search of the above quote, find this one an equal:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Wow, why do great men and women of character die before their time?  Oh yeah, the sociopaths do not want an inspired and committed citizenry, where do we see that today, eh folks?!?!

an image to tie in the beginning and end…



Addendum:  Hey, since this is my site, let me direct this to the antipsychiatry troll BPDTransformation, should this personality disordered person read here again, you can fool others how you found your way out of Borderline Personality Disorder, but, the way you come across in your comments, I guess the least offensive thing I can ask is what is the color of the sky in your world, BPDT?

Thanks for the textbook illustration why MIA is a failure as a site allegedly advocating for the improvements of mental health care.  With people like you commenting like Pez over there, you certainly dispel the claims they are moderate and fair.  And fascinating how you attack me there, but, that is where your choir is, and hope the laughs abound for you all.  Cue the sarcasm font…

But, thanks for validating it was a waste of time for me to comment there in the first place, with the likes of you to race out of the thicket to pounce.  Yep, the odds you will forward a comment that I would print, highly doubtful…


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